Saturday, August 31, 2013


The rain has stopped now... it rained most of the night with a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in.

It is 73F / 22C... which is a tad chilly.

One of the staff was filling the potholes in Helios yesterday. 

The water problems in Helios are still being diagnosed (I haven't heard differently) so our water is still off occasionally...

Gloomy day... no sun so far.

It has been really humid here the past week... but I'm not complaining.  You don't have to shovel rain or humidity.

Judy sent me this information:

"I took this picture of the tent caterpillar nests that are located across the road from our place, on the south side. Two weeks ago there was only one SMALL nest. I don't know if anything can be done to get rid of the nests before  their feeding causes extensive defoliation of the nearby trees. "If webs are present, colonies of young larvae can be removed by clipping and destroying the tents and caterpillars. This is best done when the caterpillars are at rest in the tent, either in early morning, late evening, or on cool rainy days. A pole pruner can be used to remove the nests in taller trees." (

I've seen a few more nests around the park recently.

From Royce: "The jockey has a name!!! Congrats to Diane for naming him - Jacques Strapp. Brilliant! Honourable mentions include Wellington (Rainy), Hawthorne (Henry), and Rutherford (also Diane). Thanx to all who offered a name."

I talked to Royce and he said he had 42 entries for the name ... wow.

I receive the TWC newsletter. Here is their latest information.

Turtle eggs hatching at TWC!

Dozens of small tubs line the shelves of the reptile and amphibian room at Toronto Wildlife Centre. Each one contains rows of incubating turtle eggs.

Some of the eggs have been laid by injured turtles in care. Pregnant female turtles are housed in enclosures with large tubes filled with a sandy mixture they can use to lay their eggs which are then incubated. Others have been surgically removed from turtles who have succumbed to their injuries. 

Because all but one of Ontario’s eight species of turtles is considered to be at risk, it is important to return as many adult turtles and their hatchlings to the wild as possible.

Toronto Wildlife Centre has admitted 48 turtles so far this year. Many were females hit by cars while crossing roads to get to nesting sites. 


Snapping Turtle hatchlings

In the last few weeks, tiny turtles have started to emerge from the incubating eggs. And turtles in the wild have also started breaking through their shells. Newly hatched turtles are tiny and may look helpless, but they emerge from their eggs ready to take on the world, without parental help.

These tiny turtles are sometimes picked up and taken home from the wild to keep as pets. Please discourage this behaviour if you see it. Besides being illegal, as with any wild animal, they will quickly grow into less cute adults, too large for a home-sized enclosure. Their nutritional needs are complex and we have seen countless turtles with deformed or soft shells because they are malnourished or have not had enough exposure to sunlight.

And removing a little turtle from the wild denies it of its right to lead a normal life in the wild. In the case of a snapping turtle, a normal life could be 100+ years of freedom in the wild

If a turtle lover really wants a turtle as a pet, there are many red-eared sliders in shelters that are in need of good homes.
On average, it takes 30 to 40 years for a turtle to reach breeding age; the loss of a single turtle could effect the population of an at-risk species for decades.

Hey, I hope OUR turtles hatch soon!  If your dog encounters our turtles, PLEASE KEEP IT AWAY FROM THEM.

Today is the AGM of the Social Committee... from 10am to noon.  I missed it (grin).  I don't do 'early' unless it is at 2am.

Tonight is Illumination... decorate your site!

Chili cook off is tomorrow (Sunday).  From Rainy: "You must register and pay your $5.00 Fee for your Chili prior to 4 pm on Saturday August 31... then you must bring your Chili to the Outback in the container you received when you registered... between 1:00 and 1:15 Sunday ....No later than 1:30. Late Submissions will not be accepted. Secret Judging begins at 2. Potluck is at 5 pm at the Outback. Peoples Choice at the Potluck!"

Darts at the Outback at 1pm on SUNDAY.  It says on the flyers at the front that the darts are on the front lawn but I was talking to the organizers and it is at the Outback.

Hump Day party at Ken and Catherine's place had around 28 people attending.

I don't know where the next Hump Day will be... I think there is at least one more this year.

That's it for now!

as it is the last weekend of the summer...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rain... and more ... rain...

It rained most of last night... with thunder and lightning.  It is still raining... hard at time.  No need to water your plants this week.

