Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Hiatus

Well...  as you can tell by my numerous posts that there is a lot going on here...  okay, maybe not. :-D

As there is not much to blog about, I'm going to be taking a break from blogging.

Sorry to all those people in Florida and Texas and Jamaica and ... wherever y'all are at this moment.

I know you liked to keep in touch with the park activities... but... read line one.

So on that note... see ya in the spring!!

In the meantime... read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt ... it's an excellent book...

And... do something fun...

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Ice on lake yesterday!  Ahhhhh.   Soon we will be skating... or ... not...

Event !!

Christmas dinner and dance.
Saturday December 12th in the New Forest Room
6:30 dinner with dance to follow.
Dinner will be a buffet of Christmas favorites, there will be a selection of goodies for dessert.
Music by D.J. Dean
This event brought to you by Dot and Dean

$20.00 for adult /$10 for children.
This is NOT a potluck so you do not bring food.

Tickets available in the office.


No snow here yet.  At the moment it is 53F.  That is positively HOT for November 26.

Another event which is on the calendar:

Poetry in the Park Potluck
Sunday November 29, 12pm – 3pm
New Forest Room 
Wii Bowling every Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Clubhouse.
Reminder that the office will be closed on December 24, 25 and 26... and January 1.
Piles of gravel have been distributed around the park... for the potholes, I think.  I'm only guessing.
The pile of brush behind the garbage bin has been levelled.  The wood chipper was here and chips are now around all the trees behind the garbage bin. 
That's it....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Traps in the park and Pink Bin Funds

A quick blog...

There are now snap traps in the lake and/or the river.  Watch your pets and don't let them wander into the water areas.  We have a lot of nice doggies in the park and I don't want to see any of them injured or killed. Don't let your cats run free near the lake/river. They may get curious.

The beaver has taken out a few willows which is good as the willows are sucking the lake dry.  The lake has dropped over 2 feet in the last month.

Got a note from Royce... regarding the Pink Bin money.  Yay!!!

Thank you all for your contributions again this year!!  A HUGE THANK YOU is extended to Larry K and Dave H for their continued efforts in collection and sorting.  They are amazing.  Over this past season, 70 trips were made to The Beer Store to cash in the empties. 

A total of $1,705.70 was collected.  Here's how the funds were dispersed this season:

Flowers, plants, and herb garden for Becket Circle  $ 146
Music stand and light for Outback entertainment    $   95
Epipens and gift for Epipen presenter                         $  197
Mirror for outdoor shower                                            $     6
Traffic calmers (green men)                                           $   68
Fireworks                                                                           $  150
Solar lights for various areas of park                            $   79
Family Weekend                                                               $   50
Ron Pine's entertainment                                               $ 150
Aquafit noodles                                                                 $   41
Bare Oaks Players                                                              $ 176
Thanksgiving tablecloths, turkeys, and ham                 $ 158

Total                                                                                   $ 1,316

Between our Bank Balance and cash on hand, Pink Bin Funds total just over $2,000.  If you have suggestions as to how these funds can be used within the park, please let, Nancy, Rainy, or Royce know.  Thanks to all!!


Wow, 70 trips to the beer store... that is a LOT.  They should take out gas money ;-)


Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16

Well, not much has happened here so... this is my monthly blog.

It snowed on November 14... but today it is 56F.  Warm!!  Tanning weather!!  or ... not...

The Bunny Trail has been relocated... thanks to Wendy and Kim for the photos.

(Click for larger photos).

The south entrance to Bush Bunny Trail has now been relocated which will work out very well and now provide hikers with an even longer walk/snowshoe beginning in a wonderful wooded grove of Cedars... entrance behind cabins 9 & 11 including the directional arrow on the roadway.


The sign is in the middle of the photo on the trees.

The start of the trail.

Below is a map of the Park... rather cool map.  You can get these maps at the office.

The North and South trail start entrances are clearly shown on the map of the trail system. The trails are colour coded, red, green, yellow to guide hikers along  the pathways.

I hear the Halloween Party was a success, with a bonfire afterwards.

I was in Cuba so I didn't go... we had our own party there. Here is a photo of one of the beaches.

Neener neener.  34 of us went to Cuba.  It was lovely.  Perfect weather, except for the second last day... but who cared by then. 

