Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What a lovely day today.  Sunny and 72F... a bit of a cool wind.

Most of the HUGE rocks in the road have been removed by Missy.  She was smoothing out the roads yesterday.  She thanked me for putting it in the blog (snickering)... I wonder if that was sarcasm?  (grin). They WERE monster rocks...

So... if you see her, thank you for her efforts.  Yeah yeah, I know she works here on Monday and Tuesday but people rarely thank people around here so...

Nobody in the lake today.  In fact, I haven't seen anyone walking around today... except M.  from Helios who walks and walks and walks...



Sandy's Site 120

Wednesday July 31th

4-6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share ( if you wish)

Everyone Welcome


The Country and Western Hoedown / hip of beef had about 30 people attending (I was told).  It was a rainy / thunderstorm day.

The Nature Walk on Sunday had around 17 people attending ... walking around the park and getting smarter :-)  Thanks Wendy and Kim for the "walk".   The mosquitoes were bad on the other side of the pond.  The choke cherries were good but bitter.

Next weekend  (August 3) is the 'Bare Oaks Olympics' on the Saturday (no details on Bare Oaks website and no time specified). Plus Euchre is on Saturday night starting at 7:30pm.

Sunday is Bingo, Potluck & Campfire.  "Come join us for bingo at the Outback starting at 4PM followed by a potluck at 7:00PM. After dinner hang around for a campfire."

The weekend after is the FCN Festival... starting with the Hanlan's Beach Bus Trip on Wednesday. Phone the office to get a seat on the bus.

Nice to see bunches of people getting together at trailers in Beckett at random times during the day and weekend. :-D 

Just saw the lawn mower person drive by... I doubt the lawns need to be mowed as they are a bit crispy due to the lack of rain... although it has rained a few times this past week but not for long.

I hear the dogs are now outnumbering the kids at the park ha ha ha.

No photos today... that's it... carry on...

Quote of the day: "Alcohol does not solve any problems but neither does milk." 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


It rained yesterday... whoa... for about half an hour.  It hasn't been hot and humid for a few weeks now but we needed the rain.

The temperature has been around 75F for a while, at night it drops to 65F.

The potholes have been filled with monster rocks on the road coming into the park and down around Beckett.

I've decided to leave the gardens as 'English Gardens'... which means they will stay 'wild'.  I don't want to pull out the flowering weeds as the butterflies love them.  I will attempt to clear out more of the non-flowering weeds but the frogs love that area.

There are too many people here in the park so I haven't taken any photos to post.  However, I have seen quite a few people carrying still cameras and movie cameras around the park.  They are wandering around on their own and I don't recognize a few of them so they are visitors to the park.  I've heard a few people comment on this as I'm sure they are making a few people nervous :-D

There aren't many tents here... it is July... there should be tents. 
The turtles have not hatched yet... mid-August they might start to appear... if it stays hot. 

I've seen two different cats stalking and killing birds.  As a reminder ... it says in the park rules: ALL PETS MUST BE LEASHED.  That does not mean dogs only.  Unless you don't consider your cat a pet. However, I don't think you should have to leash your bird or iguana or snake or gerbil. 

Perhaps... as I have been ranting about this for years... they will change the rules to say: ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED. 

Hump Day this past Wednesday had around THIRTY people... what a great crowd.  Lots of food.

I hear that someone has been taking down the announcement about the Vagina Monologues that is posted on the back notice board at the washrooms.  I'm not sure why... perhaps the person doesn't like the word vagina... (VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA, V A G I N A)  (grin).  There.  Stop doing it.  It is only a word.

"Nude Production of the Vagina Monologues" is on Friday night (August 9th) at 8pm at the Outback.  People in the park have been rehearsing for months. It is during the FCN festival so you probably have to pay to go to the Festival to view the Monologues.  I'll check.

I would like to see the Penis Monologues next year ... (yikes I said penis now...).

I haven't checked but is anyone doing the 'Square Food Gardening' this year?  The gardens are at the back of Glen Echo Field?  They should be free so that people can grow their own veggies during the summer.

No one has been swimming in the lake the past few days.  Last year there were a lot of swimmers going around and around and around. 

It's sunny today!  I just checked the temperature and it is only 64F ... yikes.

