Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot and humid

Today it went up to around 85F... or 29C. Very humid. 

It's raining now and I can hear FROGS!!  Yeah!  There aren't many frogs in the lake this year ... if you see any ... please don't pick them up... they live here and like it in the lake.

The air in the park tonight had a nice 'pig poop' smell... I think the mushroom farm was doing a bit of spreading... or it may have been distributed to the farmers fields.

Mosquitoes are bad at sunset.  I now have an Off clip-on bug deterrent. (Thanks Colleen.)  It seemed to work but then, we were walking.  I'll give it a few more tests in the next few days.  It lasts for 11 hours. 

The river is up to the bottom of the foot bridge.  It is about 6 inches from going over it.  We've had a lot of rain.

Thanks to whoever moved Mr. W.E. Coyote II.  The pond was up so he was probably doing a bit of swimming.

It is now (at midnight) around 60F (15C).   Not too cold. 

They are calling for rain tomorrow too... what's with all this stupid rain?  Strawberry fields hasn't been cut due to the flooding and ... now more rain.  It will need a sythe soon. 

Potholes are coming back. 

Naked Canadian Gardening day is this Saturday.  Euchre night on Saturday night.  Petanque on Sat and Sun at 10am. Volleyball from 2pm to 3pm on Sat and Sun.  For those of you in Helios...  make sure you get your showers in before 2pm as... if it is really hot... there may not be any water in Helios after the volleyballers shower... which happened the last time it was really hot. 

All in all... there is a lot to do here on the weekends now.  Check the Bare Oaks website, the events calendar:

Walked around the seasonal area tonight and there aren't many people there...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still cold...

It went down to 48F today and is now 57F.  Too cold to get a tan.

It's raining now and it rained last night with sprinklings (is that a word?)  all day.

Hey, at least you don't have to shovel it!!

This is how you move a rototiller. JL and Peter. (Thanks Judy for the photo)

Shingles were delivered today to the Outback.  A very large crane was used.

Photo from lakeside.

Photo from side.

I was betting the whole roof was going to go but... it is still there.  That is a nice fuschia plant on the right and isn't that wishing well supposed to be at the mini-putt course?

The guy who marks the water, electricity and phones was at the park yesterday.  Lots of blue, red, orange spray paint all over the park... right through gardens and across stone driveways.  Ha Ha Ha.  Hey I know he has to do that but I'm sure the rain will be washing a lot of it away today.

Judy cleaned the algae out of the lake in the front of her lots yesterday for 3 hours. (Thanks for the photos!)

Here is what she said ( I didn't post the photo she is referring to as there is a photo of the lake below) :

"I was going to take a picture of the green algae on L. Beamore but found this online - COULD have been taken at our end of the lake - or anywhere along the edges. Green algae/bloom is apparently caused by runoff of fertilized land but none of us who live beside the lake fertilize so maybe it's from the park fertilizing!? ( I spent close to 3 hours yesterday trying to get rid of some of the algae bloom (the stuff on top of the water), took 4 wheelbarrows of it into the woods but hardly dented it!"

I cleaned mine out for half an hour yesterday, got most of it out,  and asked a very nice person to dump the wheelbarrow full.  (Thank you very nice person... it was heavy and I was tired.)

Marc and Suzie cleaned the gunk out of their lot on Sunday.

JL cleaned around the curve of the lake for about 3 hours today. Here are some photos of what JL did... with his hip waders on.  Both Judy and I used rubber boots.

Before photo... ick ick ick. Poor fishies.

Working his way across.

 Almost done.


Bleck.  That stuff smells.  Now if everyone did their lot, less mess and less smell.

The lawns have been cut... and they look great!!  I don't know if the seasonal area lawns were cut as I golf carted back there today and forgot to look...

Three more days until June 1... WHERE IS SUMMER?  Don't tell me summer starts late June... in Canada summer starts in MAY...

Oh did I mention the mosquitoes are BAD.  Not many black flies this year though... I guess it was too cold for them.  The dragon flies are back and, when I was a kid... about a zillion years ago, the dragon flies arrived in August... not May.

