Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Wow, Google aka Blogger is making it really difficult to use the Blogger account.  It took me a while to figure out how to log in again.  They want you to change profiles, add information that I'm not about to add... all sorts of crap.

That said, I'm finally here :-)

Now... on to more interesting things.

IT'S HOT OUT... and when I say hot ... it was in the 90's yesterday and it is now 85F.  (convert it yourself).

First off... I would like to print a retraction.  Whoa, however, it is not my first one ha ha.

I said in the last blog: "Speaking of allergies... there was an EpiPen workshop last Saturday.  I missed it, it was not announced."

Seems it WAS announced.  There were flyers (which I apparently missed) and announcements over the PA system. (Royce pointed this out to me :-D  ).  Now, those of us in Helios cannot hear the PA system that is at the Outback.  It is pointed away from us.  Plus it is garbled a lot of the time. Plus the aerator is louder than the PA system.  So... I missed all that.   Now, if I make a mistake in the blog, let me know.  If you want anything put in the blog, email me.

Royce sent me the following three photos, with his comments.  Thanks!  I like people to send me stuff.  As you know, I always forget to take pictures... and when I do ... they are usually fuzzy.

"There are two "traffic calmers" near the washroom/playground area.  Aren't they cute!   I'm going to start yelling at cars who exceed the posted speed limit.  Or should I just pass their names on to management?  In my car, I can go 11 km simply by taking my foot off the accelerator!"

"The Help Yourself Herb Garden is ready to go (and weed....)  And thanks to Tina for making the sign - so professional!"

(I don't know where this is located but I think it is near the washrooms. )

"There are two EpiPen kits, one for children (under 66 pounds)  and one for adults) in the washroom in Beckett circle."

(Blue to the sky, orange to the thigh - hey, I watch the commercials... )

The water pipe for the Outback is being put down now.  At least I think that is what they are doing as there are holes being dug and Peter was called in on his day off to hook up the pipe.  (grinning)

That was this morning... now it is around 6pm and the water is now to the Outback and the piles of dirt/bricks/concrete are gone. Those guys are really good.

The Square Foot Gardens are being used this year.  They haven't been used at all over the past few years and it is nice to see plants in them. I have some of the gardens and brought in a truckload of triple mix to top up my gardens. 

I filled the HUGE water tank with a hose yesterday... I think it took me about an hour to fill.   I also whippersnipped the whole area and picked up some bricks to hold down the entrance screen at the bottom ... as we do NOT want bunnies wandering around inside the gardens.

The entrance is in the middle, there are THREE hooks and bricks for the bottom. 

Raining now...  but still 82F.  Holey cow... is it ever raining now.  The power just went off for a few seconds and is back on.

Babies!!  We now have baby robins.  Thanks Judy for the photos.


The trees are turning yellow but I think it is either the COLD night weather we have had or the lack of water.

The roads are flooded and there is a thunderstorm happening...  we are getting the entire month's rain in one afternoon.  What fun. 

The new road repairs to the Outback... is really flooded...

Temperature is now 66F... brrrrr.  It has dropped 20 degrees in about an hour.

If you haven't purchased your plants for your gardens, you should hurry.  We drove to three places today and most of the vegetables were gone... except for tomatoes.

We had an Osprey hovering over the lake a little while ago ... big bird, looking for fishies.  I've never seen a bird that big hover in one spot for that long.  The little birds do not like him and keep chasing him (or her).  Ospreys only eat fish... according to my bird book. 

Looks like the weather is breaking... time to finish planting my garden.  I was caught in the storm, was soaked to the skin and drove back (rather quickly) in the driving rain in an open golf cart.  I really didn't want to get hit by lightning. 

That's it...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... (teeth chattering)... it is 43F at the moment.

They are digging a hole to the Outback. (As always, click photo to see a larger version.)


That was yesterday.  Today (I have no photos) the pipe has been laid, the hole has been filled, and there is only a bit of rubble piled up for the last 20 feet or so. 

The guys worked until nearly dark... so tomorrow it should be finished.

The new path was not destroyed, however, the gravel that was put down on the road to the Outback... is mostly gone.  Ah well.

The water pipe hole has to be done now... and that will probably be along the road.

Those guys are FAST... so things are moving right along.

The entrance to the park is still the same with a pad poured ... and a big pile of gravel (new). 

The guys that are working the machinery, backhoes, skid steers, etc etc. never hold up traffic so they cause no problems when working. 

The big piles of dirt are still around the park on the roads. This is one of the piles on the road to the seasonal area.

Here is the family on my front lawn.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Poop machines.

The Condo By The Lake... has been rented!!!  Here is the condo building ..