Today we have ( I posted this about a week ago too):

Kim and Wendy share their knowledge, expertise, and love of the park on a
Learn about :           Invasive plants                    Native plants & trees
                                    Naturalized plants             Healthy snacking plants
                                    Hands off plants                 Bitter & sweet acorns
                   Edible, medicinal & wildlife aspects of the park’s plants
Sunday, July 28th, from 1:00 to 2:00.  Join us on this Nature Walk at the apple tree on the north side of the sand volleyball court.
Only 6 more weeks until Labor Day!! 
I think I'll work on my 'To Do' List today...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well... it just finished raining... for about 5 minutes... now the sun is out.  There was a bit of thunder too.

The temperature has gone down this week.  It is currently 82 ... and in the 70's yesterday.  It's still humid here but not as bad as last week. At night it goes down to the 50's.

Lots of people in the lake today until the storm hit.


Wednesday JULY 24th (tomorrow)

Mike, Donna and Roxy's Site 107

4 pm - 6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snack to share.

Everyone Welcome.....Hope to see you there!!


Last weekend was family weekend with a bunch of kids here.  They spent a lot of time in the lake.

This coming weekend on Saturday (July 27) is the Country & Western Hoedown.
6pm to 11pm.

"Join us for a dinner comprising of a Hip of Beef, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad & dessert.
 Lawn Dance with live band following dinner.
 $20 per adult / $10 per child"

The weekend after (August 3) is the 'Bare Oaks Olympics' on the Saturday (no details on Bare Oaks website). Plus Euchre is on Saturday night.

Sunday is Bingo, Potluck & Campfire.  "Come join us for bingo at the Outback starting at 4PM followed by a potluck at 7:00PM. After dinner hang around for a campfire."

Lots of people are vacationing at the moment in the seasonal area.

The weekend of August 9 - 11 is the FCN Festival.

NOTE: "Nude Production of the Vagina Monologues" is on Friday night (August 9th) at 8pm at the Outback.
People in the park have been rehearsing for months.

Lots of dogs in this park now.  Someone said that the dogs now outnumber the kids :-D

Friday, July 19, 2013

Still hot...

It's 94F / 35C at the moment.  Less humidity than the past few days but it is still up there.

The pool has been closed for the past few days due to a chemical imbalance.  Not sure if it is open yet.  It started to get cloudy on Tuesday and went downhill from there. If you want to know if it is open, phone the office.

It rained yesterday for about 15 minutes.

I've noticed a ton of sand wasp nests around.  They seem to be pretty busy this summer.  One was just knocked out of the bathroom vent.  They build hard cocoons on walls, vents, garden furniture.  There is only one wasp per cocoon so you just have to knock it off and put up with the wasp buzzing around you for a few minutes.  

Lots of people are up... the seasonal area appears to be full but there are probably still spots left. Family weekend this weekend.

I can't believe the number of people walking around the park with bare feet.  There is a lot of clover this year, with bees in it... sharp stones on the driveways ... all sorts of things.  Ah well...  toughen up that skin... and carry bandages  :-D

Even though there hasn't been much rain, I have plants/flowers in my garden that are eight feet tall. 

I am not feeding the fish every day this year.  Who has the time.  I feed them when I remember (grin). The carp are not here this year.  Last year we had three HUGE reddish carp.

Potholes are bad again.  I heard from a few people that management told them they are a 'speed control' measure.  That doesn't appear to be working...

Lots of dogs in the lake this year. I think there are more dogs in the lake, than humans. Management wandered by yesterday and stated that all dogs must be on a leash, even in the lake. Roxy (dog) is hilarious to watch... she goes back and forth, back and forth (up to her neck), looking for fish.  She did this about 50 times the other day... back and forth, back and forth on her leash.

As I don't have any photos of park stuff... here is one that Judy sent.  A photo of a whale shark in Cozumel. There are no teeth... which is a good thing but it looks like it could swallow you whole...

Another one of a Mayan ruins that JL took  (probably in Cozumel).
I've been to the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza.  They were phenomenal.  Everyone should visit some sort of Mayan ruins in their lifetime. It's amazing what they built back then.
Event!  Event!
Kim and Wendy share their knowledge, expertise, and love of the park on a
Learn about :           Invasive plants                    Native plants & trees
                                    Naturalized plants             Healthy snacking plants
                                    Hands off plants                 Bitter & sweet acorns
                   Edible, medicinal & wildlife aspects of the park’s plants
Sunday, July 28th, from 1:00 to 2:00.  Join us on this Nature Walk at the apple tree on the north side of the sand volleyball court.
It's a tad windy today... lots of people in the lake this morning.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well... not much that I can say after that picture. Taken yesterday afternoon.

