Thursday, September 29, 2016


You have probably noticed that I haven't done the blog in a while. 

I'm busy helping a friend move and renovate her house so... I'm not here most days and I've moved from the 'very busy' to the ... 'I don't have enough time to sleep' phase. :-)

Not sure when I'll resume the blog but... there you go.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


It finally rained last night and the night before...yeah!!  Got my lawn cut right before the rain.

I hear someone released a Chinese lantern at Illumination night.

Those things can kill people, animals and start fires. Stop it.


Upcoming events!

Saturday October 8th
5 pm at the Outback.

The Think Pink Committee is providing the turkey and the Social Committee is providing the ham. Everyone else is asked to bring a Potluck dish to share....Everyone is welcome.
Please join us!

Starting on Saturday October 15th there will

Third Saturday each month
Oct. 15th, Nov.19th, Dec 17th, Jan. 21st, Feb. 18th March 18th

7:30 – 9.00 ish
Bare Bistro Dining Room
(eight hands per game, eight games)


From Kim...

Bare Bistro has new hours.
Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat-Sun 9-5 until further notice.

Service may be slow during weekday hours due to limited staff.
Additional times available with advance notice.

I will be doing Saturday night dinners if there is a minimum of 6 people. I will notify you when this will begin.

Thank you for your continued support this summer. I appreciate each and every one of you.

90F today... whoooo hoooo.  Humid and hot.

I got up this morning and it was 60F, crazy weather.  People are still in the lake. 

Very windy too.

Hump Day Happy Hour
Wed, September 14, 4pm – 6pm
Dot & Dean Site 232
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.
What happened to all the white chairs at the Outback?  You remember... the ones around the little green tables?  It's very difficult to use the Outback with NO chairs.  I know there are a few lounge chairs but they are usually taken early in the day.
The birds are becoming annoying.  Apparently... if you forget to feed them... they land on a branch near you and start yelling.  Chickadees, yellow finches AND woodpeckers.  The humming birds are better... they just buzz by your head at 200 miles an hour...
The lake is becoming clear with very few weeds.  Now... is this a good thing or bad thing?  A crystal clear lake is not good. No bacteria, no weeds, nothing for the fish and other stuff to eat.  I hear you can see the bottom when you snorkel. 

My square foot garden is still producing a ton of tomatoes!  Yeah.  BLT's for weeks!!  Heavy on the 'B'. If you don't know what a BLT is... google it.  Did you know that the BLT is the second most popular sandwich in the US, after the ham sandwich. There are actual RECIPES online for BLT's.  Seriously...

Moving on... the frogs have moved on too.  No frogs in the lake anymore.  I better not catch the Blue Heron on the lake. ... he eats frogs. I have a pop-gun that scares the crap out of him :-D.  No, not a real gun... it has a cork in the end and when you push the leaver in, it makes a loud pop. 

Not many people here today ... not sure why as it was hot and sunny for a while. 


On a completely different note... and I know this applies to some people in the park.

The Newmarket Prostate Cancer Support Group ( is starting their meetings again.  They meet on the 3rd Thursday evening of each month (September - June) from 6:30-9:00 PM (meeting starts at 7 PM) at the Newmarket Seniors' Centre which is at 474 Davis Drive, Newmarket.

September 15th meeting (next Thursday):
Presenter: Dr. John Preiner, Urologist, South Lake Hospital.
Subject: What is the Next Step now that my PSA has started to rise after treatment?

Yeah yeah it has nothing to do with Park news but... prostate cancer is very common these days so you should know there is a support group out there.  Everyone welcome including spouses and friends.


If you have something you want in the blog, email me.

Wow, lots of weird fonts in this blog... I'm not fixing it :-D

I've been extremely busy this summer so I haven't been doing the blog as much as usual.  Ah well, not much to report on this summer. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


Summer is over!!  Okay maybe not as it is very hot today. 

No rain for a long time.  I haven't mowed my lawn as ... it's barely grown.

Illumination night was fabulous!  Lots and lots of sites participated. 

Congratulations to Judges Choice winners Jeff and Shelley and to Peoples Choice Winners Jeff and Carolyn for their wonderful displays!

Congratulations to the New Social Committee, Greg ( Chair), Don ( Vice Chair ), Diane ( Secretary ), Shelley ( Treasurer), Stony ( Stuff Guy ), Suzy ( Member at Large) and Rico ( Member at Large), newly elected at the AGM on Sunday morning.

Hmmm, I didn't see any announcement about the social committee meeting.  It's not on the website.

There are no frogs left in the lake.  Either the Heron ate them, or they got out as it was too hot in the lake, or they died.  Ho hum.  I liked the frogs.  It was so nice to listen to them at night.

Thanks to Tony for fixing the aerator.  There is now a new lock on it as someone was screwing around with the timer. 

Lots of people on the lake today.  Plus a LOT of very loud screaming kids.  Playing and having fun is nice but when kids start to scream 'HELP HELP' ... I'm not really keen on that.

What's with the really young kids (3) on the paddle boat WITHOUT adult supervision and without life jackets?  I know that a few members here babysit other people's kids all the time but they have to be watched when they are in the pond. 

The box of film/hard drive equipment that went missing after artists week has not been found.  I'm assuming that if someone found it, it would be posted somewhere.

Yeah, yeah, I haven't been doing the blog on a regular basis.  There haven't been many events here.

That said....

Hump Day Happy Hour
Wed, September 7, 4pm – 6pm
Hosted by Manon and Bryan  Site #116
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.

Someone posted this and I'm reposting... I did not write this but the person will give me permission to post it... so I'll email him after I post and tell him I did it lol.


