Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey all you petanquers... who have not been playing petanque this year.  I heard from a few of you that it is TOO HOT to play so... I borrowed one of the big shelters from the social committee for the weekend so you will have some shelter from the sun... or rain.

The (heavy) frame is leaning against the steel picnic table near the petanque court and the grey top is in front of my car beside the downspout. I didn't want to leave it near the frame as it might blow away. It takes at least 6 people to put it up as it is pretty big.

I'm thinking if we can find people tomorrow (Friday), which shouldn't be difficult, then it can stay up until Monday. Hopefully we won't get any wild winds. 

Nice day today.  It was not humid and not really sunny for most of the day.  The temperature is 93F at 7:32pm.  Hmmm, that is still hot.

I was out strawberry pickin' this morning at 7:30am.  Hah, has anyone ever seen me up that early??!!  :-D  So... the jam is done, the smoothie and the ice cream berries are frozen.  Lovely.

If you are interested in picking berries, until the middle of July.  Go to 'Brooks Farms', (  Mt. Albert road through Mt. Albert and at the town line, a left jog.   The third driveway on the left.  Only 10 - 15 minutes away from here.  Big berries.  Mmmmm.  Oo Oo... strawberry shortcake... Oo Oo.

Another water notice: "The Clubhouse and Helios Circle may experience a few brief (10 - 20 minutes) water interruptions on Friday (June 28) morning as we make some adjustments to the electrical components of the new water distribution system.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

In other words... shower early. :-)

There is at least one dog owner here who is not picking up after their dog as it pooed in someone's garden and they walked away.  I know most of the dog owners here and the ones I know all collect the poopies.  Perhaps it is a visitor?  I just know that the dog is black.  Oh so what if I'm pointing a finger... I certainly don't like stepping in poop and I know a lot of people here walk around in bare feet.  I'm not sure why but people actually do that. There is a lot of clover and stepping on a bee is not high on my list.

--- start rant ---

Also... and this is very important... if you do any body painting PLEASE DO NOT WASH YOURSELF OFF IN THE LAKE.  It kills the fish, frogs, and probably contributes to the algae growth.  No it isn't biodegradable even if it says it is... biodegradable means it will degrade in 20 years rather than the normal 50 years. I didn't personally see this but if two separate people said they watched around 10 people jumping in the lake to wash off... then it probably happened. Most resorts ... including Turtle Lake Resort (I know they have a rule as I've been there)  have strict rules about polluting the lake.  Lets try to treat our lake with a bit of respect.

--- end rant ---

About 20 - 25 people attended Hump Day Happy Hour.  Thanks Rainy and Greg for hosting it. Next Wednesday it is two doors down at Larry and Marg's.  Bring a chair, your refreshments and a snack.

Volleyball this weekend!  I don't play volleyball... I don't even watch volleyball... it exhausts me ... all that hopping around.

I was over at the clubhouse the other day and watched a bit of the Aquafit (in the pool of course).  Whoa... Nikki is really good at leading it.  There were around 8 people there and they looked like they were having fun.

Hmmm, I don't have any pictures for today's blog. 

No rain yet.  Dry... very dry.

The walkway between the clubhouse and Helios is NOW OPEN.  You can drive a golf cart through too. Speaking of golf carts... there is one for rent at the office.  It is not listed on the Bare Oaks website so ... ask the price at the office.

The Bare Bistro is open on the weekend. (

B: 8:00AM - 11:00AM
L:  12:00PM - 3:00PM
D:   6:00PM - 8:00PM
B: 8:00AM - 11:00AM
L:  12:00PM - 3:00PM
D:   6:00PM - 8:00PM
B: 8:00AM - 11:00AM
L:  12:00PM - 3:00PM
D:   6:00PM - 8:00PM
B: 8:00AM - 11:00AM
L:  12:00PM - 4:00PM

FRIDAY JUNE 28 - $10.00 per person
Homemade Chili (meat or vegetarian)
Toppings Available:
Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
Green Onions
Bread or Dinner Rolls
Chocolate Cake

SATURDAY JUNE 29 - $10.00 per person
With your choice of:
Ground Beef
Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
Fiesta Rice
Mexican Salad
SUNDAY JUNE 30 - $10.00 per person
Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce
Garlic Bread
Caesar Salad
Plus Breakfast and Lunch stuff...  check the website for details.
To end on a light note...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR TODAY AT 4PM. Rainy and Greg's place on Beckett at the very end ... just follow the noise.

