Monday, March 31, 2014


It's 58 F degrees!!!  or ... I lost my conversion table... you figure it out :-D   I could google it but... it's just as easy for you to google it...

The road to the seasonal area is CLOSED.  You cannot drive down it.  At the moment, the park truck is trying to clean up some of the mess.

Park information: "It's finally starting to warm up and feel like spring. It's great to see temperatures above freezing and to feel the sun regaining its cheery warmth that's been missing all winter. Environment Canada is predicting sun for the beginning of next week with temperatures of  8-10ÂșC at the beginning of the week. But that also means we're getting our yearly muddy road mess. So until the ground thaws and absorbs all that water or things dry up a bit, we have to close Beckett Circle to vehicles in order to prevent road damage. Of course, everyone is welcome to walk around everywhere but rubber boots are definitely recommended!"

No warning was given or I would have given you warning :-)  The 'girls' drove up from the back on Friday night ... going to the potluck and couldn't get past the Kubota which was parked just past Helios.  ha ha.   Okay, not funny for them.

Here we go again... I have been asked to put this in the blog.

Do not take anything from the lost and found that does not belong to you. One of the females here left a pair of black leather gloves behind a couple of weeks ago, and according to the office (she asked them at the office today), some honest person turned them in at the desk. The folks in the office put the gloves in the lost and found basket. Today, (yesterday) the gloves were no longer there.
Why would someone take something that does not belong to them.  I guess the gloves were really nice. 
Anyways if you are reading this and took them... PUT THEM BACK, or give them to me. I'd be happy to return them to the owner. 
It's like the chocolate bars that went missing in the downstairs fridge.  THREE of us checked the fridge and they were not there.  I posted a note on this blog and on the Bare Oaks Facebook page. A few days later they mysteriously appeared in the fridge. Hmmm... I guess ranting about theft works, eh?
This is from the official Bare Oaks Blog. Cabins in the parking lot.
Many people have asked about the 3 cabins parked in our front lot. Those are our new Cozy Cabin accommodations.  They will eventually join the single cabin that arrived in the fall. (as soon as the snow melts and the ground dries out)

The cabins fill a gap in our overnight options. They are an affordable choice for people who want a ready place to stay – either because they don't own a tent or camper; are coming from far away (e.g. overseas); or just want the convenience of having everything set for them when they arrive.

The cabins are insulated and equipped with double-pane windows. That, combined with the forced-air propane furnace means that they will be comfortable from early spring to late fall.

They sleep up to 6 people. The two double beds each have a single bunk above them. We will provide the linens.
There is a small kitchen with an under-counter refrigerator and microwave. A BBQ with side-burner is also included with each unit. We will equip each cabin with all the kitchens basics. (pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, etc...)

What the cabins do not have is water. But since they will be located on sites 240 and 241 near the comfort station in Beckett Circle, it's an easy walk to the washroom, showers, and dishwashing station.
(read more about it by subscribing to the blog (check the Bare Oaks website: )
Here is a photo of Earth Hour in the basement of the clubhouse.  Thanks Judy!
... another photo of Judy's place... pretty...
A photo of the lake thawing taken a few days ago... from Judy.  You definitely can't skate on it now.

We walked around a bit today and the road to the back is really icy... you can't walk on it.  Missy said she would be putting some sand down but I don't know how that is going.
SUN IS OUT... time to start tanning ...
As we just passed 'save the earth' day.  I will leave you with a photo of a very helpful earth creature...

Friday, March 28, 2014


Well, not much going on here since the last blog entry.

It rained last night and a bit today so the lake is melting. 

At the moment it is 36F... just above freezing. 

They say the sun will come out on Sunday...

The road to the seasonal area was NOT closed today but the roads are a real mess.  I'm not saying the road to the back will be closed soon, I'm just pointing out that driving on the roads will leave big ruts.

The road into the park is very icy.  My car slid from side to side today... very unnerving and somewhat cool.

There is NO salt on the roads.  

There are a few trailers for sale. Go to this link for more information:

In Helios:

Year round water, sewer & 100 amp electrical services!

1995 Huronridge
Site 104

Price: $49,000


In the seasonal area:

1995 Jayco Pop-up

Site 291
An affordable way to get into a campsite!

Price: $3,200

So... if you buy the trailer, you get the site.  I have NO idea where site 291 is located.


1989 Mallard
Site 204
Price: $19,000

IMPORTANT: The trailer, deck and shed are currently located on both lots 203 and 204. They are being sold with lot 204 only. The purchaser will be responsible for repositioning them appropriately.


Not much else is going on...

