Saturday, June 28, 2014


Wow... what a day!!  It is hot today... 92 at the moment or 34C

A bit humid but NO rain in sight.

There have been some announcements over the loudspeakers about volleyball, in case you can't hear what they are saying.

Not many people at the beach but a few people swimming in the lake/pond.

I was in the seasonal area last night and it was BUSY, BUSY.  Of course, people go to bed early when they volleyball the next day.

 Mosquitoes are out... blackflies are out... deer flies are out... blah.

Carry a zapper, use bug lotion.   

Schedule for today...

Volleyball :-D

6pm at Outback - Potluck
7:30 at Outback - Nude Professional Comedians
Dusk Fireworks
9:30 at Outback - Dance and Karaoke

The parking lots are pretty full.

Not many kids here but a lot of teens walking about.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Phew, been a busy week. This is just a quick update.

It was HOT this past weekend.

The past few days have been around 70F and HUMID.  Plus it's been raining off and on... blah.   The mosquitoes are out in full force at dusk.  Bring a zapper. 

Temperature at the moment (around 10pm) is 66F. 

The Kubota tried to flatten the potholes but gave up.  It is a bit better though.

Volleyball Tournament is this coming weekend... which is a LONG WEEKEND.  A lot of people are taking Monday off and making it a four day weekend.

Here is a batch of Evening Primrose flowers... click to enlarge.

Here is an enlarged photo.  They are kinda iridescent.

The Hump Day Happy Hour was at Rainy and Greg's tonight... 21 people attended!  Great turnout. (Sorry I didn't have time to announce it Rainy).

However, the next HDHH on July 2 is at Don and Laura's which is the first place on the left after the Peace Sign or water pump house on Beckett.  Site 201.

Oh the black flies are here too.  I was outside checking gardens tonight and they are BAD.  Annoying too. 

Missy has been cutting lawns all day... I wonder how her back feels :-D 

I saw two people swimming in the lake tonight. 

A reminder: do not swim alone.   I have seen people in the lake alone.  That is wrong.

The park and the site lawns are FULL of weeds... mostly white clover.  The best way to get rid of the weeds is to overseed the lawns.  I have done this TWICE and still have a zillion weeds...  oh well.

The Greater Toronto Naturist Volleyball Tournament starts on Friday.  Here is some information:

And your education for this week is 'How to Play Volleyball'... which is on the page listed above.  Just in case some of you don't know how to play it.

Along with volleyball... there is a potluck dinner on Saturday from 6pm to 8pm and fireworks at 9:30.

Lots of campfires... there are two community firepits so... there will probably be fires there.

Here is the weekend schedule that I 'borrowed' from a Facebook page... thanks CD :-D  It's very pretty...

My lily pad flowers are blooming!  I have three of them now.  Actually they are not 'mine', they were planted by Marc so 'technically' they are his... :-)  thanks Marc.

Well... looking at the photo, the flowers have gone in for the night... duh.  I should get a photo during the day... they are pink!  Lots of weeds in the lake (enlarge photo)... lots of fishies too.

Cut your lawns!

Friday, June 20, 2014


It's a tad chilly tonight... 50F.  or 10C?  Something like that.  I'm guessing.

Nice storm the other day... whoa.  Nothing was damaged which is surprising.  Oh except for the tent in Strawberry Fields... it was flooded out.  Good thing it didn't float away.

The creek water is high... at the height of the rain the entire Helios road was underwater.

Hump Day Party had 19 people! Excellent.  Due to an earlier commitment I couldn't make it ... oh well.

Check out the condo!!  Thanks Judy!  She said: "... there is/was a nest on the lake side; took this picture on Friday or Saturday. They've been bouncing back and forth between the right (lake side) and the centre. There's someone IN the lakeside one - don't know if it is an adult or baby.

Busy place... MOSQUITO EATERS!  We need a whole row of condos.  The mosquitoes tonight were BAD.  If you are coming up on the weekend, bring bug spray or lotion, a large zapper, a portable gazebo , your own swallows... BATS... we need bats!

Here is a photo that was taken during the storm on Tuesday night.  Thanks Wendy and Kim!  They said: "This is a little group of 9 Ducklings that Momma huddled on the beach for what ever reason. She actually left them at one point and then returned to collect them.  Nature is so interesting...

We saw her fly off a couple of times, come back, then move the ducklings out. "


Just passing through...