Phew... it was 108F on Monday, in the high 90's Tuesday and is 92 at the moment which is very hot in Celsius too. Humid, very humid on Monday and Tuesday but less humid today.

Sunny all three days but it rained a bit on Monday and Tuesday night but not enough for the gardens. The new cistern is working in the season area so there is enough water for gardens.

Lots of cars in the parking lot so lots of people were visiting. 

They put the new cistern at the Clubhouse/Helios online Tuesday night. The cistern is 22,700 liters or 5000 Imperial Gallons. 

This is a photo of the water coming out of Judy's tap (thanks Judy, I stole your photo :-)) ... and my tap after it went online.  Mmmmm, coffee colored.  It cleared up after about an hour but I ran my hot water for a while before I knew this was happening so I spent yesterday dumping my hot water heater and going for filters for my whole house water filtering system.  But... we probably won't run out of water this weekend which is the volleyball weekend.

They are working on the public broadcast system in the park so you will probably hear people chatting on it. 

All you petanquers who are not playing because of the heat should borrow one of those sun/rain shelters that the park owns and put it up at the petanque court for the weekend.  I think there are three of them.  It is way too hot to play without a shelter.  You can probably ask at the office.

No rain, drive slowly to minimize the dust.... and it is very dusty.

Fireworks on SUNDAY night.

On Saturday from 4pm to... whenever: Bingo in the Outback /Pot luck Dinner/Party and Bonfire.

Short Volleyball Schedule:
Friday: 4x4 mini-tournament, volleyball clinics
Saturday & Sunday: 6x6 Tournament (9am start)

Also there is...

  • Bare Bistro - full-menu (including beer & wine) restaurant with tournament specials
  • Campfires (bring your instrument and/or your voice)
  • Children's activities
  • Court-side music (live band on Saturday!)
  • Indoor Karaoke, Open Mic.
  • Poker, Darts, Ping-Pong, Billiards, Sauna, Hot Tub, Pool, Lake, and all the other amenities of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

  • There you have it ... now to make cookies for Hump Day...

    Sunday, June 23, 2013


    This coming Wednesday is the FIRST HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR of the season.

    June 26th 4pm
    Rainy and Greg's Site 227
    Please bring chairs, refreshments and if you wish a snack to share!!!!!
    Hope to see you there!!!!!!


    Hot today and humid.  It is 8pm and it is still 92F out... or 33.33C.  Phew. 

    No rain today.  Yes, I know, the 'weatherpeople' said there would be rain... but... there was no rain.  You see?  They lie all the time.  No rain on Saturday either. Fabulous weekend.  I pretty much did ... almost nothing ... :-D   except go from place to place visiting people.  You can't WORK when it is too hot.  I did manage to water my plants (the Helios outdoor water is on a separate well). 

    I heard today that 'the installation of the water systems was going well'.  I don't know what that means but I know our water was slowwww at times but I didn't notice it going off.

    Now that the roads are fixed, a lot of people think it is okay to speed.  That doesn't stop Judy and I from yelling... SLOW DOWN... heh heh.  Hey, I don't like dusting my place every other day!!! 

    Some people have noticed European fire ants in rotting wood on their sites.  Here is some info on how to kill them. I suppose I should show a photo of them.

    I hope you aren't eating ... this is a gross photo.

    Looks like something from Star Wars...

    A few more...


    Well, my skin is crawling.

    See the double vertebrae in the middle?  A common red ant doesn't have that.

    Educational hour

    Home remedies are often desired because they are perceived as being safe, but this is not always true. Gasoline or diesel oil, chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaners, and acids are dangerous to pets, children, and livestock, and the runoff from these products can contaminate water. Furthermore, it is illegal to use these substances to control pests. (Jan: what no gas?  they take the fun out of things... )
    One old home remedy, pouring hot water on the mound, is about 60 percent effective, but it is dangerous to the applicator and will kill the surrounding vegetation. Additionally, about three gallons of water must be used in an attempt to reach the reproductive areas of the mound. Soapy water is also about 60 to 70 percent effective. Hot or soapy water may kill only a portion of the colony or cause it to move. Colony relocation is also likely to occur when someone tries to dig a colony out of an area. This practice must be done carefully to avoid being stung.

