Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Cold today... 50F.  There is also a cold wind.  Whitecaps on the lake :-)

The fake coyotes seem to be doing the job as we have only had a few geese on the lake.

Of course, when people walk by the coyotes they... freak out.  Sorry about that. They will be removed once the geese nest in other areas.

A lot of people have commented on Steve's poem in the last blog... saying they loved it!

There aren't many people up as it has been a tad chilly.

The water is NOT on in the seasonal area.  Probably because the ground is still frozen. It's APRIL...

The missing propane tank(s) have not shown up... neither has the generator that went missing. 

I sold my shed.  That was wayyy too easy, now I have to work on cleaning it out, getting wood for the base, blah.  Too much work, maybe I should get a tan instead...  ;-)  Yeah, like I could get a tan these days.  I wish it would warm up.    I did see a few nude people yesterday wandering around the park... it was more than 10 degrees above freezing !!! (or maybe 5C above freezing).  

If anyone wants to sell anything in the park, email me and I'll put it in the blog.  Seems a LOT of people read this blog.  I really have to do it more often.  I need a calendar reminder.

Hope y'all got your taxes done... the deadline is May 5.

I received this notice for my website, posted it there but I thought some of you may be interested... well... I don't know anyone who is pregnant here but... here you go. It is legit, I checked them out.


If you're a Naturist and pregnant we'd love to talk to you.

Few mums-to-be would say that pregnancy is easy or stress-free, but for some women, having a baby presents very unusual challenges.

Cineflix Productions have been commissioned by Discovery to make 6 x 60 minute episodes on the subject of pregnancy (our working title is “The Pregnancy Project”).

We're looking for mums-to-be from all over the world, who are juggling the usual excitement and anxiety of a typical pregnancy, with an unusual situation or condition.

From sharing the news with your loved ones, to medical appointments and baby showers – right up to the big day itself - we want to explore the realities – the highs and lows, the excitement and the inevitable anxieties that being an extraordinary pregnant mum brings, and help you share your pregnancy story.

We are filming through until the end of the year (2014). 

If you'd be interested in an informal chat with a member of The Pregnancy Project production team, please email ehobbs@cineflix.com or call 0203 179 0099 (UK)

Emm Hobbs

There is a timeshare condo available in the park.


Timeshare Waterfront Condos
Prime location with great views.
Open plan design.
Air conditioned.
Unit wide private balconies.
Limited availability so act now! Going fast.
First open house was very successful.

See Judy for more details. 

If you walk by the lake you will see the stuff below floating near the shore (thanks Judy for all the photos).


They are probably fish eggs as the lake frogs are not around yet.  They are not stupid, they are still in the mud.  Unless the incident of plucking them from the lake and putting them all in a bucket of hot water last summer killed them all... or forced them to leave.  Yeah, that still annoys me.  People should respect the wildlife here... or be taught to respect it.  Anyways, I digress...

Pussy willows are out!

Also, if you are walking beside the lake, on the grass... watch out for a few holes.  They have been there for years though.

Nice boot. Very colorful :-)

Potholes are bad again.  I now have a crunching noise in the back of my car.  I had the brakes fixed as I thought that was the problem but... the noise came back when I started driving over the potholes when I came back into the park... after I had my brakes fixed ($450.).

I drive V E R Y  slowly so I guess it doesn't matter how you drive.

Speaking of driving... (I have been asked by a few people to mention this...)  the speed is 11km INCLUDING golf carts as they are vehicles too.  Now I know that the members here do not drive their golf carts over the speed limit as a few of us who live along the lake are out gardening and we know who is driving fast... so that leaves ... ?   :-)

It has started to rain... blah.

The grass is getting greener and greener and it will soon be time to cut it.

Some of the people are starting to return from their winter places...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day

What a lovely sunny day... even though it is only 42F ... or 10 degrees above FREEZING. 

Brrrrrrrrr.  There is a cold wind too.

Now... from one of the members here.  (Thanks Royce for getting the permission to post here).