Yesterday, some members came across a soldering tree stump beside the path which goes around the pond behind the Outback. Fortunately there was no open flame yet. It was extinguished and the staff brought the pump to wet down the surrounding area.

The Fire didn't appear to be caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. There were at least 5-10 different spots smouldering in a 5 foot radius, not a single point source.

Another member said that a Chinese lantern had been set adrift the night before. It's a small hot air balloon powered by a burning candle. These things will land anywhere.

It's hard to say if this lantern was the cause of this fire because of the time delay. However it doesn't seem like a good idea to me to be setting these lanterns adrift in a forested area.

It was fortunate that the fire wasn't located further from the path making it harder to discover before it became a more serious problem.

So if you see someone playing with a Chinese lantern, perhaps you can suggest that it's a bad, bad idea in the park!


Chinese lanterns are banned in a lot of provinces.  Ontario is working on a ban.

It could be a lot of things:

1. Chinese lanterns.
2. One of those bags filled with sand and a candle but there was no evidence of that.
3. A cigarette.
4. A deliberately set fire ... not sure who would do that.
5. Magic.


Anyways... there has been a fire ban in a lot of places all summer due to lack of rain.  Please be careful.

The petanque court has not been used all summer.  Where are you guys?  I was used to the horn/announcement going off.

This is the court now. (Click image to enlarge)

The bottom left is a few corn plants, the top center is a sunflower plant ha ha ha.

The roads have been good this summer.  Very few potholes.

The river is nearly dry... whew.

Time to get your fall chores done.  I considered gardening and weeding but... I...  just ... didn't ... get... to ... it. 

Crickets and grasshoppers and white cabbage butterflies everywhere!  I've only seen two monarch butterflies all summer.  :-(

The new Salto gate system is working well with only a few glitches the first week.  Don't forget to turn your old fobs in for a $10. credit on your account.

Marg and Larry's owl has not been found.  K&M's compressor has not been found (that I have heard).

If you are looking for any missing shoes, flipflops, sandals...  go to Royce's lot and check the fence.  A certain feline drags them home.  ha ha ha.

According to the Used Trailers for sale page (  most of the trailers have been sold... except for one.

Some long time residents are moving out (sad face).

I've been here for almost 20 years!!  People are coming and going constantly.

If you see a Toronto Star at the entrance to the park on Saturday (any Saturday).  Please do NOT pick it up.  I had to cancel it for the summer as people kept picking it up and either taking it to the office or putting it in their car and keeping it. 

I hear from the farmers that it is going to be a BRUTAL winter. 

Must stock up on wine... heh heh.

Go walk your dog.  I'm assuming you have one as I think there are more dogs than people here these days.   It's lovely that everyone picks up after their dog too.  The dog run got a LOT of use this summer.  We have frisbee dogs !! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Just a quick update for this coming weekend...


Saturday August 27, 2016 at NOON.

There will be a silent auction starting at noon on the Front Lawn.

At 3 pm the items will be moved to Beckett Circle and be there for the Potluck!

This is an auction where you bid on items by writing it down on the paper for the item... your name, your bid and contact info...then you keep an eye on the item bidding as often as you like, hoping your bid is the successful one.

Items for auction include:

Surround Sound Stereo, donated by Tyssen's value $300.00,
Trailer vent covers value $50.00 each,
Goliath Club Divider Golf Bag, donated by Kim ( Bare Bistro) value $125.00,
Initial Consult with Naturopathic Doctor, donated by Mount Albert Chiropractic and Wellness Centre value $180.00,
Initial Consult with Chiropractor, at and donated by Mount Albert Chiropractic, value $125.00,
Pressure Cooker, donated by Home Hardware, Mount Albert, value $60.00,
Set of Bare Oaks Towels with Logo , donated by Stephane, limited edition,
Gift Certificate from Bare Bistro value $25.00,
Gift Certificate from Zuccas $ 50.00,
Gift Certificate for massage, donated by Elena,
Gift Certificate from Foodland $25.00,
Hoodie and Sweatshirt donated by Moose Caboose value $50. each
Big Bone Gift Certificate and more. Come out and see!!!!!!


Appreciation Potluck and Silent Auction
Saturday August 27, 2016
6 pm
Beckett Circle Fire Pit area
Everyone Welcome

The Bare Oaks Social Committee ( BOSC) will provide the roast beef and gravy. If you plan to attend please bring a potluck item to share!

If you bring your reusable table service your name will go in for the Eco Friendly Draw!


Play at the Outback
Sat, August 27, 8:00pm – 9:45pm
Bare Oaks Players presents a comedy in two acts, Buying the Moose by Michael Wilmot.
For ticket reservation, email​.
I hear there are still some tickets available.


Monday, August 22, 2016


Poem for the day:

Roses are red
Mondays are hard
I suck at poetry


Ha ha ha. I love that poem.  No I didn't write it, it came from Facebook.

Lot of people here this past weekend.  Volleyball tournament.

Just a note... please SHOWER BEFORE using the pool or hot tub.  Adults AND children. Many people didn't shower during the volleyball tournament and when the chemical balance is off... the pool/hot tub is closed.

Betcha didn't think of that eh?




Wednesday August 24th 4-6 pm

Hosted by Sandy Site #120

Please bring chairs, beverage and a snack to share, if you wish ! Shade/Shelter always provided! Shelter/shade will be provided!

The middle of the week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon beverage and some munchies. Socialize with other members and guests, see old friends and meet new ones.

Hope to see you there! Everyone Welcome! Bring your neighbours and friends!!!


Potluck this Saturday August 27th 6 pm.