    One method currently being evaluated and showing some promise as an effective home remedy is an ant mound drench using a mixture of dishwashing liquid and citrus oil.

    There you go... a non-chemical way to kill them or at least slow them down.

    Well, I obviously didn't post this as it's now almost 11pm and the temperature is 75F.  A bit better.  My air conditioning is still on as it is still very humid out.

    No petanque this weekend and I didn't notice any volleyball games going on. Where are the petanquers?  Too hot? 

    Full moon tonight...

    Lots of people in the pool today, I hear it was 81F. 

    Mosquitoes and black flies are REALLY bad.  I was out at dusk and didn't last long.

    Royce's Solstice Party on Friday night had around 40 - 50 people... lots of new faces!  Thanks Royce, we all had fun!  Thanks to Kim for her Mother Earth speech and the bowing and thanking the four corners of the earth (South, North, East, West)... not sure what you are supposed to do during a Solstice Party but... it sure is interesting with all the circle and handholding stuff.  :-D

    Not many people were in the lake this weekend. 

    Next weekend is the volleyball weekend... lots of people and hopefully we will have water...

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    On July 14...

    Sylvia wanted me to post this...


    To the Bare Oaks Members.

    The Rafferty Family would like to invite you to a "Celebration of Memories".

    To celebrate the life of Larry Rafferty, Known and Loved (aka Gummy).

         Place: 759 Pinegrove Ave., Innisfil, Ontario
         Date: Sunday, July 14, 2013    
         Time: 1 - 4pm
    Light refreshments served.

    Please join us to remember a Man whom is loved by many...

    Looking forward to seeing you there...



    Wednesday, June 19, 2013


    Well... I've had a thousand views of the blog this past week... that's a lot.

    More turtles have been spotted.  I carried a turtle poking stick in my golf cart... to be used to poke the turtles across the road.  I say 'carried' as I no longer have it... Roxy chewed it up.  It was very tasty :-)  Such a cute doggie.

    Another water notice was given to everyone on Tuesday:

    Beckett and Helios Water Update.

    Please be advised that over the next week, there will be interruptions with the water while we bring the new water cisterns online.

    We hope to keep the interruptions to a minimum, but as these are improvements to our infrastructure it is quite involved.

    We thank you in advance for your patience!

    I haven't noticed the water going off completely at any time this week but it has been slowwwww at times.  I haven't been to the Clubhouse to see the progress but there are a lot of piles of dirt that I can see from the road as I drive by.

    The Outback roof is finished!  Well, it looks like it is finished so I'm going to assume it is ...

    Gravel has been laid on some of the road into the park and the potholes are almost gone.  The worst part is right after the gate, before and after the speedbump.  If you don't drive slowly, you will need an alignment. 

    Cold wind today.  Where the heck is summer??!!  It was sunny all day though.  It is now 56F (12C).  Brrrr.  I think one of my Hibiscus froze last night... ha ha ha.  Hey, if it can't survive then it can't survive.  I don't like wussy plants.  Or maybe it was the windchill.

    Haven't seen anyone in the lake for a while.  There was someone tanning on the raft yesterday but... no one at the beach swimming.

    The tadpoles have been gone for a while... either eaten by fishies or are now baby toads. 

    I haven't seen any turtles IN the lake so if you are worried about swimming with them... they are just passing by to lay eggs.

    I'm still feeding the fish occasionally, not everyday, but usually around 6:30pm to 7:00pm.  If you are around, wander by as they get hungry and jump. Kids enjoy feeding the fish.  Don't bring your fishing pole at that time. 

    I've been told it is going to rain all weekend by a few people.  I've never trusted the weatherpeople.

    Where is Outback Bruce and Ursula and where are the hanging pots?  :-) 

    D., who comes here every day, has done some hanging plants at the pool (I don't have permission to use his name).  I haven't seen the plants as it is too cold for me to swim.  Well, maybe the pool is warm enough but getting out of it with a cold wind... nope, not going there. Last time I was there they were setting up a new Tiger Shark automatic pool cleaner so the pool should be spiffy at all times.

