Thursday, November 26, 2015


Ice on lake yesterday!  Ahhhhh.   Soon we will be skating... or ... not...

Event !!

Christmas dinner and dance.
Saturday December 12th in the New Forest Room
6:30 dinner with dance to follow.
Dinner will be a buffet of Christmas favorites, there will be a selection of goodies for dessert.
Music by D.J. Dean
This event brought to you by Dot and Dean

$20.00 for adult /$10 for children.
This is NOT a potluck so you do not bring food.

Tickets available in the office.


No snow here yet.  At the moment it is 53F.  That is positively HOT for November 26.

Another event which is on the calendar:

Poetry in the Park Potluck
Sunday November 29, 12pm – 3pm
New Forest Room 
Wii Bowling every Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Clubhouse.
Reminder that the office will be closed on December 24, 25 and 26... and January 1.
Piles of gravel have been distributed around the park... for the potholes, I think.  I'm only guessing.
The pile of brush behind the garbage bin has been levelled.  The wood chipper was here and chips are now around all the trees behind the garbage bin. 
That's it....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Traps in the park and Pink Bin Funds

A quick blog...

There are now snap traps in the lake and/or the river.  Watch your pets and don't let them wander into the water areas.  We have a lot of nice doggies in the park and I don't want to see any of them injured or killed. Don't let your cats run free near the lake/river. They may get curious.

The beaver has taken out a few willows which is good as the willows are sucking the lake dry.  The lake has dropped over 2 feet in the last month.

Got a note from Royce... regarding the Pink Bin money.  Yay!!!

Thank you all for your contributions again this year!!  A HUGE THANK YOU is extended to Larry K and Dave H for their continued efforts in collection and sorting.  They are amazing.  Over this past season, 70 trips were made to The Beer Store to cash in the empties. 

A total of $1,705.70 was collected.  Here's how the funds were dispersed this season:

Flowers, plants, and herb garden for Becket Circle  $ 146
Music stand and light for Outback entertainment    $   95
Epipens and gift for Epipen presenter                         $  197
Mirror for outdoor shower                                            $     6
Traffic calmers (green men)                                           $   68
Fireworks                                                                           $  150
Solar lights for various areas of park                            $   79
Family Weekend                                                               $   50
Ron Pine's entertainment                                               $ 150
Aquafit noodles                                                                 $   41
Bare Oaks Players                                                              $ 176
Thanksgiving tablecloths, turkeys, and ham                 $ 158

Total                                                                                   $ 1,316

Between our Bank Balance and cash on hand, Pink Bin Funds total just over $2,000.  If you have suggestions as to how these funds can be used within the park, please let, Nancy, Rainy, or Royce know.  Thanks to all!!


Wow, 70 trips to the beer store... that is a LOT.  They should take out gas money ;-)


Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16

Well, not much has happened here so... this is my monthly blog.

It snowed on November 14... but today it is 56F.  Warm!!  Tanning weather!!  or ... not...

The Bunny Trail has been relocated... thanks to Wendy and Kim for the photos.

(Click for larger photos).

The south entrance to Bush Bunny Trail has now been relocated which will work out very well and now provide hikers with an even longer walk/snowshoe beginning in a wonderful wooded grove of Cedars... entrance behind cabins 9 & 11 including the directional arrow on the roadway.


The sign is in the middle of the photo on the trees.

The start of the trail.

Below is a map of the Park... rather cool map.  You can get these maps at the office.

The North and South trail start entrances are clearly shown on the map of the trail system. The trails are colour coded, red, green, yellow to guide hikers along  the pathways.

I hear the Halloween Party was a success, with a bonfire afterwards.

I was in Cuba so I didn't go... we had our own party there. Here is a photo of one of the beaches.

Neener neener.  34 of us went to Cuba.  It was lovely.  Perfect weather, except for the second last day... but who cared by then. 

A few trailers moved to other locations in the seasonal area this November.  Most people have closed their trailers for the winter.  The water is going off this week... I THINK it is Wednesday.

Lots of mice this year (I've caught a few already)... so make sure you have NO food in your seasonal trailer over the winter.

The aerator is out of the lake.  Very quiet here except for the leaf blowers and chainsaws and electric saws and hammer drills lol.   Okay it isn't quiet.

The Florida and Texas people are now in Florida and Texas for the winter.  Ho hum. 

That's it...  I think...