Last November, Steve (of Steve and Shelley) posted the following poem on the Bare Oaks Facebook page. Here it is! 


I STAND HERE NAKED    by Steve Harris

I stand here naked: this is just me,
I have no shame with what you can see.
I have a natural body with wonderful parts,
I cherish and keep it with all of my heart.
My body is mine, I accept no abuse.
I am not indecent of morally loose.
I have learned to rethink how I look at my skin;
it's not disgusting, perverted or fallen in sin.
I am not about exposure, I just don't need to hide.
I'm about self acceptance, not sexual pride.
I'm a unique individual with my own size and shape.
I own my genetics, no need to escape.
I don't obsess about my hairline or the size of my pores,
I've accepted my body and I respect yours!

Very nice... we have a poet in our midst :-)

Many of you have seen the two fake coyotes around the park.

Royce said:   "One of the coyotes scared the s&*$ out of me the other day - really forgot how menacing they look!" 

(Can I say 'shit' here?  (grin)  Probably not, even though everyone on the planet has heard it... )

Yes, they freak me out too as I'm not expecting to see something like that swinging around on the shoreline.  Sorry about scaring the dogs but we don't want geese here.  Please do not move the coyotes as the location is changed often.

Gotta get the motorized boats going as there were two geese on the lake today but they didn't stay long after Royce walked by with his dog... heh heh.

Here is a good photo I snapped this week... I guess this goose didn't care...  goose left, coyote right. (Click to enlarge)

The potholes are killers.  You will need to replace parts in your car if you drive down the driveway quickly.  No, seriously.  A load of gravel/screening was dropped off in the back parking lot a few days? ago.  So the holes in the back are (probably?) being filled but we need the holes on the main driveway filled.  They are really REALLY bad.   Lots of people have mentioned them to me too so it is not only me that has a problem.

There is a donation vase on the desk at the office that has this sign.

If you have any spare change, feel free to throw it in.  He spent a lot of money last year (as did a few other people)... on making the park look really nice. Tell your friends :-)

It has been raining off and on for the past few days... so the place is beginning to 'green' up.  Earth day was yesterday... did you do something nice for Earth day?  I planted a bunch of seeds. 

Here is a photo of a Wood frog... thanks Kim and Wendy!

Information about Wood frogs: 

Brown to tan
Triangular black face mask on each side of the head
White line along the upper jaw
Usually found in woodlands

Sounds like a duck quacking.

You can hear the frogs now... they are in the little pools of water in the forest or in the pools along the side of the road.

I have permission to put the following here.

Within the past month, Pauline's large propane tank that was right on the back of her trailer... went missing.  She is not happy...  This is not the first time this year that something has gone missing here.

I would advise that you write your name, or lot number, on your 'stuff'.  Not that that will help but... it's a start.  Chain up your propane tanks ... which a lot of members have done since this happened.

It would be difficult to tell who did it as not many people have been around and the gates have been up a lot of the time in the past month.  The gates are usually raised when the roads are being repaired, or when it is icy, or when something triggers them and they stay up.

If you find that something has gone missing from your place, let me know and I'll post it here. 

If whoever took the propane tank is reading this and wants to return it... just leave it in the front parking lot. Someone will see it... 


If anyone is interested... I am selling (BO) my 10' by 8' metal shed (lot 215).  I won't be moving it for about a month as I need to clean it out.  There is a tarp on it now to keep the crap off the top as it is under trees.  Let me know.   I already have my new shed (okayed by the park).

Just a reminder... Volunteer Day is May 3 from 10-3pm. 

From the Bare Oaks website: "Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be provided, free of charge, for all volunteers. There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition. Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office) We really appreciate the  multitude of people willing to give up their time to make Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park a better place. While there are many people volunteering all year, this is the day we set aside for a massive volunteer effort to get things ready for the season. We are told that it is also a fun day that many people look forward to."

Also on May 3 - Members meeting is from 4-6pm.

Now, go for a walk ... there is no snow.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Seasonal Road is Open

Just a quick post...

