Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Today is a tad chilly... 68F.  Y'all remember how cold that is...

Hump Day Happy Hour this week...

Wednesday July 30th

Kim amd Missy's Site ( The Yurt on Beckett circle)

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, a beverage and snack to share.
Possibly your winter coats :-)
The potholes have declined to a 2... M.A.Y.B.E.  a 3... but I'd say a 2.  They are full of water from the rains now.
That's it, just a quick update.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


This weekend was weird and typical of this summer.

Saturday was cloudy most of the day... it rained last night with thunder ... woooo hoooo.

Today was HUMID and hot.  I like the heat but ... seriously?  Can we just have a 74F day?

The dog days of summer are here...

No photos today.  

This is a reminder to dog owners out there to PICK UP after your dog.  There have been a few people with 'presents' on their lawn and they are getting a tad tired of it. Maybe the office should be informed.  Maybe a flyer should be given to each dog owner :-)  heh heh. 

There were 27 people at Wednesday's Hump Day Happy Hour at Royce's place.  A great turnout considering it was a tad coolish.  Okay it was cold.  Crazy weather.

There is no Hump Day info posted on the social committee site so... not sure there will be a Happy Hour on the 30th.  If I find out, I'll post it here.  Email me if you know where it will be held.

The potholes are the same... between a 3 and a 4.  The road is like concrete even though it rained last night.

Next weekend events:


Bare Olympics  - no other information has been posted.

Pork Rib Dinner and Sock Hop Dance (DJ)
Dinner 6:00 pm
Dance 8:00 pm (immediately following dinner)
Adult $20 Kids $10


Poetry Tea Party from 3pm to 4pm.

Read or perform a poem, sing or play a song, or just come out to listen.
All Welcome!  Please bring a snack to share.
Hosted by Romona.  (it says Romona on the website but I think it is Ramona - I could be wrong though)

The FCN Festival is from August 5 - 10 at the Ponderosa Resort.  You can contact Ponderosa to make reservations by email: pnr@ponderosaresort.ca or phone: (905 - 659 - 3410).

I have a NEW feeder in front of my place.  It has nectar in it and bananas on the top.  It is a BUTTERFLY feeder.  Hopefully they will show up. You can also use cantaloupe and pear.

If I get too many flies or wasps... it will be short lived.

I did see the flotilla in the lake for a while today... it was a HOT day so a good day to soak.

Be careful driving the roads... the moles like to race across in the headlights (grin).

The garbage bins near the quonset hut are a real mess these days.  The raccoons are dragging garbage out ... to eat.  Close the door and watch yourself when you open the sliding door.  The raccoons are very good at slipping under the top plastic lid.

I'll leave you with a scary photo... which has nothing to do with anything but I thought it was funny...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Wow what a day!!  Hot and humid... a real summer day!

Of course I was up to 4 showers today... it was that humid.  About half an hour outside would be enough. 

Lots of people were here... walking about but not many swimming in the lake.

The no seeums are here too.  Itsy bitsy biting creatures... annoying biting bugs.

The zappers kill them though.

My gardens won't stop growing... I have a plant that is 8 feet high... but most of them are 4 feet high.  This is a new thing.  I don't like it.  They are way too big.  Tell them to stop.

This is the 8 foot plant... I got it from Kim a few (maybe 4?) years ago... yikes.  It has pretty yellow flowers on the top... soon...

Some drilling company was putting in the pipes for the new water system yesterday.  They worked most of the day.  This photo was stolen from Judy from another site ... thanks :-D

Had a few people stop by whilst I was walking the cat who commented on the GREAT flowers in front of my place, Judy's/JL's place and Suzy's/Marc's place...   they are so pretty this year.

I hear thunder... and see lightning... I think we will be getting a storm soon.

Monday, July 21, 2014


There were a few nice days last week... in the 70's and not humid...  Remember the days when the temperature was in the 70's and you could actually go outside and enjoy?

Now it is either too humid or raining.  Blah.

Anyways... it is not snowing so I'm happy :-)

Update on the Hoedown and Dinner.  There were 42 people at dinner and 30 people at the lunch the next day (leftovers from the dinner).   I had previously heard from someone that there was only 25 people at the dinner, that was wrong.

