Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hot again today with no rain.

Not a lot of photos today as it is early and tooooooo hot to go out at the moment. My thermometer says it is 82F / 28C at the moment.

Bruce's Fishing Blog - Part 2 (see the last blog for part 1)
Don’t fish with live bait if you plan to release them.  Fish will take the live bait deeper into their throat and stomach rather than be lip hooked.  And using a float or bobber makes this more likely because you can’t feel the fish take the bait.  It’s usually swallowed it if you allow too much time before setting the hook.   It will do more damage to the fish trying to remove the deeply embedded hook. The fish will probably die even after release.
So use artificial bait rather than minnows and worms.  The plastic grubs work well.  You can add scent to the hard baits (lures) and soft baits (plastics).
Don’t dump your unused minnows in the lake.  You don’t know the type of fish you’re introducing into the system.
Don’t use corn as bait. Not all fish (Trout?) can digest it and it dies if swallowed.
To back up one of Bruce’s statements (in case you like to read) : From the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website:
Question Re: Catch and Release
I often see bass in the shallow waters early in the summer but before the season opens. Can I practice catch and release fishing during the closed season as long as I immediately return the fish to the water.
The question is often asked whether or not a person can catch and release fish during the closed season. The answer is no, it is unlawful to target (fish for) closed season fish. Different fish species occupy different habitats and employ different feeding strategies; this is why fishing for bass requires different tackle and methods than fishing for lake trout. Fishers are expected to alter their fishing methods to suit legally targeted species and avoid out of season fish.

I received quite a few comments yesterday that they really enjoyed Bruce's fish blog.

Additional note from Bruce: " There has been some debate whether or not the government fishing rules apply in the park.  Regardless of whether or not the rules apply, the point of observing the closed season is to allow the fish population to sustain itself.  My opinion is that we could easily diminish the fish population by not following the closed season in such a small body of water."
More fishing stuff in the next blog.

Also, I have been informed that the water was OFF Monday morning about 6:15am.  Not sure who you would call to fix that but if I had to go to work that early... I’d be a tad pissed.  Maybe there should be a ‘water off’ phone number?

From a member: “Just a reminder to the smokers.  Hopefully you’re being careful about extinguishing your butts and are diligent about using the red can ashtrays placed about the park.  The forest and grasses are extremely dry so fires are a risk.  Plus the park is built on peat which will burn so we don’t want to start any underground fires.  They’re basically impossible to put out once they start.”
Are there a lot of red cans around the park?  I don't remember seeing many but then, I don't smoke.  A few of us did a count on how many members here smoke and could only come up with about 15 people. Interesting, eh.   We were talking yesterday about smoking outdoors and I know in Barrie you are not allowed to smoke in some public places anymore.  "No smoking on any owned property including parks, playing fields, beaches, and municipal building properties, except in designated areas in some parking lots. (2009) "

Okay that was not easy... I found the East Gwillimbury BY-LAW 2012-029, passed March 19, 2012. Basically it states: "No person shall smoke, hold lighted tobacco products or use any tobacco product within a 25 meter (82.02 feet) radius of any Town owned or operated recreation area." and "No person shall smoke, hold lighted tobacco products or use any tobacco product within a 25 meter (82.02 feet) radius of the main entrance to the Sharon Arena located at 1914 (b) Mount Albert Road, Sharon."

(“Recreation Area” means town owned town owned or operated playgrounds, splash pads, soccer pitches, baseball and softball diamonds within the Town of East Gwillimbury.)
Well that is interesting.  No smoking while watching your kids play soccer.  

Sorry... I got off topic there.

It's cloudy now... ha ha... gotta stop the google surfing.  

Photo: the pop machine at the Outback has been moved...


Flowers near the Outback.  Yeah, it is a bit fuzzy. 

Bruce has finished cleaning the weeds out of the path at the Outback!!  He spent about 4 hours on it (I think).  I will post a photo later as it is too hot to go out now.

The lawns are being mowed.  The big lawnmower had a tire problem but it is fixed now.

Oooo, and someone planted two bushes at the entrance to the park yesterday!  Thanks!!  It is looking good out there now.  (I watered the front area yesterday - halfway to the front in my golf cart I realized... hey, I don't have clothes on so... I turned around and went back :-D. You really can't wander around the entrance without clothes.)

Thanks to everyone who has told me the gardens look great :-)

That's it for now... gotta get back to work...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday and still HOT!