Kim and Wendy sent me some stuff on an Invasive Plant Workshop.

Saturday Sept 7th at 9am... whoa ... early.  Read the blurb.  (Click to enlarge).

The ribfest had between 60 and 70 people attending.  I don't know how many attended the horseshoe tournament... the Vagina Monologues was reserved seating only and was FULL. 

Here is a photo Judy sent me ... these 'cupcakes' were served at the after Monologue party for the crew and cast. Now...  what do they look like? (grin)

It's still raining.
I'm going to have to tie up my 'Cup' plants. "This plant is unique in the way its leaves form “cups” that hold water where they connect with its thick square stem. When planted in a thick row and well watered, this towering plant can reach superhuman heights of 8 feet and provide great pollen fodder for foraging bees."
Well, my plants are 8 feet high.  Here is a photo Judy took...
Here's the flower:
Here's the plant:

Big.  The plant is 3 years old now.
The rain nearly collapsed it today.

Catherine and Ken's Site 102

Wednesday August 28th

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone Welcome including day visitors!!!

The Annual General Meeting of the Social Committee to discuss this year's financial position plus elections for the upcoming year is on Saturday morning from 10am to 12 noon.
Illumination night is Saturday night... decorate your site!
Chili Cook off and Potluck is on Sunday.   There is no time on the Bare Oaks calendar so I don't know what time it starts.
There is an outside dart tournament from 1pm to 3pm. I don't know where it is as no other information is on the Bare Oaks calendar.
Who is in charge of the calendar?  :-)  I don't really want to know... I'm just sayin' ...
Perhaps Rainy should do it as she is very good at telling everyone about the coming events in different locations on the net.
The mosquitoes are BAD... I mean... REALLY BAD.  We walked around the park today and they followed us everywhere.
The rain has stopped now and it is 80F and humid out.
The water was off in Helios most of yesterday and part of today.  There appears to be a leak ... somewhere. 
People are in the lake at the moment. 
Only a few more weekends of summer left... ACK ACK.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


People have sent me a lot of stuff to post about this week... GREAT!!

It has been a very nice week and rained on Thursday for a while... but not long.

Coolish at night... in the 50's ... but in the 80's during the day even though it is only 68F at the moment. 

The seasonal area is very busy.  I don't know if it is full or not this weekend but I heard it is full for the long weekend which is next weekend. I also heard that you can book a certain site for a weekend or week. Phone the office about this.

The potholes are okay due to the fact that we have not had any rain for a while.

Sunny today. 

The pool will not be fixed until the fall.  There is a break in the pipe UNDER the concrete.  It is a tad nippy or... as some people have said... COLD. I don't think it can be covered at night as the fairly new plastic solar blanket is flaking. Weird.  Maybe it is the salt water?  Who knows. 


From Royce... (Click photo for a larger image).

"Now that the lawn jockey has a face (thank you Monica!!!), he needs a name.  Write the name that you'd like the jockey to be called and place it in the box on Royce's fence (beside the waving Queen - not Royce, but Elizabeth II).  Also include your own name as a "valuable" prize will be awarded to the winning entry."

Another one from Royce...



Thanks to all who generously donate your liquor, wine, and beer empties!  And a huge thank you to LARRY KAIN who has done yeoman service in collecting the empties on his trusty golf cart this season!!!  Larry’s assistance has really made a difference  in turnaround time between the collection and returning of bottles.

Fundraising for the coyote decoys and speed bumps finished in early July and since then we have purchased a megaphone for any member to borrow, replacement towel hooks for the Beckett Circle bathroom, and a booster bar for the handicapped bathroom stall.  We welcome new ideas for expenditures as we are forecasting having about $500 to spend by October.  Please put on your thinking hats ,  as we depend on  your input and suggestions.  We then forward your ideas to management  for final approval.   Please see Rainy, Nancy, or Royce to voice your ideas. 

Drink responsibly – and think pink!

From Wendy... 

The Women's Bible study scheduled for Tuesday Aug. 27th  - at the Outback from 10:00 to 11:00, will not only be a time of discussion but Joy has generously offered to provide a time of Worship music during the session.

Come and join in this time of fellowship.