Thanks to Judy and Marc for the photos of the cactuses... cacti... cactus... or whatever they are called.  They are at the entrance to the park right under the sign.  Check them out. 

I don't think cacti bloom that often. Actually (after reading Suzy's email) she said: "They will be small this year but will get bigger with time."  Eh?  I thought they didn't bloom often.  Well... Suzy and Marc also said that they freeze every year and come back bigger and stronger.  I didn't believe that... veryyyyy skeptical... I mean, when a plant freezes it dies... right?  Well... apparently not :-)

Okay okay... enough talking... here are the flowers.

I took this one...  Oooo, almost blooming.

Here is one that has bloomed.

What a HOT day today... phew.  We should have more of those!!  It was about 105F on my deck. 

The mosquitoes are out... and the deer flies now!  Plus, whilst drinking beer on a patio in the seasonal area this afternoon... the beer bugs are out and biting too. I have NO idea what they are called but they are black and white with hard shells and wings under their shells.  They explode on the bug zappers :-)  Neener neener... take that!!

There are more mosquitoes catchers in the park... one of them is across the bridge near the rock cairn.

The plaque presentation and hanging on Sunday at 4pm for Larry aka Gummy was well attended with about 30 people.  We reminisced about old times, we laughed, cried and ... it was nice. A few past members, who knew Gummy, came back to the park ... it was great to see them again.

Family weekend was last weekend with a lot of activities and kids.  I watched the pudding fight... and stood wayyyy back.  It was a great weekend even though it was cloudy at times. 

The pool is still too cold for me.  The temperature is around 74F... brrrrr.  I heard from a few people that the solar heater isn't on... not sure why but I'll check with the office. 

Judy is doing water aerobics in the pool on Tuesday (TOMRROW) and Saturday at 2:30pm.  I need 80 degrees to get in water ... :-)

Here is a lake photo that Judy took on Thursday... thanks Judy!  Nice shot. As always, click photo to enlarge it.

This would make a great photo for a brochure.

This summer is moving quickly.

The next HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR is at Royce's place, sit 234 (I think).  Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.  Bring your beverage, a snack to share and a chair.  As you enter the seasonal area (Beckett), keep right... and walk halfway down until you hear a lot of noise.

Oh yeah the pothole chart.

 1       2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10
Bad                          OK                                  Great

Today we have a 5.  Missy did a lot of fixing and filling last week and they are MUCH better.

The BOP's (or Bare Oaks Players) are finished building sets at the Outback.  They are putting on three plays ... see the July 2 blog for details. But here is a short blurb... BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW.

Performance dates

August 9th, August 16th and August 23rd.

Starts at 8:00pm at the Outback – Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Reserved seats only.

$5/person for  3 one act plays. What a deal for an hour + of entertainment!

Maximum capacity: 40 seats

Call Bare Oaks at 905-473-6060 to reserve your seat.


Much thanks to Royce and Outback Bruce for their help today ... :-D

Next Saturday the 26th we have a Youth Activity... "Sandcastle Contest at The Beach 2:00PM - 3:00PM.

On Sunday the 27th there is a Poetry Tea Party on the front lawn from 3pm to 4pm. Hosted by Ramona.
Read or perform a poem

Sing or play a song

Read anything you wish that means something to you or you can read what you've written

Ask someone else to read for you

Select from my variety of poetry books (limericks too) if you wish to be spontaneous and read

Just relax, listen and enjoy
All welcome.  Participation not required.

Please keep readings to less than 3 minutes


Wii Bowling every TUESDAY night starting at 6:45pm. 

Check the Bare Oaks Calendar for a list of activities: 


Now this is funny... thanks F. for sending it to me...

"Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them"


Monday, July 14, 2014


Phew... what a fantastic week!

Lots of sun, lots of rain (mostly at night), lots of weeding and grass cutting :-)

Here is an afternoon photo of the lake. (Click any photo to enlarge all photos)

The Hip of Beef dinner was attended by around 25 people (or so I was told).  We wandered over to the Hoedown at about 9:30 or 10:00 and the place was dark.

There were a few campfires in the seasonal area on Saturday night with a bit of singing.

