Sunday, September 28, 2014


What a FANTASTIC weekend.  We are finally getting summer!  It was in the 80's to 90's for the past few days. 

Lots and lots of people were up here... members and day trippers.

The band played Sunday afternoon and it was watched by tons of people just sitting around and enjoying themselves.

Royce asked me to post this.  A lot of people might miss this notice.



4 PM at the OUTBACK
"Think Pink Committee is providing the turkeys and Ham"
Please bring a dish to share!

If you bring your own table setting your name will go in for the ECO friendly draw!
Everyone welcome! Hope to see you there!


Lots of people will be attending... I've chatted with a bunch of people today about it.

Note: it is NOT on Sunday as they figured people would have family commitments on Sunday.   Plus it is NOT on the Bare Oaks Calendar or the Social Committee Calendar.  Hey, who's in charge, eh?  (grin).

No rain this past weekend. 

People in the pool and people in the lake.  I hear the pool was 78F... I hear the lake was 61F.  Brrrrr. 

Here is a photo of a turkey I cooked last year ... Mmmmm.  I love turkey... I could eat that whole turkey ... Mmmmm. 

That's it.  Not much to say.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Another great day!!  78F and sunny. 

I've been informed that the potholes are a '4' out of '10'.  The rains did a number on them this week.

In the last blog I advertised some metal shelves ... free to a good home :-)  They are gone.

Also, I saw this notice in Ben's Pharmacy in Mt. Albert.


Do you need a local family Doctor?

Why not call or drop in to see if Dr. Shawn Whatley's new practice might work for you?


Mt. Albert Medical Clinic, 38 Mill Street.

Space is limited.  See you soon!


Propane truck is here... filling everyone up.

I was just sent an article about the Great Blue Heron eating chipmunks.  I gotta say that it better not show up on my lot.... :-D  I prefer chipmunks...

Now what is with all these cats running loose in the park?  I chased away two of them yesterday stalking the chipmunks, birds and rabbits.  Keep your damn pets on your own lot!!!  Read your license of occupation... which I'm sure you ALL signed.

"Pets must be kept under controls (i.e. on their leash) at all times..."

A cat is a pet.  No one wants to see animals killed and their heads left on the lawn... which has happened. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It's a lovely day.  75F and sunny.  Time to lay out in the sun and get a tan :-)

Or not.

A few things I forgot ...

If anyone wants some FREE metal shelves, let me know. Here is a photo.  They were in my last shed and I'm going to get rid of them this week. They don't fit in my new shed.  Email me or post a message here... I can leave them on your site if you wish. There are two sets, one in the back too that you can barely see. (enlarge the picture).   You will probably have to paint them as they have been outside for a month or so.... and it has rained :-) 

Also, if anyone wants some dogwood bushes, let me know.  I have 5 plants.  I am going to pull them and throw them away.  I have too many and they are taking over my gardens.

If you would rather transplant them in the spring, I can give them to you at that time.

That's it for today.

Wii Bowling tonight at 7pm.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Lots of rain yesterday and last night.  Phew. 

It was sunny most of the day with a high of around 80F... yeah!  It is now 59F.  It dropped like a stone.  The good thing is... the mosquitoes quiet down when it gets COLD.

I checked with the office yesterday and the seasonal water will stay on until late October... UNLESS it gets really cold.  They are playing it by ear.

A lot of the potholes have been fixed!  Lots of gravel was brought into the park and distributed around... the main road to the gate is mostly done.  :-)  However, after the rains last night the main road past Helios ... to the back... is bad once again.  Not much can be done about it...  as they worked on it a LOT this week and... there you go.

People were swimming in the lake yesterday and said it was 57F.  Yikes.  Not REALLY cold but cold enough.  I heard the screams when they first went in.

The winter birds are back, get out your feeders.  If you don't usually feed birds all winter, now is the time to start cutting back on seeds.  A lot of us DO feed them all winter. 

