Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hot today but not too hot.  No rain. No clouds.

I hear the place will be FULL this weekend. Well, it is the last weekend of the summer so better get some more rays as the kids are back in school soon... really soon.

For those of you who have finished  high school... GET A JOB :-D  ... or go to College or University. 

Hump Day Happy Hour at Judy and JL's had 34 people!!  Big crowd.  Thanks for hosting it!

I have no idea where the Hump Day Party is being hosted next week or even if there is one.  Royce is in charge of that and he was not at this past Hump Day as he was at War Horse.  I don't like plays ever since I saw Cats but I'm sure it is better than Cats... I mean... that was the WORST play EVER.  (end of rant).

This weekend's events.

Saturday September 1 - Illumination night. 8:30 - 11pm.

Plus the defibrillator class is in front of the Bare Bistro between 10:30am and 11:00am on Saturday.  If you want to attend, please be on time. I'm hoping to be there if I remember... hey, it is early.

Sunday is the Chili Cookoff and Potluck Dinner from 6pm to 8pm. Vote for your favorite chili during the potluck dinner which is being held in the center of Beckett Circle behind the washrooms NOT AT THE CLUBHOUSE.
Bruce sent me an email stating: " There’s a 2nd full moon this Friday the 31st.  It’s called a blue moon because it’s rare for a month to have 2 full moons.  The first full moon of the month was on Aug 1.  Because it’s rare, that’s where the phrase “once in a blue moon” comes from. "

Thanks Bruce!  Is it blue?  ;-)  TOMORROW is Friday the 31st.

Oooo, had a lot of excitement around there yesterday.

Judy said: " This little fellow dropped in (from the deck umbrella), first landed on JL's arm then flopped on the little deck table. Guess he wanted to be invited to Hump Day ;) After regaining its senses it flew off into the woods."


Ain't he cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  He showed up again today in the umbrella and the relocation to the bat house was unsuccessful.  I think he was a tad pissed at being woken up.  It was cosy and dark in the umbrella.

Perhaps tomorrow he will come back and another attempt will be made.

Sunday is the last Aquafit class.  It has been very popular all summer. 

In case any of you remember, I had a water heater installed here in September 2010.  It sorta blew up and I had a new one installed June 2011.  Two days ago I had the third one installed.  Ho hum.  I'm tired of this.  Don't buy a Rheem.  :-)

It's cold at night... around 50F / 10C.  Cold cold.  If you are coming up this weekend, bring jammies... and possibly a ski jacket (grin).

 Someone suggested we have a B movie night here... original movies like: The Birds, Psycho,  Plan Nine from Outerspace,  Flash Gordon, Them! (giant ants).   And one of my all time favorites... Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  

Or maybe a horror night? Anaconda, Arachnophobia. Oooo. Scarey ones. Turn the lights out...

I seem to be off topic. 

I have been told by at least 3 people that they are having a problem logging in... AND problems with the Captcha.  (those words, or non words, that you have to enter to post something.)  I have to leave the blog the way it is... so you have to log in to post.  If I took that feature off then I would get a lot of spam / porn spam / idiots posting garbage.  Try this... but you've probably already done this, if you have a google or gmail email. Got to: or  In the top right corner is a login link.  Log in.  Then go to the blog:   Then try to post a comment.  You can post 'test' as I will delete it if I see it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Photo: a bunny on the lawn.  Thanks Judy for the photo! 

Hump day happy hour this week... Wednesday, August 29th

At Judy and JL’s (Site #123)
Come and check out their recent home renos!!!
4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Bring a snack, a refreshment, and, most importantly, YOURSELF!!!
Everyone welcome!


I checked the statistics of this blog and these are some of the searches people have done on the net (probably on google) to find this blog.

bare oaks
bare oaks blog
bare oaks news
bare oaks news weather
five moose baby cute
lots of people up this weekend, the parking lot is full at the front 
north dakota winter
bare naturalist
I find 'five moose baby cute' and 'north dakota winter' interesting... and truly bizarre.
Today we talk about bees, wasps and yellow jackets and how to recognize them. 
Honey bee.
She is fuzzy and compact, and her black and yellow coloring is rather dull. Strictly vegetarian, she is not one to show interest in your picnic lunch, though she may occasionally come over to investigate a brightly colored shirt. Otherwise, she spends most of her time gathering pollen from flowers.
She has only a single sting and it kills her to use it, so she will generally choose flight rather than fight.