The Ontario Provincial Wake Board Championship was on Sunday at the Rail Yard Wake Park which is at Queensville Sideroad and Highway 28.  It was very interesting to watch and they had a lakeside patio... :-)

There was supposed to be rain all day on Sunday but it only rained a bit in the morning and it was sunny and hot for the rest of the day.  Humid too.  Same as today but no rain... hot and humid.

Full moon on Saturday night... now this is a cool moon picture and it is not blurry this time... hah.

A reminder from Catherine and Ken who hosted the last Hump Day Happy Hour... please remember to take home your dishes.  I always take my stuff on paper plates as I would never remember my dishes.

The next HDHH is at Sandy's place, lot 120.  Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.

The park flotilla!

Thanks Judy for the picture!  (Judy got permission from everyone to put this on the blog).

You can't see any 'naughty bits' so that is good. BlogSpot doesn't like 'naughty bits'.

Another event at the park!!

Judy is doing water aerobics on TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS at 2:30.   She is going to start with a half hour class... probably for those of us who are OUT OF SHAPE.  heh heh. I know I am.  Then will work up to an hour class (maybe).   Now all that needs to be done is the solar blanket put on the pool on Monday nights and Friday nights and the temperature turned UP.  I've heard quite a few people say that they can't go in the pool this week because it is 74 degrees.   That is wayyyyy too cold for me too. Missy and I put the cover on the pool tonight so it shouldn't be any colder by tomorrow ... it is currently 74 degrees.

Thanks to everyone who is complimenting the gardeners of the park.  I've had a LOT of people stop and say that the gardens look fantastic... this includes the in-ground gardens and the planter gardens.  The volunteers appreciate it !!  (There are 6 volunteers (Me, Judy, Kim, Marc and Suzy, Nancy) who do the park gardens and Dale does the planters.) I hope I got everyone... if not, sorry.

Here is a photo of JL's garden ... (thanks Judy).  My zucchini is in there somewhere :-)

Plus a photo of Marc and Suzie's gardens... (thanks Judy).

What is wrong with this picture?  You will have to enlarge this one to see who is sitting on the right side of the Hummingbird feeder...

Seriously?!!  Get... off... you... have... your... own... feeder...

Germany won the FIFA World Cup, 1-0.  You missed nothing, the game was boring, even the announcers said the game was boring. Ho hum... snore.

I have had a few comments on the change of the scoring system for the potholes.  Hey, no one mentioned it before!!  It is now correct. 

 1       2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10
Bad                          OK                                  Great

Today we have a 3, which is the same as last time.
The potholes in front of site 119 and 120 are a ONE. I have to drive on the grass to get around them. 


Plaque Unveiling - Larry "Gummy" Rafferty

Sunday July 20 at 4pm - THIS COMING SUNDAY

Memorial Cairn (north side of Jarvis Pond)

Larry "Gummy" Rafferty passed away on May 18th 2013 after many years of bravely fighting a variety of cancers.  He worked with dedication and passion to maintain both Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and its predecessor, The New Forest Family Naturist Resort. He was also one of its best ambassadors.

Bring your favourite beverage in a coffee mug in his memory.
I'm not bringing coffee... or tea ;-)

The deer flies are out... and biting...

Someone dropped a notice off in my door and I have NO idea who it was.  I know a few of us were discussing it last week as someone in the park got it from swimming in the lake.  Only one person has gotten this that I've heard of.  There are stinging nettles in the park so... they may have rolled in a batch of stinging nettles beforehand... who knows.

Anyways... Swimmers Itch... I'll give you the short version.

Swimmer's itch (SI) is a patchy red pinpoint skin rash associated with itching on the parts of the body that have been in the water.  SI is usually not severe.  After the initial transient itching it will disappear without treatment.  The itching occurs within 48 hours and may last up to 7 days.  The major cause of SI are trematode parasites of aquatic/migrating birds.  The life cycles of these parasite involve snails as the first host and aquatic birds or some mammals as the final host. 

SI occurs in both freshwater and in the marine coastal environments.

Treatment may not be necessary when there are only a few itching spots.  An antihistaminic or mild corticosteroid cream purchased over the counter in pharmacies can be beneficial.


So... it is common, found in a lot of lakes and bodies of water. We have snails in the lake which is a good sign of a healthy lake. 

Scratch it and have a beer :-)  Wait... I'm not promoting drinking so ... scratch it and put on some cream... or just scratch it... or just have a beer... your choice.

