Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Its 35F at the moment... that is very cold for April 27.  I'm still wearing a ski jacket, scarf and winter gloves. I don't like that.

Lots of bird nests around.  I think the ducks have laid eggs as I saw the mommy duck in front of my place eating seeds tonight with no sign of the daddy duck. He is probably on the nest.

Lots of new dogs in the park and lots of cats roaming around killing wildlife yet again.  I'm surprised we have any wildlife left in the park what with the ... trappers, cats, coyotes, foxes. 

There isn't a lot of seasonal people around. 

No activities scheduled for May except for volunteer day and the annual meeting.

Saturday, May 14

Volunteer Day.
10:00am – 3:00pm

We're hosting our annual Volunteer day. Day visitors who volunteer come in free! Jobs vary from laying screening on pathways, to deconstruction of cabana, to building a ramp on the deck, to weeding the mini putt. A little something for every skill level. Lunch is provided by the Bare Bistro for free!  (I think that is last years schedule... but I could be wrong.  The paths have been finished, the ramps are on the deck.)
4:00pm – 5:30pm
Annual Members meeting runs downstairs. Come along and hear what's new this year and have your voice heard.

6:30pm - 7:30pm : Join us for a Pot Luck dinner. Stay for the auditions, music and enjoy the start of a new season. Don't forget to bring a dish to share. We will set up after the Annual Members meeting.

8:00pm – 8:30pm
New Forest room, Clubhouse (Downstairs)
Bare Oaks Players is calling for the 2nd round of auditions for our forthcoming Variety Show, 2016-2017 season. All welcome. If you cannot attend, please send an email to with your audition piece. Dance, Juggling, Singing, Shadowing, any form of art. Note that we will start at approximately 8pm, following the Pot Luck dinner. Stay for music with Dean and Dot after the auditions.
Water was off again this morning.  Not sure why...
Missy has been grading the roads and they are looking great!  Helios was done today.  It is much easier to do them after a hard rain as the road is not cement-like at that time.  We use a grader at the cottage and once the roads have been done several times... it takes a LOT less time to keep them in shape.  
The snowbirds are all back!!  Hey guys... so, how do you like the weather ?? heh heh. It was snowing a few days ago, with intermittent bouts of hail...
Lots of trailers for sale. Here are some of them: 
The birds are still hungry as it has been very cold so... if you have been feeding them, keep feeding them for a while longer.
No sign of the hummingbirds yet... phew.  The Baltimore Orioles haven't shown up either.
The gatehouse is coming along nicely.  The power is in, the stone facing is about half done, there is a window.  
The frogs are quiet.  But, there is frog spawn in the lake.  Here is a photo.  It looks like plastic but don't try to pick it out of the lake...
The helicopter flew over the park many times today... either spraying or dropping pellets which means... fewer bugs!!  It was cool to watch him/her do power turns... yikes.
That's it... enjoy tomorrow!  Hopefully it won't snow!! ha ha.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


It was a tad chilly Tuesday, I had to put on my ski jacket at 5pm but... I still saw people walking around nude.

Did a bit of gardening yesterday and today and didn't run into any mosquitoes or black flies (phew).

Would the person who has been throwing their cigarette butts in the garden(s) to the left of the office KNOCK IT OFF.  I weed those gardens and I'm tired of picking them out. 

Lots of people walking and jogging around and around and around the park Tuesday and Wednesday.

Very warm today ... not many people here. Probably due to the rain but it only lasted around 15 minutes.

There have been a lot of speeding in the park, including golf carts and bikes.  Please slow down to 11 kph. 
All the birds are making nests now... no sign of the humming birds or Baltimore Orioles yet.

A part for the hot tub was ordered this week and it was supposed to be up and running today at 6pm.  I haven't checked but if you are thinking of coming up to hot tub, phone the office to check on the status.