Note: ignore all the weird fonts in this blog... several people contributed to it and I didn't care about the different fonts :-)

Hot hot hot today. A bunch of us joined Bruce this afternoon at the Outback to do nothing as it was so hot. 

It is 8pm at the moment and the temperature outside is 86F / 30C. Hot breeze blowing by and lots of airconditioners are running.

It rained last night at around 4:30am for about 15 minutes with a bit of thunder and lightning.

That's it, no more rain today.  The roads are less dusty though which is nice.

Part one of Bruce's writeup on fishing in the lake.

Are you fishing out of season?  Government regulation still apply, even in the park.

Fishing for most species is open except for Bass.  That’s because they’re still spawning in the shallow water.  If you fish from the shoreline then you’ll have incidental catches of Bass which is not a good thing.  That’s because the males are guarding the nest.  If your bait goes near the nest then it will strike out at it because they think it’s a predator wanting to eat the Fry (baby fish), not because it’s food.  If the male takes your bait and is taken off the nest then the damage is done.  The other fish have raided the nest and eaten the babies.  It’s not ok to catch the fish just because you plan to release it anyway.

So if you want to fish then go out in the paddleboat or whatever and fish the deeper water in the centre of the lake.  I’ve caught fish from the raft.  There’s Perch, Crappie, Trout, Bluegills and Carp.  Don’t turn your nose up at Carp.  You’ll have your hands full if you catch one.

Until Bass season opens on the last Saturday in June don’t fish the shallow water along the shore.

Thanks Bruce... part two tomorrow or Wednesday.

Now speaking of fishing... this is what happens when you snag a fish and throw it back if you do NOT do it correctly.  These are two dead fish, one perch and one bass, found on the shoreline yesterday.  I would really rather not see another floating fish. They tend to smell after a while.

Now a note from Wendy and Kim...

Our Garlic Mustard pulls are making a dent to the mature population of plants on our park landscape, but there is still a long way to go, now and over the next couple of years. The immature plants are very difficult to remove at this point in time. There are alot of Garlic Mustard patches in the park. Once the plant is on your radar, you'll begin to notice it throughout your park travels.

We have noticed along the west bank of the Black River and east of Lake Beamor that the Red-Winged Blackbirds are using the plant to build some of their nests in. These plants are not and should not be pulled until after the nesting season.

Photo of a nest: 

Photo: the plant itself.

Photo: Wendy in her pulling grab with garbage bag and pointing to the plant.

Photo:  an area with the mature garlic mustard plants removed.

If any one is going into the areas where the plants are, they need to have gloves, coveralls or long pants at least due to patches of Stinging Nettle and other scratchy stuff that can be encountered. Large garbage bags are available from the office. Don't forget water and sunscreen as well.

Here's the publication weblink for the plant from the Ontario.  (I was told the last link I posted about this didn't work even though I checked it.  Odd but sometimes these things happen.  As always, if you have a problem... GOOGLE IT :-D )

Invasive Plant Council.

The key to getting this plant off the landscape is to "pull and bag", trying to do this before it goes to seed. If we don't catch it before it goes to seed we can still remove the mature plants and deal with what germinates down the road.

Excellent writeup.

Photo: the garden at the back washrooms.

Photo: this sign has recently been posted at the firepit in Beckett Circle.

Photo:  the firepit at the Outback.  There are chairs there so you don't have to bring your own.  There are just no chairs in this picture.  The firepit was in use Saturday night.

Photo: the Outback gardens.

Photo: this garden is not completely weeded yet. It's been wayyyyy too hot to do any weeding as these gardens are in full sun.

Photo: this is part of the pathway between the two red gardens at the Outback.  Bruce spent quite a bit of time weeding it yesterday and today.

Photo:  photos of the gardens at the entrance to the park.  Thanks Marc and Suzy for planting the plants ... and watering them.

Marc and Suzy also put some lily pads in the lake ... they are along the side of the path... 4 bunchs.  They were very expensive but I'm sure the frogs will really appreciate them.

Photo: photos of the plants that Bruce and Ursula bought for the Outback.  It is looking nice there.