Yellow Jacket.
You could almost say a yellow jacket looks more like a bee than a bee does. At any rate, they're smooth and shiny and their black and yellow stripes are bright flags. Although yellow jackets, which are really a kind of wasp, occasionally visit flowers, they are extremely inefficient pollinators because of their smoothness, and their preferred food is actually other insects and fruit. They are considered semi-beneficial because they eat many caterpillars and other insect pests that damage crops and garden plants. However, when these natural food sources begin to decrease in late summer and fall, they become a nuisance species. They are attracted to odors that are meaty or sugary, which is why, if there's an annoying "bee" that persists in trying to steal your picnic, there's a very good chance it's actually a yellow jacket. Yellow jackets are also known to hang around bee hives attempting to steal honey.

Unlike bees, yellow jackets are aggressive and free to sting you as many times as they want without injury to themselves. Some people are allergic to yellow jacket stings, so they should be treated with considerably more caution than most honeybees.

Wasps and Hornets.

There are many different varieties of wasp, with different appearances and habits. Many are carnivorous or omnivorous and are considered beneficial due to their taste for common garden pests such as caterpillars. Wasps are generally smooth-bodied and shiny, with much less compact bodies than bees. For example, you might barely notice the legs of a bee when it is flying, but the legs of a wasp trail down behind it in flight very noticeably. Wasps also often have very narrow waists, and the term "wasp-waisted" was used in Victorian times for a certain type of silhouette that underwent several periods of popularity and resembled the segmented body of the wasp: with a tiny, heavily corseted waist accented by the broader bust and hips above and below. (You probably didn't need to know that part.) Wasps look terrifying, with their long spidery legs and evil looking faces, but most are actually quite gentle. The primary exception, as with many bees, is the social wasps, if they feel their nest is threatened. If you have a caterpillar problem, a nest of hornets might be the best thing that ever happened to your garden, but whatever you do, DON'T try to move it! Those ladies are mean when angry and quite happy to sting you a hundred times each if they can.

So there you go, the difference between the three of them.

Now, on to pressing matters.

It rained a LOT yesterday and everything is looking green and new.  It was also very hot and humid.

Today it is 70F / 21C... coolish but the sun is out!

This weekend's events.

Saturday September 1 - Illumination night.  8:30 - 11pm.

Sunday is the Chili Cookoff and Potluck Dinner from 6pm to 8pm. Vote for your favorite chili during the potluck dinner which is being held in the center of Beckett Circle behind the washrooms NOT AT THE CLUBHOUSE.

The Social Committee breckie on Sunday had about 40 attendees. 

The nature walk given by Kim and Wendy had around 30 people... whoa.  It was excellent.  We learned a lot about plants and trees in the park.  It lasted from 1:30 to 3pm.  My brain was full :-D

They will be doing another walk in the fall... around the Bunny Trail... but the location may change later.

The water in Helios was off three times on Saturday for short periods which is wayyyyy better than it being off once for a long period.

You may notice that the gate was not working for a few days.  It is fixed now... thanks Phil!!

Crickets!  Lots of crickets here... and grasshoppers too!!

The hummingbirds are still around... which is odd.  I thought they would have started their flight south by now. 

Thanks everyone for reading  !!

If anyone is interested in the blog continuing throughout the winter... let me know.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Another beautiful HOT summer day.  104F / 38C.  I'd say that is a tad hot.

No rain in sight. It's not as cool at night.

No water for quite a while today in Helios due to the heat and the volleyballers/swimmers showering. 

The place is packed today with no parking available in the front parking lot.  When I drove by the volleyball was in full swing.

Lots of lake people today.

This Wednesday's Hump Day Happy Hour is being hosted by... Judy and JL.  It is also an open house.  Thanks Royce for emailing me about the host and details each week.


Tomorrow, Sunday the 26th, is the Bare Oaks Social Committee annual continental breakfast and meeting.

10:30 - 12:00 at the OUTBACK!

Also tomorrow at 1:30pm at the Outback.

Learn about : Plants native to the area. Edible plants. Medicinal properties. Invasive plants. The good, the bad, and the “not so pretty” plants.

Join Wendy and Kim on a fantastic walkabout learning tour of the biodiverse plants and trees here at Bare Oaks. This is your chance to finally ask, “What IS that plant???”