From Rainy... (boy I don't have to think for this blog... thanks to everyone who sent me stuff)

Packed Weekend
Saturday - Horseshoes 1 pm ( register at 12:30) $5.00
Ribfest - 6 pm Front lawn - Tickets at Office $20.00
Dance - Live Band at the Outback

Plus... There is also an encore performance of the `Vagina Monologues`after the Ribfest dinner and prior to the dance at the Outback



Catherine and Ken's Site 102

Wednesday August 28th

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone Welcome including day visitors!!!


JL and Judy are rebuilding their deck. Here is the progress so far... (click to enlarge)

From Wendy and Kim... for people who like to get out and hike and enjoy the woods.

The Hump Day party this week had about 35 - 40 people attending!  Those events are very popular. 

There is a trailer for sale in Helios and one still for sale in Beckett.  One went up for sale a week or so ago in Beckett and sold the same week.

That's it for now...  more tomorrow but I wanted to get this out due to the events today.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


What a lovely weekend! The days are hot and humid... the nights are around 50 - 60F but... who cares. Well... perhaps the campers care (grin).

No rain... water your plants.

There was still parking available this weekend so I'm going to assume there weren't as many volleyballers here this time. The last volleyball tournament was PACKED.

No complaints this week about people not picking up after their dogs...

The water was on all weekend too... yeah!



Rick and Katie's site #244 (that is the first site as you hit the 'Y' on Beckett).

Wednesday August 21st

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone Welcome, including day visitors!!!


Summer is ending... not many Hump Day Happy Hours left.

A note about the Bunny Trail from Kim and Wendy.

"The trail is all cleared, signed, marked with directional arrows and ribboned with different coloured tape to designate the different trail pathways in the forest. People should be aware it's still a little buggy so dress accordingly and use insect repellent. If you have a mosquito jacket - wear it. Foot wear is also recommended because of uneven ground and there is a bit of poison ivy out there as well."

Thanks Wendy and Kim!!

A bit buggy? ha ha ha. I was walking around the park tonight just before dusk and it is very buggy. Although I don't recommend hopping down the Bunny Trail just before dusk... there are critters out in them thar woods.

Speaking of poison ivy...

This week we have a blog lesson from Judy.


"There’s a lot of Poison Ivy around the park especially on the north side of the entrance road near the volleyball court. Missy was going to spray last Tuesday but Stephane (who now holds a weed spraying license) said they didn’t have the right signs and that there had to be 24 hours notice) so hopefully she will do it next week.

The leaflets of mature leaves are somewhat shiny. The leaflets are 3–12 cm (1.2–4.7 in) long, rarely up to 30 cm (12 in). Each leaflet has a few or no teeth along its edge, and the leaf surface is smooth. Leaflet clusters are alternate on the vine, and the plant has no thorns. Vines growing on the trunk of a tree become firmly attached through numerous aerial rootlets.

(Photos are from Kim and Wendy ... thanks guys!  What a group!)

The following four characteristics are sufficient to identify poison ivy in most situations:

(a) clusters of three leaflets,

(b) alternate leaf arrangement,

(c) lack of thorns, and

(d) each group of three leaflets grows on its own stem, which connects to the main vine.

The appearance of poison ivy can vary greatly between environments, and even within a single area. Identification by experienced people is often made difficult by leaf damage, the plant's leafless condition during winter, and unusual growth forms due to environmental or genetic factors.

The plants can grow as a shrub up to about 1.2 metres (3.9 ft) tall, as a groundcover 10–25 cm (3.9–9.8 in) high, or as a climbing vine on various supports.

Pictures available at

Various mnemonic rhymes describe the characteristic appearance of poison ivy:

1. "Leaflets three; let it be" is the best known and most useful cautionary rhyme. It applies to poison oak, as well as to poison ivy.

2. "Hairy vine, no friend of mine."

3. "Longer middle stem; stay away from them." This refers to the middle leaflet having a visibly longer stem than the two side leaflets and is a key to differentiating it from the similar-looking Rhus aromatica (fragrant sumac).

4. "Raggy rope, don't be a dope!" Poison ivy vines on trees have a furry "raggy" appearance. This rhyme warns tree climbers to be wary. Old, mature vines on tree trunks can be quite large and long, with the recognizable leaves obscured among the higher foliage of the tree.