Photo: picture of the newly weeded garden beside the office.  Someone appears to have taken over the front office garden and has planted a few more plants.  The mystery of the missing mulch was solved today but the mulch is still missing :-)

I saw some turtles floating in the lake yesterday!! Great!  I've also seen a few snakes swimming on the surface of the lake.  Not sure what kind they were but they were sorta big and black.  I don't think they were garter snakes. Don't confront these snakes if you are in the water, just let them swim on by...
Not many people here this past weekend even though it was very HOT.  As far as I know, there was NO problem with the water all weekend.
The pool is getting a lot of use and is 80F (something centigrade (grin)).
A past blog was about cats allowed to roam free and kill anything that moves in the park, for sport.
Note from Judy about that blog:
"As to the cat - it isn't only the black cat in the back - there is another cat that frequents Helios and the bird feeder areas. Since the regulations say pets should be leashed I believe ALL pets should be included. Also, dogs should not be allowed in the lake - nèst pas? I have seen a couple of people allowing their dog to swim off the beach."
If you would like me to post your opinion (anyone reading this) on anything... with your name or anonymous... email me. No rants though.  However you CAN rant to me in an email ;-)
That's enough for today and I hope this posts as it is a tad big...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday... hot hot

Hot today... hot all week with NO rain.  Gardens need to be watered.  I doubt water will help the lawns though...

The pool is open... but you already know that.  Here is a photo.

The square foot gardens need a bit of weeding. 

These gardens are located to the right of the dog run if you are standing on the road.  There is a path from the gardens to the washroom, down a few steps and between a few trailers. The path to the washrooms needs a bit of weeding too.

The parking lot is about half full today... and the lawns are very busy.  The restaurant is open for most of the day and they serve food and drinks (like beer).

The potholes are awful but it hasn't rained for weeks and weeks so all you can do is go slow.

Photo: Tadpoles along the beach area!

This photo shows part of the beach.  It was covered in grass a week ago.  Denis spent HOURS AND HOURS weeding it to remove the grass.  If you see him, feel free to thank him... he is the guy who runs and runs and runs around the park three times a week.  (of Nikki and Denis).

I would like to thank Phil for picking up all the red mulch you see on the gardens around the park.  I'd like to thank Bruce for helping to spread the mulch along with me.  I weeded the garden near the pool, the side garden near the restaurant (with Bruce), the front office garden myself and the garden near the gate, the garden near the back washrooms (with Bruce).  We did this all last week... phew. Did I mention it was HOT all week.

Also, Bruce and Ursula bought all the plants at the outback and repotted them... expensive.  Please thank them.

No one has volunteered to get plants for the urns and pots around the pool and office...

Marc and Suzy have done a fabulous job with the plants at the entrance to the park.  Anyone notice the cactus?

Not very many people have been playing petanque... too hot for ya?  The horn sounds at around  10am on the weekends.  When you hear it, join them.

Photo:  I'm not sure who this guy is but he is awfully cute :-)

Bare Oaks Weekly Events
Aqua Fitness 2:00 - 2:30
Yoga Class 7:30 - 8:30

Feature activity 5:30 - 6:00 (I have no idea what that means)

Volleyball 2:00 - 4:00

Yoga Class 10:00 - 11:00 am
Aqua Fitness 11:30 - 1200
Volleyball 2:00 - 4:00

Bruce is doing a writeup for the next blog.  It has to do with catching fish near the shoreline, the fish that are guarding their eggs.  All I want to say is... please stop doing it... or we will not have any new fish.  The kids with the nets have been doing it...  plus a few fisher people.  Thanks to the people who have instructed the kids that it is NOT a good thing to pull out the fish and frogs and put them in a bucket and leave them in the sun to fry. 

That is all for now... I will be taking photos today of things, not people. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

No photos today as... I forgot to take any.  If you have some photos, and permission to publish, send them to me. 

Very hot weekend so far. The temperature gauge on my front deck was 120F / 48C today and is 103F / 39C on my back gauge right now.

No rain but there was a coolish wind blowing this afternoon.

From Bruce... volunteer day stuff that was done.

Wheelchair ramps were built around the front deck.

Pool officially opened last Tuesday for skinny dipping.

Wendy and Kim and Katie and Rick and Moin and Toby and Catherine and Aidan and Bruce and Donna and Shirley weeded the kid's playground and beach at the front.

The brush was cleared near the vollyball courts.

Brush was cleared around Beckett Circle.

Bruce volunteered himself and 'U' to put in flowers in the hanging baskets and plant stand at the Outback and to water them.

I volunteered Bruce to water the red bumps (gardens) at the Outback :-D

Also, Kim and Wendy wanted me to mention that there are Garlic Mustard plants at the park which are invasive. (However, they DO sound delicious, don't they?). Here's a weblink to the Invasive Plant Council for info: . Wendy and Kim have been pulling it and bagging it. The tied bags have then been tossed into the dumpster for disposal. I don't have a photo but you can go here to see what the plant looks like:  Or you can look in my front garden as I kept a few plants as they are pretty!  My bad.  

