Monday, October 29, 2012


Wow, it has been raining for THREE DAYS.  It's one big pothole out there...

Temperature is 40F / 4C.  Brrr.  No snow yet thought.

Trip report on the Halloween party from Judy ... thanks!  I was out of the park so was unable to attend.  I thought about dropping in at midnight when I got back as  it seemed to be still going... which is great!  I have to leave some names off the report as I don't have permission to post them. I hear around 50 people attended.

" The Hallowe'en dinner and dance was a real success. Dean had ordered enough food to feed an army - lots left over that he was giving away for lunch the next day.  Monica won scariest costume as a lady vampire, P. (female) was best costume (I think she was Lady Gaga all decked out in silver lamé and spikes) and the funniest was the guy dressed as a cat toy (his wife was the cat).

Everyone came in costume - Royce was one of the Mr. Christine Grey's - he had cut out 50 square shades of grey and stuck them to a cardboard; on the reverse were "60 shades of Gay" (rainbow colours)! Oh - and M. did go as a trapper with Sandy as the beaver complete with pelts. There were people taking pictures of the costumes but I didn't take my camera."
Euchre this Saturday will be hosted by Rosie since L. is still recuperating from surgery.
The hot tub is going down for maintenance today, scheduled to be back up late Tuesday.
Cold out.  Cold, cold, cold.  I need to get my skiis ready :-D
By the way...  1 cubit = 45.72 centimeters. 
How do you dress like a cat toy?  Hmmm...


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Rain... rain... and more rain...

The roads are very wet and the potholes are full of water. 

Temperature is 45F / 7C which is a bit nippy.

Not much happening these days... it was in the 70's F / 22's C Thursday and very nice.  Yesterday it was cooler with a smattering of rain.  

The water was off in Helios (and at the Clubhouse, I'm assuming) on Thursday for a few hours. I think the broken part was replaced on Friday.

Most of the leaves are off the trees now.  I was going to put out more pumpkin bags but it never did dry up enough to do it so... there are only a few around the park.

Photo:  the location of the Yurt.  I checked yesterday and it has not been built yet. 

 A few people have told me that the kitty photos were cool.  Thanks again Judy for taking them.

I don't have any other photos to post... (hint, hint). Yes, I know, I should be taking some but I keep forgetting.

There have been many people passing by and admiring the new walkway at Judy and JL's.

No bear (or large dog) sightings at the garbage this week.

I hear there is a Sunday afternoon ark building party... someone bring a tape measure marked in cubits. 

One of your usual fall October rainy days today...

Sunday, October 21, 2012


The weather is getting colder at night.  Today it was very nice ... a few naked people but mostly there were jackets and sweatshirts.

The temperature at the moment is 42F / 5C. A tad chilly.

It has rained at night most of this week.

A Bare Oaks Blog came out last week stating: "A bear was spotted on Wednesday night near the garbage bin... etc. "

I was told today by someone that " it wasn't a bear, it was a large black dog." 

Okay I don't care, I'm not going to the garbage by myself at night anymore.  :-)  Does anyone know what is actually going on?

The water on Beckett is OFF, as is the outside water on Helios.  I don't know if the washrooms on Beckett still have water but I'm going to assume they do as it is not that cold during the day yet.

Comment from Judy...
"For those of you who have wondered "will it ever be done?" . . . JL's walkway is complete.  OK, so he isn't satisfied with 2 of the cuts and wants to redo those 2 stones but it looks fine to me. We still have to sweep fine sand over the joins - a friend has some of the kind that solidifies when dampened. And I  would like something along the edge between the walk & where grass will grow to hold the stones in place . . .   The heavy duty black ground cloth JL put down will hopefully prevent grass, etc. from growing between the stones.

Now if the rain would hold off long enough for me (us?) to smooth out the top soil the lawn area would be ready for seed. Unfortunately timing is not right to do it now so seeding will have to wait for spring."
Photo of walkway:

Oooo, pretty!!  I wonder if there was some sort of chart for the placing of the stones... (grin). I watched JL cut stones yesterday... I'm sure he is quite deaf now.  ;-)  Also, I think a few of the stones around the Japanese maple are MISSING...