Perhaps some of you will remember what POISON IVY looks like after this walk :-D
 There is a new sign (below) at the beach about dogs... click photo for a bigger picture.    
   Here is the butterfly sign... it is very pretty... there are a LOT of butterflies on the path beside the lake... in the flowers.    

 There are comments on the bottom of the last blog.  Click the comment link to read them.

I will leave you with some fantastic Hummingbird photos.

Here is the blurb.


Abigail Alfano of Pine, Louisianna lives in a Hummingbird fly zone.
As they migrated, about 20 of them were in her yard.
She took the little red dish, filled it with sugar water and this is the result.
he had been studying them daily and one morning put the cup from the feeder (with sugar water in it) into her hand.

Since they had gotten used to her standing by the feeder they came over to her hand. She says in touching they are as light as a feather.

Abagail also said, 'if she had known her husband was taking pictures she would have put on makeup.'


You must click the photos to make them larger.  Blogspot shrinks them.


Monday, August 20, 2012


If you read the last blog you will see a discussion about the area around the lake.  Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park stated (in a comment at the end of the blog):

It's interesting how people fall into two clear camps:
1) Those who like a manicured lawn edge like in a golf course (picture)
2) Those who like a natural lake that looks like it has always been there (current state)

Of course, we'll never get 100% agreement either way.

It would be interesting to do a survey. But based on the comments we get, #2 seems to be in the majority.


Of course I would do a survey... or delegate a survey to Bruce (grin). 

The question: 

1.  Would you prefer the area around the lake be only grass down to the water.
2.  Would you like to see the lake area cleaned up/dead stuff gone/thinned out... so you can see the lake.
3.  Would you like the lake area left the way it is... natural.  Keeping in mind that more 'natural' will grown.

Here are the results of the 18 people who were asked on Sunday afternoon. The 18 people consisted of day visitors, Helios people and Beckett people.

1.  No one wants grass only.
2. 14 people want option 2.
3.  2 people want it left to grow 'natural'.

2 people declined to comment or pick an option.

There you have it.  Thanks Bruce and everyone who answered.


I've received an email that the potholes are not better.  Well, they are not gone but I think they're better.  :-D

Hump Day Happy Hour this week... Wednesday August 22 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm is on the petanque courts!  ... or beside them.

Theme:  Metal Balls, of course

enry Bring a snack, a refreshment, your chair, your balls, and, most importantly, YOURSELF!!

Everyone welcome.

Note from Royce: Could we get a table or two more, & plates?  And can we get some chairs from Helios for those who have difficulty transporting their own?  

Me: I have a table and about 8 plastic white chairs so I'll bring those.

AED Workshop
( Automated External Defibrillation )

AED is a technique that has revolutionized first aid and prehospital care. With two defibrillators now on site at Bare Oaks, RBC thought that another workshop will enlighten us all on the use of an AED.
Ken, who is a volunteer firefighter, has generously offered again to deliver this workshop. YEAH, KEN!!!
When: Saturday, September 1 Time: 10:30 – 11:00 plus Q & A
Where: At the Main House – just in front of the Bare Bistro
Everyone is invited to attend this workshop – young and old(er) than young. The knowledge gained from Ken’s workshop will give us the confidence to use an AED in an effort to save a life.
RBC would welcome a loonie or townie from attendees – all proceeds going toward the Drink & Think Pink Fund. Look for the Pink Can to contribute.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the workshop! RBC (Reuse Booze Committee)

Royce: GREAT NEWS!!! All of the loans for the defibs have been paid back and now we can focus funds to other initiatives....... We have had a LOT of recommendations for more speed bumps in Beckett Circle, but RBC is totally open to other suggestions.

RBC has been operating for just under 13 months and has collected approx 13,000 beer/cooler bottles/cans (+ pop tabs!!!!) and about 1,200 wine & liquor bottles. It has been such a pleasure seeing so many members donating, collecting, sorting, and cashing in these recyclables - this is what COMMUNITY SPIRIT(S) is all about..... I am shedding a tear or two... Thanks to all - minor donations are major contributions in the long run... thanq !

Me:  Hmmm, Royce did what??!!  shed a tear?!  (Methinks I am in trouble with this one (grin))


Wendy and Kim lend their knowledge, expertise, and love of the park on a

Learn about :  Plants native to the area. Edible plants.  Medicinal properties.  Invasive plants. The good, the bad, and the “not so pretty” plants.

