Friday, November 30, 2012


Cold today... very cold...  20F / -6C  Brrrr... get out your woolies.

Here are some photos of Wendy and Kim's NEW addition to their trailer. Thanks for the photos.

The addition is on the right.

A side view of the addition.

There is also a porch on the back.

I think all the windows are now in and it is ready for winter.

Here is something cool, taken last night.  The Outback's light reflecting on the ice on the lake.  Okay, it may not be that cool but it is unusual.

The snow melted a bit...

Also, thanks to the mystery donor of the rocks for the shuffleboard table at the Outback. The office said they didn't buy them.

According to the Licence of Occupation that everyone has signed.  "Pets must be kept under control (i.e. on their leash) at all times..."  This includes CATS.  There are a few of us here who are NOT happy about the cats that are stalking and killing our birds.  There are other people who are not happy with the cats pooping in their gardens. Please, keep YOUR animals on YOUR own lot.  Building a cage would work.

That's it... not much to say these days.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Snow... snow... snow.

Marc and Moose enjoying the snow... well... at least Moose is enjoying it.

Singin' in the snow.  Photo of me... thanks Judy!

A few other snow photos... thanks Judy! (nice leg (grin))  As always, click photo to enlarge it.

Not many people out and about these days... except for the shovellers.

The potholes in the seasonal section were being filled when the snow hit... and that has been put on hold.

The Yurt is nice and warm and toasty... I visited and checked it out on Saturday during my walkie.

This is a very blurry photo of a red bellied woodpecker on one of my feeders.  Click to enlarge.  It flew away right after the photo and didn't return so this is the only photo I managed to take. 

Hmmm, my railing needs paint.  I was going to cover it in plexiglass before the winter but didn't get to it ... oh... well... :-)

I don't think there are any events planned in the near future.  I can't get the calendar to display on the Bare Oaks site so... here is the link... access it yourself.  Ha ha.

I was bored on my walk so did a snow angel.

I will leave you with an excellent photo. Check the sign in the bottom right too.  ha ha ha.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well... I just received an email that there are traps in the lake now. 

To all you people who have pets who wander around or go near the lake... KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE LAKE.  The last thing you want is for your animal to get his leg caught in a trap. Feel free to tell the people with pets who don't read the blog... to keep them away from the lake.

Judy... you might want to stay out of the lake too (or anyone else who still goes in the lake) ... as you might step IN a trap. I don't want to hear the screams (grin).

Monday, November 19, 2012


The weather has been nice... in the 50's and 60's F.  No rain for a while. No snow yet.

The construction of the addition to a park model in Helios is going well... the sides are up and the roof is on.  Now the holes (doors) need to be filled in the sides.

We have a few visitors on the lake. Thanks Judy for the photo!

I suppose it will only be a matter of time before they are trapped and killed.  Ah well. Perhaps some thought could be put into moving them instead of killing them every year.

Around 8 to 10 people attended the old movie night on Saturday night. 

The Yurt is now filling up with furniture!  I was visiting yesterday and it is nice and toasty inside.

The potholes are better except for a few on the road to the seasonal section. 

Not much going on.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


There was a bit of snow on the ground two days ago in the morning.   No recent snow activity.

It is 44F / 7C at the moment. 

Posted by the Bare Oaks Blog:

There is a Winter Nude Beach Volleyball Tournament scheduled at:

Spikes Beach Volleyball
120 Weston Street
London, Ontario

Saturday, January 5th, 9am registration start.

Need to know if we have enough to run the tournament before we put down a deposit.

We need 54 players to run it so please RSVP to ASAP.

Saturday 17th is the next movie night at the Park, showing My Bare Lady,  filmed in 1963. 
Here is the info:

I had some visitors at my birdfeeder yesterday.

Evening Grosbeaks... 6 of them! (click for larger image)  They were bright yellow.

The potholes are being filled!  Two days with two people working on them.  It is getting fairly smooth out there.  Two batches of screening so far.

There aren't many people laying out and getting a tan these days... :-D

Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's HOT out today... 64F / 17C.  Well... not hot for Florida but hot for here.

It's a dreary day though... no rain but many clouds.

No snow yet.

The invoices for the site fees and memberships are in... or have been mailed or ... however you get your invoices.  Payment is not due until April 1.

The membership rates have not increased but if you pay by December 16, there is a 3% discount.  If you pay by February 1, there is a 1.5%  discount.

