Friday, September 28, 2012


I had a busy week so didn't get to the blog.  I'll probably be doing the blog once a week for the winter.  Not sure when but probably Tuesday or Wednesday... or ... ANY day :-D

I changed my whole house water filter ... there is a lot of iron in the water here. I usually change it every 6 months.  'They' say to change it when the water starts slowing down but it never does that so... it is every 6 months.

There was a rainbow here last Sunday afternoon!  Photos below. Thanks Wendy and Kim for the photos!

No events this weekend but there *IS* a Halloween Party.
October 27, Saturday from 7pm to ?
Dinner dance...
Catered: Chinese Food Plus
Social starts at 7pm, dinner at 8pm, dance to follow.
$20. per person, prizes for best costumes.
Tickets available at the office or at Dot and Dean's site - #233.

The potholes are bad and won't be fixed any time soon.  Drive slowly.

If anyone wants a FREE 26 inch tube TV, email me.  It works but it is big and heavy but FREE... and still has the remote clicker.  (Do they call it a clicker anymore?)   One TV is gone thanks to Bruce.

Mushrooms on a log. 

I would have gotten a closer (unblurred) shot but this was at the entrance to the log.

I'm sure you recognize poison ivy.  (click photo for larger photo.)

The water has been off a few times this week...

I don't know when the water will be shut down on Beckett... but I'll let you know when I find out. It is usually towards the end of October but we are getting freezing temperatures at night this week.

It is 74F / 23C at the moment but was 30F / -1C early this morning.

The tractor pull is at the Markham Fair tonight... in case anyone cares... but I know some people who are going.  Dress in your woolies.

A LOT of people in Beckett have closed their trailers for the season, I have heard. 

There are a LOT of people from the park going to Cuba in November and December.  Plus SOMEONE who just left for TWO WEEKS in Fiji to go scuba diving.  Now that would be nice...

Time to check out your snowblowers... and snow shovels :-))  Ha ha ha.  Okay I'll stop now.

I will leave you with a view from a friends place on an Island in Hong Kong.  The view is of the main Island of Hong Kong.  and the following photo is the taxi he has to take to get to his place.

Two words... NOT ME.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Raining... raining and cold today.  53F / 12C at the moment.

For everyone having a problem with the internet... try accessing it late at night ... like... 2am.  By that time the Facebook, Audio Streaming, Games, World of War Craft and all the other social sites will probably be shut down for the night around here :-D  As in... everyone has gone to bed. 

For the Helios people who are away... there is a letter on your door.

September 17, 2012

Dear Member,

On Sept. 1, 2 and 16, we encountered interruptions in water service in Helios Circle and at the Clubhouse.  At this time, we are unable to determine exactly why this is happening.  But we know that, unlike the three outages during the summer, it wasn't due to volume issues.  Rather, there seems to be a mechanical problem that is slowing down the water purification.  We are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

I would like to personally apologize for the lack of communication regarding these interruptions and will endeavor to ensure that this does not happen again.

Should you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Sherry. (I won't list her email address here but you know where to find her.)

P.S. Please note that on Thursday, September 20, 2012 there will be interruptions in the water service during the day as we add services to a site in Helios Circle.

Well, I know a lot of us (the people I have talked to) have stopped doing laundry and such on the weekends but the weekends have heavy use due to the people visiting, both the clubhouse and the sites. 

I will shower early on Thursday :-D

As I don't have any photos for the blog... I thought I would share some photos from my Georgian Bay trip last week.  Hey, I'm here to entertain.  Send me a photo of any of your recent trips if you have one.  I can't publish faces unless you have permission.  No nudity either as this blog is owned by Google.

Here is one of me swimming in Georgian Bay last week. Okay, not really swimming, sorta floating but... I was in the water!

Two of the other girls going kayaking.  (Click for larger photo.)

Finally a beautiful sunset... Oooooo, ahhhhhhh.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Well this has been one giant pain in the neck. Blogger hasn't been working for days due to a change in the format on my machine.  It is semi working now but I hope to get it fixed soon.


Cold this week at night. During the day it is around 70F / 21C.

I was away a lot of this week so I don't know if it rained or not.

There is a nature walk on September 23. Thanks for the blurb Royce!


