Saturday, December 27, 2014


Well, Santa came and went.  Yeah!! 

A bunch of us wandered around the park carolling on Christmas Eve... I think we need to practice a bit next year :-)

Still no snow here and the days are around 40F... although it is 47F at the moment.  Downright balmy. I talked to a friend in Arizona (he lives at Shangri La Resort) this week and it was only 45F there during the day HAH... take THAT you people living in hot places.

You should have received your site fees invoice, membership invoice and your Licence of Occupation by now... or soon. You have to sign the LOC every year.

There is a 3% discount if you pay before January 18.   The invoices are due April 1.

Apparently there was live Christmas music yesterday between 1pm and 2pm.  I could only find two people who knew about it.  I found out today... a tad late.   We need a better communication system here. No one reads the calendar on the events page as it doesn't work.  Maybe a BIG SIGN at the office would work.  Something in the window on a white board?

Also yesterday's Boxing Day pot luck was a HUGE success.  There were 20 people there and everyone had a great time.

This note from Judy:

Dale suggested having a movie night throughout the winter/spring - Saturday evening seems the most likely night. Malcolm has offered to supply movies. At present we would have to just use the TV but we are hoping to find someone with a unit like Paul used to view Game of Thrones - it sent the picture to the movie screen.

The first possible night would be Jan. 3rd if there are interested people.

1. So does anyone have a DVD projector that can project a movie onto a big screen? 

2.  Is anyone interested in going?

3.  Who is making popcorn?  :-)


The park roads are muddy and slippery in spots.  Most of the ice has melted and there is no snow so... keep on walking!

The lake has thawed, mostly.  No skating for a bit.  The ice rink that is being created on the front lawn is not there.  Now, would you rather have an ice rink or 50 degree weather?  I know which way I'm leaning...

A few photos of a passerby... thanks Judy!  No flash was used so they are fuzzy.

Fox is gone...

We have enough trouble with cats killing rabbits here... we don't need a fox.  Haven't seen him in a while though.

Took a walk to the back a few days ago and the river was over its banks.  Strawberry Fields was not flooded though... you could still walk through.

Thanks to whoever put the string of lights on the pathway from Helios to the Clubhouse.  I keep forgetting my flashlight as I keep forgetting it gets DARK at around 5pm.  Blah. 

Darts at the clubhouse every Saturday (and maybe Sunday) afternoon. Quite a few people were wandering around the basement this afternoon, enjoying the fire, chatting.

Not much going on here... but I thought I'd give you an update. 

Fa la la la la... la la... la... la...

Oh, P.S.  it was a half finger day today.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I'm melting !! I'm melting !!

And if you don't know what movie that comment is from then I will be forced to throw a house at you.  :-)

What a lovely last few days. The snow is melting... the birds are singing... the frogs are hibernating.

It's 37F at the moment and the good weather is staying for a while.  I don't need a white Christmas, a green one is fine.

Lots for pictures today... thanks Wendy and Kim!!

Below are their comments between the photos... My comments are in the brackets.


What a fantastic day to go snowshoeing. Beautiful...............  (the bunny trail)


We now have about 2.5 km. of snowshoe trail set for the active part of the membership and interested day visitors. Hopefully the mild weather won’t impact the trails too much. (Active what?  (grin) I rarely see anyone snowshoe or ski but, hopefully, they will this year.)

(It looks cold out there...)

Trails loop around both ponds, lake and of course traverse the Bush Bunny trail in the forest. These can also double as cross country ski trails and once frozen in they will make great walking trail for folks.  And..... if the weather holds on the “not too cold side” of things and it’s sunny, all this could be enjoyed au naturel. (Ha ha ha ... like... NO... brrrrr.)


Okay, back to me.  This is Wendy... hmmm, it looks like she is skiing.  Wayyyy too much energy for me. Although I do have skiis...
Here are some lovely icescapes taken at the river in various locations.

The roads are getting soft due to the thaw. 

As a suggestion, and I'm not telling you what to do but... if you drive around the park... it might be a good idea to drive straight to your lot and not wander around any sideroads.  If the roads get really bad, they may be closed.  I'm not saying that the park is thinking of closing them but... it there are too many ruts and holes... they might.