Beckett Circle Community Fire Pit Area!

The Social Committee will be providing the Roast Beef ...

Please bring a potluck item to share .

Also at this Potluck a Silent Auction will be held...Lots of great items including gift certificates from local businesses and the park!!!!

Everyone welcome!!!!!


The weather has been hot... and continuing, except for last night and tonight... what is with that??!!

Today it was around 75F, or ... something warm, celcius :-)

Lots of potholes this week.  A few people have cut their lawns but it is so dry... I may, or may not, cut mine. The weeds seem to be growing well.

People in the lake, people in the pool... busy this weekend... so I hear.  I was out most of the weekend.  All the whistling during the volleyball drove me out... loud, very loud and piercing.

Stony drove the bus around the park all weekend, picking people up in one place and depositing them in a different place.

The Hip concert was displayed on a screen in the seasonal area.  At the same time the comedy show was at the Outback with a bunch of people attending.

I can't report very much as I wasn't here so... I'm sure y'all had a great time.

Carry on!

Only two more weeks of summer left before the labor day weekend!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


So Marg asked me to put this in the blog.

Marg and Larry live at lot 229.  Someone removed (stole) the owl from their front deck.

It is black, 16 inches high and they have had it for a longggg time.

If you have seen it or you removed it... PUT IT BACK. 

Keep a lookout. 

Royce's cat will be questioned but I think he only removes shoes (grin). The owl is too big to drag...

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Phew, what a week.

HOT HOT HOT... and no rain.

The Naked State thing this week (until August 15) appears to be going well.  I've met a lot of the artists and they are very friendly.

They have a tent set up in Glen Echo Field and have been using the Outback and beach for various things.  The members and artists are both using the Outback and beach, with no problems.

The grass is crunchy and brown again. 

There are a bunch of potholes but they cannot be fixed at the moment as the roads are like concrete ... it has to rain first.

The restaurant ( ) has been busy due to the artists and the heat (I think the beer is popular ;-) )

The gardens won't stop growing... aren't they aware there has been NO water?  Stop already.

I saw a news article that highlighted a few farmer's crops in the Toronto area.  The corn was about a third the normal size.  Prices will be going up.

I missed the announcements for Hump Days and the August birthdays (August 6) .

I hear they had around 50 people at the Hump Day yesterday at Rainy and Greg's.

However the Hump Day Happy Hour for August 17....

Wed, August 17, 4pm – 6pm
Diane and Henry's. site 232  (drive/walk to the season area, keep right and it is nearly at the curve on the right)
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome. 



There are a few people at the lake and it is very warm.  The fishies are at the bottom now as it is too hot for them at the top.

It is very clear at the sides of the lake... last year it was weedy and cloudy.

We have a BEACH all around the lake now.  Don't try to walk it as it looks like most of it is solid mud...

That's it for today... more later as I've forgotten a few things... my list is somewhere... hmmmm.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Well... I haven't forgotten to do the blog... I've been away most of this week and don't have enough hours to do everything. 

Just thought I'd let you know... :-(

I missed the August birthdays and ... I like cake...

Monday, July 25, 2016


It's very hot here... 98.2 F with a humidity of 65%.  Phew.

Tried to trim a few trees today but it's wayyyyy too hot. 

Air conditioning is good.

From Rainy...


RIB DINNER presented by the B.O.S.C
Saturday July 30 at 6 pm - 7:30

Note: the Bare Oaks website says it is at 2pm... ignore that, it is at 6pm.

Beckett Circle near the Community Fire

BBQ Back Ribs, Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Salad, Baked Beans, Dessert

$20.00 per person
12 years or under $10.00
Family $50.00

Tickets available at the Front Office or at Rainy and Greg's site 227 or Shelley Site 200A
Don't miss out!!!!!




Wednesday July 27
4-6 pm

Hosted by James
Site 221

Please bring chairs, beverage and a snack to share, if you wish ! Shade/Shelter always provided!
The middle of the week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon beverage and some munchies. Socialize with other members and guests, see old friends and meet new ones.

Hope to see you there! Everyone Welcome! Bring your neighbours and friends!!!1


Saturday July 30th 1 pm
Front Lawn Everyone Welcome. Details on events calendar


The Variety Show last Saturday night was great. Singing (including French songs), musical accompaniment, gymnastics, and a hilarious MC.  (I can't give you the names as I don't have permission to list their names here).

Another Bare Oaks Variety Show will take place on July 30th from  8:00pm – 9:15pm. Tickets: $5.00.

It will feature members and staff doing Monty Python, a Skit by a member and friends plus there will be a tribute to recently dead music artists complete with sort of costumes/makeup (David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince plus) and other stuff.


Phew... a busy Saturday.

