Friday, October 23, 2015


Phew, it's been a while...

Pretty photos... thanks Judy!

Clematis by the Outback.

These photos taken October 10... sunrise through the trees.


It has gone below freezing a few times this month.  The water in the seasonal area is STILL ON.  Not sure for how long, ask at the office.

Most people have shut down their trailers for the winter.

It is 49F at the moment but sunny so it feels warmer.

The aerator in the lake is still on... personally, *I* would not go in a boat now to take it out.  :-)

Halloween Dinner and Dance.

October 31, 6:30pm – 11:00pm
The New Forest Room
Come out and have a fun evening this Halloween. Join us at 6:30 for Dinner and then stick around for an evening of dancing and fun. Prizes for various categories of costumes. All are welcome.
I'm not sure what the dinner is but I think it is pasta something. There is nothing on the social committee calendar or the Bare Bistro website but I know there are flyers around the park.  I suggest putting something on a website as people will be coming in for the party... just sayin...
I will be on a beach getting a tan.  Hah.
I have my snowblower out, my snow shovels out and my snow tires on.
The Bare Bistro is only open Saturday and Sunday now.
That's pretty much it...  nothing much to talk about these days which is why I haven't been doing the blog. 
Catch me in November...  

Saturday, October 3, 2015


It's COLD.  Two nights ago it went down to 36F ... for those of you who no longer remember Fahrenheit... 32F is freezing :-D

Last night... 44F.  It is currently 47F.  What. Is. Going. On.

Lots of the seasonal people were here today, packing up and leaving for the season. 

Haven't seen anyone in the lake for a few days... heh heh.  Cowards.

Not much is going on here... so... I'll be writing the blog about once a month from now on... unless stuff starts to happen... :-)

Photos from Judy... thanks!

Autumn... the leaves are changing.

The flotilla at the beach.  I just checked the two big rafts have been put away.

It's raining... phew, got a lot of gardening done today... just in time.

I think I'll get my snow tires on.

Rainy posted this:

The Think Pink Committee will be providing Two Turkeys and a Ham.
Please bring a dish to share. If you bring your own table service , your name will go in for an eco friendly draw!

Hope to see you there!


There is a new couch in the basement of the clubhouse in front of the TV, I hear.

Well.. don't know what else to say so...

Ta ta for now...