Someone told me today that there was a movie night last night...  did anyone go?  I just checked the events and here is the blurb: "With Halloween just around the corner come out and join us for Naturist Movie Night featuring "Nudist Colony of the Dead"".   Gezz, I actually HAVE that movie lol.

Is there a Yurt being built at the back yet? 

The potholes coming into the park are a lot better. The potholes going to the back are pretty bad. 

There are not many people visiting the seasonal spots these days... a few people have already left for their winter homes in Florida and Texas. 

I now have my mitts, touques, snowshovels out and my plants are covered with straw for the winter.  I hear it is going to be a really bad winter. ack ack.

I just checked the blog and it snowed last October 26 (2011).  HA HA HA.  We are only five days away from that date.  Of course it didn't snow for most of November last year so...

Here is a photo of my predator cat (snort... NOT !)... thanks Judy for the photos.  It seems Amber caught a mouse... and then tried to figure out what it was... have no fear, it was alive when it was released.

Photo:  okay Ms. Cat... you don't scare me.

Okay... what is this thing... maybe if I touch it...

Maybe if I pet it...

Okay... bored now...

That's it... not much to report... but I did see the truck was being outfitted with the blade for the snow today.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


No photos today as I didn't take any this week.

It has been cold and rainy and below freezing at night most days this week.

The temperature outside at the moment is 62F / 16C.  That is a LOT warmer. I like warm :-)

My mulberry tree had leaves two days ago and yesterday NO leaves.  Most of the leaves will be falling off the trees within a week.  If you wanted to wander around to see the 'fall colors'... it may be too late.

The Bare Oaks blog was sent out yesterday:

"... The (seasonal water) shutdown is scheduled for this Friday (October 19th)

We will try to keep the washrooms and showers in Beckett Circle open a bit longer.

We will also be closing the pool. But given the weather in the last few weeks, that probably doesn't impact anyone...

There you go...  close your trailer this week if it isn't already done.

The gardens are being finished and winterized around the park.

The aerator has been put away for the season so... it is quiet by the lake if you want to walk around it and enjoy the birds now. 

Speaking of birds... if you have fed them all summer and DON'T intend to feed them all winter, please stop feeding them now.  They will start to rely on your food and it will be too late to move on once the snow flies.  I feed them all summer and winter and I have noticed that the summer birds are gone and the winter birds are back.  That doesn't mean you only feed them on the weekends and hope their food lasts all week... that doesn't work.  Ask JL ... ha ha ha.  He loaded one of his feeders at 12:30pm and the food was mostly gone by around 4pm.   They are hungry.

A lot of people have commented on the thing about the Hummingbird I posted in the last blog.  If you haven't seen it, go and take a look.  It is short and a series of photos on another website.

A duck landed in the pond around dusk... probably on his way south.  Only one duck. 

After all the rain we've had, the potholes are bad.

The water was off for a while in Helios on Saturday due to a burst pipe near the clubhouse.

Time to start your humidifiers... and shut down your air conditioners.

Not much going on these days but I did see a few naked people wandering around... now that had to be cold.

No snow yet though :-D

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Cold this weekend!!!  It was below freezing last night and Sunday night... and I have proof. It's a tad fuzzy as the face was covered with ice crystals.  As always, click for a bigger picture.

Due to the crappy weather, everyone is rushing around doing all the chores that should be done before it freezes.  Uh oh, TOO LATE :-)

I had 32 chores to do... my list is down to 14 today.  I left the easy stuff 'til last...

Thanks to Bruce for helping me fill the pumpkin bags you see around the park.  There are more to do but we need dry(er) leaves for the next batch. 

Here is a photo of poison ivy with it's fall colors... thanks Wendy and Kim!