Coming up on Aug 5 – 15, 2016
An Art Residency exploring the Nude Human Body in context of Nature, Culture and Art.
NOTE: This event is NOT organized by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. It is an independent, 3rd-party, event that is happening at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.
Naked State is a 10-day residency to create artworks that explore the nude human body in context of nature, culture and art. For the duration of the residency, the artists and residency Facilitator live as *naturists (in the nude) within the Bare Oaks naturist community to create works that explore questions such as: What is nudity? Does stripping away clothing rid us of class, gender, and personal expression?; Do the connections between our bodies and the land change when nude? Is nudity always sexual? What is the role of the nude in historical and contemporary art?; Is an animal with fur naked? Is it possible to be civil in the nude?; Is there a natural state for human being? Residents work individually or collaboratively to create artworks that explore these questions through media of their choice, such as photography, video, installation, drawing, painting, performance art, dance, sound art, media art, etc.
Artists will have opportunities to socialize and integrate with the Bare Oaks naturist community at campfires, swimming, and sharing meals. This programmed residency offers facilitation by multimedia artist Teresa Ascencao, group discussions with naturism advocate *StĂ©phane DeschĂȘnes, a special guest workshop with multi-disciplin​ary artist Johannes Zits, guest visits by artists and members of the Bare Oaks community, and plenty of studio time. Critiques of residents’ works occur on a regular basis, individually with the Facilitator and through facilitated group discussions. There will be a closing event, whereby artists present their creative explorations to the Bare Oaks community. Naked State art residency welcomes people in all walks of life and genders into a journey of creative exploration and self-discovery.
There was rain last night, thunder and lightening too... fun fun. The grass is green again!!
The new gate system is not working yet but the guys were here installing stuff today.
The jets on the hot tub are not working.  They should be fixed by mid-August.
The gardens went crazy this summer, too much growth!!  ack ack. The square foot gardens are doing great!  Some tomato plants are 4.5 feet tall... and there are red tomatoes on them!!  I planted 2 plants that have sweet teardrop yellow tomato... those plants are not doing well.  Ho hum.  Oh well, I have 9 other tomato plants.  Beets, beans, peas, carrots, ... the spaghetti squash are coming along nicely and crawling down the paths between the plant boxes.  I should take photos... if I remember...
Tree cutting guy was here today.
Sun is out!!  Yeah!!  Too hot to sit outside though... unless you are in the shade. 
Time to go for a walk...    

Monday, July 18, 2016


Busy busy weekend.  It was family weekend and there were a lot of kids everywhere.

There are still a lot of kids here... playing in the lake.



Wednesday July 20 4-6 pm

Hosted by Don - Site 200

Please bring chairs, beverage and a snack to share, if you wish !

The middle of the week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon beverage and some munchies. Socialize with other members and guests, see old friends and meet new ones.

Hope to see you there! Everyone Welcome! Bring your neighbours and friends!!!

There were some potholes in the roads and they have been graded again.

Every Saturday from 11am – 12pm

Nikki is back for the Summer with Yoga classes for any level yogi. Weather permitting, it will take place on the front lawn under a slice of shade. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself. The classes offer a balance of moments to challenge yourself and deep relaxation. No class Aug 20th, Ends September 3. Class price: $10 Mat Rental: $2
There was only one person at the class on the 16th.  I didn't know about it and I'm sure a lot of other people didn't know.
The lake is so warm, the fish are now at the bottom. 
There is a white string along the bank of the west side of the lake.  That is to keep the geese off the lawns.  IT WORKS.  Maybe stringing the entire lake in the spring would keep them out of the water.  The dogs are very good at going over the string as it is only about 4 - 6 inches up.  The geese will not go over it as they don't want to be cornered and can't hop that high and can't fly.

Nice day today, not too hot, not too cool... 86F with a breeze and not a lot of humidity.

Don't forget to pick up your new fob. Deadline is this coming Sunday. The new system turns on on Monday July 25. You will NOT be able to get in after hours.

Someone let their dog off the leash to chase the geese the other day.  Whose fault would it be if the goose attacked the dog?  eh?  Methinks the dog or perhaps the owner who let it off the leash. :-)

My lettuce in the square foot garden is 4.5 feet tall for the leaf lettuce and 3 feet tall for the romaine.  I can't eat it fast enough ha ha.  Lots of beets and carrots and beans... yum.

Sat, July 23, 8:00pm – 9:15pm
At the Outback is  the Bare Oaks Players: Variety Show
Admission $5. 
For more information:
On July 30.... Saturday
11am Yoga with Nikki
1pm Bare Olympics
6pm Rib Dinner
8pm BOP Variety Show
Busy day.
Nothing much going on... people are cutting lawns... watering gardens... walking dogs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Hot hot weather.

Family weekend is this coming weekend.

From the Bare Oaks website:

A weekend of events with an emphasis on family fun! Activities, challenges, contests, entertainment, crafts, games and all-around fun for kids of all ages. Discounted rates for visiting families. If staying overnight, reservations are strongly recommended.

Event web page: http://www.bare​​hp/en/family-we​ekend.html

Rates: http://www.bare​​hp/en/about-bar​e-oaks-family-n​aturist-park/ra​tes/family.html


The event web page and the rates page display the front page of Bare Oaks so I'm assuming both pages are invalid. 

If you want a list of events, the list is posted outside the office on the bulletin board.

No rain for a while.  Grass is still crunchy. 

I received an email (to post in the blog) that some members noted ... there were kids at the pool who chased the geese around the pond.  The adult(s) (I'm assuming parent(s)? ) did nothing.  Now if the kids are attacked by the geese... whose fault would it be? ;-)  Perhaps the parents should tell the kids that the GEESE CAN'T FLY. 

There have been a few fires at the Outback firepit in the evenings.  GREAT!!  Use the firepit... there are a lot of chairs and picnic tables there.

Hump day today  (and every Wednesday).

Wed, July 13, 4pm – 6pm
Brenda & Gary Site 213
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.


Get your new fob (small bracelet) at the office.  Your old fob WILL NOT WORK after July 25 (Monday).  If you come to the park after hours... you will not be able to get in.  It is fast and easy to get a new fob and it costs you $16.95 including tax.  It is a sale, if you lose it you will have to buy another one.  Turn your old one in for a $10 credit (no cash) after that date. The fob will open both gates.

I think one set of geese have flown off.  One set to go...

Water your flowers...

