Friday, March 27, 2015


Well... it is still cold here, hovering on freezing most nights with a cold wind and around 40F most days.

The geese are flying around and some have landed.  Time to get the fake coyotes out... heh heh.

The lake is melting, no more skating.  Seriously, please stay off the ice and make sure your dog doesn't wander onto the ice... it is very thin in parts.  

It has rained a few times in the past few days.

The road around the seasonal area is still closed.  You have to park at the pump house/cistern and walk to your trailer. Please leave some space for an emergency vehicle to get through... just in case they have to get through.

There are really big mud ruts in the road due to big trucks driving around.  That will be fun when the road opens.

The snow is mostly gone .... YEAH!!  The roads still have ice on them... so walk carefully.

I've been gardening today ... ha ha.  I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow...

I haven't seen anyone tanning at the Outback yet but I have seen someone on the front deck at the Clubhouse.

Your site fees are due in 5 days by March 31 ... just a reminder.



Fri, March 27, 7pm – 10pm

Where: THE MUSEUM, 10 King Street West, Kitchener, ON N2G 1A3, Canada

Description: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park has worked with THE MUSEUM to organize a clothes-free evening in the Getting Naked exhibit of nude art on Friday, March 27, 2015 from 7pm to 10pm. $8.85 +HST = $10 By being nude themselves, the viewers will experience an atypical relationship with the art. No longer in a position of being a mere voyeurs, the exhibit guests will become part of the works themselves as they explore their own feelings in relation to the artists’ intent.  


Candlelight Game Night
When: Sat, March 28, 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Where: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, 20237 Kennedy Road, East Gwillimbury,
Description: We're paying our respects to Earth Hour by Hosting a Candlelight Game Night in the New Forest room. Feel free to bring snacks and games!

Free Market and Food Drive

When: Sat, April 25, 10:30am – 2:30pm
Where: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, 20237 Kennedy Road, East Gwillimbury,
Description: 'Tis the season to Spring Clean! If you've found some items you no longer want, bring them in to our Free Market! It's like a Yard sale where everything is free! Set up will either be on the front lawn if weather is nice, or inside the clubhouse if it's poor. We're also collecting food donations for our local Food Pantry. Any day visitor who brings in three or more items to donate to the food drive will receive half off their entry fee!
That's it for events in March and April.
We are all tired of this winter... make it go away.
Well... summer is coming... time to do some shopping!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day.... !!

Drink some green beer but do not order the green milkshakes at McDonalds... I hear they are awful!!

Some photos of the melt.  The lake is turning to water.

You can see the raft now... and the rink in front of the Outback.

That's it for pictures.
The robins, cardinals, redwing blackbirds and blue jays... are back!!  They are eating like pigs. I know how pigs eat as I visited a pig farm once.  I will never be able to un-see that.
Volunteer Day & Member Meeting 
Sat May 2, 2015
We're hosting our annual Volunteer day from 10-3. Day visitors come in half price! Jobs vary from laying screening on pathways, to deconstruction of cabana, to building a ramp on the deck, to weeding the mini putt. A little something for every skill level. Lunch is provided by the Bare Bistro for free!
Annual Members meeting runs downstairs from 4-5:30. Come along and hear what's new this year and have your voice heard.
Screening on pathways... first the extra grass should be removed or the screening will last about a week.
I didn't know we have a cabana. Where is it?
The river is flowing well.  The bridge over Queensville Sideroad (the road north of here) is not underwater but the river is flooded in that area.
The hot tub is not open yet.  I don't know when it will be open.  Phone the office and ask. 905 473 6060.
The roads are pretty muddy but they are still open.  Some people are parking at the Clubhouse and walking back to the seasonal area, some people are parking in the overflow and walking.  If you drive, you might destroy your parking space so... do whatever you want :-)  Don't park (or drive) on someone else's site as you will destroy their site.
It was warm this week... around 55F. However today is hovering on freezing with a nasty wind.
It snowed last night but the snow didn't stay.  
I CAN SEE GREEN LAWN in some spots.  Yeah !!  Spring is almost here.
The small road to the Outback is still closed due to mud. 
It's March, I'm tired of this winter.  Tell it to go away.
We need this sign in the parking lot... without the 'share' blurb. TWO people left their dogs in their cars last year.  One said... 'oh I was just going for a short swim'... then he started to talk to people.  I guess I'm ranting but... what is WRONG with people.  Okay I'm done (grin).
Where is the sun?  Anyone seen it recently?  Here's one !!!  Click to see a BIG sun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Well... looks like we won one. :-)

Just got this note from (aka Google).

An update on the Blogger porn content policy

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy stating that blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private.
We’ve received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs, and about the negative impact this could have on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities.
We appreciate the feedback. Instead of making this change, we will be maintaining our existing policies. 

