Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The temperature has been hovering around zero for the past few days.  Things are freezing up again.

Due to the rains, the potholes are bad again.  Not many people here now so it doesn't really matter.

The road to the back is open.  I doubt it will be closed until the spring but... I just thought I'd mention it. :-)

We walked around the park yesterday and couldn't see any wind damage to any places.  A few rugs were blown around and bins ... so we put them back on the sites. 

If you have a golf cart... you need to keep it charged over the winter.  Just because you leave it plugged in, does not mean it will charge.  You have to unplug it and plug it back in in order for it to charge.  This is true of all the carts except the really new expensive ones.  (Feel free to phone Bennett Golf Cars to confirm.) I look after one cart now when walking around the park so if you want me to unplug and plug in your cart, email me.  I think most carts are put away though.

The side door of the garbage bin was frozen shut this week and the top was closed.  I am too short to open the top so... a hammer works well when you want to unstick the side door :-) 

Get your flu shot.  If you aren't getting a shot because of the 'egg culture' used in the vaccine... you can get a vaccine without the egg in it... you just have to either ask, or order it.  The Shoppers Drug Mart at the corner of Davis Drive and Leslie... gives shots.  Just walk in and ask... but they said you should come in at around 9am or after 7pm in order to avoid the 40 minute wait.  I got mine at the walk in clinic in the No Frills plaza on Leslie (south of Davis).  It's free...

I know someone who was in the hospital with H1N1 last year... he was very sick.

That's it... no photos, no news.  Ho hum.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Cold this week!!  However it warmed up today and was around 50F... it is now 45F... nice, very nice.

The snow is mostly gone.  Too bad about Buffalo... which has about 4 - 6 feet of snow.

It rained a bit today too.

The roads are a mess... very muddy in places.  I heard that one of the roads at the back is BAD.  If you don't have to drive the roads at the back... then don't.  Take the shortest route to your trailer.

Lots of people have mice in their trailers this fall.  I've released 18 so far ... and I've stopped 'releasing' them as they kept coming back.

Don't touch the outside taps, don't turn them off or on.  Peter is dealing with the water and if you mess with the taps... it makes it more difficult for him to blow the lines... and do whatever to the water system.

The lake was frozen on Wednesday November 19 so that will be our 'ice in' date.  Last year it was frozen on the 20th so we are a day earlier this year.

Now, after today, the ice has melted a bit but that doesn't count.

I still can't find a good radio station without TONS of Christmas carols (sigh).  I'm not against carols but I AM against them playing carols SIX WEEKS before Christmas.  Or should I be calling it 'the Holidays' ... nah... it will always be 'Merry Christmas' NOT 'Happy Holidays' or 'Season's Greetings'.  That idea was probably created by Hallmark heh heh.

Okay I googled it and there is a whole Wikipedia blurb on it.

Read it yourself, I started to nod off a few inches into the writeup. 

Pictures from Judy... thanks!! Cold.


I should get my skis out... maybe... or maybe not...

So... if you get 'Going Natural' magazine... check out the Letters to the Editor at the back... specifically page 38.  Enough said...

I don't know if the third well is up and running. 

Don't try to walk the roads... I did that today and they are ICE and mud.  I need to clean my shoes now...

Lots of dart players on Saturday afternoon in the basement.  15 people were there (not all playing darts though).  That's a lot of people for Saturday afternoon.

No weekend events on the Bare Oaks calendar until mid-January.  There is an error on the calendar where you can't display details of any event... plus on the main page it says: "Simplepie detected an error. Please run the compatibility utility."   Simplepie needs a reboot :-D  I'm not running any compatibility utility on my machine.  Those errors have been there for at least a month.

The office is closed December 24, 25, 26 and January 1. 

Not much else going on here...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow !!

Lots of snow today... and PICTURES.

Jingle bells... jingle bells   o/~   o/~  o/~    (those are musical notes)

I've shovelled  once... (as always, click to enlarge)

Hungry birds.  I scared the others off taking the photo but this one is too hungry to leave.

No plow yet... hope you have your snow tires on.  It is heavy packing snow.

The little bay on the main lake has a layer of ice on it... so the lake is starting to freeze.

Last year there was ice on the lake on November 20.  So we are early this year.

It is still snowing a LOT.

The good news is... my snowblower is all charged and ready to go... but... it can't do heavy packing snow or it will clog so... I have to shovel by hand.  ack ack ...

BLAH... snow... BLAH. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I think I've said this before but I will only be doing the blog once a week for the winter.

Send me pictures...

So I have this bottle... and I wanted to keep water out of it for the winter so... I had a rubber glove in my pocket and put that on... temporarily.  (Rubber glove = gardening).

Anyways, when it gets warm... this happens (ha ha ha).  Depending on how warm it is, it will display a certain number of digits.  When it is below freezing, it shows a fist only. 

Hey, I have no photos so I'm going to put on whatever I have.

The pond behind the Outback has a thin layer of ice on it now.  There is ice around the edge of the lake ... every now and then.

It has been very very cold out.  Currently it is 30F ... below zero.

Lots and LOTS of mice this year.  I'm not the only one with mice inside... even though I have sealed up ALL THE HOLES under my trailer. Obviously I missed a hole... ho hum. 