People in the pool yesterday and one in the hot tub so I'm going to guess that the hot tub is now up and running.  Nothing posted on Twitter, that I can see.  I don't use twitter so...

That's it... have a nice hot day.

Friday, July 8, 2016


It's been HOT the past few days with no rain. 
That said... it is raining now!!  and 67F... which is a tad chilly compared to the 110F yesterday... phew.

The lawns are crispy, the weeds are green. After the rain, it might green up but... it didn't rain long.

Has everyone noticed there have been virtually NO insects the past few weeks?  No mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies... and only the occasional horse fly.

I've seen CRICKETS and they don't show up until August.

Weird weather.

Problem:  I posted before that someone removed the two plastic watering cans from the Outback.  Well... I was approached yesterday and someone has now removed the pink watering can from the front lawn near the smoking area.  KNOCK IT OFF... and put them back.  They are there for a reason.  Get your own :-)

If you are out in one of the boats... please don't run over our only remaining lily pads.  They are on the west side of the lake.  TWO boats ran over them this past week.  I mean... you can SEE the flowers people.  (click to enlarge)

Lots of people here this past weekend for the Volleyball tournament. I hear they had 18 teams... I'm going to assume a team is 6 people so... lots of action on the courts.

The Bare Bistro was very busy this weekend... which is a good thing :-)

We were there yesterday for lunch (at 2:30... okay late lunch) and most of the tables were full with people eating.  Prices are cheap, food is good and prepared quickly. They need to fix the ink in the register machine though as it is impossible to read your receipt.  (Yes, we have mentioned it).

According to the Bare Oaks Blog:

The hot tub is down because the heater has failed.

Yes, you read that right. This is the heater that was replaced last fall under warranty for the THIRD time!!

We had announced that we would be installing a backup electrical heating unit. That is now a rush job. We are aiming to have that done within a week.

We are so sorry to disappoint you! 

I'm not sure if it is back up and running but it was on yesterday.


The 4 larger geese babies and two parents are now flying.  Hopefully they will decide to leave soon.  The 5 smaller geese babies and two parents are not flying yet.  They can't leave soon as they can't fly. I heard that someone was going to try to 'relocate' them. Too late to do that. I don't know why people think killing animals solves problems (relocating would probably kill them).  Find ways to deter the animals ... that would solve the problems.

Check this out... put one on each pond and... no more geese:  The downside is... they are about $400. each.  Blah. 

However, if over $2300. was collected for the fireworks... I don't see why we can't collect $1000. for geese lights, we would only need three.  Guaranteed to work or your money back.  They only work when geese don't have goslings.

Speaking of killing things.  I'm hearing a LOT of complaints about the free roaming member's cats killing bunnies.  Cats kill the wildlife for sport.  Bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, birds... you name it, if it moves, they kill it. 

What happened to the Licence of Occupation rule... 'ALL PETS MUST BE LEASHED'. 

Heard another complaint yesterday from a 'visitor' who was camping.  She could not get rid of a member's cat from her campsite (it went in her tent too!).  I suggested she phone the office... but then, I've talked to the office (as have other people... a few times over the years) in the past about free roaming cats and... they don't care ... whoa, I can see dark clouds on the horizon from that comment ;-).  I figure, if cats can roam free, why not dogs?  :-)  Lots of dogs are going in the lake but at the end opposite the beach. It's hot, they need to cool down.  Tents don't have air conditioning.

Pretty flowers

According to the LOO (Licence of Occupation), you are not allowed to wash your car or water your grass with the tap water.  That said... I heard that management told a member that they could water during the week but NOT on the weekends. Update: Okay, that is now sorted out... that was for one member only, not the entire park so ... don't water your lawn with tap water.

Lots of people here on the weekends, not as many here during the week. 

The aerator is now going off at the correct time 6pm ... and on again at 9pm.  Thanks T. for helping reset it!

Blurb from Bare Oaks Players

Our fourth season is in full swing with our first 2 Poetry in the Park held.
POETRY this year
                Sunday July 17th @ 1pm:  “Friends and Family” during Family Weekend
                Sunday Aug 14th @ 1pm:  “Inspiration, words of wisdom”

Format for this season
Saturday July 23rd, 2016: Variety Show $5
Saturday July 30th, 2016: Variety Show $5
August 6-14: Linkage with Bare Oaks Art Week.  Check out the art residency details at  Bare Oaks Players will present something special at various locations in the park from “Model Behaviour” by Jeffrey Fiske
Friday Aug 19th, 2016: A comedy in two act “Buying the Moose” by Michael Wilmot; $10
Saturday Aug 27th, 2016: A comedy in two act “Buying the Moose” by Michael Wilmot; $10
Saturday Sept 3rd, 2016: A comedy in two act “Buying the Moose” by Michael Wilmot; $10
Box office is now open or email for reservations


So... yesterday we put up a white string across the front of my lot... and the geese will not cross it.  Ooooo.  So, I will be picking up more string and putting it across the entire section west of the lake.  It is only about 4 - 6 inches up and on the lake side of the path.  Hah. A human can step over it. They won't cross it as they think they may get caught it in and need easy access to safety. I herded them yesterday and tried to get them to cross it but they ran to the open end... which is why I need more string. Dollar store here I come.

Now, to get them flying.  No geese on the lake this morning.


Found a whole bunch of spent fireworks on my driveway and near my car the past few days.

The lawns are not growing, no need to rush up here to cut them.

Enlarge this... it is sooo beautiful.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday... CANADA DAY !

Raining and cold today.  60F... or something Centigrade.  :-)

It might be a perfect day to play volleyball... if the rain stopped.  It is slowing down now...