A few trailers moved to other locations in the seasonal area this November.  Most people have closed their trailers for the winter.  The water is going off this week... I THINK it is Wednesday.

Lots of mice this year (I've caught a few already)... so make sure you have NO food in your seasonal trailer over the winter.

The aerator is out of the lake.  Very quiet here except for the leaf blowers and chainsaws and electric saws and hammer drills lol.   Okay it isn't quiet.

The Florida and Texas people are now in Florida and Texas for the winter.  Ho hum. 

That's it...  I think...

Friday, October 23, 2015


Phew, it's been a while...

Pretty photos... thanks Judy!

Clematis by the Outback.

These photos taken October 10... sunrise through the trees.


It has gone below freezing a few times this month.  The water in the seasonal area is STILL ON.  Not sure for how long, ask at the office.

Most people have shut down their trailers for the winter.

It is 49F at the moment but sunny so it feels warmer.

The aerator in the lake is still on... personally, *I* would not go in a boat now to take it out.  :-)

Halloween Dinner and Dance.

October 31, 6:30pm – 11:00pm
The New Forest Room
Come out and have a fun evening this Halloween. Join us at 6:30 for Dinner and then stick around for an evening of dancing and fun. Prizes for various categories of costumes. All are welcome.
I'm not sure what the dinner is but I think it is pasta something. There is nothing on the social committee calendar or the Bare Bistro website but I know there are flyers around the park.  I suggest putting something on a website as people will be coming in for the party... just sayin...
I will be on a beach getting a tan.  Hah.
I have my snowblower out, my snow shovels out and my snow tires on.
The Bare Bistro is only open Saturday and Sunday now.
That's pretty much it...  nothing much to talk about these days which is why I haven't been doing the blog. 
Catch me in November...  

Saturday, October 3, 2015


It's COLD.  Two nights ago it went down to 36F ... for those of you who no longer remember Fahrenheit... 32F is freezing :-D

Last night... 44F.  It is currently 47F.  What. Is. Going. On.

Lots of the seasonal people were here today, packing up and leaving for the season. 

Haven't seen anyone in the lake for a few days... heh heh.  Cowards.

Not much is going on here... so... I'll be writing the blog about once a month from now on... unless stuff starts to happen... :-)

Photos from Judy... thanks!

Autumn... the leaves are changing.

The flotilla at the beach.  I just checked the two big rafts have been put away.

It's raining... phew, got a lot of gardening done today... just in time.

I think I'll get my snow tires on.

Rainy posted this:

The Think Pink Committee will be providing Two Turkeys and a Ham.
Please bring a dish to share. If you bring your own table service , your name will go in for an eco friendly draw!

Hope to see you there!


There is a new couch in the basement of the clubhouse in front of the TV, I hear.

Well.. don't know what else to say so...

Ta ta for now...

Sunday, September 27, 2015


The park is winding down for the season... but... there were a lot of people here today.

I hear the pizza potluck at 2pm was very busy today.

Lots of kids in the park today ... boy can they yell and scream :-)  I tell ya, if someone gets in trouble at the lake it might be a problem as a lot of us are getting used to the screaming and are ignoring it.

Pretty pictures... thanks Judy!  I have seen these in other places around the park. They are so weird looking. Walking sticks.

Judy: "Found this under a deck chair this afternoon. Found out they eat leaves, females can reproduce without males but can only produce females, they range in size from a cm. to over 40 cm (Borneo) and they only live one season."

What??!!  Only one season?  That is sad. 

Time to wash the side of your trailer, especially the north side.  Mine was green and I just checked it about a week ago.  Not sure why as it hasn't rained much but... it is cool at night.  Maybe green slime grows in the cold ... heh heh.

It is in the 50's * at night and the 60's * and 70's * during the day.

Chris, the tree dude, was here on Friday... cutting down around 10 dead trees.  Wow is he good.  He cut the one down beside my seasonal trailer and dropped it without hitting my garden or my fence or my trailer.  We followed him around and watched him take out a tree in the MIDDLE of a deck with trailers all around it. 

It is going to be a very very COLD winter... I hear from pretty much EVERYONE, news, weather, people who think they know everything, people I talk to in lines at stores ... :-)

I will be slowing down the blog... actually I've already done that in case you haven't noticed which I'm sure you have. Hah.