Lots of Baltimore Orioles here.  If you want them to come to your feeder, put up a hummingbird feeder and remove TWO of the bee guards.  Their beaks are too big to fit through the bee guards.  They take nectar that is one part sugar and 4 parts water (same as the hummingbirds which are back for the summer too).  Boil the water and take it off the heat.  Then add the sugar and stir to dissolve. It is NOT necessary to boil the mixture after you add the sugar.  Cool and use.  Any excess can be stored in the fridge for up to 10 days. There you go, just call me Martha Stewart.

Carry on...

Oh yeah,  a bit of humor to end today... click to enlarge.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pool Open!

Hola amigos y amigas!

Yikes it is cold here.  Crack the ice on the pool before you jump in!  Okay just kidding as I have no idea what temperature the pool is.  Hmmm, bad grammar.  Oh well.

Last year the pool opened on May 14.

It is 40F at the moment.  My plants are inside again tonight. 

It was warm today ... in the sun... but there was a cold wind.  Not many people here and it is difficult to recognize people when they are dressed in coats and pants.

The gardens are going nuts due to all the rain we have had this week.  The grass is really growing fast but will be mowed tomorrow, I hear.

Last Thursday night it snowed.  I have a friend who works at the 401 and 404 and she could see cars coming down the 404 covered in snow.  Hello?  It's MAY... the END of May.

The floods have subsided.  Royce's tomatoes are now above water (I checked today).  They may, or may not, survive.

Potholes... what can I say (grin).

I saw someone in the lake today up to their waist.  Then I realized they were trying to retrieve something and were screaming on the way out LOL.  Foolish person.  Lots of weeds in the lake this year... and scum ... but there is always scum in the spring. 

We have a nice concrete speed bump halfway to the seasonal area.  It is much better than last year's speed bump as it has two levels and you go up and down slowly.  I took myself out on a bike a few times last year as the round speed bump sorta launches you when you forget it is there at night... in the dark...

No news about Larry's/Gummy's memorial service.

No photos today so I will leave you on a 'cute' note.  I get a Wildlife newsletter in email and this is a family of Merganser ducks.  No, they are not from the park. Some of them are extremely lazy.

Do you know that if you say 'gullible' slowly... it sounds like 'oranges' ?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cold... cold...

I can't believe it... it is 35F (1C) at the moment.  COLD COLD COLD.

I covered my new baby plants that I just planted on the weekend.  If they don't survive, I'll buy some new baby plants :-D

The pool is filled. (as always, click image for a larger photo)

However, it is not open for use.  Not sure why... maybe because it is COLD here.

The coyote beside the front pond is a bit scarey... but there are currently no geese on the front pond... yeah!!   

The coyote by the lake was moved by someone else for some reason and I can't seem to find the location where it ended up ... but I should have a photo of it's new location within the next few days.

Did I mention it is cold here? It's been raining off and on all day.  It is now  (10pm) raining heavily.

Nighttime frog picture... cool eh?

For all you people looking for some really good Chinese food... try Chen's Restaurant in Mount Albert.  Open all week but closed Tuesdays.

The big metal picnic tables are being moved to the front (Clubhouse) area.  The new picnic tables that are/were on Herman's lot are being move to the transient and public sites at the back.  If you are interested in having a picnic table on your site, do what I did... buy your own :-)

And the good news is... TOMORROW IS FRIDAY.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Floods R Us

The seasonal area has a bit of water surrounding it. 

I took these pictures this morning. Click photos to enlarge them.

This is the back of Royce's place. After you enlarge it you will see his tomato cages in the foreground... in the water.

This is one of his cages, do you see the tomato plant in it? lol

Kim and Missy's place.

Seems the firepit is a tad underwater. The Yurt is fine.

Nice lounge chair.

Behind Gary and Brenda's place.


 George and Maryanne's firepit is really underwater.

Strawberry Fields.

This is the first time I have seen the water flowing OVER the back bridge.   Front left. A bit fuzzy.