This is the female renter... the spot facing the lake.  Condo 1A (bottom floor, prime location).

This is the male guarding the female.  If you walk by the lakefront, you will see them sitting on the top of the Shepherd's hooks and long sticks. They are quite social and will chat with you.

This was Saturday... it was a FANTASTIC weekend with lots of people here.

The ladder golf was on Saturday and around 30 people were at the potluck on Saturday night.

Today... due to the COLD weather and possibility of SNOW... ha ha.  Okay it didn't snow here but it snowed in Northern Ontario.  Too bad for them... move if you don't like it.  Come down here where the mosquitoes are bigger than hummingbirds. Most of the black flies are gone though.

Does anyone remember when the dragon flies arrived in August?  Yup, there was a season for every fly.  Black flies first (May), then mosquitoes (June), then deer flies (July), then horse flies with the dragon flies (August). 

Well... the black flies, mosquitoes and dragon flies are here.  I'm so looking forward to deer flies.  Haven't seen horse flies in a few years...

Education (pay attention, there will be a test later):

Like mosquitoes, black flies gain nourishment by sucking the blood of other animals. Actually, it's just the females who feed on blood: the males feed mainly on flower nectar. Unlike mosquitoes, black fly eggs are laid in moving water where the larvae attach to rocks using tiny hooks and survive under ice, waiting for the spring thaw. There, they pupate under water feeding on passing organic debris and emerge in a bubble of air as flying adults. When they hatch, they are often preyed upon by fish, such as trout. They live about 4-6 weeks, depending on species, temperature, and food supply.
Black Fly
Black flies are small black or grey insects with short legs and antennae.  Bites can be extremely painful, and their mouthparts are similar to those of a horse fly. Some species of adult black flies prefer humans whereas others target specific animals or birds.  On people, they crawl into sleeves and around boot tops, especially favoring the head just beneath the rim of a hat. Bites can cause swelling and soreness for many days. There are records of both domestic animals and people being killed in a few hours through bites and blood loss. Death can result from suffocation as a result of plugged nasal or bronchial tubes and allergic reactions.

(well, I did not know that... yikes..)

After the black fly finishes feeding, bleeding may continue for some time. At first, the bite site appears as a small, red, central spot surrounded by a reddened, swollen area. Next, the area becomes increasingly itchy, swollen and irritating, sometimes for several days. Partial relief can be found by using anti-itch creams or oral anti-histamines, like benedryl.

Flies usually bite during the day in outdoor shaded or partially-shaded areas. They do not bite indoors or late at night. They are less numerous at higher altitudes due to a lack of breeding sites, cooler temperatures and the presence of breezes. Black flies are attracted to mammals by the carbon dioxide and moisture in exhaled breath, perspiration and perfumes. They are also strongly influenced by color — they find dark hues more attractive than pale ones, and blue, purple, brown, and black more attractive than white or yellow. A light-colored shirt, therefore, is a much better choice of clothing than a dark blue one.

(wake up)

Proper clothing offers good protection against black fly bites. Keep shirt sleeves and front closely fastened and tuck trousers inside socks or high boots. Zippered front shirts will keep flies out better than button shirts. Light colors such as orange, yellow and light blue are less attractive to black flies than dark ones. Shoulder-length head nets are sometimes useful. These can also be impregnated with repellents.

There you go... next will be ... hmmmm, maybe the fishing stuff that Bruce was going to send me (waving at Bruce)... heh heh.

On a side note, if you catch a fish and want to put it back into the lake.  Put it in the water and move it back and forth so the water goes through its gills.  Don't fling it into the lake so that it hits the water, suffers a concussion, drowns and we have to fish out a floating dead fish days later.  That is just cruel... and if I see you doing that, I'll probably yell at you :-) 

How to kill deer flies.  Deer flies are attracted to the color blue. Here is one way.  Blue solo cup on your head, smeared with Tanglefoot:

Another way:

1) Baseball style hat
2) Blue plastic picnic plates (Ace Hardware - $1.00/dozen)
3) Tree Tanglefoot (local garden center - $11.00)
4) Velcro (hook and loop mating pieces - about $3.00)

a) Sew some Velcro loop pieces to the hat
b) Trim the blue plates to desired size
c) Stick Velcro hook pieces to back of trimmed blue plate
d) When ready to use, paint Tanglefoot on front of plate, stick plate to hat using Velcro
e) When done running, peel off fly covered plate and discard.

Now where do you find Tanglefoot?  I know some people in the park are extremely allergic to deer flies so... this sort of thing would be really cool to use.

Speaking of allergies... there was an EpiPen workshop last Saturday.  I missed it, it was not announced.

There are coyotes and foxes in the park, I've seen them so ... watch your pets. 

