Saturday, September 10, 2016


It finally rained last night and the night before...yeah!!  Got my lawn cut right before the rain.

I hear someone released a Chinese lantern at Illumination night.

Those things can kill people, animals and start fires. Stop it.


Upcoming events!

Saturday October 8th
5 pm at the Outback.

The Think Pink Committee is providing the turkey and the Social Committee is providing the ham. Everyone else is asked to bring a Potluck dish to share....Everyone is welcome.
Please join us!

Starting on Saturday October 15th there will

Third Saturday each month
Oct. 15th, Nov.19th, Dec 17th, Jan. 21st, Feb. 18th March 18th

7:30 – 9.00 ish
Bare Bistro Dining Room
(eight hands per game, eight games)


From Kim...

Bare Bistro has new hours.
Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat-Sun 9-5 until further notice.

Service may be slow during weekday hours due to limited staff.
Additional times available with advance notice.

I will be doing Saturday night dinners if there is a minimum of 6 people. I will notify you when this will begin.

Thank you for your continued support this summer. I appreciate each and every one of you.

90F today... whoooo hoooo.  Humid and hot.

I got up this morning and it was 60F, crazy weather.  People are still in the lake. 

Very windy too.

Hump Day Happy Hour
Wed, September 14, 4pm – 6pm
Dot & Dean Site 232
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.
What happened to all the white chairs at the Outback?  You remember... the ones around the little green tables?  It's very difficult to use the Outback with NO chairs.  I know there are a few lounge chairs but they are usually taken early in the day.
The birds are becoming annoying.  Apparently... if you forget to feed them... they land on a branch near you and start yelling.  Chickadees, yellow finches AND woodpeckers.  The humming birds are better... they just buzz by your head at 200 miles an hour...
The lake is becoming clear with very few weeds.  Now... is this a good thing or bad thing?  A crystal clear lake is not good. No bacteria, no weeds, nothing for the fish and other stuff to eat.  I hear you can see the bottom when you snorkel. 

My square foot garden is still producing a ton of tomatoes!  Yeah.  BLT's for weeks!!  Heavy on the 'B'. If you don't know what a BLT is... google it.  Did you know that the BLT is the second most popular sandwich in the US, after the ham sandwich. There are actual RECIPES online for BLT's.  Seriously...

Moving on... the frogs have moved on too.  No frogs in the lake anymore.  I better not catch the Blue Heron on the lake. ... he eats frogs. I have a pop-gun that scares the crap out of him :-D.  No, not a real gun... it has a cork in the end and when you push the leaver in, it makes a loud pop. 

Not many people here today ... not sure why as it was hot and sunny for a while. 


On a completely different note... and I know this applies to some people in the park.

The Newmarket Prostate Cancer Support Group ( is starting their meetings again.  They meet on the 3rd Thursday evening of each month (September - June) from 6:30-9:00 PM (meeting starts at 7 PM) at the Newmarket Seniors' Centre which is at 474 Davis Drive, Newmarket.

September 15th meeting (next Thursday):
Presenter: Dr. John Preiner, Urologist, South Lake Hospital.
Subject: What is the Next Step now that my PSA has started to rise after treatment?

Yeah yeah it has nothing to do with Park news but... prostate cancer is very common these days so you should know there is a support group out there.  Everyone welcome including spouses and friends.


If you have something you want in the blog, email me.

Wow, lots of weird fonts in this blog... I'm not fixing it :-D

I've been extremely busy this summer so I haven't been doing the blog as much as usual.  Ah well, not much to report on this summer. 

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