Speaking of stinging nettles... do you know how to get them out?  Get some duct tape, put it on the spot and rip out it off and it will take the nettles with it. It should NOT rip out your hair but if it does... oh well...  you lose.

The garbage bins are overflowing so... wait until the bin emptyers have come and gone to toss out your garbage.  They usually are here on Monday but when I drove in at about 5:30... the bins were full.

The BOP's (or Bare Oaks Players) are busy building sets at the Outback... they have been at if for quite a while.  They are putting on three plays ... see the July 2 blog for details. But here is a short blurb... BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW.

Performance datesAugust 9th, August 16th and August 23rd.

Starts at 8:00pm at the Outback – Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Reserved seats only.

$5/person for  3 one act plays. What a deal for an hour + of entertainment!

Maximum capacity: 40 seats

Hurry, call Bare Oaks at 905-473-6060 to reserve your seat or email us.

It is currently 70F at 8:30pm.

Quiet here today.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Rain today... a lot of it.  Lightning and thunder too.

Two people were in the lake at the time and they quickly scrambled to get out.  Smart decision.

This place needs rain ... unfortunately I just picked up a truck full of red mulch and only managed to shovel out a few bucketfuls before... torrential rain. 

Ah well, it got wet at the yard so it won't be a problem.  Only heavier ... yack.

 1       2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10
Bad                          OK                                  Great

Today we have a 3. 

There are a few potholes in Helios that are HUGE.  When full with water, one of them is over my golf cart axle.

Still humid.

Oh yeah, no sun today :-D

It is 72F or 20C (about).   
Not many cars in the parking lot today... maybe because of the rain?  :-)

Remember... tomorrow HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR is at  Site #102 - Catherine and Ken's place. 4:00PM - 6:00PM.  Bring your beverage, a snack to share and a chair.  I hear it is rain or shine.
Not much has happened in the past few days.  Go read a book...

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I will be posting this in the next few blogs in case people miss it...

Plaque Unveiling - Larry "Gummy" Rafferty

Sunday July 20 at 4pm

Memorial Cairn (north side of Jarvis Pond)

Larry "Gummy" Rafferty passed away on May 18th 2013 after many years of bravely fighting a variety of cancers.  He worked with dedication and passion to maintain both Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and its predecessor, The New Forest Family Naturist Resort. He was also one of its best ambassadors.
Bring your favourite beverage in a coffee mug in his memory.

Temperature at the moment is 73F... with a nice breeze blowing away the mosquitoes.

Petanque tournament was held on Saturday with around 10 people.  It was an excellent weekend with a lot of sun and fun.

A new petanque court was created by taking the sand out of one of the courts and putting in a load of screening. 

Don't forget Wii Bowling is every Tuesday evening in the New Forest room in the Clubhouse starting at 6:45. (Oooo, Rainy ... I remembered!).

This Wednesday July 9 HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR is at  Site #102 - Catherine and Ken's place. 4:00PM - 6:00PM.  Bring your beverage, a snack to share and a chair.

Less humid today... boy has it been humid these past two weeks.  I'm not complaining, mind you, as this summer took it's time getting here.

I have been informed that my rating system for potholes is backwards.  Now, for those of you who know me, that shouldn't surprise you.

I had a scale of 1 (no potholes) to 10 (you could lose a smart car in the potholes).

I am now going to change it to... 10 out of 10 is rated as excellent.... or no potholes.

Sure, some of you are wondering... who the heck cares... well, OBVIOUSLY the person who corrected me (grin).

1       2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10
Bad                          OK                                  Great

Today we have a 4. 

(Is this font too small?)

Okay so... I put up a sign at the lake that says... "Fish Feeding Area.  No Fishing.  Thank you."  Everyone I've talked to thinks it is a good idea.  I don't have ANY problem with people fishing the lake.  I still wonder what happened to the three HUGE carp we had last year.  I don't think anyone caught them...

Now, I don't understand this one.... one fisherman stands on the lot right beside the sign and casts INTO the feeding area  (shaking head and rolling eyes).  What??  At the SAME TIME I feed the fish... between 6pm and around 7pm.