They made announcements on Tuesday wanting everyone to go to the clubhouse.  We couldn't figure out what they were saying so... phoned the office. I heard a lot of people and dogs and cats found their way to the Clubhouse.  Must have been very busy...

We chose to stay in the trailer... my cat doesn't travel well... especially in storms, or cars.  So we went to the basement... :-)
 It was very cool, very windy and very wet.

No rain today and not as humid as the last few days.

Lots of cars in the parking lot today... busy busy.

The handprint sign is now mounted on the west end of the Outback.  Lots of orange and yellow hands ... with names and the date they started coming to the Park.  I've been here since 1997... whoa. 

Saturday is the Park Yard Sale from 9am to 2pm.  9am is wayyy too early for me.
Sunday from 1pm to 2pm is the Solstice Potluck Poetry Reading. (See last blog for info).
Alrighty... now onto the education part.
Have you seen butterflies sitting in mud puddles around the park?  I noticed a few yesterday.  They are severely stupid and won't move out of the way of golf carts, like birds, ... no, I didn't squash any... I like butterflies. 
Mud-puddling, or simply puddling, is behaviour most conspicuous in butterflies, but occurs in other animals as well, mainly insects; they seek out certain moist substances such as rotting plant matter, mud and carrion and they suck up the fluid. Where the conditions are suitable conspicuous insects such as butterflies commonly form aggregations on wet soil, dung or carrion.   From the fluids they obtain nutrients such as salts and amino acids that play various roles in their physiology, ethology and ecology.  Males seem to benefit from the sodium uptake through mud-puddling behaviour with an increase in reproductive success. The collected sodium and amino acids are often transferred to the female with the spermatophone during mating as a nuptial gift. This nutrition also enhances the survival rate of the eggs. Typically, mud-puddling behavior takes place on wet soil. But even sweat on human skin may be attractive to butterflies. In many species puddling behaviour is restricted to males. ----------- 
Nice nuptial gift eh?

Thanks Judy for the newspaper delivery!! 
My outdoor perennial plants are becoming gi-normous.  Seriously, some of them are 8 feet tall.  How do you stake an 8 foot tall plant?  This weather is becoming very weird.  First a cold cold winter that killed a lot of the shrubs around the park... now the stuff won't stop growing despite hardly any rain. 

Lots of frogs in the lake so... what else matters?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HOT !!

Well this morning it was 92F... and has gone down to 86F.  phew.  Humid too.

It rained for about 5 minutes yesterday but nothing significant.

Here is some info from Bruce about fishing:

Fishing for Bass Out of Season

A reminder for those fishing Lake Beamor.

Are you fishing from shore?  Are you catching Bass, either accidently or intentionally?

Fishing for Bass is closed season until the last Saturday in June.  Do you know WHY the season is closed for any species?

Do you want there to be fish in the lake to catch in the future?

I watched a person today who had caught a Bass. They carried it up onto shore to proudly show their partner.  Then they returned the fish to the water.

Do you know why this is unacceptable behaviour?

I politely explained to the fisherman that they were fishing out of season.  Their response was that it was OK because they were not keeping the fish.  Catch and release is good to maintain the fish population is it not?

Bass build their nests and spawn in the shallow water along the shore in the spring.  Well, while you were admiring your catch, the other predator fish were eating the fry (babies).  The male guards the nest.  It took your bait, not because it was hungry, but because it perceived it to be a threat to the fry.

So thinking it’s OK because you released the fish doesn’t work because the fry are now gone.

I explained this to several other people who were going fishing.  No one understood the reasoning for closing the season until I explained it to them.  Of course they then chose not to fish.  Unfortunately the first angler continued to fish from shore in another location.

A daughter was taking her dad fishing for father’s day.  They were disappointed until I explained to them that they should get a canoe and fish the deeper water where there are no nesting Bass.  They had a great time, caught 14 fish of different species in about 1 hour.  They didn’t tell me any fish stories about the ones that got away.  They released all the fish.

So save your Bass fishing for the last Saturday in June when the season opens.  The fry will have grown large enough to look after themselves by then and you will have fish to catch in the future.

The regulation protects the future population of fish, not the fish you are catching today.  Beamor is a small lake so it’s easy to deplete the fish population.

One other thing.  While you have the fish out of the water, then you hold your breath too.  The fish just fought to get away and is now oxygen deprived while out of the water.  You try running a sprint and then hold your breath and see how long you last before you need to take a breath again.  Don’t keep the fish out of the water while you show all your friends and take pictures.

Ask the office for their write up about fishing Beamor.  It explains how to release the fish, baits to use and not use, etc.