The hot tub has been down a LOT this summer and by a lot I mean... at least once a week.  Annoys people who come here just for a hot tub but... phone ahead. 905 473 6060.  (put that in your phone).

The square foot gardens are nearly done.  I have carrots that grew down 3 inches, hit the landscape fabric and then grew up.  Very interesting but still delicious.  I'm adding more dirt to my gardens this fall as it is too buggy in the spring.

A bunch of bonfires last night but some of them were short-lived due to the cold.  Where is my ski jacket... ?

Kids vs dogs.  There are twice as many dogs in the park.

Thanks to Peter and Tony for cleaning up the dead trees that Chris took down.  :-)

Lots of bikes on the roads these days... do they have to adhere to the 11 km per hour rule?  I don't think so as they don't. That said... I don't think they know about that one.  One kid rode by me yelling ... I'M GOING FASTER THAN YOU (I was on my golf cart) ... while looking at me and not the oncoming speed bump (snickering).  Oh stop it, kids bounce, I would have picked her up.

The potholes are almost gone due to the large amount of gravel that has been dumped on the roads.

People... are... wearing... clothes...

I'll end on a joke...

Here's a place that is going to be important soon.

* - convert it yourself (ha ha)

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Chilly this weekend... around 60F or 16 or 18C or less or more...

Rain on Saturday for about an hour and Friday night for most of the night.  Actually it started to rain on Friday during the day.

Windy today... it was nice.  I like wind... it was warmish wind. I like playing with adjectives too.

The Friday people were all in the lake... they say for the last time.  Hey, I don't think we will get snow in September... or... I hope we don't.  'They' predict a very VERY cold winter.  I'm getting my snow tires on ... mid October heh heh.

The propane dudes were here this week but they didn't fill everyone's tank... just the low ones. 

The potholes were fixed this week with the Kubota ... and then it rained...

The yellow jackets have been a problem in the past few weeks.  They have been stinging people.  I've had 4 stings, Judy has had 2... and I'm sure there have been others.  If anyone is stung, there are epipens at the office and in the seasonal washroom.  Remember blue to the sky, orange to the thigh. 

Wasps on one feeder.  They sting the birds and scare the hummingbirds away.

An X-nest... :-)   It has been sprayed.  Check out how big the hole is... about 2 inches across, top middle. Wasps were going in there at a rate of 1 every few seconds. 

Two of my wasp catchers. The left one has about an inch of wasps floating on the top of the beer. Beer is good but it annoys the beer drinkers when you use it. (rolling eyes)

The right one I made myself.  Put two holes through the area right below the lid and string some  twist tie cord through. 

Then punch 3 holes a few inches up in the bottle. Put some hummingbird solution in the bottom with a bit of dish detergent and yellow food coloring. Presto!  A cheap wasp catcher.

This is my third one. Note the layer of wasps on the top of the solution. That is after one day.  You can just throw out the bottles when the liquid is full of wasps.

No it is not cruel... there were THOUSANDS of wasps/yellowjackets everywhere for about a week and they were going after people.

No events scheduled except for Volleyball on the weekends.

Wii Bowling on Tuesday nights.

7:30 to 9:30 in the dining room at the clubhouse.



Hump day happy hour on Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.

This week: the Petanque court hosted by Stony . (I think, check the office/flyers) 

The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice.

Tell the day visitors... as everyone is welcome. 

Bring a ski jacket... ha ha ha.


Did y'all know there is a Halloween Dinner and Dance this year?  It is on the Bare Oaks schedule.

Halloween Dinner & Dance

Sat, October 31, 6:30pm – 11:00pm
The New Forest Room
Come out and have a fun evening this Halloween. Join us at 6:30 for Dinner and then stick around for a even of dancing and fun. Prizes for various categories of costumes. All are welcome

I'll be OOTC... out of the country :-D

The leaves are changing... ho ... hum... :-( 

Check out this yellow sky... at dusk.

This is the same time, looking towards the lake... orange trees. Very bright.  "I wear my sunglasses at night..."  (humming tune).

Now some words of wisdom...

EAT BACON to stay mentally healthy. 