Behind Frank's place. I think the chair is floating.

His firepit is somewhere under about 2 feet of water.

Taken from the deck to the north of Frank. You can see the new river at the front, the actual river in the middle and the river that goes between the lake and Glen Echo Field in the back.  I think the willow trees are in water.

No damage was done to any trailers... that we could see.

No sun today and it is still raining off and on.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain... and more rain... and more rain...

It rained last night (Monday) with thunderstorms and lightning.  Oooo, ahhhhhh.

Today it has been raining off and on... mostly on.   85F when I got up and it is now 66F... so it has dropped around 20 degrees today.

On a good note, it isn't as dusty.  On a bad note, the potholes are worse.

On a good note, the flowers and grass are growing quickly!  On a bad note, the grass needs to be mowed EVERYWHERE.  I passed Missy when I drove into the Park and she was in the process of mowing.  But.. the grass is wet.

It is very humid today. 

Are sarongs allowed here now?  I saw management wearing one the other day so I'm going to assume it is okay to wear them. 

A lot of people have been asking me about Larry's/Gummy's memorial service.  I said I would post anything I found out.  Well... it has NOT been organized yet but I think there will be one... but I can't say for sure (grin).  How is that for vague?  So... I will post more later.

Did I mention the water was off in Helios again yesterday?  Most of Sunday... and Monday afternoon.  I was told ... after the volleyball players finished playing... all of them took a shower ... and there you have it... no water.  I now have my outdoor (Herman's well) shower hooked up.  I think I will need it a LOT this summer.  As long as there is outdoor water... I'm good.

There is a weather advisor just north of us... they are expecting up to 50 cm by the end of tomorrow.   Hey Noah... what's a cubit? :-D

It's been wayyyy too wet to walk around the Park so I don't know how many campers are here.  I can tell you though... the mosquitoes are REALLY BAD.  Bring bug spray or use the 'OFF Powerpad Mosquito Lantern'.  Those things really work and a lot of people have them here.  You light one and it lasts for about 4 hours.  NO mosquitoes will bite you during that time. Can be found at Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, blah blah blah ... all the other places that are listed in those annoying ads...

Don't forget about Petanque every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 11am (or whenever it ends).  Held on the Petanque courts in the middle of Helios.  The horn has gone a few times but it is kinda pathetic and hard to hear.  I'm thinkin' they might need another air canister. There were quite a few people playing on Sunday. 

Also there is Volleyball from 2pm to 3pm... on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Sunday from 10am to 11am is Yoga with Nikki AND from 8pm to 9pm.

Aquafit is from 12noon to 12:30.  Now, is the pool running... because it wasn't filled this past weekend.  Is Aquafit being held in the lake?  Maybe it will just be 'fit'.   I could do with being a little more 'fit'.  (grin).

Canadian Naked Gardening Day is on June 1, Saturday. Description: "Enjoy your own Naked Gardening at home; or, come out to Bare Oaks to help with some of our new gardens." I'll be doing some of the current gardens that day. 

Thanks to Marc and Suzie for doing the gardens that you see when you turn into the Park.  Judy has been doing the Petanque garden.  Nancy is doing the garden where the road branches when you first enter Beckett... plus the shower house gardens. The planters have not been done as there are no plants/flowers to go into them. The two big gardens (covered in red mulch) near the Outback are slowlyyyy being done.  I don't know what plants are going to appear this year so both gardens are a bit busy.  Plus the top half of the garden closest to the Outback (the one with all the grass and large weeds) is being kept wild for all the wildlife that is in it.

Now... is the pool filled yet?  

Is this blog too long?  Should I stop rambling?  Ha ha ha... too late.  For all the people who have thanked me for doing the blog... you are welcome.  I'm surprised how many of you read it. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hot today!

Wow, it is hot today... 91F on my deck in the sun and 85F in the shade.

Congratulations Henry (1st place) and Dave ( 2nd place) in the Ladder Golf Tournament on Saturday.