The seasonal road is open!!  There are a lot of cars parked on lots at the back so... there you go!  You can now drive to your site.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Long weekend starts tomorrow!!  Yeah!!!

It is still cold here... 46F  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

No snow last night or today and the ground snow is melting. No rain either.

The road in the seasonal area is still CLOSED.

Here is a photo of the moon before the eclipse.  Pretty bad eh?  ;-)  The moon, with the reflection in the lake and the tiny lights at the bottom are ... solar lights. Hey, I didn't have any other photos. If you are not going to send me photos, I will post mine.

Blog Educational Stuff (BES):

Vitamin D:  "Our skin makes vitamin D naturally when exposed to the sun.  Only short sun exposure (about 5 minutes) on either the back of the hands, arms, face or back, two to three times a week during non-peak hours (before 11am and after 4pm) is required to maintain sufficient vitamin D levels.  Most people receive this amount of sun exposure during their usual daily activities. " 

Events this Saturday: "Come join us Saturday evening to Naturist Movie Night 8 to watch “The Nude Traveller Presents ... Club Orient”, “Summer in Holland” and a UK game show, “The Naked Jungle”.
Everyone Welcome.  Show will be held in the New Forest Theatre starting at 8:00PM."

If you would like to know the events of the park, click this link: http://www.bareoaks.ca/index.php/en/events.html

As a lot of you are on Facebook... I found this cartoon funny... however it has absolutely nothing to do with naturism. I like to post a joke at the end of every blog... so you leave smiling ... even though this winter is REALLY BEGINNING TO ANNOY ALL OF US.

Now, go do your taxes.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Here you go everyone...

This morning... It is 33F at the moment.

Last night it rained, then snowed ... blah.  It is still snowing.  Probably around 2 inches now.

I... had... to... shovel... TWICE

Ho hum. The back road is still closed but I bet the potholes are full of snow so they are probably a tad better :-D

Monday, April 14, 2014


It is nice out today but raining.  64F.

BIG thunder storm last night with lots of lightning.  Ooooo ahhhh.  I didn't lose the TV or the Internet so... that is a bonus. You could smell the ozone in the air. 

The flooding continues... here are two photo of Strawberry Fields taken yesterday. (Click image to enlarge)

Last night before the storm I took this photo of the lake.

Twenty minutes later, I took this one.

Twenty minutes later you couldn't see the lake. Fog.

Cool eh?

Well... the ice is now off the lake.  The wind today blew it right on shore and smashed it up.

Who will be the first person in the lake this year?  It's time... ha ha.

Lots of schools of fishies are swimming to and fro.

The geese are back and we are now chasing them away (mostly JL is chasing them away :-D ) Mostly, I'm watching him chase them away.

I was going to put the coyotes out today but it is a tad windy. 

The road is still closed at the water shed. It is drying up quickly and the wind today will help.

Information from James:

"At 1:58 am in the morning  of Tuesday April 15th, the full moon will begin passing into the earth's shadow.

Until 3:07 am when the moon will be almost completely in darkness.

All that will remain will be a faint glow of reddish light and the moon will not be restored to normal until 5:33am one hour before sunrise.
While you are there checkout Spica, a bright star on the moon's lower right AND the brilliant reddish hued light to the upper right of the moon, Mars."

Someone get pictures.  I suck at taking moon pictures. Well, I guess y'all know that by now :-)

The potholes coming into the park are really really bad.  Not sure what can be done about them so just drive slowly. The ground is still frozen. 

I hear it is going to snow tomorrow.  Ho hum.

The hot tub is up and running!!  Yeah!!  A lot of people were in it on the weekend...  the parking lot was full.

Thanks Judy for the following two photos.

" A sure sign of spring - colts foot in bloom (blah - I don't like colts foot, sorry Jan and Kim)

This bloom is in front of Marc and Suzie's place - the one in front of me had only one flower."

"Yesterday I snapped a pic of this cardinal in our garden. "

Pretty pretty boy... but loud... very loud.  The female is somewhere around too.