As of a few days ago the humming birds were still here.  I think the HB's that were up north are passing through so keep feeding them for another week... or so.  That said... it is very difficult to feed them as the wasps have taken over the HB feeders.

Don't forget Wii Bowling in the Clubhouse on Tuesday night at 7pm.  It may be upstairs, it may be downstairs.  It seems last week, due to a scheduling conflict, the bowlers were moved upstairs... even though they had booked the downstairs (grin). 

Plus the Hump Day Happy Hour on Wednesday from 4pm - 6pm ... is at James' place this week... which is across (almost) from Rainy and Greg's place.

Well... I was going to post a blurb that Wendy and Kim sent me but ... the event was yesterday (grin).  Sorry about that.  I'm only doing the blog once a week now, probably on Sunday or Monday.

There isn't much going on here. Although a LOT of people were up this past weekend, probably winterizing their trailers.  I only saw a few people laying in the sun. Brrrr.

Frost on the roofs this week.  Some of the hanging plants around the park are frozen. (Thanks Judy for the photos!)

Been doing some gardening... From Judy: "there's a wheelbarrow under here - somewhere!"

The plants were around 8 feet tall... Ooooo.  Next year we will have really nice mulch... or maybe the year after.

 Here is something a lot of you might be interested in... do you have enough money to retire. Yeah yeah, I know it has nothing to do with Bare Oaks but it is a cool utility.
I hope that link works, if not, cut and paste it into a new browser window.

The leaves are starting to turn now. 

No snow yet... :-D

That's it.  I know a lot of you like to read the blog in the winter but there is not much to post about in the winter so I may, or may not, put the blog on hiatus... haven't decided yet.  I did stop the blog in 2012 for a few months in the winter.

3 months until Christmas (ho ho ho).

Monday, September 15, 2014


Well... let's see...

It was a quiet weekend here, not many cars, no one in the lake.  Come on people, it's September... it's not that cold.  :-D

Okay, that said, it is 68F at the moment. The wind is a tad cool but I just saw two nekkid people walking about.  I had my sweater on this morning.

The hydro bills are in.  Now, they still have the red 'pay' stamp on the bottom but it is a new system so you can't pay with Beanstream.  You have to go to the office to pay your bill. 

Time to get ready for winter.  I will check to see when the water is going off (no, don't panic)... it usually stays on until after the Halloween party which is on October 25 this year. HOWEVER, it was snowing in Calgary so... if it gets really cold, they will shut off, and drain,  the water.

The potholes are still bad... someone stopped me whilst I was driving around in the golf cart and said they are a '2'.  They will probably stay that way until the spring.

The green blow up raft is still tied to the stationary raft in the lake.   One of you has to go out and get it before it gets too cold heh heh.

Bird seed is on sale at a lot of places... as is grass seed.  I figure the only way to get rid of the weeds is to overseed the lawns.  I bought 10KG of grass seed... yeah!

Here is some information from Kim and Wendy... in case anyone is interested.  It was a pdf and you can't post those here so I just cut out some of the information.

Ash trees in York Region are dying because of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive insect that attacks and kills ash trees.
(Here's a little photo of him at the bottom. Click to enlarge. His name is Ashley.)
Discover how EAB will affect your woodlot. Talk with experts and learn about local forest management resources.

September 22 - 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Lemonville Community Centre13454 McCowan Road Whitchurch-Stouffville

October 6 - 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mount Albert Lions Community Centre 5057 Mount Albert Road, East Gwillimbury

Note: The same workshop will be given at each location.

For more information and to register, please visit or call 1-877-646-1193.

The trees still have their leaves so it is not THAT cold at night... even though I have my furnace on every night now.

The solar flares caused aurora borealis' (es) (or however you spell it)... these past few nights.  But, we have had cloud cover so you can't see it / them.  Check tonight.

Don't forget Wii Bowling in the Clubhouse on Tuesday night at 7pm.  Plus the Hump Day Happy Hour on Wednesday from 4pm - 6pm ... at Rainy and Greg's place this week.