It snowed today.  Brrrr.  The snow did not stay on the ground though.

I was in Orillia on Thursday night and when I came outside... there was a FOOT OF SNOW on the ground.  That was fun as I had to dig out the car in running shoes and a thin jacket (duh).  How was I to know it would snow!!  (No Bruce I'm NOT going to start watching the weather (grin).)

A lot of truckloads of gravel have been spread around the roads. The potholes are slowly disappearing.

Kim has been removing weeds from the petanque court. 

I managed to do a bit more gardening last week when the temperature went up to around 50 for a day.  Then BAM... cold again the next day.

Not many people here these days... I was in the Clubhouse Saturday afternoon and couldn't find anyone. There were a few cars but the people were probably visiting other people in the park.

A reminder, if anyone sees the Toronto Star at the entrance to the park on Saturday or Sunday... please LEAVE IT THERE.  It is in a blue or grey plastic bag. It is not the park's paper, it is my paper.  Thanks. I hate chasing it around.  My golf cart has gone to bed for the winter so I have to WALK... yikes! 

Lots of birds are back.  Very hungry birds. 

Forgot to put on this photo of the lake from a few weeks ago ... thanks Judy! Lake serenity.

The third well at Herman's place was going online... last week... but it didn't go online... so now it is going online this Wednesday... or sometime this week.  Or whenever :-)  

A huge amount of gravel was dumped in the road beside the Outback... as it is always wet in front of the gardens and this might help.  Maybe.  Can't guarantee it as somehow the gravel that is put on these roads...  get sucked into the roads and disappear forever. 

If you want to read a good book... The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Excellent and she won the Pulitzer prize for it.  Usually the Pulitzer prize winning books are crap... but this one is good. Only my opinion. 

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of Christmas carols... and they just started. What is WRONG with radio stations that have to play ALL Christmas songs from mid November until Christmas... that is SIX WEEKS.  Stop it!!  :-)   I've done some emailing :-)))

Okay now I'm getting entirely off topic. 

Alrighty, I'll summarize.  I have no news. Ha ha.  Go for a walk.

Saturday, November 8, 2014



Back from vacation. Great time!!  Around 80F every day ... na na.  Not humid.  No rain.  I have a nice nude beach tan.

Soo... it is snowing here.  I have my shovels and snowblower ready to go.

It's around freezing at the moment.... brrrrrrrrrrr.

While I was away the water froze at two sites in the seasonal area.  I'm going to assume that the water is either off now or will be off soon.

Potholes are bad again.  The new gravel that was put down is now at the bottom of the potholes. There isn't much traffic either.  There are a few people still driving 60 to the back.  I guess they are trying to stay on top of the potholes (grin).

Note: there is NO salt used on the roads in the winter.  I think (if I recall) sand was put on the area at the gate as too many people were sliding into the gate last year.  It is not time for that yet.

Snow, rain, snow, rain.  Nice day. 

Due to the increasing demand, another dart board is being installed in the basement of the Clubhouse. Yeah!  There is usually a game or two going on on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon downstairs.  Lots of dart players in the park.

Isn't this the cutest owl you have ever seen?  Thanks Judy for the photo, it was taken in front of their place in the tree.  Judy said: "A little barred owl (a young one) came to visit this morning. It had a breakfast of mouse :)"

Nice photos... mine would have been blurry.

There are a LOT of mice around.  I've managed to catch 9 of them.  I don't like to kill them so I'll keep putting them outside... for the owls. :-)

Not many people are here now.  Lots of people have gone to their southern home. (pttttttttttttt)

Feed your birds and if you DON'T feed them ALL winter, stop feeding them as there are other people in the park that feed them year round and the birds need to find those feeders before the snow.

The lakes are freezing up north... not that you care but it is only a matter of time before the lake here freezes.  Get out your skates and hockey sticks.

The GTA Skinnydipper wave pool event is tonight from 19:30 to 22:00.  I don't attend the wave pool as the water is HEAVILY chlorinated and the fumes are bad for the lungs and eyes.  However it is well attended and a lot of fun. 

No other events for the rest of the year except for Wii bowling on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm.

The pool is closed.  There is a critter/frog ladder in it which is VERY smart.  Last year a critter tried to scatch his way out... through the liner. 

I won't advertise any events you have to PAY for unless it is a social committee or park sponsored event.

If you want me to put anything on the blog, email me!!  I will put it on as I don't have very much to put on the blog these days except:

It's cold.
It's snowing.
No one is here.
The potholes are bad.

Information you could care less about but I'm going to tell you anyways.

The Wendy's at Leslie and Davis is closed for renovations. 

The Harvey's at Leslie and Davis is tooooooo cold to eat in.

The Shoppers Drug Mart at Leslie and Davis gives flu shots.  There is a 40 minute wait during the day so the pharmacist said to arrive either around 9am or after 7pm.  Take your health card.  Stop being a whiney baby and get your shot. 

The Metro at Leslie and Davis sells cat grass year round.

If you get on the new 404 extension to Queensville to get to the park (from Green Lane)... it is FIVE MINUTES faster than going along Woodbine, Mt. Albert, Kennedy.  It has been timed.