Do you know I've been doing this blog since 2009?  This is my first blog.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3 - 11:30pm

Temperature is 35.2F (convert it to Centigrade yourself). :-)
No snow yet.


Almost SIX YEARS.  Phew. 

Go for a walk...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Wow what a weekend.  Busy busy busy.

It was in the 90's F... HOT AND HUMID.  It is now 69F and coolish... but... who cares!  The weekend was great!

Tons of people in the lake.

The last production of the theatre group.

Chili cookoff that had over 80 people attending.  Peter won for People's Choice and Kimmy won for best chili by the judges.  6 chilis were submitted.

Great food.

Lots of volleyball was played all weekend.

The park golf cart 'bus' wandered around the park constantly picking people up and depositing them in other locations.  Thanks Stony!!  He drove the bus most of the time.

Lots of weeds were removed from the lake this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. 

Thanks to Judy and JL and (German) Peter for getting rid of them.  Thanks Sandy for the photos and Judy for passing them on.

This is a before photo.

One basket...

More...  6 heaping wheelbarrows full.

Clean lake.  Now the swimmers can swim without freaking out about the monsters from the deep :-D

More were removed on Monday.

On Saturday at 4pm was a farewell party for Nikki given by Dean and Dorothy.  Lots of people attended... then on to Illumination at 8:30 / 9:00PM.

The park was lit up with decorated trailers, the Bare Bistro was decorated, bags with tea lights were all around the park, people were decorated... it was great!!

There had to be a couple of hundred people walking around the park checking out all the sites.

I know who won but I can't post it here as I don't have permission to use their names.


So this statement was made by a member here: "I know we don't have physical boundaries on all the sites but please show your neighbours and others a little courtesy and WALK AROUND...not THROUGH other peoples sites. Especially when they are trying to enjoy their dinner."

I've seen it happen quite a few times.  So... please think of it as their 'space' and walk around, stay on the paths or the roads.

And another thing... lots of people don't wear shoes while walking around the park... and step on sharp pointy things... well... duhhhhh.  Put on shoes!  There are bees in the clover in the grass.  There are sharp stones.  Don't cut across people's places because you don't want to walk on the paths and roads but prefer walking on the lawns.  PUT ON SHOES.  Of course, that is only a suggestion, I can't tell anyone what to do... :-D

This place was FULL this weekend.  Nice to see.

The water was off twice but didn't stay off long.

I think most of the summer staff are gone.

The dumpsters were sooooo full on Monday but are now empty.

The square foot gardens are nearly done, the vegetables picked.  I put up with a LOT of flak from other people in the spring about using 2 gardens... when NO ONE else was using them ... this was in June. Phil and I filled the huge white barrel in the gardens around 6 times this summer and whippersnipped around the gardens. 

I had a HUGE harvest this summer as did Phil who had 2 gardens also.  I gave away a lot of veggies, one person said they were the best carrots she had ever eaten.

There are 16 gardens.  Two other people used 2 gardens with great success also.  A staff member (M) used a garden. Kim and Wendy had  3 gardens and were growing oak trees (for the park?) and some other tree that I have NO clue what it is.. but it is a fuzzy tree :-)  Total - 10 used.  That leaves 6 gardens.  Two other couples started 3 gardens but they were not maintained and grew all sorts of blight and mold with mostly dead veggies.  3 were not used.

I'm using the same gardens next year.  Next year, IN MY OPINION, if people reserve a garden they should maintain it.

That is my rant for today... thanks for reading it ha ha.

I gotta tell ya that the potholes have been really GOOD this past month... because a ton (or 10) of gravel was dumped in a lot of the holes.   Most of the roads are fine now except for the road to the seasonal area which you really can't fix due to the high volume of high speed traffic.  I say put one of those signs on the road like the one they have in Mt. Albert that tells you the speed you are going. I think it is on Center street... the street with Chens and Bens on it. It only needs to be in place for a few weeks. 

Thanks to all the people who have stopped me when I am walking or riding around the park and thanked me for the blog. 

That's it for today... September is here... boo hoo.

Monday, August 31, 2015


It is 96F at the moment which is very hot... and humid!!

A lot of people were in the lake yesterday afternoon... not much today though.

Just a reminder...

Wii Bowling on Tuesday nights.