A solution of Magnesium Chloride to minimize road dust was applied this week. Unlike other dust control agents (e.g. Calcium Chloride) it:

• Generally does not cause skin irritation
• Is less toxic than salt and baking soda
• Does not damage plants
• Will last the entire season with only one application

An MSDS sheet is available in the office for anyone interested. The GHS Classifications are:
• Physical: Not Hazardous
• Health: Not Hazardous
• Environment: Not Hazardous

I clocked someone going over 60KM on the road to the back yesterday... female, silver car heh heh.
She went right over the speed bumps. Then a few minutes later another car at around 40KM... then a few minutes later another car came up from the back at the same speed.

Maybe it is time to put the potholes back ha ha ha.

The 5K Color run is today...

Monday, June 27, 2016


It rained last night!  Not a lot but it still rained.

The junk in front of the square foot gardens is being cleared up.  Thanks to Kim, Phil, Mike, Bruce and me!  It looks nice!!  Bruce built a composting bin.

There is still one garden left... the person who reserved it is not using it so... have at it.

The Glen Echo field area has been roped off... probably for parking on the weekend.

The new key fob system is not in place yet.  The out gate is slowwwww.  Nearly ran into it a few times... I have good brakes. Heh heh. 

Hump day on Wednesday... June 29, 4pm – 6pm
Site 237 - Royce
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome. 
Friday night is fireworks!!  Peter will be setting them off.
Volleyball weekend this weekend.  Lots of people here, lots of water being used.

Open mic at 9pm on Friday night.

Not sure what the schedule is this weekend as I can't find it posted anywhere.  All it says on the Bare Oaks site is:
10th GTA Naturist Volleyball Tournament
No details.

The grass is still crunchie... we ... need... rain...

It's strawberry pickin' time!  Brooks farms (  has a ton of really nice strawberries.  $2.40 a pound for pick your own. 9am to 7pm.  mid-June to mid-July.  Take Mt. Albert road through Mt. Albert... jogs left across the town line and the pickin' is on the right.  I picked 20 pounds today... 3 batches of jam and a ton of frozen berries for smoothies or... strawberry daiquiris... :-)  Mmmmm.

Peas are not ready yet... it says on the website that they are ready but I asked, and they are not.

Not many people here today.  A few people were swimming in the lake.

The area around the petanque court now has dirt, topsoil and grass seed.  With this lack of rain, don't hold your breath waiting for grass.

No one has been playing petanque this year.  I find that odd.  I was used to chitter chatter on Saturday morning.

The Outback gardens have gone crazy ... it seems the lack of rain is making the weeds grow... plus the daisies and coreopsis (yellow daisies).  Phew. 

According to the license of occupation, you cannot wash your car or water your grass with tap water.  It says nothing about watering gardens or cleaning trailers. 

Too humid to lay out in the sun today...

The poison ivy has been sprayed... I think that was over a week ago.  You will see signs around the property.

The social committee hut floor is being repaired.

The watering cans (2) that were at the Outback... have gone missing.  If you know what happened to them, feel free to put them back... :-) 

Lots of people at the Outback firepit this past weekend.  It's nice to see it being used. I thought I heard drums... ?

As for the 3 designated smoking areas ... HA HA HA. Everyone is smoking while driving, walking... good thing the red butt cans are still all over the park.  No seriously, it is a good thing or else there would be butts everywhere!

The baby geese should start flying soon... WE ALL HOPE.  Still no flight feathers on the adults so they can't leave yet.

Not much news... time to go for a walk...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Really HOT the past few days but it rained a bit last night so... it is cooler today.

The place needed rain... it hasn't rained in weeks.

The June Birthday Bash was fun!  About 45 people attended, some of them coming back after leaving ...

No water on Saturday evening... got a notice that said: "Our regulations prohibit water being used to water lawns.  The reason for that is simple, our system is not large enough to process that much water.  Unfortunately some individuals did not understand this.  As a result, we have run out of water at the clubhouse and Helios.  It will remain off until the system has sufficiently recovered which we expect to take approximately 4 hours.  We apologize for this inconvenience, water remains on in Beckett Circle."

Hah!  Only Helios got the notice.  Well, my understanding is... the back cistern (Beckett) is fed from the front cistern (Clubhouse). 

The Beckett people were washing trailers, taking showers to 'cool off', using a LOT of water.  Why didn't the Beckett people get notices?  As far as I can see, they are the ones who used the water :-)

Most of the Helios people were at the Birthday Party all day.

Oh and the pool was being filled too... plus all the day people at the Clubhouse AND the restaurant was open.

I'm not ranting (a few people have...), I'm just explaining the facts. 

I've been using a submersible pump in the lake to water my gardens and lawns. Hah.

Speaking of the lake... it was noted that a day member was fishing near the raft on Tuesday... and flinging the baby fish over the raft and into the lake.  When you release the fish, gently put them back in the lake.  I requested that he do that and he stated: "You can throw back the young fish".   I gave up... and went to the office :-D

Apparently some others are doing the same thing as I had a dead fish on my shoreline a few days ago.

The geese are still creating quite a poop mess around the front pond.  They still can't fly but it should be soon.  They are getting big. 

The square foot gardens are coming along well!!  Lots of veggies in them now.


TODAY - Wednesday JUNE 22nd...  4-6 pm

Hosted by Edith and Dave Site 206

Please bring chairs, beverage and a snack to share, if you wish !
The middle of the week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon beverage and some munchies. Socialize with other members and guests, see old friends and meet new ones.

Hope to see you there! Everyone Welcome! Bring your neighbours and friends!!!