    How is the New Forest Room walking going in the mornings? 

    Don't forget the Solstice Party at Royce's on Friday night...

    Forgot to post this earlier and it is down to 50F now... yikes! 

    The fountain is on and it is very pretty... 

    I will leave you with a cool picture of the spring thaw flood...

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Monday, Monday

    Monday, monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da) , So good to me ...
    Monday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be ...
    Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
    That Monday evening you would still be here with me.

    (singing and moving head back and forth)

    Okayyyy, hey, it's Monday... you can do whatever you want on Monday...

    The temperature was in the 80's today F !!!  (26's to 28's C)  Saying 80's is soooo much easier.

    It did not rain today but last night we had HAIL.  Not big hail but it was still hail.  Plus a LOT of rain.  Boy, it's been so dry here that we really needed some MORE rain... NOT!!!

    The blackflies and mosquitoes are BAD. 

    Lots of people were up on the weekend... I saw a bunch of young people too.  The World Naked Bike Ride was on Saturday so maybe some of the people came back here afterwards...

    Missy was cutting lawns and edging and stuff today... it really looks good around the park. She was still working late tonight... well... around 7pm or a bit later. 

    The water system is still slow at times in Helios but I don't think it has been off for a few days.

    The walk thru from the Clubhouse to Helios is still closed off so you need to walk to the front via the road. Now here's a question... if the staff can walk through... can we walk through?

    Note from Royce:







    The solstice marks the point of the year when the northern hemisphere is tilted the most towards the sun and marks the first official first day of summer.  We should see 15 hours and 26 minutes of daylight with sunset at 9:03.

    See y'all there!!   Along with refreshments...  I will have my bug lantern with me... :-)
    Let's see... the water systems are not finished but I'm sure the park will let us know when they are finished.

    I took a picture of Madame Butterfly today on one of Judy's plants.  (left, center... it is yellow) Click to enlarge if you still can't see it or put your glasses on.

    Then I got a closeup and it is a tad blurry.  I blame the camera.   ;-D

    The following is a photo of a purple martin... which you can't see because each time it came out of the nest... it was TOO fast.  At least you can see the nest... oh, that is behind that piece of plywood. Anyways... we have purple martins!!  They eat a lot of insects and the nest has babies.

    Check out this new step next door to me... be-u-ti-ful. I think it's crooked...  does it look level to you? (snickering)

    The purple martins were not happy this was going on under their home but I think they are used to people now. 

    The temperature is now 60F.  June the 17th. So I will leave you on this note.


    Thursday, June 13, 2013


    Well... it is still coolish.  At the moment it is 68F and was around 61F (16C) earlier this morning. 

    Nice weather for the birds and the turtles.  Speaking of turtles, there was one on the lake path yesterday which was directed into the lake.  There was a HUGE one on the road to the back yesterday... which was directed into the lake. 

    Another one laid her eggs in the mound to the east of the Outback, between the two bodies of water.  It is now covered in chicken wire... for a few weeks.  The eggs are the most vulnerable in the first few weeks when the raccoons, coyotes, skunks ... can smell them. 

    The Outback re-shingling is almost finished except for the peak.

    The shed on top of the cistern at the Clubhouse is nearly finished. The walk thru is still closed off so you need to walk to the front via the road.

    The blackflies are out... yes, it is JUNE but we now have blackflies and they are biting. The mosquitoes are really bad too.

    Hump Day Happy Hour snack potluck/party is starting up again on June 26th.  Not sure where the first one is going to be but if you would like to host one, contact Rainy or Greg... site 227.  Last year the 'next' location of the party was decided at the party that we were currently attending.  I guess that didn't work so ... stay tuned... for the locations.  As there will only be around 10 Hump Day parties... it should be easy to plan.