By the way, if you were caught fishing out of season, the MNR can and will legally confiscate your boat, your car, your fishing equipment and assess you a fine.  I’m not sure if they would put you in jail but it’s a long walk home without your car.

The fishing regulations apply to any body of water even on private property.  It’s not likely any MNR officers will come to Bare Oaks to arrest you although it would be difficult to recognize them since they would be out of uniform.  Just remember, the closed season is not just to prevent you from fishing.  It’s to ensure you have fish to catch in the future.

Excellent writeup!!  Thanks Bruce.  I think I'll post it on the back bulletin board... and at the Outback. 
I'd also like to point out that you do NOT throw the fish into the water from the shore when you are putting it back.  You put the fish in the water and 'torpedo' it to get water into it's gills.  Throwing the fish will kill it.  I've seen someone do this.  I still say... if you don't know how to fish... DON'T FISH.
It's cloudy today. 
Don't forget Wii Bowling tonight at 6:45.
Tomorrow is the FIRST Hump Day Party at Paul and Barb's place in Helios (the log cabin... I forget the lot number).  It is a Mad Hatter party so WEAR A HAT.  I won last year :-))  I wore my rock climbing helmut. 
Saturday is the Park Yard Sale from 9am to 2pm. 
Sunday from 1pm to 2pm is the Solstice Potluck Poetry Reading. "Join Bare Oaks Players for their first event of the 2014 season. The theatre troop is made up of members 17-55. Following the success of the production of the Vagina Monologues last year, the Bare Oaks Players will be hosting several events in the coming months. This event is hosted by Ramona and is sure to be a hit."
So... bring a potluck item.  Not sure what so probably a lunch item?
I hear thunder... I love thunderstorms... but it is sunny out now.
Lots and lots of baby birds this year.  Obviously the roaming cats (which should be under control!)  have not found them yet.  I bet a paint ball gun would scare off the cats ... heh heh.  Red paint.
The bingo machine is now in the hands of the social committee.  If anyone knows where to buy inexpensive bingo balls, email me or tell Rainy.  The machine takes regular ping pong balls.
The grass is becoming crunchy.  Too hot to garden today.
Feed your birds and, if you can, leave some water for them. It is HOT out there.
People have been in the pool!  It was 74F in the pool yesterday.  Hey, they told me in Fahrenheit so I'm posting it in Fahrenheit :-)  A tad too chilly for me.
I have no photos... ho hum.  Maybe I'll take some today.  Or maybe I'll forget... (see the latter).

Saturday, June 14, 2014


An hour ago it was 60F... which is... 15C.  It went down to 10C last night... brrrrrrrrrrr. 

Cloudy now... with patches of sun and a bit of a breeze.

Today is the World Naked Bike Ride...  well... it won't be too hot for them. :-)

1pm today and tomorrow is Competitive 2 on 2 Volleyball.
2pm today and tomorrow is Fun Pickup Volleyball 6 on 6.
4pm today is free weekly Pickleball lessons.

The pool is OPEN.   From the official Bare Oaks Blog: "We just got the OK from the health department. Everything is working as it should be! It's a bit cold right now but we're diverting the water through the hot tub heater to give it a boost. Once it's a bit warmer, the solar heater will do the rest."

The water temperature yesterday was 68F.  A tad nippy.

Hey, everyone was complaining that there was no pool so GO USE IT  :-)

Notice how a lot of the gardens have some nice red mulch on it ... which accents the plants and flowers?  You're welcome.  I spent 5 hours spreading the mulch and weeding the gardens this week.  Yes, I certainly will pat myself on the back... and if you do any volunteer stuff for the park... email me and I'll pat you too..  now... that doesn't sound good... unless you are a dog.

Suzy and Marc have done (and are doing) a GREAT job with the entranceway to the park with all the new plants/flowers/topsoil... Thanks guys!!

Nancy is doing the Peace Garden at the Y at the back... and the shower / washroom gardens.  They look LOVELY.

No idea who is doing the garden in front of the office.

I've done a LOT of the Outback gardens but there are a lot of weeds which turn into flowers so I'm leaving it for a while.  Lots of daisies though...

Dale is doing the hanging plants and potted plants / flowers all around the park and they are looking great!  He has put Shepherd hooks beside the benches with petunia pots... very colorful.

I'm going to give the potholes a permanent score of 5... until things change.

The septic system in the season area is DONE!  I saw some topsoil on it yesterday.  Now all that is needed is grass.