Okay on to the concerns... I have spoken to a few people and they are not happy with the black cat at the back killing all the wildlife. Now don't say it is 'nature' when cats kill for 'sport' not food. I still want to know why it isn't leashed when it says in the rules of the park, page 9 of the 'licence of occupation': 'Pets must be kept under control (i.e on their leash) at all times and owners must clean up after their pets'. I brought this up last year too. Seems one of the people found a RABBIT HEAD. Now that is just sick.

Here's a photo that someone sent me (click to enlarge):


Which brings me to another point. I spoke to someone in Helios and he showed me in his nice garden where another cat had been using it as kitty litter. That is not 'cleaning up after your pet'.

I guess this either means that a cat is not a pet or a dog can follow the same rules as a cat? Hard one to figure out eh? :-)

Hey, I report what I hear and see. I also ask people if they want me to mention what they say on the blog.  If not, I don't.  If so, I do.

I heard from a few people at the back that there have been some really loud parties until 1:30am with radios and such. I suggested to one of the people that they could go over and ask the party people to turn down the radio. I doubt people want to do that so... quiet hours are between 11pm and 7am... but I think I saw somewhere that on Friday and Saturday night they start at midnight... but I could be wrong.

Thanks to Denis for weeding the beach!! He is doing a great job.

I am working on the Outback gardens but there is a LOT to do so... they will eventually look a bit nicer.

There were a LOT of pink people today... stayed out in the sun too long yesterday, did we? I had a heat rash so was wearing a shirt but I'm glad I didn't garden nude yesterday.

This weather is GREAT!!  No one is complaining that it is too hot...

There is a new ping pong table at the Outback that is made out of metal and can stay outside. Currently it is in a location that blocks the door to the Outback and takes away all the shade where people sit in order to get out of the sun. A new location has to be sorted out for it. Or... perhaps a park gazebo can be put up to offer a bit of shade for the beach people. I know that there are gazebos for the events so it would not work to use one of those as a permanent one at the Outback. Anyone have a gazebo they want to donate or were going to throw out? I think they need one for the petanque court too as it gets brutally hot out there. Speaking of the petanque court... the ball holders will probably be painted this week. I have the paint but have been wayyyyy too busy this past month.

The potholes are back but they aren't too bad. The dust is bad no matter how slow you drive. As the water in Helios is from Herman's well, a few people have been spraying the road in front of their place to cut down on the dust. It works... for a while.

The ladder golf was busy yesterday. Who won? 

I hear the potluck had about 50 people, I was out of the park so could not attend. I also heard that it was a tad difficult to set up for the potluck as the restaurant was open until 6pm and the space was not available to sit and use until after that time. I thought, in the past, gazebos were set up outside on the lawn for outdoor activities? Not sure why this wasn't done for the potluck... maybe it is difficult to set everything up outside. As the Dominican Republic presentation was from 5pm to 6pm... I guess the potluck was set up in the New Forest room after that time.

Lots of bikes at the park this year.

The yellow caution tape was removed from around the tadpoles at the Lake early today and I'm not sure why this was done. The kids had a great time squashing the tadpoles as they didn't know they were supposed to keep out of that area. Ah well... best laid plans... and all that.

Marc and Suzy have done a great job with the front entrance gardens. Feel free to thank them if you see them. Bruce and I watered them today via the golf cart as there is no water up there and things were looking a tad dry even though MandS watered today too. If anyone knows where to find a prickly pear cactus... let me know as MandS want to plant one at the entrance.

Anyone notice the Baltimore Orioles?  Bright orange birds? There are two pair at the park and they are beautiful. They like hummingbird feeders.

Lots of kids on the raft today... having fun.  Bet they are a tad pink tonight :-)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is here! 

It is around 90F / 32C on my deck today.  Unfortunately I'm working inside so can't enjoy it. 

Here are some lovely marsh marigolds.  They are scattered around the park in the swampy areas.

There is a new fence along the road to the back.  Here is a picture. I hear that it is a bit tricky passing a car but it is okay if you go slow... which is what you should be doing anyways, eh?