    Notice I received yesterday, delivered by one of the staff.  I assume it is for everyone using the Clubhouse (which includes the seasonal people) so here it is:

    June 12, 2013

    We are doing some work on the existing water system that services the Clubhouse and Helios Circle because we have discovered that the flow into the holding tanks is extremely slow.  (Hence why we have run out of water this year even on slow weekends.)  The water  going into the tanks after filtration is only at 24% of the volume at the well.  We have eliminated the 3 filtration systems as the cause so the problem has to be in the piping. We are systematically replacing pipes in order to find the one that is restricting the flow.  Because we have to disconnect the pipes while we are working to find and solve the problem, you may experience occasional water outages today.  We apologize for the inconvenience. But this work will hopefully prevent further outages on the weekend and our new 22,7000 litre holding tank should go online in a couple of weeks which should solve the problem permanently.

    Not sure if they found the problem yesterday but I'm going to assume that that sort of problem can't be solved in one day so... if the water goes on and off in the next few days... you know why. I'm not saying that it will... but it might.

    Potholes are really bad due to the rains in the past few weeks.  It has rained nearly every day.

    The fake coyotes have been removed as there don't appear to be any more geese.  They were scaring the crap out of the dogs AND the people... pretty lifelike eh?

    The lawns have been mowed and look really nice.

    The sun came out yesterday for ... about an hour (grin).

    I will leave you with one of my cartoons on 'How To Be A Nudist' (please do not copy it to any other website). is owned by Google and they do not like nudity so none of the cartoons I post here will contain 'nudity'. 

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    Rainy days and Mondays...

    ... oh wait, that is today. 

    It rained ALL day... and is still raining.  I'm getting tired of mowing and weeding.

    Temperature was in the 60's (or in the 15's to 17's C) all day and is now 62F. Blah.

    Where is summer?  eh?  EH?

    I heard today that there was NO volleyball yesterday.  Not sure why but it was warm with no rain.  Maybe everyone watched the weather channel and 'they' said it would be a crappy day.  Stop. Watching. The. Weather.  Channel.  (I. Like. The. Way. People. Pause. After. Every. Word. When. They. See. A. Period.)  Heh heh.

    So that means... it was not the fault of the volleyballers that there was no water yesterday.  I was told that it was only off for a short time at the Clubhouse ... but it was off all afternoon in Helios... hmmmm.   Oh well, I'm used to it now.

    Due to the high volume of people here on the weekends you might want to throw a chair in your trunk as the lounge chairs go quickly.

    The pool was 74F yesterday. 

    I've been asked about the Wednesday Hump Day Happy Hour.  I know nothing about it... is it happening this year?  Perhaps the person who asked me ... and I... haven't been invited (grin).

    The World Naked Bike Ride is on Saturday June 15.  Details can be found at:

    Aquafit tomorrow from 4:30 - 5pm... actually it appears to be every Tuesday.

    For all the Bare Oaks events:

    Joke for today...

    Sunday, June 9, 2013

    Nice day

    Well it has been a nice weekend despite what the weather people said.  No rain on Saturday or Sunday and it was in the 80's today. 

    One of the only negative things... there was NO WATER in Helios for MOST of today.  That does not mean the Clubhouse was out of water... although if we are out, they are probably out.

    I think the weekend volleyball games should be shut down until the new cistern is in place.  It is always after the games at around 1pm when the water goes off.  Or maybe install one of those shower systems on the outdoor shower where you have to push the button every 5 seconds to get water.  I think they have that on the indoor showers.

    Only my opinion.  The staff said that the cistern system will be in place by the volleyball weekend but that is THREE WEEKS away.

    Now, a correction for the last blog regarding turtles...

    "It may be tempting to rescue a snapping turtle found in a road by getting it to bite a stick and then dragging it out of immediate danger. This action can, however, severely scrape the legs and underside of the turtle and allow for deadly infections in the wounds. The safest way to pick up a common snapping turtle is holding it by its plastron (shell)."
    Remember that a snapping turtle can reach it's tail so watch your fingers.  I think poking it in the bum to cross the road might be a better idea.

    Also, for those of you who have asked...

    "Incubation time for snapping turtle eggs is temperature-dependent, ranging from 9 to 18 weeks."

    That is at LEAST 2 months so don't expect to see them this summer.
    Now, on to the installation of cistern number 2... at the start (near the water tanks) of the seasonal area.
    The hole. The water table is really high which is why the hole is not that deep. You can see gravel at the bottom of it. (Click photo to enlarge.)
    The backhoe that dug the hole.
    Here is a photo of the backhoe going towards the back. (Thanks Judy).  I wonder how the speedbumps are doing after all that heavy equipment abuse.
    The cistern... backing up.
    Picking up cistern.

