Friday, March 30, 2012


Well... it is SNOWING at the moment. Actually there have been light flakes for the past hour or two. It melts right away.

Photo: sunset over the lake... thanks Judy for the photo!

It's been very cold all week, hovering on freezing. At the moment it is 36F / 2C.

It hasn't rained or snowed all week... that I can recall.

I haven't heard that the bathroom/shower renovations are finished ... does anyone know?

Tomorrow is Earth Hour – Candlelit Game Night at the clubhouse.
Time: 8pm - 10pm.

Description: Turn off your lights and electronics at home and come join us to celebrate Earth Hour at Bare Oaks. The lower level of the clubhouse will be beautifully lit with candles as members challenge each other to a game of pool, ping pong, darts, and various board games. Snacks welcome, keeping mindful of where your ingredients come from and challenging yourself to shop locally.

Where the ingredients come from? How about my fridge. What is the difference between shopping at a Walmart/Sobeys here ... or at the same stores in Scarboro? The price of gas challenges me to shop here :D

The potholes are better on the road coming into the park but they are still there.

The geese patrol is doing a great job!! J and J have been successful in scaring off the geese most of the time with Goose 1 (the remote control boat) chasing them down every now and then. I hear there will be more boats soon... now that will be interesting. Oooo, a regatta!

I haven't seen any more people in the lake this week.

Now, did March come in like a lamb or a lion? I don't remember. Tomorrow is March 31 so... I hope you didn't put away your woolies.

Perhaps I should take my snowtires off...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23

Cold today... brrrr... 49F / 9C.

It rained last night and has been raining all morning... which should make the farmers very happy. It hasn't rained or snowed for quite a while.

The lawns are greening up here... which means we will be mowing soon. Time to plant your grass seed.

No park events this coming weekend except for the Non-competitive Afternoon of Darts which is EVERY Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

Description: Come join us for a non-competitive afternoon of darts. Everyone welcome regardless of playing skill. No cost to play, bring snacks if you wish.

If you have any photos (or past photos) of the park, send them to me (make sure they are smallish... around 100kb).

Oh, now this is important... the first one in the lake this year which was TWO DAYS after the ice went out was Dee!! and Rowan of course... then a few other people joined them. There were a few people who only went up to their knees... it was COLD. I think OB Bruce went in too but I'm not 100 percent sure. (OB = OutBack as he has a permanent spot for tanning at the OutBack.)

Speaking of the Outback... we had a really bad windstorm a few weeks ago and the OB lost a lot of shingles... and it rained last night so I imagine there are going to be some water leaks soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped build Angie's NEW deck... it looks great! Next time someone wants some help building anything, email me and I'll put it in the blog. I don't think a lot of people knew about this deck. The more people, the quicker the job... unless there are too many supervisors and then... the more people, the slower the job :-D

As I don't have any photos of the park today ... I will leave you with this one... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Now, didn't I say wayyyyy back at the beginning of the winter that MY summer starts on March 31? Yes I did.

Photo of the thermometer on my deck yesterday.

The golf carts are out and about.

The ice went out in the lake on March 18 this year. That is early.

Haven't seen a lot of people walking about... perhaps they don't know it is summer?

Photo: this is cool. A picture of a table in the seasonal area. Thanks Judy for the photo!! (Click for larger picture)

No snow, no rain,... for a while.

Lots of sun though!!

The road to the back (and around the back) is OPEN.

The kubota has been leveling and filling the holes in the road. Parts are still muddy so drive slowly.

The otter(s) has been spotted, yes, I mean otter. We have a few river otters who pass through the area in the spring. Usually they tan on the raft for a while and are gone the next day. They are BIG so leash your dogs and cats (which you should be doing anyways).

There are also a few other critters (mink? muskrat? weasel?) running about but they don't usually stay long. They check out this place in the spring and decide it is wayyyy too busy and usually move to the river area off the property.

I heard that the property to the North of here is for sale (new sign). If you want a place near here... there you go. I don't know the price. The place south of here is also for sale and I'm sure you have seen the signs.

The black house flies are bad, annoying, and everywhere! At least they don't bite.

There have been a few mosquitos around but no tiny black flies yet.

The renos are still being done to the bathroom area in the clubhouse.

All the lounge chairs are out so... there are places to sit all over the property.

The pool is not open ... someone asked me this... hey, it is still MARCH.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Lovely day today! It is 73F or 23C... Ooooooo. Sunny with no wind.

Lots of people out and about... nekid bums everywhere!!

This is the mini putt a few days ago... the snow/ice is probably gone now.

