Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring !!

Okay I was busy this winter and blogging takes time. 

That said...

1.  We have managed to get rid of all the geese trying to make the lake their home.  No, we didn't kill them, just scared them off with RC boats... Goose 1 (Phil) and Goose 2 (JL).  Phil's boat only turns left (ha ha ha) but it still works.

2.  The road to Beckett Circle has been closed for about a week due to the mud ruts.  They have to dry up before it is opened.  Lots of cars were driving to the back.

3.  It's cold here... just above freezing this morning. The snow is gone.

4.  Time to do your gardening!  I finished the Park gardens... and my own!  Yeah.   Judy maintains the garden in front of the office and the garden beside the Petanque courts.  Nancy maintains the gardens in Beckett Circle.  I maintain these gardens: beside the office, in front of the sheds, beside the pool, beside the 2nd gate and the two at the Outback. Now for the mulch and... things will be bee-utiful again.  If anyone has any plants they want to donate... they would be appreciated.  Hanging plants are needed at the Outback and near the Bistro too. 

5. It's cold, lots of people are still walking around nude. 

6.  Two water pipes were fixed in Helios this spring due to leaks. 

7.  Did I mention it is COLD.

8.  The two Park ducks are back.  They are sooooo cute. 

9.  Wood frogs were very loud the past few days but it was warmer ... now they are gone again.

10.  Have you done your taxes?  From past experience, I have found that it is very difficult to file online the last two weeks of April.

11.  The river hasn't flooded the road this year which I find odd as it usually floods every year.

12.  The pool is not open yet. ;-)

13.  Don't read this item as it will bring you bad luck.  Uh oh... too late.

14.  The grass is starting to grow.  Is there anyone here who cuts lawns? 

15.  I like lists.

16.  I saw a few mosquitoes yesterday.  That's just wrong...

Go for a walk.