52C / 126F on my deck.  It was so hot I couldn't walk on it.

The flotilla was in the lake for HOURS yesterday... up until around 7pm. 

It is still humid out.  Air conditioning is wonderful. :-D

I hope the France people like the weather ha ha ha.



at Royce's Site 237

Wednesday July 17, 2013
4 pm - 6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share.

Everyone welcome!!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Hola everyone!

Hot today, very very hot... lots of pink people walking around here.  It is 104F in the shade and very humid.

People are in the lake swimming.

The World Skinny Dip on Saturday went well... the place was packed, the parking lot was full and I counted around 70 people at the beach but that is probably a low number.  They kept moving... :-)

Larry's (aka Gummy's) memorial on Sunday was very nice.  It was in Innisfil and there were about 50 people there.  Very hot too. It was nice seeing some people I haven't seen for a while.

On the way back we dropped by Innisfil beach and it was PACKED with people.

I'll bet the pool is full today.

Time to water the gardens as it hasn't rained for quite a while. 

The water supply appears to be stable now although I had brown water running out of the tap yesterday. 

Hump Day Happy Hour is at Royce's this week.  Wednesday at 4pm. 

This coming weekend is Family Weekend. A weekend of events with an emphasis on family fun!  Activities, challenges, contests, entertainment, crafts, games and all-around fun for kids of all ages.

Plus we have the usual Petanque at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.  Volleyball is at 2pm.  Aquafit is from 12 noon to 12:30 on Sunday in the pool.

Did I mention it is HOT here? 

No photos today but I'm sure Judy will send a few fishie photos that she took in Cozumel. Plus I think a few photos of the place the France people stayed would be nice too. They are home Tuesday.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


What a lovely day today... it is 75F at the moment 9pm... and not very humid.

A note from Bruce: "the Social Committee paid for a new roof on the gazebo at the Outback after the old one was torn in the wind storm."

A note from Judy who is having a lovely time in Cozumel: please tell Outback Bruce "his retreat is BEAUTIFUL!! Well done. I know it was a lot of work but the finished product shows it was worth it :D  !"

She also said... (not sure I'm supposed to post this but I will anyways (waving at Judy))

"Just finished my 5th dive and JL did 3 snorkeling ventures today. He loved it and is hooked ! I used the underwater camera JL gave me for my birthday for the first time. Attached is one of the pics."

Here is the picture:

Very cool looking fish.  Mmmmm, BBQ material... ;-)  (just kidding, just kidding).

There has been a ton of rain here and everything is growing at twice the rate. 

Not much to report on. 

If you go to google.ca and click on the 'maps' and key in Bare Oaks, map it and go to streetview... you can take a tour of the park. Just click on the white arrows.

For Gummy's memorial service this coming Sunday, the address on the last blog was WRONG.

It include the year in the street address.  Sorry.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

759 Pine Grove Avenue
Innisfil, Ontario
1 - 4 PM

This event was scheduled for this Saturday: "From 2pm - 4pm is 'So you think you've got talent Bare Oaks'.  Can you sing, dance, tell jokes? Think you have talent? Then why not come out and show your stuff!"

It is no longer on the calendar so I'm not sure it is being held. Check the office.

7 more weeks of summer!!  Cram in all the fun you can...

I think my font shrunk... oh well, put on your reading glasses, I don't fix fonts.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday and rain

Well, it has been raining most of the day.  Had a brief thunderstorm but then steady rain.

My gardens are growing too fast. Need to do some weeding.

Here is what Outback Bruce has been doing for about a month... which is why he hasn't been around.

He said:

"My Deck is finally rebuilt.  The gazebo is my naked retreat in the city for when I can’t get to the park.  The wood privacy screens block the neighbours view.  It looks like I live in the country but that’s a city park behind all that greenery.  Someone would have to deliberately go out of their way to peek through it all to see me.  How would they explain why they’re doing that?"

Looks like way too much work, rebuilt deck, gazebo and furniture.  I told him all it needed was a beer fridge :-D



at Paul & Barb's Site 118 (in Helios)

Wednesday July 10
4-6 pm

Bring chairs, refreshments and a snack to share.


Everyone welcome, hope to see you there!!!!