That's it... go for a walk...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


It is cold here... 52F this morning with a brisk wind.

It is 60F midafternoon.

No snow yet ha ha ha. 

There was Wii bowling on Tuesday night.

Hump day yesterday was a success.  Probably not as cold as today.

Not much going on and no pictures.

No events until the Halloween Dance on October 25.

It says on the dance flyer "All members are welcome to attend". 

I'm going to ASSUME that day visitors have to leave when the office closes so, if day visitors want to attend the dance,  do they have to stay overnight?  What if there is no overnight accommodations?

That said, if you wish to attend the Halloween party, book a room now :-)  Phone the office to see if there are rooms available.

A note from the Bare Bistro (the restaurant at Bare Oaks): "NOTICE: Please note that there will be no regular dinner entree offered on Saturday September 13th and Saturday September 20th due to a conflicting personal commitment.  An extended lunch menu will be offered through until close. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Hours of Operation for September


FRIDAY                                11:00AM - 7:00PM

SATURDAY                              8:00AM - 11:00AM
                                               12:00PM - 3:00PM
                                                 5:00PM - 7:00PM

SUNDAY                                  8:00AM - 11:00AM
                                              12:00PM - 5:00PM

Wear a coat if sitting outside ;-)

Oh, it has been raining off and on today.  No one has been at the beach... where are the diehard nudists? 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


What a day!!  Sunny, 85F, not humid and SUNNY!

Did I mention sunny and hot?  :-)

Okay I post this every September... if you see any newspapers at the entrance to the Park on Saturday or Sunday PLEASE LEAVE THEM THERE.  I am the only one who orders a Toronto Star (Saturday) and the New York Times (Sunday).  It is not helpful if you deliver them to the office or drive around with them in your car 'forgetting' to take them to the office.  I had to cancel delivery for the summer months as they were 'disappearing'.  It costs $6.40 a week for the papers and I'd like to read them.  Thank you.  Enough ranting ...  

This does not apply to the two people who pick them up and throw them on my driveway right away.  Stop in for a beer as I appreciate that :-)

I checked out the aquafit in the pool just after 2pm (I think) with instructress JUDY.  Excellent.  Lots of people and they were actually working (yak).  I'll think about it after my toe heals (I broke it last weekend)... okay maybe I won't think about it as the pool will probably be cooler mid-October.  Next aquafit is on Tuesday at 1:30pm.

I'm sorry to say we have lost a long time member of the park. Stony's kitty Princess passed away today :-(  So sad.   She was 24 years old and a real cutie. 


Peter is fixing potholes today! 

Thanks Judy for the pictures!!  I'm NOT posting a photo of the Blue Heron as that sucker eats frogs and I like to chase it away.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We had a really bad storm here on Friday night... check the black clouds.

It rolled in quickly and made a lot of noise... then the power went out at around 7:30pm ?  It came back on about 5:30am... TEN HOURS LATER.  I slept well that night... it was very quiet and Helios was very pretty with all the solar lights...

Phew, lots to post about today.

There is a used trailer for sale in Helios.

A true four seasons park model with lake frontage at Canada’s premier naturist park.
118 Helios Circle - Paul's trailer.

Year round water, sewer & 100 amp electrical services!

Price: $119,900

This fully furnished log sided “le model” is loaded with top of the line features offered by Breckenridge. Fully insulated with vinyl thermal pane windows, front bay window, metal roof, high efficiency furnace, 2 x 4 sidewalls, 2 x 6 floor joists, 5/8” full width plywood flooring with seamless galvanized under belly, 26 oz carpeting & hardwood laminated flooring in kitchen and bathroom.  Custom built bar & entertainment area. huge 12 x 16 insulated add-a-room drywalled and ready to decorate. lower entrance Features an 8 x 8 mudroom with huge storage closet. Double french patio doors lead to a large 800 square foot wrap around deck with extra seating, ideal for outdoor sunning and entertainment.  Also there is an outside shed for tools and gardening supplies, and a double wide driveway, plenty of room for 2 cars and golf cart.  The front yard faces the lake with circular fire pit and moonrays to light up your evenings enjoying the illuminated fountain in the lake. Combined there is over 1400 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space.