Kim and Wendy once again lend their knowledge, expertise, and love of the park on a



Back by popular demand, Kim and Wendy will lead us on a wonderful early fall nature walk of the Bush Bunny Trails. On this tour, we will learn of the future development of these trails, be able to ID the various tree species in our park, appreciate the water table on this wetland & its implications on tree & and plant life, learn about soil recovery , and we’ll be able to view first-hand magnificent fall leaf colouring, tree fruits, & nursing tree stumps. We will also learn about the wildlife that abounds in & around the trail (non-human animals, that is!).

Sunday, September 23rd from 1:30 to 2:30+. So mark your calendar, grab your walking stick and join us at the corner of Vais Lane and Beckett Circle (Site #219) at 1:30 for this fall feast of nature.


Judy sent me a few photos: "With an 8 AM temperature of 5˚C I slipped out and took these photos of mist on the lake. One was taken from the lower deck and the second is from JL's garden. It promises to be another gorgeous day but it IS chilly right now." Taken on September 10.

Lots of people were closing up their trailers/RV's for the winter this past weekend.

There was NO water in Helios all day Sunday. From around 11am or noon until around 7pm. It makes it tough to do ANYTHING on a Sunday when people come to visit and a lot of members come into the park for the day. Not sure what the problem was but there weren't a lot of cars in the parking lot and it wasn't hot so... it can't be the volume of people.

That's it, not much going on these days.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Very cool weekend.  It rained most of Saturday and was cloudy a lot of today but the sun DID come out a few times.

Tonight it is 57F / 14C.  It is supposed to go down to 48F / 9C later.  Time to start the pilot on the furnace again.  Brrrr.

Wendy and Kim are doing another nature walk through the park on September 23.  I don't know the time yet but if the date changes, I'll let you know.  It will probably be in the afternoon.

According to the Bare Oaks calendar there are no other events planned until October 6... Euchre night.

Judy said: "Well, we know all about the zucchinis, the squashes and the zughetti (zucchini/spaghetti squash crossovers) but look at this moster that JL just picked today!  Unfortunately a mole got to the "ears" but I have managed to salvage the rest."

Looks like a mutant potato!... or is it potatoe ??

I've been eating FRESH tomato(e)s from my garden ... yum.  The tomato(e) picker seems to have disappeared... heh heh.

Not many people here this weekend... probably due to the chilly weather.

I was away most of the week so I can't report on what happened here during the week.

There was a problem with the aerator.  Judy/JL reported to the office that the aerator was sounding strange so Peter shut it off.  Judy checked it and found that the basket was completely plugged with weeds and one fish... poor fellow didn't make it.  She cleared it out and it was started and has been working well ever since.  Thanks Judy!!  You saved the Park a lot of money in repairs which would have been necessary if the pump had burned out. 

Too bad about the fishie.

This is great weather for golf.

The potholes are really bad, drive slowly. 

Thanks everyone for your comments (here and in email) about keeping (or not keeping) the blog going during the winter months.  I will probably do it but will pick a certain day every week so that you will know when a new post arrives.  As I work into the wee hours on Sunday and Monday night... it will probably be one of those nights. 

Now the answer to the question: "Do any of you know the 5 dogs that are NOT allowed in a lot of parks?"

1. Pitbull
2. German Sheppard
3. Rottweiler
4. Doberman
5. ... I forget the other one (grin).

(Quote) "Pit bull terriers are often considered to be the most aggressive dog breed. That being said, all dogs can be friendly and well-behaved with proper socialization amd appropriate training. "

So... it's the owners that are the problem, not the dogs :-)

Here is an interesting quote I just read: "The population of Switzerland, prompted by several serious dog mauling incidents, has forced its politicians to lead the way. Under the new measures, considered as "complementary" to the current tough regime in Geneva, 12 dangerous dog breeds will be banned and owners whose dogs weigh more 25kg will need a permit to walk them in public."

Carry on...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well... the long weekend is over.  It was HOT HOT all weekend. 

Because of the heat, there was no water in Helios all day Saturday (9am to around 9pm) and all day Sunday  (noon to around 9pm or later) and it went off a few times on Monday.  I'm sure Beckett had the same problems.

It rained all day today and was coolish ... around 65F / 18C.