It is only April so keep feeding the birds for a little while longer.  The grackles are annoying... flocks of them eating a lot of the seeds. The red-wing blackbirds are back with their piercing whistle (holding ears). 

The garbage bins have been distributed around the park, plus the multicolored Muskoka chairs. 

Important:  I asked the office if I could put out a collection jar for Dale in order to buy flowers for the park. He spent his own money on flowers last year.  There is now a jar in the office, thanks to Nikki!!  There is money in it too!!  Thanks everyone for contributing and, for those of you who like the flowers, feel free to throw in some money. A buck goes a long way... or $2. or $20. or $1000. 

Still raining.  No frogs yet... or I haven't heard them.

I will leave you with something weird.  There are a lot of nudists out there with tattoos and piercings... and such.  Here is a new trend in Portland.  I don't know about you but I'm having a bit of trouble looking at this...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Today was nice, I went out without a coat on... yeah!  There is absolutely no snow in Ajax/Pickering.  The snow is slowly melting here but there are still big piles of it around.

Today it reached 50F.  Thanks to a park member that I talked to today (who shall not be named here but you know who you are)  I converted Centigrade to Fahrenheit in my head THREE times tonight.  I will learn how to go from F to C next week. I guess people are annoyed that I won't post Centigrade here... well... too bad for you...

The coyotes are ready to go!!  Royce bought these for the park with the booze fund last year... and I was nominated to look after them.  The ground is still a tad frozen and the lake is still frozen but once the ice is gone... I will stick them somewhere.

They have a post halfway down their backs so they sort of 'float' in the air.  Scary.

This is why you don't drive on the back roads. Nice.

As the road thaws, the potholes get worse.  Just drive slowwwwwly.

Judy sent me this picture yesterday.  Click to enlarge it or you won't see the SNOW.

Lots of foot traffic to the back today.  Lots of people walking around the park.

There is a trailer for sale in the seasonal area: Site 204  - 1989 Mallard, across from the washrooms. Information from the owner: the trailer does not have to be turned on the site if you purchase it.  It only has to be moved forward about 15 feet. 

That would leave you with a really nice lot, on the right as you look at the lot from the road.

To see a list of used trailers:  http://www.bareoaks.ca/index.php/en/trailer-sales/used-trailers-for-sale.html  The popup has been sold.

Thanks to Kimmie for cleaning up the gardens around the clubhouse.  I usually do that job but... it is now HER JOB ... ha ha.  I will, however, get some nice red mulch for those gardens... when the ground thaws.

Some history:

2013 - the seasonal road was closed for 6 weeks.

2012, on March 30 the RC boats and geese were in the lake.
2012, on March 21 it was 100F on my front deck and the ice went out on the lake on March 18.

2011 - the road was closed on March 17.  Not sure how long it was closed for... plus the otters arrived in early April and were basking on the raft.

A bit tricky for that this year as we still have ICE ON THE LAKE.

There are a lot of moles in the park this year. 

Go get your towels and foam pads ready for tomorrow... so you can lay out in the sun!  Yeah!!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Spring is almost here!!  Yeah!!!   It was 57F today.  That is a tad warmish.

Check out who's back!  Thanks Wendy and Kim for the following photos.

Here are some photos of the park...

I'm not sure where this one is but it looks like it is behind Royce's place.


This one is the bridge behind the Outback...

This one is the bridge to the back standing to the LEFT of the bridge.  The lake is on the right.  Lots of water is running through there.

The seasonal roads are a mess.  HUGE RUTS. Someone moved the sign and drove back there... along with the propane truck.  Now I can understand the propane truck but... if the sign is there you might not want to move it.  But then... it is not my job to tell people what to do, do what you want :-)

Lots of people are walking along the road... which makes for a lot of cars in the parking lot at the front.

'They' say it is going to rain tonight.  Good, maybe it will get rid of a lot of the snow.