This is truly a unique year round vacation home.

Price includes all furnishing, appliances, dishes, linen, flat screen TV, stereo, DVD, satellite dish, patio sets, barbeque and lawn equipment.

Move in ready!!!!!!

Picture is here:

Two other trailers are for sale in Beckett:

2005 38' Wildwood park model
Site 239B
Price: $36,000


1994 25' Jayco fifth wheel
Site 226
Price: $16,500 $11,000 o.b.o.


Now I know I shouldn't have mentioned the music notice that everyone got at Beckett Circle (ha ha) ... as pdf's are not allowed in this blog.  I have been asked by a few people to put the music notice in the blog (or email it) ... ack... so... I had to type it up.  Good thing I'm fast.

Here it is... no graphics. The first part from Steve appeared in this blog on August 28. 


August 29, 2014

Steve posted the following on Facebook:

"There are many many parks in this province that have radio free zones. The sites have space and brush between them to help create the illusion of solitude. Children, teens and pets are expected to remain with parents and to not walk on another's site unless invited. Group campfires are strongly discouraged and are patrolled. Privacy is held as a virtue and it is customary to give a stranger no more than a polite nod. Friendliness is considered annoying and each campsite is expected to be self sufficient. Alcohol is often banned on long weekends. Park activities are minimal and attended by few. It's a place to "get away from it all".

Bare Oaks, on the other hand, is a community. Sites are tight in an effort to make room for just a few more. The park is shared and there is help when you need it. Strangers are recruited, kids and pets are protected and known by name. Families are defined by affection, yet relatives can be represented by three generations, including in-laws! Friendliness is held as a virtue and those that would cause harm are banished. Talent and creativity abound, activities are the best anywhere. No one should need to feel alone. Society can be cruel, and that's why I love to go to Bare Oaks to "get away from it all". I love this park!"

He's right - we are more than a campground; we are a community. But recently, there's been rift forming in the Beckett Circle community with people polarizing into pro-quiet and pro-music camps.

The Member & Visitor Agreement stages: "Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. However, excessive noise that disturbs others is never appropriate". The problem is what is excessive to one person is reasonable to another. As such, it has become impossible to please everyone. We are either viewed as insensitive or as party poopers. So we need your help.

Pro-quiet: Before you complain, please review the points below.
Pro-music: When we inform you of a complaint, please review the points below.

Daytime (7am to 11pm)


Has this been happening for a long time or is it just one or two songs?
Is there a special event/celebration happening?
There are many quiet places around Bare Oaks where you can escape.


Are you playing just for you or the whole campground?
Remember that your style is not everyone style. Not everyone likes Rock/Country/Classical/Opera and wants to hear it all the time.
Some people enjoy the sounds of nature.

Nighttime (11pm to 7am)


Are you talking with a normal voice? Could you whisper?
Are you playing music that can be heard beyond your campsite?
Remember that tent & trailer walls are thin.
The Outback firepit was setup for late night music and socializing. Can you go there? But even there, sound levels must be reasonable.


Is there a special event/celebration happening?
Note that perfect silence is impossible.


If it is too noisy, the great first step would be talk to them. Remember they are not doing it to annoy you. They probably don't know you can hear them. So don't be angry.

After the office is closed, there is no staff member available to help. However, if you have concerns, please report it to the office the next day we will be happy to try and mediate a solution. Next year, we plan on having a staff member on duty overnight on the weekends. But I doubt that will solve the problems. We will still need everyone to be reasonable and try to work things out amicably.


What do you mean ... not everyone likes Opera?  EH?  That can't be right :-)

So... it's still sunny out ...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


What a lovely day... it is 88F, the sun is shining... a PERFECT day to be at the Park.