Last night I heard American Toads, Wood Frogs, Spring Peepers, Gray Treefrogs, Green Frogs and TWO Bullfrogs.  The bullfrogs are not endangered yet but there are working their way to that stage.  If you see one, please leave it alone... and if you see any kids putting them in buckets (which I have seen this year)... try to explain to the kids that they are not toys.   They will overheat in a bucket and won't recover when you put them back in the lake.  Yes, I have opinions about everything :-D

Oh, Denizen of Beckett... please git up here and git yur birds  (grin).  They are hogging the hummingbird feeders.  Not very bright Baltimore Orioles as I have a Baltimore Oriole feeder right beside the hummingbird feeder... as does Judy and JL next door.

This garden beside the Outback is being removed as there is a project that will be underway soon... as discussed in the member's meeting.  Plywood is being put on the side of the building with handprints of the members, their names, and the date they first visited the park (I think).  Oooo, I was here in 1996 before the previous owner.  I think there are still a few people here who arrived earlier than that. Wow, 16 years.   

The potholes aren't that bad these days. The water was off for about half an hour this morning on Helios.

Thanks to Marc and Suzy for the lovely flowers they bought and planted at the entrance to the park.  Due to the dry conditions out there... I hear a cactus is going in soon.  ha ha.

I hear someone is doing the gardens at the office but it looks like they haven't started yet... ;-) I'm still working on the gardens at the Outback which may take about a week longer.  This 'work' thing is getting in the way of my leisure time...

I'm pretty sure Bruce was delegated to water the plants at the Outback... Bruce... oh Bruce... are you there?  Is my watering can still in the Outback?  I'm sure you've checked heh heh.

Lots of turtles sunning on the logs in the pond behind the Outback.  Everytime I try to get a photo they slip into the water. 

I have not check on the pool... anyone know if it is open?

Lots of people here this past weekend, about 25 cars in the driveway.

The bugs are NOT out yet!!  If it stays hot they will be here within a few days :-(

People are starting their gardens and it is looking really nice out there.

I don't have a clue who did what on Volunteer Day.  I know there are new barrels under the raft.  Wendy and Kim weeded the beach at the pond near the Clubhouse... what else was done... anyone know? The petanque court is weed free but that was done before Volunteer Day.

People keep zipping by on bikes... and there are a lot of them out there this year... which is great!  Get your exercise everyone!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hola gang!

It's 66F / 19C today... with a bit of a chilly wind.

It just stopped raining but the rain only lasted 15 minutes. 

They are putting a fence along the road today... I hear it is so people will not park on the grass.  I don't think there will be enough room to pass another car... but I haven't checked it.

Lots of photos today.

We have new visitors to the park!!!

Photo: Male oriole.  Thanks Judy for the pictures! As you can see, he is on the hummingbird feeder at the moment. (Click to enlarge.)

Photo: Female oriole.  I put up an oriole feeder yesterday and then Judy and JL went out and got one ... so if you want one, you can get them at the North York Farmers place on Leslie just south of Davis drive on the left as you are driving south. On sale this week for $18.

The weather appears to be stable (not going below freezing) so a few people have put in their summer plants.  I'll be doing that later today.  My first batch froze (grin).

The blackflies were out yesterday and biting.  I have been out a few times today and haven't had a problem but, as the sun is shining now, I'm going to assume they will be a problem by the weekend.  Bring your bug spray!

The lawns were all cut yesterday with the remaining being done today. 

I am in the process of weeding the Outback gardens (called the 'red bumps'). It will take a week or two.  I have lost quite a few perennials that I put in last year.  They aren't just dead, they are missing.  Some of them were 'weeds' and were planted for the butterflies.  Because of this I put up a temporary sign and I would appreciate it if all the people who were 'helping' could stop weeding.  :-D

Photo: my sign.  I have talked to Karen and she may be getting a more permanent sign.

Photo: right garden before weeding.

Photo: right garden after weeding.

Photo: left garden before weeding.

Photo: three wheelbarrows of stuff were removed.

Photo: I put caution tape around the froggie spawn so no one would trample it.

Photo:  a closeup of the spawn... is it called spawn?  Maybe that is just for fish... anyways if you click to enlarge you will see the black dots are american toad eggs.

So all you people who have nothing to do... :-D  An area of the beach has to be cleared of grass and weeds.  See this clump of stuff behind the froggie spawn?  It has to be cleared right back to the beach area that you can see on the left.  Yes, it has been okayed.

It's raining again. 

I think that is enough for today. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Busy weekend here. 

Volunteers day was yesterday with people doing various projects.  Some worked on the mini-putt, some worked on the new fence that is going beside the road to the back, some worked on putting new barrels under the raft.  It didn't rain!