    A short movie of them swinging it around.  (Actually it is over 50 megs, so not so short... it took half an hour to upload)


    Next the cistern has been lowered.
    I had another video but it is 200 megs... and that is wayyyyyy too big to upload here... and would take too long on the slow park internet.
    I think the Outback roof is finished or almost finished.  Two people were working on it all day today.
    Lots of people coming and going and tanning. 
    All the work that JL, Judy, Marc and myself put into cleaning up the shoreline of gunk or sludge or algae :-) ... well... it has to be done again.  That stuff really smells when it builds up.
    The plants are going nuts with all the water these past few weeks... and the cool nights... it has gone down to 54F so far tonight.   
    Did I mention the water was off ALL DAY.  lol
    I hear the fake coyotes are scaring people... heh heh.  The one from the back pond has been moved.  I'll move the one near the front pond tomorrow... or if I forget... some time this week.
    Now that the lake is open and there are a ton of people around it.  Here is an article that everyone should read... it is not a pleasant article as it has to do with ... how to tell if a person is drowning.  It is very educational and you know how I like to educate y'all (grin).
    Please read it, it doesn't take that long and could save a life.  It's a long URL so you may have to cut and paste it.
    One interesting fact: "Throughout the Instinctive Drowning Response, drowning people cannot voluntarily control their arm movements. Physiologically, drowning people who are struggling on the surface of the water cannot stop drowning and perform voluntary movements such as waving for help, moving toward a rescuer, or reaching out for a piece of rescue equipment."
    "One way to be sure? Ask them, “Are you all right?” If they can answer at all—they probably are. If they return a blank stare, you may have less than 30 seconds to get to them. And parents—children playing in the water make noise. When they get quiet, you get to them and find out why."
    That is my annual blurb on watching your kids while they swim. No one else is doing it for you.
    Did you know there is a shuffleboard game in the outback complete with rocks?
    Or ... the pool table has been recovered? 
    There are lots of picnic tables at the Outback area too... but only those plastic upright chairs... no lounge chairs.  Bring your own or bring one from the front area near the Clubhouse.

    I think that's it...  except for your humor for the day...

    Saturday, June 8, 2013

    Busy week !

    This week has been very busy around here.

    First ... the south side of the Outback roof is FINISHED.  Here is a photo of it half done... it was completed before the rain on Thursday... and boy, did it rain. Click photos for larger images. B. did the roof... of B. and K.  I don't have permission to put his name here but I wanted to give him credit for it... great job!! 

    The peak and other side has to be done but it has been very wet and cold so that will happen later.

    Very cold here.. it is now 58F but it has been in the 50's all day. I saw two people with ski jackets on today. Ha ha ha.

    Tilly Turtle laid her eggs today right beside the path along the lakefront.  Here is her first attempt which failed.

    Judy named her... :-)  These photos (from Judy... thanks!) are her second attempt.  In the first you can see an egg popping out.  In the second she is covering her eggs.  The area is now covered with chicken wire, lights and a traffic cone... so no one should trample the eggs.

    Ain't she cute?  That is algae on her back.
    Here is some snapping turtle information... my comments are in (brackets).
    The snapping turtle is currently listed as Special Concern under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, 2007 and Special Concern under the federal Species at Risk Act. The species has also been designated as a Specially Protected Reptile under the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.
    These acts offer protection to individuals and their habitat. The habitat of this species is further protected in Ontario by the Provincial Policy Statement under the Planning Act.
    (That means... don't mess with them or Judy will yell at you (grin))
    The Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) is Canada’s largest freshwater turtle, reaching an average length of 20-36 cm and a weight of 4.5-16.0 kg. Snapping Turtles have large black, olive or brown shells typically covered in algae. Their tails, which can be longer than their body, have “dinosaur-like” triangular crests along their length. Hatchlings are about the size of a loonie and are smaller and darker than adults, with pronounced ridges along the length of their shell.