It's cold at the moment... 68F.  I was very hot and humid all day.

I was away all weekend so I have no idea what events took place.

This coming Saturday is the World Record Skinny Dip Event.

Saturday from 1pm to 2pm... probably in the lake but I'm not sure so check with the office.

"AANR and TNS have coordinated skinny-dipping events at clubs, beaches, rivers, lakes, rented pools, and backyards throughout North America in hopes of breaking our previous record of nude bathers at one time."

 Bare Oaks Members: Free

 Day Visitors: Half-off

Also on Saturday from 2pm - 4pm is 'So you think you've got talent Bare Oaks'.  Can you sing, dance, tell jokes? Think you have talent? Then why not come out and show your stuff!
There is a pdf about it on the Bare Oaks Event page but the pdf link is invalid so... I can't give you any more information.

Larry aka Gummy's memorial service is this coming  Sunday, July 14th
2013759 Pine Grove Avenue
Innisfil, Ontario
1 - 4 PM

I hear the hot tub was down last week for a few days but it is up and running again.

At least one of the petanque holders is broken and has to be fixed and painted.  Bruce and I fixed the holders last year ... and painted them.  I don't think we are doing them this year.  Any volunteers from the petanque crowd?  I know the petanquers haven't been playing much petanque this year. 

I hear the weather is nice in France and it is probably nice in Cozumel too.

Potholes are back... they always reappear after a heavy rain.

Not much happening here as it is raining... and raining... and raining.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rainy days and Mondays....

(humming song...)

It's FRIDAY....

It rained a lot of today... then the humidity took over... phew.

Thanks Kim for helping load the shed today!!! 

These photos are for someone I talked to today... but I don't have permission to use your name in the blog... :-D  .. and thanks for resetting the timer on the aerator.

Lots of people have asked me what sort of debris landed on my lawn and driveway after the fireworks. 



There are probably a lot of these floating around the lake.


I received an email today about turtles. Thanks J.C.

Blanding’s turtles halt wind farm at Ostrander Point
(By: John Spears Business reporter, Published on Thu Jul 04 2013)
A tribunal has blocked a proposed wind farm because of increased vehicle traffic, poachers and predators it would create in the endangered creature’s habitat.
As the hare discovered, never bet against a turtle.

An environmental review tribunal has given Blanding's turtles — slow-moving, 27-centimetre reptiles — precedence over a proposed thicket of 135-metre wind turbines in Prince Edward County.
Concerned with the welfare of the rare turtle, the tribunal revoked approval for the wind farm.
The developer, Gilead Power, had been previously been granted approval by Ontario’s environment ministry to develop the wind farm on Ostrander Point, near the southeast tip of Prince Edward County.
But in a battle between green energy and green reptiles, turtle power prevailed...
YEAH TURTLES!!  I don't like windfarms.  They cause a lot of problems.  Put them in the lake. The windfarms... not the turtles.
Ooo, a baby Blanding...
Lots of people were up today as I saw squads sitting around outside of a few trailers.  Yesterday there were very few people here or else they were inside...
Please don't burn plastics or garbage in your firepit.  It really stinks and you can smell it all over the park if the wind is blowing.  Someone was burning junk in the firepit near the Outback and the smell was bad... 
Well, the France gang has been in the air for about 3 hours now... if the plane left on time at 8:30 (I think). I just checked and it takes 7 and a half hours to fly across and Paris is 6 hours ahead of Toronto so... they will arrive at 10am.   I also heard they have to wait SIX hours for the high speed train so Paris to Bordeaux is 3 hours 10 minutes ... they will get to the resort after 8pm so... 24 hours of travelling.  Not my cup of tea :-)
That said... a week at a nude resort on a beach would be nice about now...
It is 17C or 62F at 6am in Paris at the moment.
Potholes are showing up again and the gardens are growing wayyyy too much.
Not many people in the lake this week.
Euchre tomorrow (Saturday) night. 
$12.50 per person
(children under 12 half price)    
Chicken Paprikash 
 (Hungarian dish made with chicken in a paprika, sour cream sauce)
 Egg Noodles
 Mixed Vegetables
 Bread or Dinner Rolls
That's all the excitement for now.  I'll leave you with a photo of my dinner... chicken enchiladas...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My thermometer says it is 101F in the shade.  Plus it is HUMID.

One of the hottest and most humid days of the year and the water in the seasonal area is off.