7:30 to 9:30 in the dining room at the clubhouse.



Hump day happy hour on Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.

The Outback hosted by Kevin. 

The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice.

Tell the day visitors... as everyone is welcome. 
This coming weekend events.

Everyone is encouraged to decorate their site to celebrate Illumination Night. There will be prizes awarded for overall best illumination based on the decisions of our secret judges. There will also be a people's choice award. For more information on the Illumination Night activities and the history behind the event, see the flyer at .

Walkabout starts at 9:30pm.

Sun, September 6, 12:00pm – 1:15pm (deadline is 1:15pm).
Drop off your chili at Front Office

It's that time of year again. Join us for the Bare Oaks Annual Chili Cookoff. Do you have a favourite Chili recipe? Why not make up a batch of your homemade chili and enter it into this year's Chili Cookoff competition. Details for submission requirements to be posted at a later date. Judging commences after 1:15PM.
Details available on the flyer at . Don't make your own chili, or would just like to try some other varieties? Then join us at 6:00pm for a potluck dinner and try out some of the chili that was made by others. Not a fan of chili? No worries, there is always plenty of choices to eat at this potluck dinner. Please bring a dish of your own to share with others. Everyone welcome.
Note: Deadline for submissions and payment of the $5. fee is 12pm THE DAY BEFORE.  Do not be late.

6pm is the potluck dinner in Beckett Circle.  If you wish to participate in the pot luck, bring a dish. If you don't bring a dish, see you next year :-)


7:30pm – 8:45pm is Playbill Two: 10,000 Cigarettes and Upton Manor

At the Outback, admission is $10.
Other than that... not much else going on ...



Sunday, August 23, 2015



Just a reminder... and thanks to Rainy for reminding me...

Wii Bowling on Tuesday nights.

7:30 to 9:30 in the dining room at the clubhouse.



Hump day happy hour on Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.

Site 123 (JL and Judy)

The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to sit on, a snack to share (if you like) and the beverage of your choice.

Tell the day visitors... as everyone is welcome. 


More photos of the park from Judy... thanks!  Good thing someone takes pictures... as I don't :-)  Well I do but they are usually blurry...

Judy: "These were taken yesterday within minutes of each other. The stormy one first, then the bright sunset one, then the dark sunset one."


Here are some cool photos of the lake...

To end the blog... (as it was only a short reminder blog...)

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Time flies... it's been a busy week and I was away all weekend.

Hope the volleyball went well.

Hot this week and very humid.

It rained last night... which is good as I don't think it has rained for a while.  This has not stopped the plants and grass from growing a LOT. 

School in a few weeks... which means summer will be over.  A shame as it just started to get hot.

By the way, just a side note.  If anyone is thinking of buying a Rheem water heater... DON'T DO IT.  I'm on my THIRD heater in 5 years, all defective.  No help from Rheem. Their warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on.  Cost me around $700. so far.  Now I need a new heater due to the EXTREME amount of noise this one is making...  ho hum.

That felt better... :-D

No park events this weekend... next event is Illumination night on September 5.

There is not much to report on these days. 

The 'dog beach' at the south side of the lake has been used quite a bit the past few weeks.  It is right beside the aerator.  Dogs get hot, they need a place to cool off and there are a LOT of dogs in this park.

Quiet time around the lake is between 6pm and 9pm when the fountain and aerator are off.  It is nice to be able to hear the birds during that time.

I haven't seen many people in the seasonal area the past few weeks... maybe they are getting their kids ready for school... or vacationing in other places.

Some photos of the lake ...  Thanks Judy.  She said: "Took these yesterday while it was raining with the sun shining. Crazy weather!  If you look REALLY carefully there's a 2nd rainbow above the clear one."

Well... that's it... what a boring blog today... :-D

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Lovely day today, sunny and was between 70F and 75F.  It went down to 62F last night.

Rained most of yesterday and a lot of last night... plus a few sprinklings today.

No photos today...

Volleyball weekend coming up starting Friday.  See schedule for more information:

Hump day happy hour tomorrow (Wednesday) from 4pm to 6pm.

Site 227 (Greg and Rainy )

The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share (if your like) and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.

Last week at the Outback, hosted by Wendy and Kim, there were over 40 people.  Please tell the visitors in the park to come to Happy Hour too... everyone is welcome.