Lots of people were at the potluck last night from what I could see from my place.  I, unfortunately, had to work (every Sunday night). I was not happy with the potluck / dance schedule change from Saturday night to Sunday night.  Oh well. These things happen.   

The dance was LOUD which was great!!  Nice to see some events here again.

I passed Gary yesterday and he said that Nikki did a great job with yoga yesterday... he said he was still 'sweating'.    Check the Bare Oaks events for the yoga schedule. 

In case some of you don't read the comments on the end of the posted blogs... Judy posted that JL was checking out the pool last night (or late yesterday) and found the shower beside the pool running.  Which may explain our lack of water yesterday.

The mosquito helicopter did fly back and forth over the Park as we watched it.  It was low and loud.

It is cloudy now ... phew... and still really hot.  If you have a dog, make sure you give it a LOT of water today.  If you are hot, so is your dog.   If I find a dog locked in a car like we saw last year... I WILL break the window.  It only takes about 10 minutes to kill a dog in extreme heat.   Hopefully that guy has acquired a little bit of sense.

The fake coyotes seem to be doing their job... there have been no geese on the lake in a while.  However, there is a family on the front pond.  I think I'll move the coyote that is up there... they spend a lot of time in the river.

Lots of people wandering around today. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Long Weekend

Well... it is finally here... the long weekend.  Phew. Summer is here!!

On a sad note... one of our local residents ... Larry aka Gummy passed away on Saturday morning.  Sigh.  He was in a lot of pain from bone cancer and is now in a better place.  I don't have any information on funeral services but I will post here when I know.  He had a living wake in the winter so there may not be a service... but then... there may ... so stay tuned.  Feel free to give Syl a hug if you see here... she was bombing around in Larry's golf cart today :-D  (okay not bombing, driving slowly).

Last night Kimmy and Missy held a candlelighting / beer drinking tribute to Larry/Gummy.  Over 50 people dropped in and out... it was great.  I let Syl know and she is very grateful for all the condolences and other things the park people are doing in remembrance of Gummy.

According to Royce it was below zero on Thursday night so... if you plant things, they may freeze if it doesn't warm up a LOT. I think I will plant my tomatoes tomorrow.

Thanks to Terry (beside the Bush Bunny Trail - the place with all the birdfeeders) for the hanging plant (fuschia) for the park.  It is now on the end of the Outback.  Thanks Bruce for moving the plant hanger. If anyone else feels a tad generous... we could use a lot of plants for planters and such.  They don't have to be expensive, just pretty flowers.

This fake coyote was placed by the lake last week.  The next day two geese walked by it LOL.  I will move it around but... thanks to JL and Judy for scaring off the geese (that don't have goslings).  I was told that Fenelon Falls beach was closed in the past because of goosey poopie.  We don't want that to happen here.  I have chased some geese into the stream... that HAVE goslings as they do not need to be here.  Note: I didn't hurt them.  Interesting fact:  do you know in the USA it is legal to set off fireworks to frighten geese away and you do not need a license to do that. 

The water in Helios has been off three times today:  noon, around 5:30pm and 8:00pm.  This means it MAY be off at the Clubhouse too but it may be on...

Lots of people here this weekend, the parking lot is full... which probably explains the lack of water.

The seasonal area was swarming with people all day.  Lots of us were going from site to site visiting... and the sun was HOT ... so there will be a few red bodies tomorrow.

I heard about a problem today.  If you put on suntan lotion, please refrain from using the spray kind around any other members.  The spraying affects the breathing of some people and ... taking too many allergy pills or asthma inhalers is probably not good for you.  The office knows about this problem and usually mentions it to new people. Thanks!

Some of the members of this park need to get a little better at flying helicopters heh heh.  I left during the trial fly-bys... so I don't know if it is in one piece... or not (grin).

Heather planted a very large 'Gummy Tree' today in her front yard.  It is some sort of flowering/berry tree and I, of course, have forgotten the name.  That is so nice.

It hasn't rained for quite a while... it is very dusty... the potholes are like concrete and numerous. 