Dee, Lance and Rowie have left the park.  The pig roast they had went really well... with around 60 people attending.   Thanks to Bruce for helping me carve the piggie.  It was his first carving, my fifth!  Lots of food.

D., M. and Roxy bought their trailer and have moved in ... sorta. I betcha they wished they had finished before the torrential rains today.

The wasps are really REALLY bad this year.  I have removed 6 nests (3 from under my cat cages).  Judy said: "Besides the 5 nests under the deck bench, the one in the lid of the composter (near the clothesline), the 3 from under the railing, the one in the bat house and the newest one behind the shutter of the kitchen window JL found another paper wasp nest under the front deck as well as this mud wasp condominium ;) It measured 4 inches across and about 6 inches in length. He found it on one of the 4x4 deck supports."

Here is a photo of the condo.

Oooo, scarey.  I checked every square inch under my decks and had NO nests.  I guess they like her more ... or maybe they like veggies. ;-)
Illumination night was awesome!!  Here is a collage (again from Judy... thanks!!.. she works hard on these photos so thank her next time you see her.)  I always forget to take pictures. Click to enlarge.
The illumination winner (Lori bush bunny) was announced at the potluck.
The chili cookoff was great... 10 chilis were entered. 
First prize went to ... TINA!  People's choice prize went to... TINA!  I forget who won second prize (sorry) but Sherri C. won third prize!  
There were around 100 people at the potluck.  Thanks to Larry aka Gummy for moving picnic tables back and forth for two days. 
A lot of complaints from some of the people at the potluck.  (Hey, I hear the complaints and they say to blog about it.)  Seems the people at the first few tables MOUNDED their plates and there was not enough food for the people at tables 9 and 10.  After hearing the complaints I checked the plates on the first few tables and there was a LOT of food still on the plates, food that was not going to be eaten.  What's wrong with that?   Anyone know?   
Other than that... it was great!  The kids got Macdonalds cards (I think)... some of the little girls got a tiara.  Oooo, cute. Lots of trophy's and prizes were handed out.
Heather did a fantastic job (as always).   
A lot of the kids went back to school today... heh heh. 
It is POURING rain at the moment, lots of mud puddles and potholes today.  Lost power last night for a few minutes too.  
I attended the defibrillator class on Saturday morning and it was GREAT.  Ken gave the half hour course, he is a firefighter ... somewhere in Ontario :-)
1,200 people read this blog last month... in case any of you care.
Here is your education for today. I was surfing and found this tidbit.
Anyone know the top 7 noisiest breed of dogs? (aka bark, bark, BARK, BARK, BARK...)
Here they are:
Number  1) Chihuahua
2) Cairn Terrier
3) German Shepherd
4) Miniature Schnauzer
5) Scottish Terrier
6) Rottweiler
7) West Highland White Terrier
I have no idea what those 'Terrier's' are... but I'm sure some of you know.
A chihuahua is not a dog, it is a large rat.  I thought a hound would be on the list but... I guess not.
Do any of you know the 5 dogs that are NOT allowed in a lot of parks?  Answer next time.
In case any of you have too much money and wish to make a donation.  Here is the wishlist for the Toronto Wildlife Center.
It is near the Downsview Airfield, Sheppard, Allen Road, Keele St. Anyone live near there?
I've been there once, I took in a woodpecker that hit my window... he didn't make it :-(
This coming Saturday is Euchre Night.  19:30 - 23:00.  The Bare Bistro, along with Marc & Suzy B., will be hosting a Euchre Night following dinner. Please bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone welcome.
There is nothing else on the schedule.
I don't think there is a Hump Day Happy Hour this week as I haven't heard anything about it.
Here is a list of swims for this coming season:
More details can be found at the website:
Sep 29 - South Common Pool - 5:30 - 8:30 (family/couples swim 1st hour)
Oct 13 - Wave Pool - 7:30 - 10:00
Nov 10 - Dufferin-Clark Pool - 6:30 - 8:30
Dec 8 - South Common Pool - 5:30 - 8:30 Christmas Pool Party!
Jan 12 - Dufferin-Clark Pool - 6:30 - 8:30
The price of events have not been established as yet for this season.
This year we want to encourage membership.
The propane dude (RS Bulk Propane) was around today filling all the big tanks.
Time to get out the snow blower and tune it up :-D
Hopefully we won't need it...