Friday, February 20, 2015


Well... someone guessed the timeframe of the aerial view of the park... photo.  August 2008.

As I don't have any winter photos ....

Remember summer?  heh heh

It's sunny out... perfect weather to lay outside and get a tan...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It's been fun this week.  Cold very cold, minus 30, minus 40.

The water pipes have frozen in three trailers.  Not all the pipes in the trailers... as the problem was caught early.  I tell ya, this is not fun.

Everyone is back up and running... so far.

Plus the propane!  The propane people have been called in early the last two times because at least one person was down to 10 percent, one person was completely OUT of propane.  We were filled today.  The last time was January 31, 18 days ago.  My fillup cost me around $200.  this time (and last time). I have two tanks... and a much bigger trailer so if your fillup costs more than $100., you might want to think about turning your heat down and putting on a sweater or two. :-)  Just sayin'.

The birds are very hungry and I've been feeding them twice a day.  Brrrr.  I can't put out water for them as it would freeze in about a minute. 

I haven't seen a mouse in weeks... they must be either hibernating or freezing.

The hot tub is still down.  After the part arrives... whenever that is... it will still have to be installed which may take weeks.  From the twitter feed ( ) "Hot Tub heater is still in transit from US. At this point, we can't see the hot tub being back up and running until the end of the month."

Check the feed for updates.  You don't have to have a twitter account to read the feed.  Just click the 'X' on the top right? of the box that pops up.

The saunas are still up and running... I think.

We haven't had any snow for a while...

I just got this in email... from Allan.

"Nude sunbathing not an option!"

"This is what a cup of hot water tossed up into -32 C (very cold in Fahrenheit) air in Haliburton looks like!"

 Ha ha.  Where are his boots!  Now THAT is cold!! Nice view.

(Send me photos, I like photos.  I can't post nude people due to the blog ownership (Google) but I can fuzzy out or smiley face the naughty bits :-)

All you Floridians and Texans...  stop laughing. I hear it is cold down there too... HA HA HA.

It's been  so cold that ... I loaned my car to a very strong person, he tried to open the passenger door at minus 30... and snapped the handle right off ... are we having fun yet? :-D  It's fixed.

There is no rink on the lake.  This is not a surprise.  It is very cold and who would want to shovel it?  Plus if you skate, the wind chill would cause frostbite in minutes.  Stay home, wrap yourself in a blankie and sit in front of the fireplace. 

I'm not sure what happened to the rink that was supposed to be on the front lawn this year... but it is not there either.

I've seen a few (crazy) people skiing and snowshoeing.  I'd need a lot more wine or tequila to do that.

We've walked the back a few times and there is no damage to any trailer that we can spot.

There is a used trailer for sale... I think it is in the middle lane.

2011 Cikira travel trailer on site 263 

2011 Cikira Slip Stream travel trailer
Site 263
Price: $15,000
  • Queen size bed
  • Dinette that converts to a bed
  • Fridge and a counter top range, microwave,
  • AM FM radio and CD player
  • furnace
  • bathroom with shower
  • outside shower
Contact the Bare Oaks office for details.  905 473 6060.

Not much going on which is why there has been no blog. 

Step... away... from... the .... cookie....

Remember summer? 

I will give a free Nudie Toons book to the first person who can come up with the month and year of this photo.  heh heh. (click to enlarge).  I just checked the published version and it does not display in the big format so... there you go.  Hey, I thought it would be fun!  Okay just checked again and if you right click the photo, save it and then open it... it is much larger.  Phew, this is a lot of work ;-)

This is the book ------

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Snow, snow and more snow... I've shovelled three times today.

Click to enlarge... this is the lake...

If anyone wants a rink on the lake... feel free to shovel the snow off the rink... which is currently under the snow.  You can put the rink anywhere you want :-)

This is the snowshoe path around the lake created by Wendy and Kim.  They were out flattening it down today.

This is Wendy and Kim in snowshoes... wayyyyy across the lake working on the path.  Now this is the FIRST EVER long distance shot I've taken that is not blurry.  Hah.  It can be done.   Hmm, it looks like they are dancing...

This is a bunny hole under a deck.  Actually there are 4 holes under this deck and two holes under my deck.  They like seeds... as I don't think there is a lot of other things for them to eat in the winter.

There are two male and two female cardinals hanging around... plus a zillion mourning doves, yellow finches, juncos, sparrows... blue jays... squirrels...

Not much to talk about.  The plow went by today... so the roads are done.  Good thing as it was very slippery at the entrance to the park... with the deepish snow.

I don't know if the hot tub is running, I keep forgetting to ask. 

As I was headed out of the park today, I noticed there weren't a lot of cars in the parking lot.  No events on the schedule for tonight.

Next Saturday the 14th there is a Pot luck dinner & Nascar shoot out from 4pm to 10pm in the New Forest room... or the basement of the clubhouse.  

The office and store are closed on Monday the 16th for family day. 

That's it... not much going on...

Someone sent me this joke. Funny.  I have NO idea who created it or I would give them credit...