Well that's enough for now...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday !!

What a crappy day!!  It is 55F at the moment, it was 38F last night.  The night before we had FROST!! 

JL had to clean his car window in the early morning... tell winter to go away!!

Trailer for sale... Reduced price.

(I was asked to put this in the blog. If anyone wants me to put anything in the blog, just send me the information)



COME SEE US AT SITE 104 OR CALL US AT 705-434-0179


I highlighted the beer fridge ;-)  It's a very private location.

Here are some beeee U tiful Oriole photos.  Thanks Judy!

Drinking upside down.  If you want to feed the Orioles, take the yellow middle part out of the hummingbird feeder station.  Then the orioles can drink as they have large beaks. You can see below, the one on the right has the yellow part in it and the one on the left... doesn't.

Pretty guy Oriole.  They are loud too.

In flight.

The long weekend has started!!

Ladder Golf Tournament & Potluck
Saturday, May 16, 1pm – 8pm
Come join us for a Ladder Golf Tournament starting at 1pm on the front lawn, followed by a Potluck Dinner at 6pm at the Outback. 
Cost to enter the tournament is $5.00 per person. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place winners. The potluck follows at 6pm. There is no cost for the Potluck other than bringing a dish to share.


Bring a zapper and sweater/coat.  This is rain or shine.

Park roads update

There is now a poured concrete pad on the entrance road, before the quonset hut. The road has been widened. 

There are big piles of dirt on several roads, just drive around them.  Please don't park beside the big pile of dirt near the volleyball court.  If you do, no one will be able to get around you.  You would think that would be common sense but two people have parked there ... so far (grin).

The road in front of Glen Echo fields has been gravelled.


A lot of the gardens have been covered in red mulch and look fantastic. The park bought the mulch this year!  The flowers are not all up yet so some of the gardens look bare but... it is only mid-May.

Judy and I have been working on the park gardens for weeks so... we thank you for the applause ;-)

THE POOL AND HOT TUB ARE OPEN.  The pool is warmish. 

Lots of leaves on the trees.  SUMMER IS HERE!

Did I mention there are a LOT of mosquitoes and black flies?   Someone said the mosquitoes this year are bigger than usual... and I agree.

The lawn was cut a few days ago... then the rains came.  I think the lawns need to be cut again ha ha ha.

The speed bumps are in so drive slowly... or you will be very sorry... and will launch yourself.

Hump day potlucks start on June 17th. If you wish to host one, see Rainy...

I think that's it... I'm sure I've forgotten something ... oh... well...

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hola everyone!

Here are some wildlife photos of the park ... thanks Judy!

Chippie!  is out and about gathering seeds and nuts.

The robins... and the yellow finches are back.

The Baltimore Orioles and Hummingbirds are back too!!  I started feeding them a few days ago.

Get out your hummingbird food...  4 cups water, 1 cup sugar.  Boil water and then take it off the stove and add the sugar, stir to mix.  Do NOT add red food coloring.  They will come to your feeder because your feeder is red.

If you only want to feed Orioles with an Oriole feeder, it is 3 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar.

Bunny... he is so cute.

The bulbs are coming out.

The Outback is ready... the chairs are out... the beach is ready.

The 'new' driveway at the entrance has been leveled... almost. This is a photo from a few days ago.  Dirt is being put on some of the roads ... probably to fill the potholes and ruts.

People have been swimming in the lake... brrrr. 

No dogs are allowed on the beach from 9am to 7pm, as stated in the meeting last week. 

Also, there is now quiet hour in the hot tub from 6pm to 8pm EVERY DAY.  That means if you want to chat in the tub, do it before 6pm or after 8pm.  NO talking during those two hours. This gives people a few hours to relax.

No many people are up yet. 

The black flies and mosquitos are out in full force so... bring spray or those OFF lanterns which really work.

I don't think the pool is open yet. This was the pool last week.

Nothing on the Bare Oaks calendar for this weekend.

The Hot tub was closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to a broken drain cover.

If you want up to the minute information about the park go here:  You do not have to have a twitter account to read the tweets... or whatever they are called.

The speed bumps are in but... the nails keep popping out.  I'm sure they will be fixed soon.

This is the coyote on the beach.  It is very tiny (in the middle)  but we haven't had many geese so it may or may not be working.

A ramp was built at the Outback on volunteer day.  It is not finished.

On volunteer day, 8 people worked on the path around the lake.  Then a bunch of people worked on the path the next day.  Then the next day.  It is coming together but still needs a lot more work and a lot more screening.  Judy has done a LOT of the work on the path, teaching people how to do it, supervising and doing it day... after day...

And a lovely sunset to end the day.

That's enough for today!!  Go for a walk.