Well, not completely off but it barely drips out of the tap.  I gave up doing anything and the people are lined up at the showers... which aren't really working.

So... I thought the new cistern was online... maybe not.

It's been sunny most of the day.

Humor for the day... ha ha... so true.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Phew, just got home from two days away... I hope I remember everything that has happened in the past 4 days.

I put up a sun shelter/canopy for the petanquers and there were actually quite a few games going on at random times this weekend.  Thanks Stony for helping me organize it. I didn't actually put it up myself but people helped me put it up and take it down.  Thanks guys!!  It was one heavy sucker.

I arrived at Karaoke late but there were around 25 people still there.  Plus a bunch of people around the firepit.  Very busy place this weekend.

The fireworks were great although I didn't see them all.   I found a lot of empty cartridges on my lawn AND on my driveway near my car on the road side of my house.  I'm thinking next time they should be pointed more towards the lake and less towards the houses?

Bingo was popular with about 20 + people and the potluck had about 24 people attending.

Someone told me there was a problem with the water systems (back and front) on Saturday morning but I didn't notice... but I may not have been using my water at the time.

It has been a tad chilly most nights and it is 62F at the moment so ... where the heck is summer?  I was up north last night and was sitting outside with a sweatshirt and jacket on!  The good part was... there weren't many insects. Now the daytime was another story... we had mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies.  I haven't seen many deer flies and horse flies at the park ... yet. 

Not many frogs either. Not like last year... although the kids rounded up all the frogs in the lake last year and put them in a bucket of hot water... so I'm not surprised we lost a bunch.  A few of us managed to rescue most of them and put them back but...

Lots of turtles though and they are laying eggs here and there.  As I've been asked a few times, here are the details: "Hatchlings will emerge from their soft shells 55 to 125 days after the mama snapping turtle lays the eggs. The time to hatching is longest in the northern part of the snapping turtle's range. Generally, incubation takes from 75 to 95 days, and hatchings emerge between August and October. Occasionally, hatchlings don't emerge from their eggs until the following spring, but this overwintering is rare, especially in the north."

So don't expect any babies this month.

Judy has been hard at work removing weeds from the lake... and there are a LOT.  Some have reached the surface so swimming over them would be fun... NOT!  Reminds me of Buckhorn Lake in the 70's ... they had a big machine constantly going over the lake and ripping up the weeds as you couldn't go boating with all the weeds and you sure didn't want to fall while water skiing.  Whoa.

I haven't heard the coyotes in a long time.  Maybe they have moved to greener pastures.

No rain for quite a while now even though 'they' predicted we would have rain this past weekend.  Did I miss it?

The group is off to France this Friday.  Leaving at 4pm or 5pm and flying all night.  Returning on July 16.

Euchre night is this Saturday starting at 7:30pm.

Aquafit on Sunday from 12noon to 12:30.  Trust me, you WILL get a workout. Nikki stands on the deck with music and does the moves and you follow her in the water. 

Petanque is from 10am to whenever Saturday and Sunday.

Morning yoga from 10:30 to 11:30 and evening yoga from 8pm to 9pm.  Note: All Yoga levels welcome. $10 class fee, $2 mat rental, $40 package of 6 classes.

Pickup volleyball is from 2pm to 3pm.

I have posted this before but here is a reminder:

(From the Bare Oaks Blog)

"As many already know, Larry "Gummy" Rafferty passed away on May 18th after many years of bravely fighting a variety of cancers. He worked with dedication and passion to maintain both Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and its predecessor, The New Forest Family Naturist Resort. He was also one its best ambassadors. At his request, no obituary was published. However a "Celebration of Inspirational Memories" has been organized by his wife Sylvia:

Sunday, July 14th, 2013
759 Pine Grove Avenue
Innisfil, Ontario
1 - 4 PM


Lots of people playing volleyball this weekend.  I have no idea who won as I don't follow volleyball but I did go over a few times to watch. There were 10 teams this year, last year there were 18 teams. I was told that Cherry Lane Nudist Resort in Michigan had a competing tournament this past weekend which may be why there were fewer teams.  If you check the Nudist Volleyball Tournaments page you will find all the places to go to play:  http://www.nudistvolleyball.com/tournaments.html



at Marg and Larry's Site 229

Wednesday July 3, 2013
4 pm - 6 pm

Please bring chairs, refreshments and snacks to share if you wish

Everyone welcome!!

Hope to see you there!