Join Wendy and Kim on a fantastic walkabout learning tour of the biodiverse plants and trees here at Bare Oaks.  This is your chance to finally ask, “What IS that plant???”
Sunday, August 26th  from 1:30 to 3:00. Join us naturists on the Nature Walk at The Outback at 1:30.

Okay, who left the Butterfly crossing sign on my site?  No one is confessing (grin).  Thanks!!  It is now mounted on my 'perch' tree. The perch tree is the dead tree that the birds perch on ... waiting for other birds to come along ...  guarding the feeders...

The weather has been fabulous... in the 80'sF / 27'sC.

No rain for a few days. The sun is out.  It is not humid.  A perfect August day.

The volleyball tournament didn't have as many attendees as usual but it was still very busy. 

Next Sunday... the 26th is the Bare Oaks Social Committee annual continental breakfast and meeting.  10:30 - 12:00 at the OUTBACK!  Not at the Clubhouse.  If it rains it will be in the Clubhouse but there is enough room inside the Outback if it rains so I'm not sure why it would be moved.  Besides, it doesn't rain on Sundays :-)  Please bring your own beverage.

Photo of the mist coming off the lake at 6:30am this morning.  It's a tad dark but then... it is a tad dark that early in the morning. Temperature last night was 42F / 5C.  Brrr...

In case you haven't been here for a week or two... your grass probably needs cutting.  I just did mine a few days ago and it needs to be done again. 

If you have any photos, please send them to me.  But, make sure they are under 100kb (or around that size). 

Oooo, school is coming!!  Anyone into taking a pole walking course?

Friday, August 17, 2012


We are having great August weather.  The temperature is in the 80's most days (27'sC) and not humid.  At night it goes down to the 50'sF / 10C.  A tad chilly.

It rains most nights for at least an hour.

The lawns are green.

The potholes have been flattened so they are much better.

Volleyball weekend is this weekend.  At 2pm today (Friday) only one court was being used so, hopefully, more people will arrive.

34 people were at the Hump Day Happy Hour this week!!  Thanks Diane and Henry for hosting!

I have no idea where it will be hosted next week... I'll post the location later.

Photo of a lovely dahlia in the garden beside the petanque court... thanks Judy! It's really big.

The pool is working and clear, the hot tub is running, the lawns are cut... it's very uneventful around here. 

There are only TWO MORE WEEKS of summer so... start doing the stuff you said you were going to do this summer !!!  Summer ends when the kids go back to school ... or the day after Labor day... according to my calendar.

Horsehoe tournament is next Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

No educational message today but remember to drink plenty of water and get some exercise :-D

Photo: a picture of the Outback and beach before the bullrushes and willows. Taken in 2008, four years ago.

Forgot this... there is a new walk-in / urgent care clinic in Keswick too.

It looks like it is inside the Walmart SuperCenter KS,
23550 Woodbine Ave. Keswick,
Mon-Tue : 9 AM - 4 PM
Thur-Fri : 9 AM - 4 PM
Phone :905-476-7330

NOTE: it seems to be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday ONLY.  Call before going.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday... or no sun day

Most important announcement today...

Hump Day Happy Hour this coming week:

Wednesday, August 15th
at Diane and Henry’s
Site #232
4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Bring a snack, a refreshment, your chair, and, most importantly, YOURSELF!!!
Everyone welcome!

Thanks Rainy and Royce for sending me these announcments.


Now an important note from your East Gwillimbury Bulletin Magazine for August.

Why do Snapping Turtles Snap?

The other turtles can pull into their shell when they are frightened, but the snapping turtles cannot.  Snapping turtles are very relaxed when they are in the water because they have no natural predators.

On land; however, they have no defense and no way to outrun you so the only way they can defend themselves is to snap.  Never pick up a snapping turtle from the side of their shell.  They are able to swivel their head around and reach you.  If they are on the road, you can move them safely by allowing them to latch onto a stick and pull them across the road to the side in which they are heading.

Another method used to move them is to use a shovel to scoop them across the road.

DO NOT pick them up by the tail.  They simply weigh too much and you can separated their vertebrae... and this will kill them.


In case some of you don't know... and I know some of you don't as I hear people have been going to the hospital for stitches ... and other small injuries. 

There is an Urgent Care Clinic in Newmarket.

This is the address: York Medical Health Centre, 17215 Leslie St.