There was a potluck tonight at the Outback with lots of people.  Dance tonight too...

I don't think the pool is open, I haven't been to the Clubhouse in a few days.

You can thank JL and Judy for removing the weeds from the beach. JL rototilled and Judy picked them out... and Larry raked a bit on his way by. It took hours.  The sand/dirt/clay is now fluffier. 

There are no white lounge chairs at the beach so... bring your own lounge chair.  There are plastic chairs though.

The mosquitoes are BAD this year.  My arms are covered in blackfly bites.  There were DEER FLIES out today and you don't usually see them until July.  The helicopters dropped pellets for the mosquitoes... so I have no idea what is going on.  Perhaps the pellets were 'old'  ;-)

Lots of pretty, pretty flowers are being planted and hung in planters. 

That's all I can think of.

Have a nice tanning day tomorrow... or did someone say it is going to rain? 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snowing here..

It is 46F at the moment.  This morning at around 11am ... it was SNOWING.  At the moment, around 1pm... it is hailing.

Had to bring in my hanging plants.  Cold and very windy. 

I've only seen one naked person today... bet he was cold :-)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Water is on ...


The water is on in the seasonal area!  That means the showers and bathrooms are open. 

However... it is a tad chilly here. 54F at the moment and has been raining most of the day.

Foggy too.

Dark... brrrrrrr.

The leaves are on the trees, the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing.  I got my new lawnmower started (thanks Missy!!), mowed the grass yesterday, realized the wheels were too high and then it rained today ... oh well, I'll finish another day.

A lot of the debris from the trees that were cut down (I heard they cut 22 trees) has been cleaned up.

Potholes are really bad today due to the rain.

Metro at the south east corner of Leslie St. and Davis Drive has hanging plants for sale for $20. for two.  Thanks Royce for the info!  I bought 4 of them.  They are very pretty ... yellow and orange begonias.  There is a frost warning for Monday and Tuesday so I will hang them outside AFTER the frost. They have tons of other plants too.

Leafs game is on tonight... could be the last (grin). 

Not much else is happening. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain today

Phew, we finally got a bit of rain... for about 20 minutes but the roads will be less dusty.

Here is one of our friends who wander the park.  Thanks Sandy for the photo.

Soooo cute.

It's been very busy around here this week.  People have been looking after the gardens.  I bought two huge truckloads of red mulch and distributed it around the park.  Judy is maintaining the garden near the petanque court.  Nancy is doing the Peace garden on Beckett and the gardens around the back showers and washrooms.  I'm doing the gardens near the pool, beside the clubhouse, near the gate,  and the red bumps near the Outback.  I don't remember who is doing the gardens in front of the clubhouse (sorry, I forgot your names but I know it is a couple.) 

Dennis was pulling weeds out of the petanque court.  Missy cut all the grass around the park today.

A ton of trees have been cut down around the park.  The roads are clear but there is debris off to the side in a few locations.  None of the trailers were damaged in the process. 

The American toads are back and have laid some frog spawn in the lake.  Some of it is near the beach so try not to disturb the black stuff in the water to the left of the beach as you are looking at the lake.  Thanks Judy for the photos.

The Baltimore Orioles are back and bright ORANGE.  I haven't seen the humming birds yet. Lots of us have feeders out for them now.

I've heard coyotes at night... Oooo, what a cool sound. 

I was talking to Frank today and we both observed that there is no one here.  Do y'all realize that it is HOT up here? 

Potholes are still here and will probably be here all summer.  Drive slowly.

The raft has been repaired although I have no idea what was wrong with it.  There are new boards on the top.  It can go back in the water as soon as sixteen guys show up to lift it ... ha ha ha.

Event for this weekend:

"Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is hosting it's second annual clothing drive Saturday, May 11th from 10am to 1pm. Visitors bringing an item of clothing for donation will save 50% on their ground fees..."  To read the whole blurb, go to the Bare Oaks website.

Petanque is starting the weekend of the 18th at 10am.  Listen for the horn... if they are using a horn this year. EVERY Saturday and Sunday. 