The bathroom renovation is finished.  A few things I've heard from several people.  It looks good!  A few people have not been about to figure out how to run the showers though (grin).  There is a hump going into the shower area and, due to splashing, the water is pooling up outside the shower area so be careful walking there if you have on slippery shoes.  I'm not talking about outdoor shoes, I'm talking about shower shoes.  A lot of people wear them in the showers.  I don't have any photos as I forgot to get them...

Nature section... hey, everyone needs some education.

Photo:  There are hundreds of Red Admiral butterflies in the park at the moment. 

The froggies are mating at the moment.  They are called American Toads and are at the beach at the lake. 

Photo:  A bunch of them by the lake. The second photo is a closeup... heh heh. Thanks Sandy for the photos!

Stuff you should know from Wikipedia:  "The eggs of the American toad are laid in two strings and can hatch in 3–13 days. When hatched the tadpoles are recognizable by their skinny tails in relation to the size of their bodies. They may advance to adulthood in 30–40 days. When metamorphosis is completed, the "toadlets" may stay in the water for a short period of time before they become mostly land based.

Tadpoles have several mechanisms to reduce predation.  They avoid predators by swimming in very shallow water, and by swimming close together in schools during the day. Tadpoles also produce toxic chemicals in their skin that discourage some potential predators. Fish have been reported to die after consuming one tadpole; however, most fish quickly learn to avoid eating American toad tadpoles. The tadpoles are also very small and they are a solid black colour."

Okay so that probably means... don't touch the tadpoles. 

The water shut off in Helios on Friday morning... but was on within the hour. 

THE GATE IS FIXED!!!  Actually it has been fixed since Friday. Oh, what was wrong? ... I hear you asking.  The computer was replaced, the wires in the office were replaced, the door reader was replaced, the power supplies checked, some of the software was reprogrammed, many other things were checked and sorted out.  Thanks goes to Phil for spending 31 hours on it in the past week... and to me ... I was the helper bee.  :-D  ... and the numerous other people who helped off and on by raising and lowering the gate, giving us access to the computer... etc. etc.  Plus ... thanks to the guy in Hong Kong who received a lot of emails from us and helped immediately.  One of the major fixes in the program was the door now has a 2 second delay instead of a .5 second delay.   Phew.

The potholes are back... whoa there is a lot to report on, I think I'll start doing the blog more often.  There is no surface left to grade with on the road so... drive slowly.  We will always have potholes.

Speaking of driving... I was on my deck today and noticed numerous people speeding between the first and second speedbump on the road to the back.  This was brought up in the members meeting too.  This INCLUDES golf carts... and there were a lot of them out today.  Seems to be the same people speeding every time.  Maybe I should make a list and post it here (heh heh).  Okay I won't do that but... it's a thought eh?  Now, don't get me wrong, MOST people didn't speed.  The dust is a killer when you speed.

It was around 70F / 20C today.  Lots of nekkid peeps. 

I hear H. had a good time at her surprise birthday party today... I missed the cake :-(  She was surprised. 

No one has been in the lake yet this weekend.  Wusses. 

I'm building a turtle basking log in the water in front of my place.  It should be in done by tomorrow.  Yes, there are turtles in the lake, no they won't bite you unless you try to grab them on land.  They don't bite in water.  I wrote something about them in a past blog.

There are lots of little fishies in the lake too.  They are building their nests at the moment... which means they are scooping out holes in the sand around the outside of the lake.

This butterfly is back too. It is called the Cabbage Butterfly or Cabbage White. The male is the white one on the left, the female is the much prettier one on the right.

"The upperside is creamy white with black tips to the forewings. Females also have two black spots in the center of the forewings. Its underwings are yellowish with black speckles. It is sometimes mistaken for a moth due to its plain-looking appearance."

Okay enough nature stuff.

Blog info:  this blog has received 18,000 views since I started it.  Whoa, cool. Thanks for reading.  If no one read it... I wouldn't do it.

Nikki said in the Members Meeting that she is the new recreation person... so she will be doing activities this summer... yeah!  We need more activities.  I don't mean the events that the BO Committee puts on... I mean things like Yoga, water aerobics, that sort of thing.

No events listed on the Bare Oaks calendar for this coming weekend. 

On May 19 is the Ladder Golf Tournament. Time 1pm to 4:30pm.
$5.00 per person, registration is at 12:30.

The pool is not open yet, someone told me today that it is still green.

That's it... for now...