This blurb is stolen from Rainy :-)

"Lots and lots of events happening at Bare Oaks over the next few months.......Don't miss out.........Hump Day Happy Hours, Poetry in the Park afternoons, Fire Works for Canada Day, Volley Ball Tournaments, July Birthday Celebrations , Rib/Corn/potato etc Dinner, Bare Oaks Olympics, August Birthday Celebrations, live entertainment on the Clubhouse deck, Appreciation Potluck for all members, Illumination Night ......and much more!!!!!"

What is an appreciation potluck?  Hmmmm


Wandered over to the Clubhouse around 9pm?  on Monday night.  The pool was not covered.   I guess that is so people can swim in it 24 hours? It cools off a LOT every night. 

The lake is warm. 

If you go to the restaurant, you might want to know that dogs are allowed on the deck... which is part of the restaurant.  You can also sit in the restaurant chairs without ordering.  Well, I never do that (grin) but I hear you can do that...

Lots and lots of people ate at the restaurant this past Sunday... it was VERY BUSY.  The food is good and inexpensive. 

People are jogging around the park.  Getting ready for the 5K nude run eh?

Our first nude run!

5km colour fun run through the park.
  • Date: July 1, 2016 (Friday)
  • Registration: 9 am
  • Start Time: 10 am
If this is your first visit to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, you can also speed up registration by printing and filling out this form in advance.

To register go here:


Not much going on.  This is a place to relax and walk and get a tan. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Well... not much happening here so I haven't been doing the blog.

The weather is TOO COLD.  I'm tired of it.  At the moment it is 56F or 10C.

It rained a bit this week. Not much but that hasn't stopped the plants from growing.  Lots of lawns are dead though.

The septic is being fixed in Helios so the Petanque courts are unavailable.  Not much of a problem though as not many people have been playing Petanque this year. I think I saw a few people ... twice.

The roads are still in great condition after the new grader was used weeks ago.  You can only use the grader after the rain.  The road is like concrete when it doesn't rain.

The geese are getting a lot bigger. Not flying yet though.

The square foot gardens are doing really well. They are all in use now except for two of them... hopefully that person will plant soon (grin).  Like... the summer is half over people... 

My tomatoes are around 4 feet tall with some green ones!  Yeah!  I'm harvesting lettuce, radishes, carrots and peas now.  Fresh veggies are really tasty.

Lots of bunnies around. 

Hump day happy hour starts tomorrow!  Wed, June 15, 4pm – 6pm
D. & S's - site 114
"The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome."
I checked the Bare Oaks calendar and I don't think anyone is hosting on July 13, 27 and August 17, 31, and Sept 7, 14.  If anyone wants to host one of those days, talk to Rainy.
Don't forget the party this Saturday.
We used to have a party every month for the babies of the month.  Back when we had a Hearts and Flowers committee.  I think that is what it was called.
June 18 from 2pm is the birthday party for the June babies. Lot 126. EVERYONE WELCOME. Bring a snack to share, a chair and ... that's it! There will be some chairs but probably not enough...

The pool is cold.  Someone told me the temperature was around 68F on the weekend.  I checked yesterday and it was 70F.  I think a nice temperature is around 82F.  :-)

I was at wing night last Friday at the Bare Bistro and it was packed.  Lots of wings, beer and nachos. 6pm to 8pm and you can't order early. So... wander over and have a beverage before 6pm.  There needs to be more tables and chairs on the deck. It was hot and sunny.  Nekid people everywhere!!

The front gate hut is coming along.  There is a nice photo in the window facing the road. 

The Quonset hut area and bins area is looking a lot nicer since it has been cleaned up.  Please do not dump your junk behind the dumpster unless you talk to the office. 

Plus be very careful when you open the garbage dumpster.  I opened it yesterday and came face to face with a raccoon.  It did not jump out at me... phew.  I put a sign on it 'Raccoon inside' which is probably gone by now.

If you see a paper at the entrance to the Park, please leave it there.  Do not pick it up.  It belongs to a park member.

The doggie enclosed area is working out well... lots of dogs in there this week.  It is not a babysitting area though so make sure you are around if you put your dog in there. Two very good Frisbee catching dogs were in there this week.

The End. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday update

Bare Bistro Hours: 

Monday to Thursday 10:00am -7:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am -7:00pm
Food pictures.  Click to enlarge, they look better bigger...

Toasted sandwich.

Looks like a burger!



A tad chilly Sunday... with a cool wind but Saturday was fabulous!!

Hot and humid Saturday and lots of people here. 

The restaurant was slammed (which means very busy).

On the Bistro website are menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I saw the Quesadilla (cheese, chicken and assorted peppers) $6.50  go by and it was big. Took up a whole plate.

Prices are good too! (as are the beer prices :-) )

I hear rumors that starting on Fridays next week (the 10th)  it will be wing and beer pitcher night. Mmmmm.

Hours from website:

Mon-Fri 11am - 6pm
Sat–Sun 8am to 6pm

I think those are the winter hours... I'll check and post if different.

Here are some lovely flower pictures. (Click to enlarge.)

Plus this strange flower. Not sure what the big ball is but the plant on the left side is catnip.

Due to the fact that it hasn't really rained for 3 weeks... there are a few potholes... but not as many as usual.

It finally rained Saturday night... a LOT of rain so ... the grass is no longer crunchie.

It's very quiet here... I don't think all the seasonal people have arrived yet.

If you live in a textile residence during the winter... you will want to get one of these.

A tan through bathing suit.  It's less than a normal (female) bathing suit and a bit more flimsy but... if you can't go naked... this will help you keep (and get) an all over tan.