Anyways... perhaps I should put the sign in English AND French AND Spanish....  ;-)

So, I was weeding the garden near the Outback this weekend and overheard a conversation about the frogs in the lake.  They were discussing what kind of frogs were in the lake that croaked to each other every night. One female said they were tree frogs.  One guy was skeptical.  She insisted.  Well... they are 'Green Frogs' not Treefrogs (or Gray Treefrogs).    There are only 13 frogs/toads in Ontario. 

These are the ones we have in the Park: 

American Toad (lays all the eggs on the beach each spring)
Bullfrog (we have a few in the lake this year)
Green frog
Leopard frog (usually in tall grass) 
Wood frog (they sound like quacking ducks and you can hear them in the spring along the side of the road near the dumpster)
Spring Peeper (can be heard in the spring)
Gray Treefrog (saw one hanging off my BBQ)

I have not seen:

Fowler's Toad
Pickerel Frog
Mink Frog
Striped Chorus Frog
Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Boreal Chorus Frog (I have heard this one)

So we have a LOT of frogs in the park.  Please brake for frogs or shoo them off the road if you see them. :-)

I have an audio tape of all the Ontario frog sounds.  Perhaps I will play it one Saturday at the beach...

I haven't seen Henry the big turtle in a long time... he used to come over and snack on fish food at fish feeding time.  Maybe he didn't like my restaurant and found a better place to eat.

I have seen a few snakes but... they were heading away from me so ... I'm good with that.   One garter, one water snake.  Lots of dogs here so they probably decided to leave... we are hoping.

Coming events...

Saturday July 12.
Hoedown Beef Dinner and Live Entertainment on The Front Lawn 6:00 PM

Dinner includes Roast Beef, baked potatoes, corn on the cob (if available), baked brown beans, watermelon.

Live Entertainment following dinner.
$22 per adult; $10 kids under 12 yrs


Water your flowers... we haven't had rain in a while.

Oh and can you BELIEVE the amount of clover in the park?  My lawn is covered in it... I have more clover than grass and I have overseeded TWICE.  I tried using Weed-B-Gone which is eco-garbage.  It did manage to kill the oregano in my lawn though...

We were out walking today and noticed that no one is using the 'squares' of gardens at the back of Glen Echo Field.  Except for two squares which are planted with a bunch of baby Oak trees.  Not sure what is happening there.

I have no photos today... I think I took some but I seem to have misplaced my camera so... next time.

In case any of you like strawberries... go to Brooks Farms. (http://www.brooksfarms.com/)

If you drive through Mt. Albert on Mt. Albert Road, you will hit the townline, jog left and straight through and on the left is the farm.  Go pick some.  Follow the U-Pick signs. I picked THIRTY POUNDS last Friday.  Mmmmm.   Smoothies.  I think the price is around $2.20 a pound and they are DELICIOUS.

Fresh strawberries on angel food cake with whipped cream... I'm... hungry... now...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It rained today... no thunderstorms though as 'they' predicted.

The humidity has gone down and it is only 85F out. 

The potholes are the same.

The pool is very pretty and was used a LOT this weekend.   No photos, too many people.

On Sunday July 20 at 4pm there is a memorial service for Gummy / Larry at the rock cairn.  His plaque will be placed on the cairn at that time.  Please tell people.  It is Family Weekend here.  The rock cairn is across the bridge on the west side of the Outback. 

Fireworks on Saturday night.  Very nice display.  I collected these from my front lawn and on my deck Sunday morning.

The white blobs are combustible material...

I also found a bunch of these on my deck ... where the tubes had landed.

Not sure what to do about it as the wind was blowing towards the trailers.  Last year I only had a few land.  I'll bet the lake is full :-)

Has anyone heard the frogs between 6pm and 9pm?  Whoa, LOUD.  It is really cool so take a walk around the lake at dusk (with a bug zapper) and check them out.

I feed the fish around 6:15 - 7:00pm MOST nights... not every night.  That would be too constricting and too expensive.

I've noticed that the gardens around the park are growing WAYYYYYYYYYY too fast.  Some of the plants are taller than usual... I have a plant that is currently SEVEN FEET tall and has not flowered yet.  Ack.

This is yesterdays sunset... looking west.

Tons of robins and robin babies this year.  Lots of bunnies too.

From the Bare Oaks Players Blog.  Note:  this is only BASIC information.  To read all about this, go to the blog - there is a link on the front page of the Bare Oaks website (http://www.bareoaks.ca/).  I have removed the people's names as I don't have permission to put some names in the blog.