5. "One, two, three? Don't touch me."

6. "Berries white, run in fright" and "Berries white, danger in sight."

7. "Red leaflets in the spring, it's a dangerous thing." This refers to the red appearance that new leaflets sometimes have in the spring. (Note that later, in the summer, the leaflets are green, making them more difficult to distinguish from other plants, while in autumn they can be reddish-orange.)

8. "Side leaflets like mittens, will itch like the dickens." This refers to the appearance of some, but not all, poison ivy leaves, where each of the two side leaflets has a small notch that makes the leaflet look like a mitten with a "thumb." (Note that this rhyme should not be misinterpreted to mean that only the side leaflets will cause itching, since actually all parts of the plant can cause itching.)

9. "If it's got hair, it won't be fair." This refers to the hair that can be on the stem and leaves of poison ivy."

(Below clip is from Kim, click to enlarge.)

Kim also said: "there is a very local reference to Poison Ivy - from our book "Plants in the Park" not only ID/Information but the natural antidote of "Jewelweed or Spotted-Touch-Me-Not."


Well I know I'm smarter now... and I won't be able to get some of those 'rhymes' out of my head for a while :-D

The roads are pretty good as it hasn't rained for quite a while.

Hmmm, it appears the Bare Oaks Internet is not working tonight. Ah well, I'll try another way.

Lots and LOTS of people at the beach this weekend and floating in the lake.

The bike riders were out too. 

I've heard from a few people that there is a problem with the pool.  One person said the solar was leaking, one said the liner was leaking and one said a pipe under the pool was leaking.  Well... doesn't matter what part is leaking ... it is still leaking.  Because of this, water is being put into the pool often... and the water is COLD... so the pool is a tad chilly these days.  I was over at the pool tonight chatting and there were people in and out of it so... there you go. It is not closed, be brave, if it was a lake in the northern climes ... it would be colder.

Next weekend is... Bare Oaks Rib Fest on Saturday from 6pm to 11pm.

"Come out and enjoy a Pork Rib Dinner cooked on the Beast, complete with baked beans, salad, dinner rolls & dessert. $20 per adult / $10 per children. Live Band at the Outback to follow dinner."

I've heard people talking and they want to know if there is going to be 'seconds' this year if you are still hungry.  For $20... there should be.  I'm only passing on comments as I wasn't there last year.

On second thought... I agree... for $20. there should be seconds (grin).

Horseradish picking and grinding season is coming up.   Mmmmm, I love HOT HOT HOT horseradish... and so do a few other people in this park (and you know who you are ;-). Of course, the roast beef is good too... okay my mouth is watering... I think I forgot to eat dinner...

I think I missed a few things... next time...

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well, once AGAIN, the water is OFF in Helios.  I'm tired of this. I phoned the office to find out when it will be back on and they didn't know it was off.

I don't know how long it has been off as I have been outside for hours cleaning the outside of my trailer. (Thanks Kim for eavestroughing!!)

Volleyball weekend starts tomorrow, there is no water today... hmmmm.

The temperature has gone down to the 50's at night... brrrrrr.  It is currently in the 80's which is nice and not humid.

It rained a bit last night but not much.

There were two people in the lake today at different times, swimming alone.  That is not smart but... not much you can do about it.

The Hump Day party had over 30 people attending!  Nice turnout!

I don't know where the next one is but I will post as soon as I know.

Not much going on... I haven't seen many people walking around.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Busy weekend with the FCN festival which ended yesterday.

Lots of new nudists were at the festival which was nice to see.  I could tell they were 'new' as a lot of them didn't sit on towels when they sat on my front benches.  :-D

There were over 100 people who attended the Vagina Monologues on Friday night.  The performances were EXCELLENT.  A lot of effort was put into it. Well done everyone!!

I heard there were fireworks last night...

A member sent me this link to a video on Heart Rescue.

Here's a video showing how to use an AED machines to restart someone's heart. It's easier than you'd think, and you never know when you might find yourself in a position to save someone's life.

We have all walked by the Red Cross sign in airports indicating where the heart machine is located.

Do you know what is in them and how to use it?