The frogs are not making as much noise as it is a tad chilly at night. The wood frogs are the first to appear, then the spring peepers and the American toads.  The wood frogs sound like ducks quacking.  The peepers have a high whistling sound and the American toads ... trill. I've heard a few of those but not many.  The toads are the ones who spawn on the beach with lots of teeny tiny tadpoles.  The spawning only lasts for about a week. According to last year they turned into tadpoles on May 19. There is talk of roping off the small area where they spawn ... the main beach is still available.  The roping off would keep the people, kids and dogs away.

Wait...  an educational moment presents itself :-)

There are only 13 frogs/toads in Ontario. 

These are the ones we have in the Park: 

American Toad (lays all the eggs on the beach each spring)
Bullfrog (we have only ONE in the lake this year)
Green frog
Leopard frog (usually in tall grass) 
Wood frog (they sound like quacking ducks and you can hear them in the spring along the side of the road near the dumpster)
Spring Peeper (can be heard in the spring)
Gray Treefrog

I have not seen the ones below, which are rarer:

Fowler's Toad
Pickerel Frog
Mink Frog
Striped Chorus Frog
Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Boreal Chorus Frog

So we have a LOT of frogs in the park.  Please brake for frogs or shoo them off the road if you see them. :-)  Plus tell your kids to leave them in the lake. 

I should have photos but, as you know, I keep forgetting to take any.

Outback Bruce's writeup on fishing in the lake. (This was written May 28 so... I don't know the seasons are for catching certain types of fish.)
This was a very popular writeup so I'm repeating it.

Are you fishing out of season?  Government regulation still apply, even in the park.

Fishing for most species is open except for Bass. (THERE ARE BASS IN THE LAKE.) That’s because they’re still spawning in the shallow water.  If you fish from the shoreline then you’ll have incidental catches of Bass which is not a good thing.  That’s because the males are guarding the nest.  If your bait goes near the nest then it will strike out at it because they think it’s a predator wanting to eat the Fry (baby fish), not because it’s food.  If the male takes your bait and is taken off the nest then the damage is done.  The other fish have raided the nest and eaten the babies.  It’s not ok to catch the fish just because you plan to release it anyway.

So if you want to fish then go out in the paddleboat or whatever and fish the deeper water in the centre of the lake.  I’ve caught fish from the raft.  There’s Perch, Crappie, Trout, Bluegills and Carp.  Don’t turn your nose up at Carp.  You’ll have your hands full if you catch one.

Until Bass season opens on the last Saturday in June don’t fish the shallow water along the shore.

Don’t fish with live bait if you plan to release them.  Fish will take the live bait deeper into their throat and stomach rather than be lip hooked.  And using a float or bobber makes this more likely because you can’t feel the fish take the bait.  It’s usually swallowed it if you allow too much time before setting the hook.   It will do more damage to the fish trying to remove the deeply embedded hook. The fish will probably die even after release.

So use artificial bait rather than minnows and worms.  The plastic grubs work well.  You can add scent to the hard baits (lures) and soft baits (plastics).
Don’t dump your unused minnows in the lake.  You don’t know the type of fish you’re introducing into the system.
Don’t use corn as bait. Not all fish (Trout?) can digest it and it dies if swallowed.
To back up one of Bruce’s statements (in case you like to read) : From the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website:
Question Re: Catch and Release
I often see bass in the shallow waters early in the summer but before the season opens. Can I practice catch and release fishing during the closed season as long as I immediately return the fish to the water.
The question is often asked whether or not a person can catch and release fish during the closed season. The answer is no, it is unlawful to target (fish for) closed season fish. Different fish species occupy different habitats and employ different feeding strategies; this is why fishing for bass requires different tackle and methods than fishing for lake trout. Fishers are expected to alter their fishing methods to suit legally targeted species and avoid out of season fish.
Additional note from Bruce: " There has been some debate whether or not the government fishing rules apply in the park.  Regardless of whether or not the rules apply, the point of observing the closed season is to allow the fish population to sustain itself.  My opinion is that we could easily diminish the fish population by not following the closed season in such a small body of water."

