Monday, January 30, 2012

Halfway through winter ...

The winter is just zipping by...

No real snowfall yet... which is very very nice. I remember shoveling every day for weeks last year.

Here are some photos from Wendy and Kim (thanks!). The Copeland Forest, the same location, one taken in the summer and one in the winter.

Also from Wendy and Kim... this is a weird photo. They said: It's a picture of twin unborn moose and the one twins has two heads. The mother killed by a car. This is an actual photo from their MNR days in Wawa District - 1973 - 1981. The Conservation Officers had never seen anything like it. It's totally unique. (Click on photo for larger picture.)

The temperature today is 37F / 3C. Nice and balmy.

No snow, no rain, the roads are very icy though, with a thin layer of snow.

Drive slowly coming into the park.

Speaking of the road in... this photo was sent to me by Steve (thanks!) and was taken after a snowfall last Friday.

It's very cool... looks eerie. (Click for larger photo).

The wave pool swim was last Saturday... did anyone go? How was it?

Sandy left a message attached to a former blog (Monday blog) that said: We've had 2-6 people show up for Darts on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday who stayed after the Yoga at 1 p.m. Wednesday's yoga has been getting 6-8 people participating.

Yoga on Wednesday is 8pm to 9pm.
Yoga on Sunday is 12 to 1pm.

Is the yoga still 'nude mandatory'? Does anyone know?

So... there are events happening at the Clubhouse on the weekend. I noticed a few cars in the parking lot when I left on Saturday.

Feb 4 at 2pm is Non-competitive Afternoon of Darts
Feb 4 at 7:30pm is Euchre Night II.II

Only 9 more weeks of winter. My winter ends the end of March when the weather starts getting warmer and then we have... SUMMER!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, it is raining and the temperature is 42F / 5C.

Very nice. The snow is almost gone as you can see by the photo below of the Outback.

The yellow finches are very hungry. There are around 20 of them below the feeder (as always, click photo to enlarge).

This is a photo of the ski hill taken through the window of Wendy and Kim's condo. Very cool. Although the lights at night may bug someone who goes to bed early (not me). Thanks guys!!

Moose rolling in the snow. Well, almost rolling as my camera wouldn't recover in time to snap a good photo.

Photo: Okay, Moose says... what do you want?

Photo: Here you go...

Photo: path around the lake... which is GONE now due to the rain...

I have no idea about the condition of the roads around the park. Last time we had a thaw a nice member brought in a truck and sanded (or salted?) all the roads. Very nice of him :-)) I know of two people who fell on the ice this past week. I hope the ice melts as I'm sure a flash freeze may not be fun around here.

The lake is melting again. Someone was on it yesterday and walked to the raft which is in the middle of the lake. That... was... stupid. Of course, I'm not calling the person stupid, only the act :-)

No events to report. Not many people venture outside of their places during the day. It's very quiet here...

In case anyone is interested, Papa D's in Sharon (pizza, wings, salads) delivers to the park as does Pizza 777 (pizza) in Mount Albert. You have to meet them at the gate. Also, Chen's Restaurant (chinese food) in Mount Albert is very good. I don't think they deliver.

If anyone has any news... email me or post a message.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday January 17

Wow the winter is flying by... there is so much more to blog about in the summer.

Temperature today is 38F / 3.33C. It is currently raining and the snow is melting. I hear the Boston area is shut down today due to the snow (snickering).

The roads have ice on them so drive slowly. If the rain keeps up the ice will melt. The parking lot near the clubhouse has been sprayed with salt and is less slippery.

Photo of the outback and all the snow around it... or lack of snow.

The past euchre night had three tables which is around 12 people. Lots of munchies.

S. has been walking a lot of dogs at once. I do NOT have any idea how he can walk three dogs down an icy road... when all three dogs want to run. Oh and how do you pick up p**p (can I say poop here?) when they are pulling at the leashes... ha ha. Good luck with that. Maybe he takes them out after their first walk...

Hey, there is not much going on here... if you want to know anything, email me.

Photo of the south end of the lake.

The road to the back is open (it would only close due to flooding or (maybe) mud... I think). It's been a great winter for snow, I've only had my place plowed ONCE. I've had to deal with slush freezing and creating a skating rink on my deck but... I can deal with that if I don't have to shovel.

Photo of the raft on the lake... do NOT walk on the lake as it is melting.

I could use some photos... Judy? Kim? Wendy? Oooo I need photos of the snow on the ski hill...

There was a water line break in the hot tub room but that was fixed quickly. I have no idea if it was in the floor or in the wall.

If you have propane delivered here, check your bills for the past 4 months (September to now). We get a bulk rate and it should be .3 cents more than last year (I'm not going to post the rate here). If it is more than that... phone the propane company and make sure you get a rebate. They transfered to a new system and didn't bring the bulk rate with them. I called them and they said everyone at Bare Oaks will be getting a rebate but... you want to make sure you are on the list.

Do you know that, in order to maintain your weight, you should walk 10,000 steps a day? That's about 5 times around the park. Phew.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year

Well... Christmas and New Years are in the past.

Photo: Waving bye bye to Santa for another year. (Thanks Judy and your grandaughter for the photo!)

Santa and his helicopter and plane have been taken down for the year. Now if everyone else could take down the Xmas decorations (most of the people have taken them down)... then we can put up the Easter bunnies!! and the eggs, of course. I wonder where you can get an air inflated Easter bunny. Oh, is that the next holiday? Perhaps we should have a 'winter sucks' or 'it is too cold' holiday and put up decorations for that...

(Checking calendar). Okay we have the Chinese New Year on January 23 and it is the year of the dragon. Valentines day on February 14. Saint Patricks Day on March 17.

This is a photo of Moose at New Years... he looks content.

It was brutally cold here a few days ago but the temperature is 40F / 4.5C at the moment. That is nice. People were walking around in t-shirts in Newmarket yesterday (idiots).

No snow the past few days. I say good. We have slush around the lake at the moment as the snow is melting so it would be impossible to cross country ski in that.

Photo: a weird looking man peeking out a window.

So, how is everyone doing with their New Years Resolutions? The surveys say that the average time a person keeps their resolution after New Years is about 10 days. That gives you three more days and then you can give up :-D

The potholes are filled with ice so... there aren't many potholes. However, the ice is melting.

Photo: a colorful dragonfly on a tree.

Photo: a snowy scene across the lake.