To get there you drive south on Kennedy Road, turn right at Mt. Albert Road, drive through Sharon and turn left on Leslie Street.  Drive south on Leslie street past Davis Drive, past Stackhouse and there is a large No Frills plaza on your left (1 light south of Davis).  Go into the Medical Center which is on the right side of the plaza.  You will see a line of booths ... for lack of a better word.  On one of them is labelled 'walk in clinic'... don't go there.  To the left of it is 'Urgent Care', go there.  There is a triage nurse who will assess you... I know all this as I went there when I broke my toe weeks ago. 

If she doesn't think it is serious, she will send you to the walk in clinic.  DO NOT go to urgent care if you are having some sort of heart incident as you should be going to the hospital. 

It took me about an hour and a half to get assessed, see the Dr. in the clinic, get an xray, go back and see the Dr. and get treatment.  It would have taken me THREE HOURS +  at the hospital. 

So, tell your friends, No Frills plaza on Leslie Street, 1 light south of Davis.  The only problem is... it is new and mostly open during working hours.  When it starts to get busier, the hours will be extended.  They say to call first (905-853-0404).  Take your health card.

On the website it says 9am to midnight but that may be for the walk in clinic. (

Phew that was a lot of typing.

I still don't have any photos so I hope you like to read.

Did anyone stay up for the Perseid meteor shower last night?  I did!!  It was great!  Lots of meteors zipping across the night sky.  They said: 'Upwards of 60 meteors per hour at the peak of the show'.

A reminder to PLEASE turn OFF, or turn DOWN, your radio when you pass through the gate.  No one likes your choice of music not matter what time of the day.

The petanque tournament was held yesterday... and it rained off and on.  I only saw about 10 - 12 people playing at around noon.  It was cold.  We need more of that HOT weather that we had a few weeks ago.

Still cold out, hmmm 82F / 27C... that is not cold.  It was around 70F a few hours ago. 

The sun is thinking about coming out too.

Grass cutting is still off the list as it is still raining off and on.  Weird weather. Plus it is the weekend and quiet time. 

Potholes update:  there are TONS of them due to the constant rain over the past few days. Go slow or get an alignment :-)

Next weekend is the 'Lee Baxandall Memorial Volleyball Tournament (Aug. 17 - 19)'.  Can you say: no water?  (grin)

Here's the blurb:

I met Lee a bunch of times... nice guy.  He did a LOT to promote naturism including founding The Naturist Society.

Here's an event I didn't know about:

Naturist Movie night on August 13th, Monday from 8:30pm - 10:30.
Movie: Have Figure Will Travel.
Place: New Forest Room.
Free admission.

Aquafit on Wednesday from 2pm to 2:30pm. Hey it would take me that long to get into the pool (grin).  Plus Sundays from 11:30am to 12:00.

Boot camp is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:20pm to 19:30pm. 

Horseshoe Tournment on August 25 from 10am to 2pm.

I think I will take a few photos today.  Just so you know, I don't take photos of people for two reasons:

1.  the people who own do not allow nudity
2.  you aren't suppose to do that here :-D

Carry on...  

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Cold today... 68F / 20C... brrrrr.

Plus it has been raining all night and all day.

I have heard quite a few reports about incidents in the park like... dogs off leash, dogs running over members while playing, etc. etc. If you have a concern, please, contact the office.  If an incident happens that you don't like, contact the office. If a dog is not playing nicely with others... contact the office.  If they don't know there is a problem, they can't fix it.  I'm just using 'dogs' as an example here.

Next issue... the pink buckets around the park are used for alcohol empties.  If you have an empty, please put it in one of the numerous PINK buckets, not recyclable blue buckets.  The money is used to buy stuff for the park.  The last thing that was purchased was a full length mirror for the washroom.  Right after that was purchased, one of the members told Royce (who buys the stuff)... that s/he had a mirror that could have been used.  So... occasionally I will mention stuff that is needed in case someone wishes to 'donate' an item to the park. 

As you know both defibrillators were purchased through the pink bucket money (Pibmon - I like that word lol). Actually I heard that some people in the park loaned the pink bucket fund some money to pay for the second defibrillator and (most?) of the money has been paid back to them.