Okay I just checked the events list on the Bare Oaks site and tonight there is an Alphabet Potluck and a continuation of Game of Thrones Season 3.  Potluck will start at 6:30, with the viewing of Game of Thrones to follow. Everyone welcome. The potluck theme will be anything that starts with the letter "C".

So... you missed it (grin). Not to worry, I missed the Italian potluck when they didn't announce that one.

Seems you have to check the events list every day if you wish to attend an event as that event was NOT on the list when I posted the last blog entry.


Here is some information sent to me from Kim and Wendy...


#1252      for March 29, 2014            © 2014 David J. Hawke

The provincial government works in mysterious ways. Sometimes new laws and regulations happen "overnight", while other times an obviously needed change or deletion of a poor regulation can take decades to correct. The list of noxious plants on the province's Weed Control Act, administered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, has suddenly been changed, and surprisingly for the better.

Right now there are twenty-three species of noxious plants that this Act covers. So what is a noxious plant? According to the Act, if a plant is deemed harmful to living things (mainly agricultural crops and livestock) or is injurious to health (that would be to us people) then it's against the law to have it growing on your property.

          The list includes:

- common barberry shrub
- European buckthorn shrub
- bull thistle
- Canada thistle
- Scotch thistle
- Russian thistle
- nodding thistle
- sow thistle (there are several species)
- wild carrot or Queen-Anne's-lace
- colt's foot
- dodder
- goat's beard
- Johnson grass
- knapweed (there are several species)
- milkweed (there are several species)
- poison hemlock (the wildflower, not the tree)
- poison ivy
- proso millet (the stuff in your bird feeder that the birds don't like)
- ragweed (there are two species)
- yellow rocket (one of many species of mustard)
- cypress spurge
- leafy spurge
- tuberous vetchling
- giant hogweed

Give this list a close look and see how many 'illegal' wildflowers you have growing on your property, or are found in the local park. Yep, quite a few. However, despite their listing here, you may grow some of these plants if and only if: you are not in an agricultural area; or if you can ensure that the seeds or rootstock will not enter an agricultural area. The original intent of this Act is to protect crops and livestock.

 because a weed-free field is a beautiful thing.

 Did you notice that milkweed is on the list? Apparently if a sheep or cow eats a whole lot of milkweed all at once in one sitting, it may get gas. That trumps the fact that milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterfly caterpillars will eat. But that all changes next April 14. On this date milkweed will be delisted, taken off the list and allowed to grow unmolested in Ontario. Hooray!
This delisting has taken only a couple of decades (at least) and numerous cries of outrage from many conservation organizations and individuals. With the bad news that monarch butterflies are now all but gone, and now having corn seed that withstands the herbicide used to kill milkweeds in fields, the milkweed has been tamed to the point that society no longer needs to live in fear of bloated cows and vomiting goats.

An aspect of this Act that I find interesting is that giant hogweed was added with a very short lead time, and now so too will dog-strangling vine. It's a good thing that these two nasty plants are now listed, but I am bemused at the process that allows additions so quickly and makes deletions so agonizingly slow.

Will this milkweed reprieve save the monarch butterfly? By itself, probably not, as there are many factors that affect the population of these orange-and-black beauties, the biggest being the destruction of its wintering grounds in Mexico. If one or two 'flutterbys' make it back to Ontario then I'm sure a milkweed or two will be much appreciated.

The kicker with dog-strangling vine (DSV) is that it is closely related to milkweed, yet cannot sustain monarch butterfly caterpillars. The adult butterflies are tricked into laying their eggs on this vine but when the eggs hatch the young starve to death. There has been some focused effort in recent years to kill DSV in the area, but it is continuing to spread at an alarming rate, growing so thickly that native plants are smothered out (but dog-lovers can relax as it is in name only that this strong vine harasses canines).

There will soon be new insects introduced into Ontario that will eat only DSV... or so we all hope. If the little critters also take a liking to the common milkweed then we may be in a really awkward position when it comes to explaining to the butterfly societies why there is nothing left for the caterpillars to eat. But we can trust the government to carefully oversee this, right?

The good news in all this is that bad laws can be changed. All it takes is years of lobbying, another crisis to take the focus off of the original point of discussion and a looming election. So it starts with a simple milkweed, and maybe then the legalization of marijuana, then the abolition of that useless Drive Clean program. And bring back the incandescent light bulb! Hmm, maybe elections can be used to our advantage.