Someone (I forget who) weeded the petanque courts so they are ready to go.  I haven't seen anyone use them this year.  Maybe petanque is outdated now? 

Haven't seen anyone in the lake the past few days as it has been cold and raining off and on.

I put a small sign at the bottom of my path into the lake.  'Fish Feeding Area. No Fishing. Thank you'.  There are a few reasons I did this. 

1. There is a birds nest just to the right of the path and the Robins will TAKE YOU OUT... if you bug them.  I know this... I just wish they would stop pooping on my benches as I have to clean them CONSTANTLY.

2. There are fish nesting at the bottom of my path.

3. Kids come by and feed the fish and I don't want any altercations with hooks. 

4. There are 7 different bird feeders in that area and birds like to eat.

There is an ENTIRE lake to fish, you won't miss that area. 

Another important thing... dead fish have been spotted floating in the lake.  I saw a fisherguy PITCH the fish overhand far into the lake as it was too small to keep.  You should gently place the fish into the water and wait until it swims away.  If you don't know how to fish... then... DON'T FISH. 

Okay okay, enough of the rant ... although it wasn't up to my usual rant :-D

No photos for you...

Feed your birds, they are very hungry as they are feeding their young too...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Good news!!

This is a before photo of the pool...

It is concrete... the pool dudes are scrubbing it down. Lots of algae in the bottom. (Click to enlarge).

The old liner is on the back left.

Another photo.

Here is a photo of the liner ... finished!

The pool being filled... they just started the pump.

The truck that is filling the pool.

Not sure how many truckloads it took but that is one monster truck.

Here is one crazy person... the first person in the pool!!!  That water was COLD.  The 'naughty bits' are hidden as this blog is owned by Google and they frown on that sort of thing.

It will take a while to heat the pool... plus it has to be tested etc. etc... so it MIGHT be ready by the weekend. If you want to know when it is open, phone the office (905-473-6060).

The liner is kinda cool... a tile mosaic. (Click to enlarge). 

So there is the big news of the day/week/month.

Potholes are about a 4 today after the rain.  Still bouncy.

I was talking to a few people over the past few days and there seems to be a problem with dogs in the park.  I found out quite a few things after posting in the blog that there wasn't a problem...ha ha.

Number one... someone (I don't post names without permission) found two big piles of fresh doggie poo beside another person's trailer.  Now... what the hell??  Please pick up after your dog.  If you see someone not picking up, feel free to tell them to pick up.  No one wants to walk in that... there are people who walk in barefeet around the park. 

Number two... there has been a problem with dogs on the beach.  I know that the office was called about two German Shepherd's being off leash at the beach this week.   

Number three... long leads / leashes.  Seems people let their dogs out on  15-20 foot (retractable) leashes ... that is not having your dog 'under control at all times'.  The dogs are then allowed to wander and pee all over people's sites and trailers.  The last thing I want is to be gardening and putting my hands in dog pee.  Ick... My thoughts are... take the dog to the OLA (off leash area) and let it run.  Notice how I have a lot of 'thoughts'?  :-)

So there are problems.  I still think a doggie beach would be nice.  However there are two sets of redwing blackbirds nesting in the south side of the lake so that is not a good spot.

It is 64F at the moment and was in the 70's today.  No rain... my grass is crunchy to walk on.  Three of my tomato plants died (sigh).  Not to worry, I bought 6 more...

I'd like to ask again if the fisher people can refrain from fishing on the south west side of the lake when the aerator is off, from 6pm to 9pm.  It is around 60 feet of lakefront.  I feed the fish at that time.  The kids come by at that time and it is dangerous to have hooks and lures in the area.  Plus the fish are guarding their nests. I think I'll put up a sign. The rest of the lake is fine... at ANYTIME.  Also, I don't think bass is in season... :-D 

The park is very dusty... no rain... so please drive slowly.

Short blog today as I wanted to get the pool info to y'all...

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Rain, rain and more rain... I think it started raining around 1pm today.  Still raining at 6:30pm. 

Too bad about the Mt. Albert Sports weekend.  This is the 3rd year in a row where it has rained on the Sports weekend.  At least it held off until today.

I spread grass seed today... hah! 

It is 64F at the moment... and there were quite a few people here today despite the rain. 

Yesterday was FANTASTIC.  The beach was full, it was hot, not a cloud in the sky and very few mosquitoes.

Funny... people are now calling 'The Beach'... 'The Pool'.  ha ha ha.