That said... a large clock is needed for over the outside sink(s) at the washrooms  in Beckett Circle.  If you have one that you no longer want ... please donate it to Royce :-D

The second thing needed is: shuffleboard rocks for the shuffleboard at the Outback.  Now, this is NOT an item that will be purchased through the pink bucket.  It should be a park expense as it is their shuffleboard.  However, if anyone knows where to get some 'used' rocks, let me know. Bruce did some research and  F.G. Bradley has them for $250. + tax.  ack ack.  That is way too much.  I was thinking about paying a maximum of $40. (grin).

There are other items needed but I can't remember what they are at the moment.  I had a paper and pen in my golfcart but it was on the other side of the Outback when this was being discussed  :-)

Hmmm, I don't appear to have any photos for this blog ... except a flower.  You are probably getting tired of flowers but I am still testing my new camera.  This is a red flower plant... no clue as to what it actually is called.

Hump day this week was another success.  It was at Don and Laura's place lot 202, not 102 as I stated.  I'm sure y'all figured that out.  38 people attended!   Next week, August 15 between 4:00pm and 5:30pm, it is at Diane and Henry's place.  I don't know their lot number but it is in Beckett, down the road from the front, keep right and it is on the right... theme will be announced later this week.

Potholes are better, grass is growing.  People have been renting the new BIG rental trailer in Beckett.

The petanque tournment is this coming Saturday, rain or shine.  So... Bruce and I scraped and painted the petanque ball holders a few days ago and they look mighty fine.  We didn't paint the black lines... but we might get to that before Saturday... or might not. Bring a brelly ... and maybe a COAT as it is supposed to be a tad chilly, I hear. There should be a few shelters set up.

The weekend of the 17th, 18th, 19th is a volleyball tournament.

I heard from quite a few people that there were not a lot of attendees at the FCN festival last weekend (35 - 40?).  Perhaps it was because of the notice on the front page of their website: "single adults are admitted only if referred by a member of La Pommerie." French: "les personnes seules sont acceptées sur le site, seulement si elles sont parrainées par un membre du Centre écologique et naturiste La Pommerie".  ( ) Most naturists, from my experience, are single or half a couple.  So I'm assuming that most of the people who attended were couples... which could explain the attendance.  I'm just saying...

Anyone have any reports on the festival?  I know a few people here attended. 

Anyone interested in a nature walk around the park?  Pointing out various plants and stuff about them?  If so, let me know. Hey, I'm not the one who will be doing this... but I will be walking around during it.

That's it for now... carry on.

P.S. Need photos...

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well, I'm more than a little pissed off.  I was growing this big tomato in my garden and someone comes along and PICKS IT and leaves it on my deck.  Why would someone touch someone else's garden?  It wasn't even ripe!!!  Now it is completely useless as I don't eat tomatoes. I was growing it for someone else who loves tomato sandwiches and he was not due to arrive until Wednesday.  Yeah, you think... it is only a tomato but it was the ONLY ripe one on my plant.  I had to put a sign on my own garden.  And don't give me the excuse that you didn't think I knew it was there, if you know me at all you would know that I know EVERYTHING that is in my garden. Anyways, that is my rant for the week. Sorry to take it out on all you innocent people out there :-D

Photo: two bugs on my milkweed plant.  I wonder what they are doing? ;-)  I don't know what kind they are... does anyone?

Photo of the moon the other night.  Yeah, it is boring.  They told me it would be boring when I took it... and it is. I had to post it as I said I would...

Now for the educational part of the blog.  You will have to click the photo to make it bigger so you can read it.  This is a photo of the ABCD's of mole cancer. We are nudists, our skin is exposed, you should know if you have a problem mole.  It's pretty much self explanatory.  Check your moles everyone, or get someone to check them for you.

Thanks to D. and D. for the gazebo that is now at the Outback.  It is getting a lot of use as it has been HOT HOT HOT.

Has anyone noticed the large number of dogs at the beach?  Swimming to the raft, off leash?  I think the dogs are beginning to outnumber the people.

Thunderstorms last night... lots and lots of rain.  It is cooler today, I actually had to put on a t-shirt to walk the cat.  Brrrrr... not as humid.

It is around 84F / 29C at the moment.

Photo from Wendy and Kim: "photo of a Red Squirrel who has had his fill at our bird feeder and is relaxing after the big meal.........."

Ha ha ha.  I think it is asleep on the feeder.  

Note from the last blog.  Wendy and Kim said: " The purple flowers in Judy's & JL'S garden  (Aug. 1st post) are those of  " Meadow Blazing Star ". 