Now, my opinion.  I was not going to get rid of my milkweed plants regardless.  I have a small patch of them by the lake. I like Monarch Butterflies and I don't own a cow :-)
Not to worry though, the government is introducing new insects to eat a similar plant to milkweed so I'm sure they will definitely screw that one up and kill all the milkweed... and the butterflies.  HAH.
Did you notice that goldenrod is not on the list?  Soooo many people think goldenrod makes their allergies flare up when it is really ragweed.
Colt's foot is in everyone's lawn, it is that green spreading plant with the tiny yellow flowers.
Queen Annes lace is on the list plus THISTLE??!!  Those people are a tad insane.  I grow whatever the butterflies like... 
If all the 'so called' noxious plants were removed from this park, it would be barren.   
Only my opinion and I have a lot of them. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It snowed again today.  Ho hum.

Then it rained for a while.  It is still raining.  The good news is... the ice is melting.

The bad news is... the roads are very icy. There is sand at the gates and on the front parking lot.

The propane truck was here on March 13.  I just got my bill in the mail and the price per litre is .729.  The last two fillups ... it was .949.  Excellent!


From the Bare Oaks Blog... (go to - at the bottom of the front page you can subscribe to the blog).

Based on the success of the 2013 trip to France, we decided to do it again! But by popular request, we are now offering more flexibility. This year you have the option 1 or 2 weeks at the CHM Montalivet and an additional trip to Paris is also an option. Airfare is no longer included to allow for multiple departure points and to give you more flexibility. (e.g. some people want to use frequent flyer points to get there)

The trip is once again being organized by one of our members, Pauline from

(more stuff)
  • June 28 - July 5 (one week) or June 28 - July12 (two weeks) at the CHM Montalivet.
  • Optional 4 days/3 night in Paris, July 12 - 15
  • Optional excursions in both Bordeaux and Paris
  • Affordable! Discounted group pricing on accommodations. All costs included except for your meals which you can cost-effectively prepare yourself in your bungalow while at Montalivet.
  • Maximum of 50 people (capacity of the bus) which is as few as 25 couples and less if they have children. So book soon if you want to be included. First come, first served!

Read the blog for more info or go here:


Don't go on the lake... it is making weird sounds and is probably thawing.  You can't skate on slush.

Another one of those 'sleeper' cabins arrived today.  The first one is on the right as you enter the seasonal area.

No photos today.  (pssttt Judy... need photos :-)  )

Monday, March 17, 2014


March 17th... St. Patrick's Day.  If you aren't Irish, why are you wearing green?  ;-)

The roads are still slippery... watch where you walk.

Last night it dropped to minus 5F or... minus 20C.  That is cold. 

Did anyone's water pipes freeze?  They did last time it dipped this low.

Full moon last night and it was HUGE. I was going to take a photo but... the night was black and the moon was a round yellow circle.  All those photos look the same... or so I was told.

This was sent to me from Suzy...

Read the Blog on the Bare Oaks Players which contains updates and information about Bare Oaks Players theatre group.


More information: 

"Our first Bare Oaks Players members meeting took place on Saturday March 8, 2014.  Our Playbill draft for this season was discussed.    Although only a few members showed up, we covered the agenda items and read  two plays, out loud. We had a great time and laughed a lot.
We also talked about our mandate for this year and methods on how to promote the  group and augment participation. A few action items were taken away and a follow up gathering was recommended. This will be scheduled when a bit more sun shows up.  As per the Playbill (above), our first event will be held at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park on Sunday June 22, 2014 at 1pm – close to the pool area – rain or shine.  Bring a pot luck item and a poem to share. Any language. Nothing sad please and no longer than 3 minutes. We hope to see you. 
  Call for Directors. We are getting close to being ready for a call for auditions – which we will most likely hold in April /May 2014. Before scheduling auditions, we need directors and plays.  If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible.   Call for Members. We are also looking for additional help in all aspects of mounting a production, mostly actors.  Again, please let us know if you are interested or simply subscribe to our blog to follow our progress. "

 Read more... on the blog... or subscribe to it on the blog page, top right...

Next... a few complaints.

1. If you use the downstairs kitchen PLEASE CLEAN IT... after you use it.  Apparently it was a mess when people were setting up for the Italian potluck this past Friday night.

2. If you use the downstairs fridge... don't move or eat anything in it that is not yours.

3. If you see newspapers at the entrance of the Park, please leave them at the entrance of the Park. Subscriptions were purchased by members in the Park and when they can't find their paper... it is annoying and expensive. 

Next, will the person who borrowed JL's compressor please give it back to him or let him know that you have it.  He needs it.

Next Saturday March 22 at 7:30 is Game of Thrones Season 3. 

Photos of woodpecker damage... hey! they're hungry too!  Thanks Wendy and Kim! 

Biggg holes...

The turkeys seem to like this park. Thanks Wendy and Kim!

These ones appear to be eating grass or straw...