Not many people at the beach today... a bit of burning in the firepit with a LOT of smoke.  I'm thinking that Sunday (or Saturday) is not a good day to burn brush as there was a thick fog of smoke over a lot of the park.

Lots and lots of dogs at the beach yesterday.  Lots of kids too.  I didn't see any problems with the dogs and kids but it would be nice if there was a 'Doggie Beach' at the other end of the lake for the dogs only... to use. There is an opening near the creek which would only need a bit of work (see Judy lol).  They get hot too and I don't think anyone has a problem with them using the lake.

The gardens are looking lovely.  After the rain, they will look even lovelier.

There hasn't been a problem with the water in a long time... :-D

Events... well I missed this one ... it arrived on the calendar probably this week... and I check the calendar often.

Yesterday (ha ha)... there was Competitive Volleyball at 1pm - 2 on 2.   At 2pm there was Pickup Volleyball - 6 on 6.   I heard there was a lot of people playing volleyball yesterday afternoon so somehow the volleyballers know what is happening.

Today... was the same thing at 1pm and 2pm.  Not sure how many people played as I think it was raining.  But then, volleyballers don't care about the rain even though their ball was probably a tad slippery.

The calendar says that the volleyball games listed above at 1pm and 2pm are on EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

One of my favorite cartoons... (don't steal it, it is copyrighted). I have it on a t-shirt. 

Wii Bowling Tuesday at 6:45pm.

The WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) is next Saturday: "The WNBR is back for 2014 in over 70 cities worldwide. It is the global protest against oil dependency.  SATURDAY JUNE 14th 2014, gather 12 noon. Coronation Park (by the lake), ride starts 1pm sharp."

Hump Day Happy Hour (every Wednesday) starts June 18 from 4pm to 6pm.  Bring your drinks, something to eat that everyone can share and a chair.   If you are a day visitor and didn't bring food, don't worry, show up anyways as there is always lots.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm is... Free Pickleball Lessons.  Somebody go to this and tell me what it is...

Score sheet on the potholes...

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
None                                                        Lots

It's been dry... the roads are like concrete.   After the rain today... who knows what will happen with the potholes.

I stole this photo from Stephanie... :-O  Thanks Stephanie ... a picture of her firepit... Friday night.

Lots of firepit fires in the seasonal area last night... yeah!  Summer is back!!  Roasted marshmallows are back!  

I bought this in Princess Auto the other day...

Short - 15 inches

Long - 36 inches

It's a marshmallow/hot dog roaster... easy to carry... sticks burn...

Lovely flowers...

No idea what this one is... it is a round ball and a bulb.

These are lilacs!  Thanks OB Bruce... he gave them to me a few years ago and only one of his plants (at his house) has a flower on it.  Guess you gave me the best ones eh?  They are about 3.5 feet tall.  This is only one batch.  There are a few batches on my site and Judy's site. Pretty, pretty.

Still raining. The sound of frogs is lovely...

No turtles have been seen...

Go for a walk...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hail!  Hail!  (the gang's all here). 

Okay you probably don't remember that song...

Anyways... here is a video from Stephen... showing the hail we had Tuesday.  Thanks dude!

(Note to Stephen:  I tried embedding it and it didn't work... )

I also tried the actual link and it did not work with IE but worked with Mozilla so... I'm sure everyone has BOTH browsers so... test it yourself.  Turn up your speakers.


I'm getting lots of emails from people... which is very cool.

This is from Wendy and Kim...
The Singing Birds Interactive Chart.
Click on a bird and it will sing for you...

Now I need one for frogs :-)

After I posted about the yard sale proceeds going back to the community, as it said on the events page... Rainy emailed me and said: " The yard sale proposal was a little confusing but the proposals intent was for the sellers to keep their own proceeds."

Alrighty... sell your stuff, keep the money.

The yard sale is on June 21.

Well this is new... every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm is Free Weekly Pickleball Lessons.

"Pickleball has become a very popular sport at Naturist resorts. It combines components of badminton, table tennis and tennis. The basics of the sport are particularly easy to learn, so it can be popular with all ages.  Ron currently teaches, coaches and competes at the sport regularly and is eager to introduce it to all interested. "

Is it like murder ball?  We used to play that in the pool on Saturdays... whoa... much fun was had by all... and a few bruises.

It was coolish today... going down to 50F last night... and it is now.. 49F.  There was a chilly wind today so most people were covered or half covered.

On a good note, there were very few mosquitoes and black flies... and the dragon flies are here!!