    Snapping Turtles spend most of their lives in water. They prefer shallow waters so they can hide under the soft mud and leaf litter, with only their noses exposed to the surface to breathe. During the nesting season, from early to mid summer, females travel overland in search of a suitable nesting site, usually gravely or sandy areas along streams. Snapping Turtles often take advantage of man-made structures for nest sites, including roads (especially gravel shoulders), dams and aggregate pits.

    (if you are bored... go to the end)
    Threats: It takes 15 to 20 years for a Snapping Turtle to reach maturity. As a result, adult mortality greatly affects the species’ survival. During the summer, many turtles cross roads in search of mates, food and nest sites. This is risky for turtles as they are to slow to get out of the way of moving vehicles. Snapping Turtles are also sometimes intentionally persecuted. Eggs in nests around urban and agricultural areas are subject to predators such as Raccoons and Striped Skunks.
    (It may be tempting to rescue a snapping turtle found in a road by getting it to bite a stick and then dragging it out of immediate danger. This action can, however, severely scrape the legs and underside of the turtle and allow for deadly infections in the wounds. The safest way to pick up a common snapping turtle is holding it by its plastron (shell).  Or move it off the road by pushing it but in the direction it is travelling.) 
    On land the snapping turtle can become defensive as they cannot pull their head or limbs into their shell, and its sharp beak and strong jaws can cause injury if harassed. When in the water, however, snapping turtles will generally swim away to escape danger and they are NOT KNOWN TO BITE SWIMMERS. 
    (so you don't have to worry about them in the water.)
    Snapping turtles only occasionally emerge from the water to bask, yet they do not swim particularly well and are often observed walking on the bottom of water bodies.  They are omnivorous and feed on various aquatic plants and invertebrates, as well as fish, frogs, (FROGS??!!) snakes, small turtles, aquatic birds and relatively fresh carrion.  Females reach maturity between 17-19 years of age and build nests in May or June.  Snapping turtles spend much of their lives in the water, and individuals seen on land or crossing roads in spring or early summer are usually females searching for egg-laying sites.  A single clutch can contain between 20-40 eggs, resembling ping-pong balls.

    (bored yet? Hey, you are being educated here...) 
    Adults normally live a very long time in the wild – up to 70 years for many individuals. 

    Due to their long life span, snapping turtles bioaccumulate many toxins from their environment and, in addition to any negative effects this bioaccumulation has on the turtles, it makes them very unsafe for human consumption.

    (don't eat them or you may die  :-) )
    I'm not fixing the fonts.

    Okay, next we have the placement of the first cistern ... it will hold the extra water for the park so that we don't run out of water ... yeah!!

    It is beside the path going from Helios to the Clubhouse.  It has just been put into the hole here. (Click photo to enlarge.)

    This is the crane seen from Helios... it is very large (75 ton) and lowered the cistern (5,000 gallons) into the hole. That is the wifi tower to the left of the crane.

    This is a closeup of the crane... oooo, big.

    This is the area after the cistern has been covered in dirt. The guys worked until midnight on Wednesday night finishing this area. They did a great job.

    This is the front driveway... which has been dug up to put in the electrical system for the cistern.

    One of the residents was NOT happy with all the noise... the trucks, backhoes, cranes were making.  This is a photo of the unhappy resident... who was in the tree right beside the Clubhouse door... Mrs. Mourning Dove.

    Lastly ... here is a photo of JL putting down sod... right before the rains this week.  It took him quite a while to do it as everyone stopped by to give their 'opinion' on how he should do it... oh, and also to chat...

    I have photos of the installation of the second cistern in the seasonal area but this blog is getting too big so I'll do that tomorrow.  

    So... that's it for today... go to bed.

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    Return of the Cicadas...

    This has nothing to do with Bare Oaks but this happens once every 17 years so I thought I'd post it.

    It is a very cool video and is only 7:23 minutes long. Samuel Orr is the filmmaker. :-D 

    It's only 60F here with a cold wind. 

    The Outback roof has plywood on 25 percent of it now.


    Cold today... the wind was cold, the sun was bright... but it was not warm.  I saw a lot of pants and sweatshirts today... except for the people who are nude when the snow is falling :-)

    Due to the huge amount of rain this past week... the gardens were pretty overgrown.  A lot of them were weeded today.  I didn't see any people putting in gardens on Saturday ... Canada Nude Gardening day. I don't see any new gardens either.