Photo of a birds nest taken a few days ago at the front pond. I'm sure the pond is melted by now as it has been great weather ever since.

I leave you with a photo of frogs sent to me by a good friend in Cornwall, England. Click to see a bigger photo. Great photo! Thanks Pippa!!

Time to start the gardening...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer is here!

It was HOT today. In the 70'sF or 20'sC. I lay out in the sun for about an hour when I got home :-)

The road into the park is really really bad... drive slow as it is filled with potholes. 'They say' it is going to rain soon, if it does the roads will be worse. The road around the back part of the park is still closed at the pumphouse. If you want to get into your trailer, phone the office for an update. All the people who are coming up on Saturday morning may be doing a lot of walking :-)

Even though the weather has been great, I haven't seen many people walking around during the day this week.

Photo: the geese are EARLY. A few packs have come and gone. I guess they didn't want to wait for the ice to melt.

The following three photos were taken in the exercise room, downstairs. There is a lot more equipment in it. Left side, middle of room, right side.

The ice on the lake is nearly gone! Swim time soon! Or not...

The official Bare Oaks blog said: "The chairs will be out and the Bare Bistro will be open."

The bathroom renovations were supposed to be completed by tomorrow. The blog said: "Unfortunately, the renovations to the upstairs shower area are taking longer than expected. We found some severe rot which required much more work than anticipated. We now expect that it will take about two weeks longer than planned. (around March 30th)."

There is a bathroom (and shower) on the main floor near the office and a bathroom in the basement.


Is it time to do a bit of gardening? I think I will hold back on the planting of new plants as it is still MARCH.

No problems with the water going off. The hydro stays on during the storms. There was one doozy of a thunderstorm last night but I didn't hear it rain.

None of the trailers at the back have any trees on them :-)

The river did not flood the road this year.

That's about it.

More blogging if the weather stays nice.


Non-competitive Afternoon of Darts every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm. "Come join us for a non-competitive afternoon of darts. Everyone welcome regardless of playing skill. No cost to play, bring snacks if you wish."

Next Euchre night is April 7 starting at 7:30pm. "The Bare Bistro, along with Marc & Suzy B., will be hosting a Euchre Night following dinner. Please bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone welcome."

First official summer event is on May 19th.
Ladder Golf Tournament 1pm - 4:30pm - $5.00 per person.
Registration at 12:30pm

What the heck is ladder golf? Do we bring our own ladders? (grin)

Potluck dinner to follow at: 6pm.
Bring your own plates and utensils and your name will go in for the Eco friendly draw.

Dance following Potluck (approx 8-9pm).
Music provided by Don and Laura.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7

Mostly photos today. Click photo for larger version.

HOT TODAY!!! Okay maybe not hot but it is 55F / 13C at the moment. There is a slight breeze but the wind is warm. Sunny too!

The roads have been very muddy with deep ruts so the road to the back was closed last week. I'm not sure if it is still closed, phone the Park to find out. 905 473 6060.

The water system has not been a problem for weeks. A few people (in Helios) have noticed a lot of rust in the water which is probably why it is getting more and more yellow / orange. According to management: 'There is occasionally sediment in the pipes that breaks loose which is perhaps why your water was colored this morning... We are currently looking at new iron filters and will hopefully have some more news on that front in the near future!' Actually it is not just this week but has been going on for quite a while.

Photo: watch your driving on the roads in the area, including the park. The deer are out and they are in packs. If you see one deer cross the road, wait for the rest. There is a deer in the middle of this photo on the road to the back. Click for larger image. Thanks Suzy for the photo!!

Update on the renovations. First photo is the shower area, second is the washroom area.

Now for the photo of the week :-) Thanks Judy for sending it. JL had shoulder surgery on Feb. 22 and is supposed to be in a sling RELAXING for six weeks. This is JL shovelling snow on March 2. Judy said: '"numb nuts" (note his state of dress!) shovelling - using his good arm and his belly!' (snickering)

It was really REALLY windy Sunday and there were a few casualties. The first was my propane heater, photo below. Just a little bit of a crushed top. Completely fixable... I hope.

The second casualty is not fixable. Larry's carport. In the first photo the wind has picked up the entire carport and pushed it onto the road.

Photo: contemplating what to do.

Photo: Using the kobota to hold it down and starting to dismantle it.

Photo: the last half hour.

A bunch of us walked around the park and not many trees were down.

Photo: the lake is melting and the snow is almost gone.

I think I'll go for a walk. Did you know you have to walk 10,000 steps a day to MAINTAIN your weight?