Some of us went to the demonstration on how to use the AED machines here at the park.  It is easy to use.
Wendy and Kim have produced a book about the plants in the park.
It is now available for purchase from the Bare Oaks store and/or alternately direct from them. The price is $19.99 plus Hst.
"For those interested in the environment around them; it's an informative "walking companion" that discusses native plants, shrubs and trees here at Bare Oaks in a way that highlights their uses for food, medicinal aspects and wildlife applications. These plants are not just found here in the park but also can be found on the greater landscape as well."

Joy and Joel's site # 263

Wednesday August 14th

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone Welcome, including day visitors!!!
There were around 40 people at the last Hump Day Party... lots of food!! (the devilled eggs were great!)
It's been hot all weekend with no rain.  Well, not HOT, but the temperature has been in the 70's - 80's F or 23's - 28's C.
The lake and beach have been very busy.  Not a lot of kids were here though. I heard that only a few kids showed up to the clown event at the festival.  
If anyone wishes to visit with Syl... please drop into her place.  She would love to have visitors. As this is a nudity/nude mandatory park, she is no longer allowed to walk around the park while clothed.
As there has been NO rain, the roads are very very dusty so please drive slowly. 
I was asked to mention this AGAIN... which I seem to be doing in every blog.  Please pick up after your dog.  A female walking a large blonde dog with a small dog was asked to pick up the poopie and she just walked away.  Ho hum.  I don't understand people. (Yes, I will be pointing out the dogs who do this... :-D - email me.)  The dog pooped in a major walkway.  Well... maybe she came back and picked it up? Now, I know 99 percent of you pick it up but there are people walking in bare feet here so... I can't tell you how annoyed I'd be if I stepped in doggie poo...
The water has been on all weekend... yah!!!
The septic in Beckett has been pumped out a few times this week... which is why the road has been blocked. Better to pump it out than to have a problem.  There are a LOT of people using the back septic/holding tank.
There were a few 'clothed' kids swimming at the beach on the weekend... but... I'll let the kid's babysitter tell that story... (in the comments later).
I've been away a lot of the weekend so email me and let me about the festival.  I didn't see many people here on Friday but there were a LOT of people here on Saturday. Who won the prizes? (not that I can mention their names here...)
Lots of dogs are here now... lots and lots of dogs. Most of them are very friendly and very quiet (no barking).
Lots of people were playing petanque Saturday... during the morning and early afternoon.  I don't hear the horn at 10am so maybe there isn't a horn anymore.
Next weekend is: The Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The weekend of the 24th is the Bare Oaks Ribfest on Saturday night and the weekend after that is Labor Day weekend... 
The summer has flown by...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Important notice...

At the Hump Day Party yesterday ... we were told that the performance of the Vagina Monologues on Friday night was FREE (but bring a donation for YRAP (a charity).

However I was told this week that if you wish to attend you would have to pay the FCN festival fee.

Suzy clarified it this morning. She checked with the FCN board and confirmed that ...


Ta da.

It is at 8pm at the Outback.

However, please bring a donation. Big or small... everything counts.

So there you go...

Also the Hump Day had over FORTY people attending.  Excellent. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hump Day Happy Hour tomorrow.


Henry and Diane's site 232

Wednesday August 7th

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone Welcome, including day visitors!


I posted yesterday that we hadn't had any problems with the water here... well... I spoke too soon.  It was off in Helios for 5 hours last evening from around 8pm (which was when I noticed)... until after 1am. 


Also... if you wish to go to the Vagina Monologues on Friday the 9th... you have to pay day fees (if you aren't a member) plus you have to pay the FCN fee for the festival (see below). After those fees are paid, the Monologues are free.

Festival rates:

Single Bare Oaks member for 4 days is: $15.
Family Bare Oaks member for 4 days is: $25.

Plus there are other rates for youth, non members, etc.

See this page for more details:

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5

Last night was COLD.  It was 46F / 7C at 2am.  There aren't many tenters here but I hope the ones that I've seen here have heat :-)

It was a bit cloudy today but the temperature was in the 80's F / 27's C.

Not many people in the lake today but there are a LOT of people walking around, chatting with everyone.

The septic system in the seasonal area had a blockage today but I hear it is cleared and working again even though the inside showers are closed.  Someone is coming to fix/check it tomorrow.  The outside showers are working.

No problem with the water this week ... whooo... hoooo.