We are looking for plant/flower donations for the gardens and the planters  as the person who bought all the lovely plants/flowers last year is NOT doing it this year. Just leave them at site 121. Hey, buy an extra plant if you are planting your garden :-)

A turtle has been spotted in the lake!  We also have a school of perch in the lake...  they are the 4 - 6 inch long stripey fish.  You can't eat em as they are too skinny.

It is 64F at the current moment... that is a tad cool.  It was in the 80's today.  (Convert it yourself... this is a Celsius free zone... na na.)  Yes, I know everyone should be using Celsius... blah blah blah.

Now, I would just like to make a comment about the June 1 Naked Gardening Day.  As stated on the Bare Oaks website: "Enjoy your own Naked Gardening at home; or, come out to Bare Oaks to help with some of our new gardens."   New gardens?  I hope the people who put in the 'new gardens' are coming up every week to maintain/weed/water them. :-)

That's it for now...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Water Notice

This was posted on my trailer in Beckett today.

Water Notice             May 2, 2013

Please do not use the water in Beckett Circle camping area.  It is currently being super chlorinated for disinfection purposes.  It is unsafe for use.  Should you use it, your clothes may be bleached.

We anticipate having the water ready for use late during the week of May 5th, 2013.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.


My guess is... you won't have water this weekend.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hot here !

It is 80F or 27C at the moment... HOT HOT HOT.

There aren't many people here at the moment, don't you people watch the news? :-)

The aerator is in the lake but it is shut off at quiet time between 6pm and 9pm.  You can hear the frogs during that time if you walk around the lake.  Plus PLEASE walk around the lake, the path is for everyone to use. I have heard from a few people that they don't want to disturb the privacy of people who are on the lakefront.  I like it when people walk around.  I put out two benches to sit (with towels)... halfway around.  Don't smoke there though or you might hear from me ... heh heh.

We now have wood frogs, american toads and spring peepers.   Oooo, nice to hear them.

Don't play with the frogs in the lake... it's their home.  If you move them around, like some kids did last year... it tends to annoy me... and other people who like to see and hear them.

No turtle sightings yet. Lots of fishies in the lake.  I fed them once and it was like a piranha feeding.

I am not feeding them this year as they have enough to eat.  If you give them bread, you will kill them as they don't digest it and it bloats them up.

I finally found Phil's 'Goose One' which is the original speedboat to scare the geese off the lake.  Since then JL and Marc have purchased BIGGER and BETTER and FASTER boats and it is very cool to watch them zip around the lake.  Only Marc has had his boat out so far.

Thanks to JL who has been scaring the geese off the lake.  We do not want poop everywhere this year.

The lawns are green and will need to be cut soon... everyone is fertilizing now.

A lot of the park gardens have been cleaned up.  The person who provided the flowers last year ... and they cost around $400... is NOT providing them this year.  If you would like to bring up or buy some flowers for the gardens... it would be GREATLY appreciated.  There are around 10 gardens and around 20 planters. Just drop them at the office or site 121 in Helios.

The potholes are still there so... drive slowly.

Some of the pink bucket money is going to be used for two coyote decoys for the lake... YEAH!  Thanks Royce!! 

A few trailers have moved in and there are currently 5 trailers in Glen Echo Field.

If you have a dog, please pick up after it.  There was a lot of spring poop found around the park, including the OLA (Off Leash Area).  I know most of the people pick up after their dogs but... at least one person doesn't. Also, the OLA is not a place to 'store' your dog, it annoys the other people who want to use it for their dogs. 

Lots of purdy flowers out...  :-)

I heard the water at the back MAY be on by the weekend.  Then I heard it may not... then it may, then it may not... phone the office if you want to know.

IMPORTANT... there are no blackflies so far... but it is hot and that may change within a day.  The helicopter flew over many times today spraying the water sources in the area for bugs.

No photos this time... sorry.  Send me some but please shrink them as I only need small ones for the blog.

See the last blog for the events.