There was a potluck yesterday at 6:30pm.  You missed it.  So... from now on, I won't be posting the events here as they are obviously only added to the schedule a few days before the event and most people will miss them anyways. 

For events outside the park... the Wave Pool is next Saturday the 12th at 7:30 - 10pm.  Details can be found here: http://gtaskinnydippers.ca/Home.html  (Wave Pool link is at the top).

There were a few naked joggers yesterday. 

Park news from the Bare Oaks Blog... for those of you who don't get the blog :

"Karen has decided not to return for the 2014 season. After 5 years of dedicated service as the park manager, she felt that it was time to try something different. Since 2009, Karen has been a tireless supporter of the park. She survived many challenges during those years and lived through an enormous amount of change. We are very thankful for her consistent dedication, infinite enthusiasm, boundless energy and tenacious efforts. But she’s not leaving the park. She remains a passionate member so we will continue to benefit from her cheerful disposition and warm heart.

Nikki has agreed to take on the role of Operations Manager. It is great to see how much her skills have developed in the more than 6 years she has worked here. She was our first summer student in 2008. When she was featured in a Toronto Star article about working at Bare Oaks, her other employer expressed concern. But she decided that naturism was the right way and, fortunately for us, opted for working at Bare Oaks full-time during that summer. Naturism became a fierce passion of hers. She returned for successive seasons and, after she graduated, even worked part-time during the winter season. With each subsequent year, Nikki has accepted increased responsibilities with enthusiasm and grasped every opportunity to go beyond the tasks assigned to her. But it is in her people skills that she has really excelled. That's probably why Nikki has become such a popular yoga instructor. No need to worry, she's not giving that up! "

Other news from the Park Blog :

Hot tub update number 3:

"The replacement heater is on a truck coming from California. Depending on how co-operative Canadian Customs are, it should be here either Monday or Tuesday. The installers have been scheduled accordingly and we plan to have the hot tub back in operation for next weekend. (April 12th)

As mentioned in our previous updates, we had to order a brand new replacement heater because Jandy, the manufacturer of our current heating unit, is no longer supporting what they consider to be an outdated model. (we purchased it new just 4 years ago) We did a lot of searching but we had to accept that some of the replacement parts we needed we not available. We therefore had no other choice but to order a brand new replacement heater. The type we needed (it’s a very big hot tub) was not in stock and had to be manufactured for us.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate the patience, sympathy, and support that we have received from several of the members as we have gone through this unexpected and expensive undertaking."

More pictures of the Park... thanks Judy for these ones!

This one is the Bunny Trail...

I don't have a CLUE where this one was taken, even though someone tried to tell me.  It's a mystery... but the photo says: footbridge 2 rivers.  Doesn't matter... it is still flooded :-) Wear rubber boots.

This one is Strawberry fields with a river running through it. 

Standing on the bridge to the seasonal section, looking left.

The ruts in the road from the gate to the turnoff to Helios.

Strawberry fields.

The pond when you turn left into Helios... the water was covering the entire road a few days ago.

I did a bit of raking today as it was nice and warmish. 

There are NO insects yet!!!  Well, except for the stupid black houseflies... which are hanging around the south side of all the trailers.  There are a LOT of them.  I go out with a fly swatter every now and then but I'm not winning. 

Both in and out gates are up... it could be the ice.  I noticed when I came in the other day, the out gate went up. Odd. 

The ice is gone from around the garbage bins so you can now get out of your car without skating around. 

Oh and my rhubarb is starting to peak out of the dirt... whoa.  It needs to stop as I don't think we are finished with winter yet. 

Almost time to put out the coyote decoys... if anyone sees them, please do NOT move them.  They may scare a few dogs but... we do not want geese.  I remember the first year we had geese... poop everywhere.  I spent HOURS cleaning up goose poop on the paths.  Hey, fellas, time to get the boats out and charged ...heh heh. 

That said... the ice is still on the lake so... it will be a while before the radio boats are put in the lake.

Taxes are due in 3.5 weeks... just as a reminder.