Dale has done a FANTASTIC job with all the plants at the pool and at the Outback.  It is so colorful at the park. 

For the whole bunch of people who asked me this weekend... 'Where's Bruce??!!'.  He was here today and he was at a wedding this weekend. 

Well... another fuzzy photo but below is a photo of two walking stick insects uh... having sex. Or they are called 'Phasmatodea'... say that three times fast...


Walking Stick Facts

My Home: I am usually found on bushes or in small trees. I look like a twig and part of the plant I am on so I can hide from birds and other predators. My specialty is camouflage.

What I eat: I only eat leaves and stems of plants and usually only eat at night.

What I look like: My size ranges from less than 1 inch to over 1 foot in length, depending on my
species. I have a built in camouflage and appear to look like part of the plant.

How I am born: I go through three stages of development: egg, nymph and adult. The female can lay up to 150 eggs, dropping them one by one to the ground. My egg is also camouflaged and resembles a brown seed. I hatch in the spring as a nymph and resemble a tiny adult. My lifespan is one season.
Fun Facts
The walking stick has the ability to regenerate lost limbs. A female can reproduce by herself, but will only produce other females. Some species of walking sticks can squirt a fluid that will make their potential predators temporarily blind.

Those bugs were found at Wendy and Kim's place.

This is also a batch of Black Eyed Susans... in the front of Wendy and Kim's place.  Cool eh?

The turtles have not hatched yet. If it stays cold then the turtles won't hatch for another few weeks... unless an animal ate them.  Yes, I know, but that happens.  I don't want 50 more turtles in the lake so... if only a few make it... that would be good.
It is 63F at 9pm... and it is still a bit light out!!  Summer is still here.
However ... only 4 more weeks until Labor day.  ack ack.
The FCN festival starts on Wednesday with a trip to Hanlan's beach on a bus.
Here's all the stuff that is planned:
Friday at 8pm is: Nude Production of the Vaginal Monologues at the Outback.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

AUGUST !!!!!

Well, it's August. 

The rain last night was incredible!  It woke me up at 3am. 

Two nights ago it was 48F at around 6am.  That is far too cold for August.  48??  what is that?  That is barely above FREEZING.

Right now (around 10pm) it is 58F.. which is still too cold.

What happened to the summer?

This is a photo of the zucchini from JL and Judy's garden.  The bronze thing is a 12 inch measuring tape/stick. 

I'll bet they can't find any ripe tomatoes or big beans in their garden at the moment heh heh. 

Okay, I only took a few baby tomatoes and about 10 beans and a beet.  They were delicious and you were in Florida for a week.   They looked like they were going 'bad'... so they had to be eaten ;-)

The mosquitoes are bad again.  A bunch of us were walking tonight and ... don't walk at dusk or you will each have to carry a bug zapper.

Plus the wasps are AWFUL.  They are everywhere but mostly they are in nests in the ground.  I've destroyed a few nests so far.  Watch it if you are walking around in bare feet.  If you do piss off some wasps ... GO INDOORS... do not jump in the lake.  They will wait for you and sting you when you come out.  If you kill/squash a yellow jacket, the scent they give off when they are squashed attract other yellow jackets.  Do what Phil did when he stepped in a nest ... run screaming to the house, ripping off your clothes ... and you should only be bitten about 8 times.  Pop a few Benadryl and lie down.  Always 'scrape' off the stingers with your fingernail.  Do NOT use tweezers to pull them out.  Tweezers will inject more venom into your body. 

A few of the potholes are back.  There was a huge lake in front of R. and G.'s place at the back today.

The river is high and filled with muddy water.  It should be lower by tomorrow.

The Bare Oaks Olympics 2013 is from 1 - 4pm on Saturday on the front lawn (I think).  There is nothing on the Bare Oaks website about it.

The power was off in the park yesterday from around 1pm to 4pm.  Someone hit a hydro pole.  The staff went around and told everyone (they could find) about the power situation.  That was great. 

The water supply has been excellent since the new cisterns were put in.  Well, except when the power was off yesterday (grin).

Not much news these days. 

FYI, in case you want to try a new and different place to eat... the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar at the corner of Yonge and Green Lane has great food... with .65 cent boneless wings on Thursday nights.  It's right beside the L.A Fitness place which I bet I will never see the inside of... :-D