There is a new bench at the beach, it is permanent and can't be moved. 

So, someone thought it would be a good idea to have an amateur artist (artists?)  paint all over the nice big rocks and my new bricks at the Outback gardens... permanent graffiti.   Perhaps they should have used watercolor paints which at least would have washed off.  What a mess.  Now I need to replace the bricks, yet again.

Turtle spotted in the area between the lake and the back pond ... plus a baby!  So they are hatching!  If you see any babies, point them towards the pond. 

Not much going on here... I think people think the weather is bad.  It is only cool at night... not during the day. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


What is with this weird weather?

Last night it went down to 48F.  Hello?  People are trying to camp here.

It is now 79F with a cold breeze.

Thanks Judy for the following photos, except the path.  I took that photo with my phone as my camera takes blurry pictures.  Seriously, there is something wrong with the camera as it really can't be me :-D

Baby rose-breasted grosbeak. There were a LOT of baby birds this year.

A storm last Sunday night... high winds.  At one point the green raft that is tied to the raft on the lake was straight up in the air.  Didn't have my camera.

The lake between the storms.

We lost the willow tree past the Outback right before the bridge to the seasonal area.

Gabions on the lake near the aerator. Judy said: "The rock filled gabions will stop erosion of the lake sides and prevent muskrats from making dens in that part of the lake. Denis, Tony and I have been working on them - still need lots more work!"

JL's garden. 

All gardens are doing well this year but only if you water them. :-) (You know who you are...)

I've noticed that the photos in this blog are being used in other places on the internet.  Feel free to use them UNLESS they are cartoons.  The cartoons are copyrighted and trademarked to me.  Now, if the photos belong to someone like the ones above (Judy)... you really should ask the person for permission and ... you should give them credit.  :-)
The Ribfest on Sunday was well attended even with the storm.  It was moved to the Clubhouse.

Hump Day was attended by over 40 people yesterday!  It was at the Outback and I, finally, was able to attend!  Lots of desserts... lots and lots.  Lots of chatting.  Wendy and Kim hosted ... thanks guys!!

Speaking of Kim... he has been working on the path in front of the lake for DAYS.  Check it out... it is fantastic.  Please walk on it, it needs to be tamped down.

Bare Oaks Players at the Outback
Playbill One:
“As night to the Day” by Dan Ebbs : Forty-year-old Michael returns home to help his mother who is struggling with memory loss. Over the course of a morning, Michael sees her through the eyes of another and learns that there's a side to her he didn't know. 
“The Death of Me” by Norm Foster : John dies unexpectedly, only to discover that his bucket list in life is a rolodex of missed opportunities. Perhaps he can get a second chance?  This theatrical gem of a comedy is written by Canada's most prolific and produced playwrights.
Ticket reservations can now be made using email
WHEN:  Saturday August 15th, 2015 @ 7:30pm
            Saturday August 15th, 2015 @ 9:15pm (if required)
TICKETS:    $10/person

For sale in seasonal area:

31 foot 2008 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel
Site 261
Price: $32,000
Equipped with:
Standard Furniture bed, dining table, couch/bed, and two lounge chairs
Design features:

 3 slide outs
large awning
front jacks
multi speaker stereo
dual operational water heater
air conditioning
3 burner propane stove
central vac.

Boasting a 3 piece bathroom and lots of storage space for your every need.

Centrally located with plenty of lot space.

Hump day next Wednesday.
Wed, August 12, 4pm – 6pm
Site 227 ( Greg and Rainy )

The middle of the work week is fondly referred to as Hump Day. So why not come join us each week throughout the summer to kick back and enjoy a late afternoon cocktail and some munchies. It will be hosted at a different site each week. Please bring chairs to site on, a snack to share and the beverage of your choice. Everyone is welcome.
The potholes were all filled in with nice gravel!  Then it rained, then they were fixed again with gravel... then it rained.  Ya can't keep up...
No scheduled 'event' this coming weekend. 
There are only 5 weeks of summer left until SCHOOL.  heh heh.
It has been reported that someone's (male) weiner (can I say that here?) was nibbled on in the lake.  Well okay then.   ;-)
So when are fish biting? 
Go for a bike ride.