Thanks Bruce!!

Now, be very careful while fishing.

The road grader is fabulous.  Thanks to Missy for removing our potholes!  Yeah! 

A small grader for the roads was suggested back on the June 30, 2015 blog and on the October 20, 2013 blog plus back in 2011.   Nice to see it is finally here!  

Nothing on the event calendar for this weekend.

That's it, not much news ... not many people here.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey dudes and dudettes !

Blog time again.  Yeah yeah, I should have started it earlier but... IT WAS WINTER... up until this week.

Sooo... today was great... hot and sunny.  Lots of people here yesterday, not many today.

The road is open in the seasonal area and the water is not on yet.  I will let you know when it will be turned on but it usually isn't until May... I think.  Well, I could check an old blog but... I'm sure you remember.

The lake is cold but B. has been going in every now and then.  He went in just after the ice went out. Brrrrrrrrrrr. 

The lounge chairs are on the lawns and at the Outback. 

Frogs are appearing.  They are very loud at night.  The wood frogs (the ones that sound like ducks) are in the right pond as you come into the park, just after the dumpsters.

The park has a new grader for the roads!!  Missy has been trying it out but the roads have been frozen until this week.  It works really well!

There are quite a few kids with nets catching minnows / fish in the lake.  They are releasing the fish BUT, if you have kids, maybe you can tell them the procedure on releasing fish.  Put them in the water and wave them back and forth until they swim off.  NOT, throw them overhand10 feet into the lake.  Yes, I witnessed that yesterday and I also picked a really nice dead sunfish out of the lake today. 

I did ask the kids to leave the frogs alone.  It has taken us a few years to get frogs back into the lake. We still have the one bullfrog!  Yeah!

The toads will be spawning soon, watch the beach.

It is too early to plant gardens, however, the tulips are coming up and the other spring bulbs.

THE MOSQUITOES ARE OUT!  Blah.  Plus the black flies.

(Just a reminder, please do not repost any of the cartoons in this blog. They are trademarked and I will come after you with a stick... maybe... )

I hope everyone still has a sense of humor... :-D

I unplugged and plugged in a few golf carts all winter during walks around the park.

Lots of trees came down in a storm we had 2 or 3 weeks ago... and the cleanup is ongoing.

The pool is being filled.

The hot tub is out of operation from Monday (tomorrow) to Thursday (I think).  Hey I don't remember everything.  Phone the office for more details.

JL has been very successful at scaring the geese off the lake with his motorized boat... that really zips around.  No geese are harmed during this event.  Speaking of harmed geese, we have one with a broken leg so, please, do not hassle it.  It's mate disappeared for a while but the mate is back now so they should be leaving soon. 

The hut at the entrance has shingles, sides, a window, vents and electricity now.   Stones are being put on the outside of the hut by the same person who built the fire pit at the Outback.

Haven't seen any turtles yet but I'm pretty sure they will be digging up the Outback gardens soon.  There were THREE nests in it last year... as I had to cover the holes.

I heard that a few pool cues were broken in the basement yesterday by a few kids, witnessed by a member.  Apparently those kids don't know how to play pool...

Also, for all the people who play pool in the Outback... some of the balls have gone missing so... you are out of luck.  Bring your own balls if you wish to play. This just in... I hear the office has replacement balls... so if you want to play, ask the office.

I put out my "Fish Feeding Area.  Please do not fish here. Thank you." signs.  There are kids that come over to feed the fish in the summer so that area is for the fish.  Also, don't you need a license to fish?  Bruce help me out here... :-)  It is private property but I thought you still need a license to fish ... maybe only on waterways that go through the park...

The Bare Bistro has been open all winter with limited hours. 

If you want me to post anything on the blog... email me.

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That's it for now!!