Lots of baby birds around and baby rabbits. 

If you are going to fish, please read the fishing signs.  There are three signs around the lake.  NO live bait. 

Just a reminder. There are now two geese families... 2 parents and 4 kids... and 2 parents and 5 kids.  They can't fly yet, the kids or the parents so don't scare them away.  They will either be at the front pond or the lake. Lots of goosey poopie around.  

The pool is open.  The hot tub is open. 

Lots of dogs here but I haven't seen ONE doggie poopie so ... that is excellent.

People are still smoking everywhere in the park, walking down the road, in the golf carts... and there are still red butt cans everywhere. Having the butt cans is a lot better than butts on the ground everywhere.

I found a butt in the Outback garden.  DO NOT throw your butts there as it is a fire hazard.  There is a butt can right behind the garden, close to the Outback.

Two turtles have laid eggs... YEAH!!  One in a garden and one on a path... might have to stake that one off.

Quiet today.  The temperature is in the 60's F. (15 - 20C).

The sun is out though... :-)

Next event scheduled is on the long weekend... July 1,2,3... the volleyball tournament.

Hump days starts on June 15!! 

Wed, June 15, 4pm – 6pm
D. & S's - site 114
"The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome."
June 18 from 2pm is the birthday party for the June babies. Lot 126. EVERYONE WELCOME. Bring a snack to share, a chair and ... that's it! There will be chairs but probably not enough...
Not much to report on...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hot weekend

Yesterday, Saturday, the temperature was over 90F or 32C or more.  Humid. It rained for a few minutes in the afternoon.

Today it is still hot!!  Yeah! 

Everything is very very DRY, so water your gardens. We haven't had real rain in weeks.

If anyone wants a square foot garden, talk to Bruce, lot 113.

Here is the information that was posted yesterday in the Bare Oaks blog ( :

Since Bruce first built the community gardens in 2010, we have been doing Square Foot Gardening.  It's a more environmentally friendly way to garden where you get the same production but in only 20% of the space. It is easy plus it saves water, resources, time and effort.

This year Bruce rebuilt the 4' x 4' raised beds and he 4'x4' and are now available for planting.  He provided the labour and Bare Oaks paid for the materials so using the garden is free for members. They are available on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve your garden plot, send an email to:

Participation in The Naked Gardens is easy. There are just a few things to keep in mind:
This is an organic garden.  No pesticides or herbicides may be used.
  1. Only the Square Foot Gardening method is permitted.  
  2. Each gardener is responsible for their plot(s).  Any naked gardener who does not maintain their plot(s) will forfeit the use of the plot(s) and any access to the produce.
  3. If this is your first time trying Square Foot Gardening, please limit yourself to a maximum of 3 plots.
There are 5 gardens remaining.   Bruce said that after next week it may be too late to plant them so if you want one, do it now.  If no one wants them then the current gardeners will use them just to keep them in use.
Lots of people here yesterday... in the lake.  I don't know if anyone was in the pool but ... probably.  I was out most of the day.
Time to wash to mold off the side of your trailers. 
If anyone has a dog or cat here (or in this area) and needs a Vet... try Dr. Mehi at or 905 830 8406.  Kim and Wendy and I use her ... she makes HOUSE CALLS.  The office knows her and you only need to tell them the day of, or the day before and they will let her through the gate.
She is really really good.  Mention our names.  The cost of the home visit is $45. which is around the same as taking the pet to the vet... which is extremely annoying. They are more comfortable in their own home.
If anyone wants a free bottle of floor stripper, let me know. I'm making a run to the hazardous waste place next week and will take it there if no one wants it.
Today... so... if you didn't go, you missed it (grin).  Read the Bare Oaks events page.
Sun, May 29, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Front Lawn
All welcome. Theme today is: "Dead Poet's Society" Bring a poem from a deceased poet. Read it, have someone else read it.... Why not write one... or simply join the group and enjoy listening.
Hump day is starting on June 15!!  At D and S's lot in Helios...  4pm to 6pm.
The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share and the beverage of your choice.
Don't forget the birthday party bash on June 18.  EVERYONE WELCOME. Bring a snack to share, a chair, BYOB and ... that's it! There will be chairs but probably not enough...
Not many events scheduled here. 
Lots of 'fluffies' floating around in the air.  Probably from the poplar trees.
Please don't try to scare the geese and keep your dogs away from them.  The babies AND the adults do not have flight feathers so they cannot fly.  We had 2 adults and 4 babies... we now have 4 adults and 9 babies.  They seem to get along well as they hang out together. 
There is a lot of goose poo around.  If you are bored, feel free to pick some up. I pick the poo off my lot every day. The staff should be raking the beach every morning (like they do at all the resorts in the Caribbean and Florida... etc. ) and picking up poo.  One of the members raked the beach every morning last year (when he was here).
I noticed there are red cigarette butt bins on the roads around the park.  There are only THREE designated smoking areas in this park.  Other than your own lot.  One to the south west of the pool, one behind the clubhouse near the path and one to the south west of the Outback. 
Smoking is not allowed on golf carts either. 
It is very dry here.  If someone throws a butt in the forest, the result may not be good.

Snorkelling in the lake today...

Have you heard the frog noise at night?  They are grey tree frogs.  They are loud.

We also have some thrushes here this year ... which is rare.  You can hear their musical singing near the Quonset hut.

The grass is dry... and crunchie.  Not many people walking around...

I think the heat burned off the mosquitoes... but the deer flies are out... they take a chunk out of you.

There have been a few bonfires at night.

Watch out for the frogs when you drive to the seasonal area at night!!

Time to go for a walk...