Reminder, darts every Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon in the basement of the clubhouse.  There are now TWO dartboards.

Wii Bowling every Tuesday night.

This year Kim and Missy are also planning an ice rink which will be built and maintained by the members.  Visitors are welcome to use it too. Oooo, I can smell the hot chocolate already.  Way back, around 10 years ago, we used to skate on the pond near the clubhouse.  I have photos but... I don't have permission from everyone to put them here so... there you go.

I need skates. HEY SANTA!!!

The lake is melted, don't go on it. Keep your dog on a leash as it is dangerous. Speaking of dogs, there are two running around the park (together) these days and I think they belong to the neighbor down the road.  If anyone catches one, check their tags. I'm pretty sure that no one in the park lets their dogs off their leashes. Maybe they 'got out'.  I don't know what kind they are but they are covered in fur and ... that's it, I'm done with dog identification. :-D

The office and store are closed December 24, 25, 26 and January 01.  If you are a member and have a fob, you can use the facilities.  If you aren't and don't, you can't.  Wow, my grammar is exceptional today.  If you want to use the facilities, become a member. Go here:  Paying for a membership is only (about) 12 day visits as it is around $50. a day.

Lots of people are out and about walking around these days.  No nudes though (cowards (grin)).

EIGHT DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS ... have you finished your shopping?

On a side note... thanks to all you lovely people for the Christmas cards and goodie bag - which I ate already... my bad :-( 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

SNOW !! Snow and more snow !!

Well it started snowing yesterday and is still snowing. 

These photos are from Judy... THANKS!

6 inches on their deck.  Shoveling has been fun... NOT !!

The plow has gone by once but then it disappeared.  It should be back... I hope. 

Here is Judy and JL's  deck.

Plus breckie time for birdies.  They have been fed twice today... and probably again later.  Lots of birds have arrived that I haven't seen before today. I guess they remember.  That's a mourning dove.

Here is Helios.

And Christmas balls!!  I decorated my trees with HUGE Christmas balls this year.

I have NO idea what the potholes are like today :-D

I haven't seen many people shoveling... they may want to start soon as I don't think this snow is going to stop... yack.

It is 24F at the moment and it is supposed to warm up this weekend ... and ... rain. Now that will be fun. Remember to leave a thin layer of snow on your car if it is going to rain as ... it will freeze and then you will have to scrape for HOURS AND HOURS.

I hope the Texas people and the Florida people and the Jamaica people are having fun... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

My cat doesn't want to go out for a walk... I wonder why...

Now a little bit of humor to end an otherwise short blog.  Don't steal this cartoon as it is copyrighted to me. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Nothing much going on here. 

It snowed about a quarter of an inch last night... and then it disappeared today.

Currently it is 28F at the park and 36F in Mt. Albert... that is what my phone says :-)

It is not snowing.

No photos as I keep forgetting to take them.

The lake has a very thin crust of ice on it.  Keep your pets away from it.  Do not walk on it. 

The road to the Outback is closed off and has been for a few weeks.  A load of gravel was dumped in the middle of the road and I think it is too cold to move it.  Some of it has been spread though.

The path from Helios to the Clubhouse has been fixed.  It had a nasty ditch in the middle of it at the Helios end and navigating it at night without a flashlight was an ankle turner.  It is now flat. I really should remember that I have a flashlight on my phone :-)

If you want to look at the events calendar on the Bare Oaks website there is a message: "The embeded calendar is not currently working. Google has disabled the API used by our plugin. We will be updating the website in the next few weeks to fix this and several other issues. In the meantime, you can view the calendar directly from Google by clicking here."
Of course the link doesn't work in the blog so you have to go to the Bare Oaks site. Oh also... 'embedded' :-D

Darts in the basement of the Clubhouse on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  There are TWO dart boards now and you can borrow darts from the office.

There are no Christmas or New Years events this year.

The cat is bored... and it is only December. 

I'm not bored... wayyyyy too much to do....