Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday ... Monday... la la ... la la la la

It snowed a bit last night but it is ABOVE freezing at the moment.

Quiet here. 

Not much going on...

Funny, I haven't seen any naked people outside for days...

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Well... it snowed last night. We had about 4 inches.  Whiteouts on the roads, down to one lane traffic on Queensville Sideroad ... bleck.   Cars were off the road in the ditch on HWY 48. 

Good thing I have my snow tires on :-)

The lake is covered in snow. This does help the freezing process as the snow provides a layer of insulation against ice forming.  If it continues this way, we won't be skating on it this year.

There were a number of cars in the parking lot when I left last night... so it looks like the Clubhouse was busy.

It's 18F at the moment, or minus 8C. 

The roads have NOT been plowed in the park.  'They' say it is supposed to warm up on Tuesday so... the roads will probably not be plowed.  No salt is put on the roads here... although, if I remember correctly, when the gate area gets slippery, it gets salted (or sanded?).

It is sunny today.  The sun is not melting the snow.

Most of the potholes are filled with snow now.  The road to the back is open... not that it would be closed... I'm just doing an update.

There have been a number of people driving to the back so the road is probably fine. 

Well... not much else to report on...

Monday, November 18, 2013


Well last night was fun...

It was soooo windy here... and we lost power for hours, from around 11pm to 5am.  Not too bad as everyone was probably sleeping at the time.

It rained a bit yesterday too and the wind is still gusting.

It was 55F yesterday and last night... that is HOT for this time of year.  At the moment it is 44F. 

The potholes from the entrance to the park to the gate have been filled!  From the gate on... they are still there but not as bad as usual.

The seasonal water is off and the outside water lines in Helios have been blown out. 

Here is a photo of the lake on November 13... brrrrr. Judy says (thanks Judy!)

"Say it ain't so!! Ice forming on our little lake!!  The snow on the deck covers a thin layer of ice. We are suppose to have the roof re-shingled next week - I'm not sure they'll be able to do it if the weather doesn't co-operate!!"

Well... the shinglers have arrived and are off loading shingles as we speak. 

Which reminds me... have you had your shingles vaccine?  (for those of you who are older).  I know a few people who have had shingles and it is not a pretty sight. 

Naked Bowling is coming up on November 30th.  It is hosted by the GTA Skinnydippers.  From 7pm to 11pm.  It is in Mississauga. Go here to check it out:

MEMBERS: couple / family - $20.00 MEMBERS: single adult  $15.00.
VISITOR: couple / family - $25.00 VISITOR: single adult - $20.00
Young Naturist: $5.00 (Single)  $7.00 (Couple).

Yes indeed, it cost more for a single to bowl then two people in a couple.  :-D  Not really but you can see where I'm going. 

As most of you know, Syl (and Gummy's) trailer has been sold and the person has taken possession of it.  (I asked if I could post this.)

Darts were being played on Saturday night.  I don't know if it will be a regular thing or not.  I was away so missed it... but then, I don't play darts. 

I hear the downstairs is getting a makeover.  I may wander over there and check it out...

That's it... go for a walk.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Snow again...

It snowed again today, but only a bit.  It is only 30F (for those of you who don't know, or forget, that is BELOW freezing ... ha ha ha).

The signs are up around the park... fast moving water (the river) and no salt used on the roads.  The first aid kit is once again on the post before the bridge to the back... hopefully someone won't STEAL this one.  What brainless idiot steals a first aid kit?  Harsh?  right... but true.

The water cistern (is that redundant?) at the back is now covered with dirt and sod.  That would make a great flying saucer ride in the winter (grin).  (looking around)...  Okay okay, maybe not. 

No photos today... so... here are some baby sea turtles that we released on the beach in Cuba... enlarge the photo... they are sooooo cute. Yeah, yeah, it has nothing to do with the park.

It doesn't look like our turtles hatched this year, maybe in the spring (yes, some hatch in the spring, I looked it up).

There you go, now the turtles have something to do with the park.

I was at the Clubhouse on Saturday afternoon and watched the dart tournament for a while.  Not sure who won... I may have fallen asleep (snickering).  I should learn how to play darts... or not. I don't think I'm allowed to throw pointy objects anymore...

So... there you have it...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Snow !!

I'm backkkkkkk. 

I was in Cuba for the week with 24 other people and 6 people from the park :-)

We had a lovely time... hot every day!  no rain! ha ha !

It snowed last night.  Here are some photos... thanks Judy!

Ho hum... snow... bleck.

So... you can tell by the photos that it has been below freezing at night.  The temperature at the moment is 46F  so it is not really cold.

Most parks have a rule that you have to take your Christmas lights down within 'x' period of time after Christmas... maybe a month or 6 weeks.  There should be a rule that you can't put your lights up before that time... !!  There are Christmas lights up at the park already... I mean... COME ON !!

No I'm not a Grinch and I don't have a problem with Christmas but... I want to shoot myself when they play Christmas carols... OVER AND OVER AND OVER in the stores.  That said... my Christmas shopping is half done... na na.

The aerator has been shut down for the winter... boy is it ever peaceful at the lake now.

I heard the water in the seasonal area is still on but I think it is going off on Monday.  Call the office to confirm.

At least one extra portapotty has been moved to the seasonal area... I saw it on it's way today.

The potholes aren't as bad as usual...

The propane tanks were filled today.

Syl is having a great time in Louisiana... she said the weather is nice and warm (grumbling).

Our 'property' tax bills are in... for those of you who pay taxes here.

This weekend's events are:

November Wave Pool Leisure swim for Emily's House

Saturday, November 9, 2013
7:30 PM to

Wave Pool
5 Hopkins Ave, Richmond Hill, ON

Come all to this fund raiser for Emily's House Hospice for Children organized by the GTA Skinny Dippers.
All event fees will go to Emily's House so bring all your friends and send out announcements.
Sign up (Rsvp) at www.
For those who have never been, this is a fabulous event with several features to be enjoyed besides experienced naturists to talk to and we encourage you to talk to several by just introducing yourself and give them 5-10 minutes before moving on to talk to others. Just be sure not to lock on to anyone and monopolize their time unless invited to stay a bit longer. Part of naturist etiquette.
Amenities at this very large pool is a huge warm conversation pool, the Wave Pool that goes for 15 minutes then alternates with the nice smooth slide for 15 minutes through the night. There is also a large hot sauna guaranteed to make you sweat but not too hot.
This is a FAMILY swim so all ages are welcome.

The GTA Skinny Dippers usually have adult and kid prizes announced during the swim. Tickets for sale when you register. Swim attracts over 100 naturists, so don't miss out. The next swim will be in the Spring.

That's it... Euchre was last weekend, the first Saturday of every month.

No sun today. 

Not much going on here...  this is for Sherri... :-)