    It is currently 43F... now that is cold.

    The Outback is being re-shingled... but the roof needed new plywood first so that is being done.  Hope it doesn't rain in the next day or two.  This is a photo of the stripped roof. Looks like only half is being done but ... I didn't ask so I don't know.

    Missy was zipping around cutting the lawns on the new lawn mower today.  It is really cool and collects the grass as it cuts.  She looked tired at 7pm when I saw her and she was still cutting.

    I was at the pool area for a while today doing gardening and the pool was covered so ... no one was in it.  I have no idea what the temperature of the water is but someone said it was 78F on the weekend.  Obviously the solar panels are doing a great job.

    If D. and J. are reading this... I have a trumpet vine in a bucket for you... I tried to get another one out of the lawn but I ran into a red ant colony and they were NOT happy so I will continue removing it another day...

    No news on Gummy's memorial service but I will let you know if there is one.

    Phil took a video of the lake just to see if it would work so here it is.  It is large so I don't think I will be putting another one in the blog.  This one has been uploading for about 6 minutes now... phew. I'm bored waiting.  It's got a lot of birdfeeders in it... but no birds. That's the road at the beginning and the Outback at the end.

    A load of gravel was dumped today... half in the front parking lot and half in the back.  
    Oh, there was NO rain today.  Weird... it has been raining most days and I was getting use to it.

    To all those asking... I FINALLY found the fish food.  The International Trout Fishing Place on 48 and Queensville has gone out of business and it was just sold last year!  Burds on 48 doesn't sell it.  Quite a project but I found it at the North York Farmers place on Leslie... phew.

    Three months until Labor day... (snickering).

    I wonder how much deeper would the ocean be without sponges...

    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Raining... and no water

    It's raining... it started about an hour ago and it is a heavy rain.  It was spitting off and on today but... you need an umbrella now.

    There were about 12  people playing volleyball at 2pm and there is no water at the moment around 3:30.  So... beware of tomorrow, get all your water stuff done before 3pm.  The park staff told us this might happen.

    Now for a bit of education:

    This is a photo of one of the rhubarb plants beside the office (click to enlarge).  Notice there are not many rhubarb stalks left.  This plant should be producing all year. I also watered it yesterday so if you see they are really dry, please water them.

    Now in order to keep the plant producing, you have to PULL OUT the stalks, not cut them.  This is a photo of the stalks that have been pulled out.

    Mmmm, delicious.

    Less humid today although this morning was a bit hot and humid. It was around 80F this morning.  It is now 69F at 3pm.

    This was the temperature last Thursday.  Ooo, much better.

    I saw someone swimming in the lake alone yesterday.  Tsk tsk.  ALWAYS swim with another person around.  If you hit your head, you will drown, the end.

    I think I saw the Kubota working on the potholes today but ... they are still bad.  Maybe they can't be fixed anymore.  Oh well, drive slowly. 

    There are now two more sets of speed bumps in the seasonal area.  I think there are only two... there could be more.

    This is Canada World Gardening day... I didn't notice anyone putting in more gardens.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I pulled a few weeds :-D

    One of my buddies is back.  If you click the photo you will see him on the left, middle of the feeder.

    Here is a video for you to watch, Wendy and Kim sent it:

    "This guy found this baby hummingbird after it was attacked, and he nursed it back to health until it decided to stay and be his pet. Very charming video, and be sure to have your sound on. The song in the background is almost as good as the video itself. ENJOY :-)

    Http:// "

    Personally... I didn't like the song so if you don't have sound, don't worry about it.

    Four baby robins left the nest yesterday.  This one is asleep.  I noticed at least one baby try to fly by this morning so at least one of them made it through the storm and through the night. Parents are still stealing my worms to feed them.

    Oooo, I think the sun is trying to come out.

    Pity about the Mt. Albert Sports Day parade last night. They were all assembled at 7pm to start and the sky opened and dumped rain.  Then the thunder and lightning was heard/seen... so the rides were shut down.  This happened last year too.  Today was better as no rain until about 3pm.

    According to management... they may be starting the re-shingling this weekend.

    I'm tired of cutting my grass already... it needs to stop raining...

    I didn't hear any petanquers today.

    Euchre night tonight.