Is summer finally here??!!  Yahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was driving around in my golf cart yesterday, cutting grass and I have to say the potholes are still a '1' out of '10' ... especially after the rain we had a few days ago.

No special events on this weekend (that are on the calendars).  Volleyball, Pickleball, Yoga. Volleyball and Pickleball are free.  Yoga is not free.  

Actually, after checking both calendars... there are NO special events on until October 25 which is the Halloween Dinner & Dance in the New Forest Room. Dinner Starts 6:30PM. Dinner with dance to follow. Adults $15 & Kids $5 (under 10). All members welcome.

On Sunday from 1:30pm to 2pm is FREE AQUAFIT with Judy as the instructress.  Go get fit.

Wii Bowling every Tuesday at 7pm (or 8pm).

Aquafit is also on Tuesday, from 1:30 - 2pm.

Not many people here today... however, there are some people at the beach.

Guess the holidays are over... and people have to put their kids back into school.  :-D

Nothing else to report on... go take a walk.

Monday, September 1, 2014


What a weekend!  NO sign of rain other than a few times today, briefly. 

It is sunny now :-)... and 84F... which is hot for this summer.

This weekend was packed with activities. 

Illumination on Saturday night, Bare Oaks Social Committee Annual General Meeting was well attended, the Party at Dean and Dot's site was packed.  

All in all a great Saturday.

Sunday at 1pm was the Poetry reading/BBQ and the Dart Tournament... however, the Tournament had to be cancelled due to the conflict with the Poetry reading and BBQ.  Not sure how the conflict occurred but the Darts Tournament was approved by the Social Committee, I checked with the organizers.  

Sunday also had the Pig Roast and Luau Dance.  I hear the dinner was great ... I was not around so have no idea how many people attended.  The dance was in Beckett Circle.

Here are some cool shots... thanks Judy! 

Angry skies... but the storm passed and didn't hit us.

Foggy morning...

Hummingbird on window feeder... that's cool...

The Outback now has a couch in it... in case anyone wants to use it.  Not sure where the other couches and chairs are... or the kids corner. The cables to hook up the TV 'disappeared' so if anyone knows where they are, please put them back.  The people who moved the TV stand before the plays said they don't have them, they just moved the unit.  One of the members donated the cables so... he is not happy they are missing.  Maybe, due to the end of summer, it was decided not to put all the furniture back ??

The potholes are a '1' (bad) out of '10' (good)... again.  I posted that they were a '3' last week and many people said they are a '1'... so we are back to '1'  :-)

It's quiet today... maybe everyone is getting ready to send their kids BACK TO SCHOOL.  Ahhhhh, I remember the days... ahhhhh, and I wish to forget the days :-D

The four rental cabins were rented for the weekend but the big rental trailer was not rented (that I could tell).

Lots of new people these days... walking about.

Lots of new dogs too... someone said they should rename this park... The Bare Oaks Dog Park ... ha ha ha.  It seems the owners pick up after the dogs (as in the poo) as a lot of people walk around the park barefoot and no one has complained...

Crickets are out... the mosquitoes are still here and there are little tiny baby mosquitoes now that really hurt when they stab you.  We had three zappers, one OFF lantern and an OFF clip on going on Saturday night and ... still the bugs got through.  Yikes.

Here's a reminder, do NOT swim in the lake or pool if you have been drinking.  Do NOT swim alone. 

The ramp to the dock is extremely slippery when wet... so be careful when you venture out onto the dock.  People have slipped.

Speaking of the beach.  Is it really necessary to bring a HUGE boom box (aka radio) to the beach and blast your music everywhere?  Most people at the beach like the peace and quiet.  Just sayin'... people are talking about it. People were not happy.

That's it for now... hope y'all had a great summer!!

Okay okay the summer is not over but... I haven't turned the pilot light off on my furnace this summer so... I hope September and October are a BIT warmer...