What this means for blog owners

  • Commercial porn will continue to be prohibited.
  • If you have pornographic or sexually explicit content on your blog, you must turn on the adult content setting so a warning will show. If a blog with adult content is brought to Google’s attention and the content warning is not active, we will turn on the warning interstitial for you. If this happens repeatedly, the blog may be removed.
  • If you don't have sexually explicit content on your blog and you're following the rest of the Blogger Content Policy, you don't need to make any changes to your blog.


I don't have any porn or sexually explicit content on this blog but I DO have nudity.  I have been putting smiley faces over the nude bits which has kept me above the law.  I am going to email them (again) and see what they say about plain nudity.  I do NOT want to turn on the adult content setting for this blog. 


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Remember back in blog entry February 18 where Allan threw water into minus 32F air?  (I'll wait while you look - it is on the right).

This is from him again:

"This is what 75F water thrown into 75F Maui air looks like!  The Haliburton picture was prettier, but this one makes me happier!"
Well... blah blah blah... it doesn't make ME happier (grin).

Hawaii looks nice... however it is 50F here at the moment so I'm okay with that.

Here are a few more photos of Maui from Allan.

Nice beach!  I've been to Maui a few times and the beaches there are fantastic.

Nice butt ;-) (Can I say that?)

Yeah, I know, nothing to do with the park but... it is nice to see a beach or two.

Moving on... did I mention that it was warmish here?  51F or TEN Celsius.  Ho ho.  Almost tanning time.

Some news from the Bare Oaks Players. I'm going to shorten their newsletter/email but if you want to subscribe to it... go here:

We have recently returned from the Bare Necessities cruise and are pleased to advise that we delivered (3) three successful and fruitful benefit performances of TVM 2015. A financial recap is provided below:

In 2014, we raised $4,580 CAN with tickets sold at $10 US and smaller capacity (onboard venue was 450 total).

In 2015, we raised $8,740 CAN with tickets sold at $15 US and bigger capacity (onboard venue was 600 total).
An enormous thank you from SBITS Productions (Suzy and Marc) to the cast and crew of Bare Oaks Players for the class acts that we delivered to Bare Oaks and the passengers/crew of the Bare Necessities cruise this year.
(Here is the group - I stole this photo from their newsletter)

Bare Oaks Players is calling for a reading of plays on Saturday March 21st, starting at 2pm at the Clubhouse, upstairs conference room.
We hope to see you at Bare Oaks for this event.
If you want to direct and/or submit a play for consideration, please send to as soon as possible.

We already have 8 plays submitted for consideration
So... there is an upstairs conference room?  Is it the little room across the hall from the kitchen?
Two more trailers had frozen pipes this week but they have a temporary measure for water until their pipes unfreeze.  Actually it may be the pipe under the road that froze. 
The snow is MELTING!!  Yeah!!
Lots of slush on the roads so wear your rubber boots if you go walking.
The road to the Outback is closed due to mud and ... mud.  Just the small road that branches off the main road.
No frogs have been spotted yet... or turtles.
Not much going on here... the darters were here on Sunday, the FCN meeting was here Sunday too.
The hot tub was supposed to open yesterday but, I hear, it should be opening on Monday March 16.
That... is the end of the news.
Now... for a happy photo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Hola everyone!

It's still cold here .... brrrr.  That said... at the moment it is 28F. :-)  So that is warmish.

The nights are cold.

No more freezing pipes here... I didn't have any but three other people did.

It rained yesterday... and the rain on top of snow makes it very heavy to shovel.

The hot tub is still not running... but I hear rumors that it might be ready by March 9.  If you want to know when it is up... call the office at 905-473-6060.

The shed has been built for the heater.

No events here except for Wii bowling on Tuesday night and Yoga... you have to pay for Yoga, I think Wii bowling is free.

Here are two photos of the lake. Rather dreary. No, REALLY dreary.

No sun today. 

There was a rink on the lake, then it snowed, then it rained, then it snowed.  Ah well, it is difficult to maintain a rink in this weather.

Kim was out snowshoeing today, making trails.  Talked to a few people at the office, people I haven't seen since summer!!  So people are starting to arrive.

Well, it IS spring now, March 1, SPRING.   The robin I saw yesterday is probably a tad annoyed as it is still really cold at night.  I have birds spending the nights under my ramp.  I'm sure they really like it when the dryer runs as the hot air goes beside, and probably under, the ramp.

The birds are costing a fortune to feed this winter.  I counted 23 mourning doves this morning and 18 chickadees... plus juncos, cardinal (4 of them... pretty, pretty), woodpeckers... and more. I feed them twice a day and Wendy and Kim feed them three times a day ... I talked to Wendy about it yesterday.  Feeding them around midnight works as the bunnies have food and the birds have food at 5am when they get up... I don't get up that early :-D

Haven't been to the seasonal area in a while but I do plan on going back tomorrow and plugging in golf carts :-)

I'm bored with this winter.  Ho hum.

To end...


True ... very true...