I lightened the pictures so they were easier to see. There's quite a herd now.

Nothing else to report... so here is a funny photo...

Or maybe you prefer a spider cupcake?

Only 13 more days of winter left!!  My summer begins on April 1.  Yeah!!  Warm weather and ... lower propane costs... hah.

Go walk your dog...

Thursday, March 13, 2014



This winter is really starting to annoy me...

It snowed about a FOOT... well, it seems like a foot.  It was a lot... with drifting snow.  The snow was up to my knees around the bottom of one of my birdfeeders.

I had to finish shovelling today.  There are no places left to put snow.  I can't lift the shovel that high.

Okay end of rant.

Well this is funny.  I'm expecting a package from California.  UPS just sent me this notice on why it will be delayed:



Here are some photos from Judy, she says:  "Dirty Messy Birds!  Give them welfare, they will come - and make a mess!!"

That was two days ago... now the mess is covered in snow. I picked up all my extra seeds / hulls and put them along a deer path.  I had 4 kitty litter plastic buckets full of old seeds.

The roads are plowed... but as I said... we are running out of places to put snow.

The small road to the Outback is closed.  Not sure why but there are orange cones on it.  I think the ice and snow was cleared off it this winter which would expose the mud ... which would thaw in the warm weather ... and that is probably why it is closed. Mud.

The seasonal roads are open... I'll let you know when/if they are closed.

Quote of the week: Richard Foley: "You cannot go out naked in public spaces and demand a "right to privacy". If you are naked in public and someone takes your photo, it's tough tittie."

Just thought I'd throw that one in.  I always get permission from people to put their photos here and they are NOT nude as the owners of this blog (BlogSpot) do not allow nudity. Okay, in a few I have the naughty bits covered with a smiley face. :-)

Here ya go... a better winter photo...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


What a day!!

It was 50F today or 10C...

The thermometer says 62 ... it was in the sun.  Lots of stuff melted today.

We went for a walk to the back and the creek is NOT high... in fact, it is barely flowing.  That should change in the next week due to all the melting.

It is currently 34F (for those of you who don't use Fahrenheit anymore... that is around freezing). Okay, I'll stop now. ;-)

The roads are very very icy so drive slowly, especially in the spots that have water over the ice. Salt and sand are not used on the roads.

Sunrises ... taken by Judy... "A couple of sunrise photos from Monday - taken about 5 minutes apart :)".  Thanks!

Very pretty.


Here is some information from Wendy and Kim.  I couldn't include it all so if you want more information go here:

The Carden Nature Festival is on June 7 - 8.

Taken from their flyer:

"There are a number of new events, such as Wild Medicines, Bumblebees and Geocaching for Beginners, as well as popular returning events such as Birding by Ear, Paddle the Head River and Insects on the Alvar. Read more about the events on the List of Activities page. 

There are two different Weekend Passes to choose from that will give you access to any of the events running on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a pass to just join us for dinner on Saturday and hear our Guest Speaker, David Phillips of Environment Canada speak. Registration is available online and it's quick and easy to do.

Also new this year is the Family Fun Fest, running 10:00am - 4:00pm on Saturday, June 7. There will be wagon rides, face painting, live music, interactive exhibits and much more. There is no charge to take part in Fun Fest. "
Ooo... there is a Spider Hunt on June 7.  I think I'll give that a miss.
Anyways this sounds like fun for kids too.
There is an admission charge for people attending the workshops.  This is one of the passes you can buy: "Purchase a Weekend Pass  ($45 per person) that grants you access to an unlimited number of workshops throughout the weekend."
It's east of Orillia, east of Rama Road in case any of you go to Casino Rama. Okay just look at the map on the website.
It's going to snow tomorrow. boo hoo.  I bought a Lithium Ion battery operated (redundant) snow blower at the beginning of the winter.  I'm happy to say that it has now paid for itself!!  That is, if I had to hire someone to shovel my walkways and driveways for $10. a time. Yeah!!  It is fabulous, light and it really works.
I spent a lot of today chipping away at the ice in the driveway, on the walkways, cleaning up the birdseed on the ground... blah.
Yesterday (or Sunday?) I saw someone running around the park NUDE.  Today, which was a perfect day to run nude... there was no one. 
The road to the seasonal area is NOT closed but it is very muddy in parts.  Try to keep your car on the snow and ice parts if you drive back there. If not, you will make a real mess of the road.
The hot tub is still not working. The pool is not open :-D... but then you knew that, eh? The saunas are working and the shower is fixed.

Last Friday in the New Forest room they were showing Game of Thrones.  That was not on the calendar last week so I couldn't give you any notice.