Bare Oaks Players is pleased to announce our first One Act Evening.

Three (3) one-act plays are currently in rehearsal stage and based on what I have seen to-date, it’s going to be GREAT!

All 3 plays will be presented together, as a package of One Acts.  We have confirmed the performances dates for August 2014.

Reserve your tickets today!

What will be presented and how long is each play?

The first one act play is entitled “Post-Its” written by (two people).  Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

The authors refer to this lovely piece as Notes on a Marriage and will be performed by (two people).

It will be followed by “Nude on the Beach” written by (two more people). Duration: Approx. 15 minutes

A play setting which delivers a strong message about relationships and will be performed by (two other people).

We will then have a 20-30 minute intermission in order to prepare the stage for the final production, “Visitor from Forest Hills” written by (one person).

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes.

For those thespians out there, this is an extract from Plaza Suite (A full 4 Act play).

A wedding preparation so farcical, it WILL make you laugh. The leads roles will be performed by (the last two people).

Performance dates

August 9th, August 16th and August 23rd.

Starts at 8:00pm at the Outback – Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Reserved seats only.

$5/person for  3 one act plays. What a deal for an hour of entertainment!

Maximum capacity: 40 seats

Hurry, call Bare Oaks at 905-473-6060 to reserve your seat or email us.

We will also have some set design (albeit basic) to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Looking forward to seeing you in the audience.

This past weekend was volleyball weekend and we did NOT run out of water !!!  Although I didn't expect to but... nothing is guaranteed.

Lots of people here, the flotilla was on the lake, lots of kids on rafts and having fun.  Lots of dogs... we have a lot more dogs here this year.  Oh and what looked like a small pony ... which is a very large dog and a real suck ... he didn't like getting wet, although last year he only went up to his knuckles... this year he went up to his armpits.  (I know, I know, dogs don't have armpits... or do they...? )

Now for the education.  I got this in email and I was very surprised that it works... and I KNOW everyone will try it.

How to see clearly without glasses using a simple trick

Lost your contact lenses? Crushed your glasses? Well you need stare at blurry public transport signs no longer, as simple physics can be exploited to give your vision a small boost using just your hand.

Make a tiny hole with your finger (curling up index finger works best) and look through it.

Whatever you're viewing, be it text, object or vista should appear considerably clearer.

It is hardly a replacement for corrective optical devices but a pleasing 20-second time waster all the same.
Because pinholes block light, the image appears darker.
Your eyes' lenses focus spread out light to create a crisp image on your retina (unless they're damaged, causing you to need glasses), with eye muscles squeezing them so we can focus at different distances.
Unlike a lens, a pinhole or other small opening can focus light coming from any distance. Because it's such a small opening, it only allows light to come through in one place, and thus in only one direction from any particular source, so there's no blur, and everything is in focus. Small holes create crisp images by blocking rather than focusing light though, so the images are much darker, which is one reason why we don't use them for glasses, contact lenses, telescopes etc.
There's a full explanation of how the trick works in the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OydqR_7_DjI)

And there you have it.

Trailer for sale:

2004 Forest River - Site 205

Price: $35,000
§ 10m Long Trailer In Good Condition, Move-In Ready
§ Large Deck, White Vinyl Railing, Glass Panels At Back
§ Back Deck With A View Of The River, 2.5m X 2.5m Storage
Area Below
§ 3m X 3.5m Screened Room On Back Deck
§ Motion Sensing Lights On Outside Of Trailer
§ Includes Large Patio Table And Four Chairs, Push Lawn
Mower, Two Canvas Loungers, Mini Fridge
§ Two 13.5kg Propane Tanks
§ 2013 Resealed Roof
Contact the office to view or for more information.

According to the schedule...  this Saturday from 10am to 2pm
there is a Petanque Tournament on the Helios Petanque Court. 
Rain or shine, shelters provided
$5.00 per participant.   

Next Wednesday July 9 HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR is at
Site #102 - Catherine and Ken's place. 4:00PM - 6:00PM
I missed today's as I was a taxi driver (heh heh).
I will end this (as it is probably too long anyways)  with a few
words of wisdom to those of you who exercise regularly....