Saturday, February 22, 2014

Canada Wins Gold !!

The Canada women's hockey players won the Olympic Gold.  Yeah!!!  We're number one...  we're number one... we're NUMBER ONE!!

The Canada men's hockey players won against the USA so they will be in the Gold / Silver metal game on Sunday!  Yeah. We're number one (or two)... we're number one (or two) ... we're NUMBER ONE OR TWO.   As Eric C. would say... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Anyways... on with Park stuff.

It rained Thursday night and a bit yesterday with thunderstorms.

The creek is still down (as in, it is not flooding the road yet).   It was warm yesterday 45F or 7C. 

That is HOT for this time of year.

Today it is 37F or maybe 5C?

The roads were very VERY icy yesterday.  There is a lot of slush on the roads too. The plow is not going to remove the slush as it would turn into a big skating rink when it freezes.

Last night it froze... now the Park is a skating rink ha ha ha.

Someone is driving around the seasonal area and creating a real mess.  The Yurt peeps are parking at the front. You might want to check with the office before you drive up here.

The creek is still low so there is no danger of the road flooding ... at least today.

Here are a few photos of Missy plowing.  Before this she was stuck in the snowbank... heh heh.  A bunch of us tried to dig and push her out but someone with a big truck came along and pulled her out.  The snow is very high... Thanks Judy for the photos!

Here are some more photos showing how much snow we've gotten... thanks Judy for the photos!

It's high.

Here is JL standing beside it...

The following photos are from Wendy and Kim... thanks!!  This is Bruce's deck at the Outback, all cleaned off.  Haven't seen Bruce in months... is it too cold for you?  (grin)

Here is the road to the seasonal area... notice how low the water is in the creek.

Two of the staff have thrown some sand on the ground around the in and out gates.  Good thing as it is starting to get very slippery at the gates. 

View across the lake.


The playground.


The bridge near the Outback.

People have been snowshoeing in the Park... there are a lot of tracks.  Plus on the back trails.

Not many skiers though...   after the rain, it may be a bit difficult to ski.

One casualty of the wet snow and rain... the Christmas float that was parked in the overflow parking in the seasonal area is now as flat as a pancake.  The roof caved in.  The owner has been notified.

I didn't see any problems with any sheds or trailers while walking around yesterday.  You can't walk today as there is wayyyyyyyy too  much ice on the roads.

The top layer of the rink on the lake was water yesterday but it looks like it is frozen now.

Another propane delivery yesterday... at least it is getting warmer :-)

Make sure you get your sleep tonight so you can get up at SIX AM to watch the Olympic Gold Men's Hockey Game.  


Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's FREEZING outside.  Brrrrrrrr.  I went for a walk today and my cheeks froze.

It's 5F at the moment and it was minus 8F last night.  That is pretty cold.  I'd convert it but I cleaned up my desk and can't find the conversion to celsius  table. :-)  Oh well.

News from the park about the hot tub:

"Unfortunately, Jandy, the manufacturer of our heating unit is no longer supporting what they consider to be an outdated model. (we purchased it new just 4 years ago) After a lot of searching, we have to accept that some of the replacement parts we need are not available. We therefore have no other choice but to order a brand new replacement heater. That likely means another few weeks of downtime."

So there you have it. 

I'm mentioning the following problem as a few people have mentioned it to me.  

If you are driving around the Park... please don't park your car on (in the middle of) any of the roads.  There are people who are coming in and checking their trailers so when you park on the road, they can't get past you.  There are a few parking spots along the road that Rosie carved out so you can use those spots... and walk. Yes, it's true, walking will give you a bit of exercise too.

Now if it is only for a few minutes and you are right there... that's different.  I've actually seen it a few times and the person in the car waits... and waits.  Not me, I would be on the horn :-)  ... but that is just me.

I hear the nude cruise is over and the cruisers are coming home.  Hope y'all had a great time!!

Now for something completely different that has absolutely nothing to do with the Park. There is a very popular nudist resort in MA which has been operating for over 30 years. Here is what they have done... or will be doing when the resort opens. 

"Berkshire Vista Has A Newcomer Friendly Attitude For 2014

 Berkshire Vista Resort, (BVR,) nestled in the picturesque hills of Hancock, Berkshire County, MA, announces “We are now 100% Clothing Optional.”   We are striking the ‘No Bathing Suits’ admonition from our rules and policies, in an effort to be more Newcomer Friendly. Starting with the 2014 Season, on May 1, Nudity, Bathing Suits and Casual Attire are appropriate throughout the campgrounds. For the first time, Bathing Suits are allowed in the Pool Area, and in the Pool, and Hot Tubs.   Berkshire Vista has always had a Nude Attitude; i.e. Every Person has the Right to be Nude on the grounds of BVR, and 250 American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) affiliated clubs nationwide. We recently came to the decision we needed an attitude adjustment. We feel we can adopt a Newcomer Friendly Attitude, and still be true to our Nude Clientele. Nudity is recommended, and we encourage our Newcomer Visitors to try it; but we recognize that not everyone is ready to dive in to Social Nudity on their first visit. We still want them to enjoy themselves here, so long as they are comfortable with others Right to be Nude. ... "


There is more but that is the most interesting part.  Their website is here: The blurb is on the front page.

I'm not going to speculate about BVR but I know that some resorts and clubs are starting to close... with fewer and fewer clientele.  This looks like a way to keep the place going.  Plus it will give the (not nudist yet) spouses a chance to go to the resort too. Four Seasons here in Ontario is now clothed only.  Anyways, I found that interesting.


The rink was used today by a few people... it is cleaned off.   Watch the cracks though... I heard that someone fell after hitting a crack and the person is still hurting.

It snowed another inch last night... a broom can handle that.

Tomorrow is a holiday!!   Yeah!!

There's not much going on...

Here are some snow photos...

This trailer has been cleaned off three times.  That is a picnic table on the deck.

The plower has had a lot of work to do this winter.

Bring a shovel if you come up :-)

Three months until the long weekend in May!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well... not much is going on here.

The rink on the lake has been used a few times this winter.

It snowed AGAIN last night but only about an inch.

The good news is... I bought a Snow Joe Lithium Ion battery snowblower this year and in one more plowing... it will have paid for itself.  It looks like a toy but the more snow, the better it works. :-)  I was tired of shovelling. 

It has been really cold at night the past few nights... in the minuses (Fahrenheit).  Brrrrr.

My pipes haven't frozen again but the kitchen ones froze during the first cold snap... as did the pipes of three other people in the park. 

The sun is shining today... but it is only 11F  or ... I have no idea what it is in C... but it is probably just as cold (grin).

The crew is off on the Nude Cruise this week... performing the Vagina Monologues.

The roads have been sorta plowed.  It is getting a tad difficult to figure out where to put the snow so... the plower is doing her best.

A lot of the regular propane delivery people received a letter/email from RS propane stating: " ... due to the cold weather, the Sarnia suppliers are raising their prices therefore our price will go up by $0.14 per litre  and will now be $0.78. "  They also stated that their price would fluctuate according to the Sarnia prices.  We had a delivery and our price was $0.949.  It was originally $0.64 (I think).  Don't bother emailing or contacting RS Propane as there is nothing they can do about it. Other people here have contacted them, and the park management.  Hopefully the price will go down when the cold weather is over.

I heard the hot tub has been down for quite a while.  I was over at the Clubhouse this past Sunday and it was not working.  I have no idea when it stopped working...  so that is your update :-)

That's it for this week. 

Reminder... Valentines Day is this Friday!!