Judy posted a message saying the same thing.  I could have remembered as they are the same plants that are in the garden beside the Outback.

There you go.  Pretty purple spikes.

Note from Kim (of Kim and Missy). "The Olympics were the most successful event we have ever held. There were over 45 participants and no real injuries. Except for K.'s grass burn knees.. The 5 countries did so well. Canada got DQ'd in the pool for diving in the noodle  A big thank you to Missy who had every event cleared once it was over. She was a life saver.  I can not wait until next year.. Thanks to everyone that volunteered..could not have done it without you all."

I saw the flag parade, great event.

The Ribfest was busy too.  I was out that afternoon with friends so didn't attend.  I hear there were around 80 - 100 people there.  Wow. 

I don't know who won the Olympics... anyone know?

Hump Day Happy Hour on Wednesday this week is at Don and Laura's place, lot 102?  Is that the correct lot?  First one on the left on the road to the back.  I don't know the theme.
Just so you know, I'm still pissed about the tomato :-D

Petanque tournament is next Saturday August 11 from 9am to 3pm. Games are planned rain or shine. Shelter will be provided at the courts.

Time to scrape and paint the holders.  Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.  Maybe in the afternoon as a group usually gathers to play around 10am on weekends or holidays.  Listen for the horn.

I didn't see a lot of people wandering around today as it was a tad wet and coolish.  I hear it is supposed to be warm tomorrow but... the weather people are usually wrong :-D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hump day today at Catherine and Ken's place! 4pm - 5:30pm. Theme: tattoos.

It rained a lot yesterday so the grass should be greening up soon.  Or not, if it doesn't rain again for a while :-)

It's AUGUST.  Only 5 more weeks of summer left!

Well I have been experimenting with my NEW Nikon camera so here is a cool shot.  It is a lily in my garden in full light so the camera compensated by darkening the background.  Ooooo. (Click to enlarge).

Due to the rain, the potholes are bad again... the roads were graded a bit within the past week but you can't do much if there is no top layer to grade.  It is only dirt and mud.

Petanque tournament on August 11, see the Bare Oaks Events page for details.  The petanque stands need a bit of work so I'll paint them in the next few days. If you see a 'WET PAINT' sign then please don't use them.  Depending on the weather they should be dry within a day ... but before the weekend.

Photo: here is a photo from Judy's garden... I forget the name of the plant, I think it is a Blazing Star but... I'm not sure.  I could goggle it but that would seem like a lot of work at the moment.

This weekend is the Bare Oaks Olympics on Saturday and the RIBFEST on Saturday night. 

I haven't seen many people here in the past few days... hey, it is nice and sunny here!  Where are the vacation people? 

Oh wait, the FCN festival is this week / weekend so maybe a lot of people have gone East.

As far as I know the pool is up and running, the hot tub is up and running and Denis is up and running. :-D  We should enter him into a marathon.  Phew, he exhausts me and I only watch him.

The gardens around the park are looking LOVELY.  Nice job everyone!!  I know a lot of people water other people's gardens when they are not here.

The zuccetti squash was delicious.  Thanks JL and Judy.

To Kim and Missy... part of your Yurt plastic blew off during the rainstorm yesterday so I cleaned up the mess and aired that corner out to dry off the wood.

Hot today and a bit humid. 

Reminder: If you have any large tin coffee cans, please drop them off at Rainy and Gred's site... # 227.  They will be painted and used as butt cans.

A photo of my rose.  I only grow one and wanted to get a picture before the chipmonk clipped it down and ate it... It's a bit orange and pink.

The Country and Western Hoedown last weekend had about 50 people in attendance... the band was great... they said it was like being at a concert.

The day after (Sunday)... Don and Laura had lunch at their place with the leftovers.  $5.00 and a great lunch with beef on a bun, corn, salad, baked potatoes... Mmmmmmmm.  I'm sure about 30 people showed up for lunch.

The lake is down an inch since the rain about a week ago.  They were putting water in it from the river ... a certain amount a day... but that is no longer happening... and I have no idea why because I haven't asked anyone.  I think the trees are sucking up the water at a high speed.

To all the people who KNOW that I don't have a clue about Centigrade temperatures, and I can't figure out how to convert from Fahrenheit... I finally found a scale that will help me!!!  Here it is.. click to enlarge.