This Friday the 14th there is an Italian Potluck & Games of Thrones, Season 2 Continued. Starting at 6:30 for the Potluck. If you plan on attending, please contact Liz at

Saturday the 15th ... the Game of Thrones continues.

On Saturday, March 29th there is Earth Hour Candlelight Game Night starting at 8:30 - 9:30pm.

"In honour of Earth Hour, turn off your electronics at home and join us in the New Forest Room for a Game Night completely lit by candles. This has always been a pleasant social gathering, much needed after the winter hibernation. Feel free to bring snacks."

Here is a photo of the rink (click on photos to enlarge):

Now, for the educational part of the blog... how to get rid of a headache/migraine.
Sitting on the counter like that looks a tad dangerous but... I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about that if she has a migraine.  I don't know if this works but ... hey... try it next time.


Frozen peas can also be used on sprains :-D

That's it... nothing else is going on.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Well... it has been a very long week. 

It is minus 5 F at the moment... or minus 20 C.  Now that is cold.  The snow squeaks when you walk on it. 

Hot tub news from management:

"The replacement heater that meets our needs is not in stock. It has to be manufactured in California. They estimate 4 weeks. That means the hot tub will not be available again until April.

As mentioned in our pervious update, Jandy, the manufacturer of our current heating unit is no longer supporting what they consider to be an outdated model. (we purchased it new just 4 years ago) After a lot of searching, we had to accept that some of the replacement parts we needed we no longer available. We therefore had no other choice but to order a brand new replacement heater.

The hot tub heater rotted from the outside in. It wasn’t the pool or hot tub water that destroyed it. It was the elements. We were told it was an outdoor unit. Apparently that means:
1) Outside and running all the time in a climate like Florida; or
2) Outside and shut off during the winter in climates like Canada

Of course, that was never made clear to us when we purchased it. Apparently in the cold winter temperatures, whenever the unit would shut off after running for a bit, condensation would form on all the inside parts which is what caused the corrosion from the outside in. So the next unit will be installed inside a small insulated shed. It should then last for about 8 to 10 years instead of the 4 we got. "

There ya go.

Here are some wild turkey photos taken behind Kim and Wendy's place (thanks for sending them!)

I saw around eight of them in the seasonal area along the river.  They are sooo cute but a bit skittish.

Here are turkey tracks in case you see the tracks in the park.  They are like little arrows.

And some more wildlife!  Deer!

The only event on the calendar is March 29.

Earth Hour-Candlelight Game Night

20:30 - 21:30... I think that is 8:30 to 9:30.

In honour of Earth Hour, turn off your electronics at home and join us in the New Forest Room for a Game Night completely lit by candles. This has always been a pleasant social gathering, much needed after the winter hibernation. Feel free to bring snacks.


I don't like candles... but that is just me.

There are no other events listed for the Park in March.

I haven't seen anyone skating on the lake for a while.


2012: the pool opened on May 14
2013: the pool opened on May 26

I don't know when the pool is opening this year but does anyone know if the leaking pipes were fixed in the fall?  Someone asked,  so I'm following up.

People are playing darts in the basement on Saturday afternoons this winter (sometimes Sunday).  If someone has a spare dart board that they don't need, please bring it up.  There are a lot of players.

The roads are pretty bad and very slippery.  When you drive down them you skate across them in your car due to the ridges.  The slush should have been plowed up when it thawed so there are huge wheel tracks/ridges frozen in the road now.  I've been filling mine with snow and it seems to work well.   Be very careful when you get out of your car at the garbage bins.  One person is suffering a broken wrist due to the ice but that did not happen at the Park.  Just sayin'... be careful. There isn't much you can do about the ice as everyone has it...

May the 3rd is Volunteers day from 10am to 3pm. 

Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be provided, free of charge, for all volunteers.  There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition.  Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office) 

We really appreciate the multitude of people willing to give up their time to make Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park a better place. While there are many people volunteering all year, this is the day we set aside for a massive volunteer effort to get things ready for the season. We are told that it is also a fun day that many people look forward to.

May the 3rd is also the Member's Meeting day from 4pm to 6pm.

All members are invited to come and get an update on what's happening at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and ask questions.

Last year I didn't blog for January, February, March and most of April as... nothing really happened.  This year I'm blogging approximately every week as people have mentioned that they like to keep up to date with things around the Park.

It's been a brutally cold winter so I haven't seen much skating, cross country skiing. I've seen a few people on snow shoes.  Now that is wayyyyy too much work for me.   I've gone through an incredible amount of bird seed, peanuts and suet this year.  

That's it... if you have any photos, shrink 'em, and send them to me.  Or any other news.