Not very many cars in the parking lot today although it was sunny most of the day.  It rained a bit last night...

The seasonal septic is still progressing...

Potholes were the same yesterday but I have NO idea what they are like today after all the rain we had.

Oh and a BIG THANKS to Peter for setting, and resetting, the aerator so that it goes off at 6pm and back on at 9pm.  When the power goes off, it changes the time.  Plus it is in 15 minute intervals (the timer) so is difficult to set.  I'm sure it will have to be reset again some time this summer but... it is great now.

I'd also like to remind people to please NOT fish on the west side of the lake when the aerator is off, between 6pm and 9pm.  That is the side with the houses.  It is a big lake, no need to fish there at that time, go to the other side. :-)  I feed the fish at that time and sometimes the younger kids in the park come around and feed the fish too.  It's difficult to do that when people are casting with hooks.

Is everyone happy that they can now see the lake from all sides?  Thanks to Judy, Kim and Wendy (was there anyone else?)  for trimming the tall grass around the lake. 

The grass that people have planted beside the roads at the back is growing well... the rain helped.

Just a reminder for everyone out there... (snickering)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rain !!

Well... it rained today!  For about 10 minutes but it rained.  It is really humid now.

Rainy wanted me to post this:

Greg and I are still making and replacing the red Cigarette Butt cans that are placed throughout the park. If you have any large " metal" coffee cans, please drop them at site #227 for re furbishing and re assignment to there new duties!!!! Thank you

Wii Bowling Tuesdays at 7 pm.... come early to practice and get teams set up - New Forest Room.

Hump Day Happy Hours starting soon.....details to follow!

Eh?  It is June... only 12 Hump days until the end of summer (ekkk... stop, stop, don't hit me!!!)

Sunny today!  Time to clean your windows.  The dust has been incredible the past few weeks. I cannot tell the color of my golf cart most days.

Potholes are the same... still bumpy.  Speed bumps are redundant. ;-) 

Not many mosquitoes this past weekend... however I heard they were REALLY REALLY bad in cottage country (heh heh). (oh sorry, I should show some sympathy...   sad look... )

Here is a news item from Stephen:

HOW TO: Keep Mosquitoes Away... without bug repellent!

Hah.. good one.  Hey, I'm not going to tell you, watch the video.  I can say that I've tried it and it works.

Here is a video from Kim and Wendy... about how the Hummingbird gets its nectar. Very cool. I had NO idea.

Lots of videos to watch today.

Check out my new shed!

Thanks to everyone who helped!  Half the stuff is back in it. I thought I'd quit when it started raining.

I carted to the road today and there were only about 8 cars in the parking lot.  Hey people, it is a nice day (or was)... don't let the weatherman/woman scare you!

I didn't see anyone in the lake today.

Reminder that dogs should be leashed at the beach.  There were two BIG German shepherd's there yesterday and ... those are really big dogs to be off leash considering there were kids around yesterday. 

Missy was cutting grass today in between rain showers.  I was walking on my grass yesterday and it crunched.  Thought I would water it for a bit.  The little rain we had today didn't help much.

The septic in the seasonal area is progressing... there are big holes now. 

Oooo, here is some BIG NEWS.  The lakefront condo has been rented by a family of swallows.  I can hear the cheeping at times.  Yeah, mosquito catchers!  yeah !

Anyone seen the turtle... or any turtles?  If you see one wandering about, it is probably trying to lay eggs so just leave it be.  The turtles will NOT bother you if you are both swimming in the lake.  They can't bite and swim at the same time :-D

Has anyone gone to ... exercise with Ron on Friday nights? 
 Someone said there was more water in the pool... I haven't checked but I will... soon... maybe (grin).

June 21 - Saturday from 9am to 2pm ... is a "Community Yard Sale on the front lawn with proceeds going back to the community."

What does that mean?  Am I a 'community'?  Don't I get to keep the money from my stuff?  Who am I giving it to?  All good questions...

According to the FCN in 2012... this Saturday June 7th is Naked Canadian Gardening Day. 

Again... eh?  From the website: "World Naked Gardening Day is held on the first Saturday in May. But because that's a bit too cold for gardening in most of Canada (and too cold to be naked!) the FCN opted for the first Saturday in June. "

Sorry, I was naked on May 3rd.  Can't garden naked twice in one year.  ;-)

Actually, I don't garden naked as there are wayyyyy too many scratchy things and bitey things when you garden. 

Stephen and Judy... I need photos :-)