For the site fees, there is a (roughly) 3% increase but if you pay by December 16, there is a 3% discount. If you pay by February 1, there is a 1.5% discount.   

It was busy today... lots of people walking around and looking at the Yurt and finishing the closing of their trailers.

I have my snow tires on... :-D

Winter... is ... coming....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6 and Yurts

Cold last night, below freezing.  It is around 37F / 2C at the moment.  It hasn't rained for a few days  but it hasn't snowed either so that is good.

Some of the potholes have been filled.  Thanks Larry!

Here is a photo display of the Yurt building.  I didn't get a lot of photos but I think I managed to show the progress.  The seller said it would take 2 hours for 2 people.  HAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA.

It took from about 1pm to about 6pm (or 7pm?).  The first few hours only Kim and Missy worked on it but I think, as people showed up... it took 3 - 4 hours for around 8 people.  (Kim, Missy, Dean, Frankie (sp?), Judy, JL, me - I read the instructions which was a good thing at times :-)  I think Marc and Suzie were there too but it was before I arrived.  Oh and Moose was there, I'm sure he helped.

As always: click the photo for a larger picture.

Photo:  The floor has been done for quite a while. Even though it was protected from the rain, it still got wet.

Photo:  The frame is up. The plastic bag beside the car contains the side insulation.  The entire Yurt fit into the back of the pickup truck.

Photo: Another view.

Photo: The top hole which will hold the plastic skylight.

Photo:  The door, ready to be installed, and the skylight.

Photo: The installed door.

Photo:  Putting the wall insulation around the sides. It wasn't heavy but it was BIG.  The top of the insulation had to be velcrowed to the top of the frame.  The windows had to be aligned, which took a few tries.

Photo:  The finished wall insulation.

Photo:  The wall insluation is on and velcrowed together.  The white squares are where the windows are located.

Photo:  Missy working on the sides of the door.  I swear that part took as long as building the rest of the place.  The instructions were not that good.

Photo:  The top roof is on.  It came in one piece, as did the roof insulation.  That was fun, unfolding it when it was ON the roof.  That is Dean with his head poking through.  He was on a very tall ladder for a very long time, sorting out all the pieces on the roof, the insulation, the top layer and the skylight.

Photo: a bunch of people putting on the side of the Yurt.  It came in one piece so had to be carried around the Yurt while Dean (on the right) zipped it up.

Photo:  Dean trying to sort out the stuff around the top hole.  Everything had be be EXACT when installed.

Photo:  Finishing off the zipping. 

Photo:  The almost finished Yurt... I lightened this photo as it was DARK when it was finished.

Photo:  Kim and Missy looking very tired... in the dark (I lightened the photo) in front of their NEW HOME.

Photo:  Here is a picture of Marc and Moose helping (snickering).  Okay that is not entirely accurate but it is a good photo.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, it has stopped raining.  It rained for EIGHT solid days this past week.  Now it is cold... 40F / 4C at the moment and it has been between 34F and 40F all day.  Brrr.  I hope everyone has their outdoor chores done.  I was doing them all day and I only have one left...  I think.

One of the park models here was getting a new metal roof today, another was getting skirting and another is getting an addition. 

The lake is up about 6 inches... but still down from the spring by about 6 inches.

A load of screening was delivered to help fill the potholes in the driveway which were really bad.  The front driveway is a LOT better but there are still a lot of holes past the gate and on the road to the back. 

I hear the Yurt is showing up tomorrow!!  Yeah!  I will take photos.  :-)

Don't forget to turn your clocks BACK tonight.  An extra hour of sleep!! 

I hear it is going to be a brutal winter so my snow tires are going on next week.

A few seasonal people were up today but I think they were just closing their trailers. Some trailers have pulled out for the winter and the 'I've got another place down South' people have left.

The park model that was for sale in Helios beside Larry/Gummy ... has been sold.  I don't think there are any other places for sale in Helios.

The creek is up but not overflowing the banks which is surprising considering the rain we got...

No damage was done to any trailer from the 'hurricane'... no trees are down, basically it was just a big rainstorm.

Here is the first Yurt photo... the bottom is done and tarped.

Quiet... very quiet here.  Oh, except for around 4am when the coyotes are howling and really close. I heard two packs the other morning.   I would never go for a walk at that time, what with the bears and coyotes :-) 

Dreary day but at least there was no rain...

Euchre tonight... starts at 7:30.