It rained off and on on Saturday and I got this great shot of the rainbow. You have to click for a larger photo as the Outback looks surreal.

The sinking paddleboat in the photo above is no longer sinking.  I was told that someone dumped the water out of it... but I haven't seen it in a few days.

The speed bumps have been removed.  I don't think there is a need for them as the potholes slow people down.

I still don't know when the water is going off at the back as I keep forgetting to ask.  It will probably be soon if the weather stays bad... and not soon if the weather gets better.

Cuba is a very popular destination for a lot of the park people this year.  Florida is always popular too.

According to the official Bare Oaks Blog... kids are welcome at the Halloween Party.  Kids are welcome at any event regardless of the time as long as the parents watch them.  Here is the information:

 "There has been a rumour going around that children are not welcome at the Halloween Dinner and Dance. It is the policy of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park that nobody is excluded from any park-sanctioned activity. That includes events organized by volunteer members and approved by the social committee.

With regards to the upcoming Halloween Dinner and Dance, we have spoken to the organizers and they told us that they are not excluding children from attending. In order to emphasize this, they are now offering a half-price ($10) ticket for children 10 and under.

There certainly are events at Bare Oaks that may be better suited for more limited demographics. But whether a child should attend an event is up to the parents to decide. For example, how late a parent allows children to stay at an event is their decision. As well, parents understand that if they bring their children to an event where adults consume alcohol, they could be exposed to language and behaviour that they may have to explain. But any behaviour that is truly inappropriate for children to see is almost certainly unsuitable for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

It is understandable that adults sometime want to spend time without their children. Of course, there are many places outside of Bare Oaks where people can do that. And at Bare Oaks, members are welcome to hold events at their campsite where they are free to invite (and exclude) anyone they want. But park-sanctioned events will never exclude children because we do not want to preclude parents from attending. (sometimes, parents cannot find child care) As long as parents take responsibility for their children, as they are required to do, it should not impede anyone else's ability to enjoy themselves. "


I haven't heard any rumors about kids at parties.

I hear there will be Chinese food at the party instead of a potluck.  I like Chinese food.  However, at the last Chinese food event, people showed up early and all the food was gone and there was nothing left for the people who showed up at the correct time.  Perhaps someone (or many people) should serve the food this time. I'm just sayin' ...

I think that no one should be allowed to have food higher than 2 inches on their plate... whoa, that is an excellent idea.  Okay, I'll stop now :-D

Not many people were at Euchre on Saturday, I think someone said 4 people or 1 table.

The propane truck was in today.

Now for a few OLD photos.  Thanks Royce for the photos! Two pictures of Royce's trailer and looking out from his trailer... has to be about 15 years ago.  Hey, I forgot to ask... or I asked and forgot the answer (grin).  Pick one.

It's barren.

I will end this blog with an ad :-).  Hey it's my blog and I rarely advertise.

My book: The Funny Side of Going Naked is on SALE for CHRISTMAS.
The promotional video is here:  Ron Coleman made the video/movie and it is cool.

Click the appropriate link for an Apple or Other computer.  The information on the book is here:  It's perfect for a gift :-)  $8.95 plus $5.00 for shipping. Email me if you have any questions.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday again

Hola amigos!

Okay... the blog may be sorted out... or not :-D

The paddle boat is sinking... yes, it is slowlyyyyyyy going down. 

If anyone is interested in going for a York Region "Take a Walk in the Forest.", here is the information.  Wendy and Kim will be going to a few of them. 

Here is the info on the one coming up on October 10:

October 20 - Forest Fish and Fungi

10 a.m. to noon
Hollidge Tract, 16389 Hwy 48, Stouffville
Enjoy an educational walk with an ecologist to a stream and learn about fish and how forests support sensitive streams. Learn about the interesting life of fungi with our mushroom expert.
Go to the link above for more details.  There is also a walk on November 10 and December 15.
There is a new trailer in Helios as of yesterday.  It is beside Moose.
Here is something very cool (thanks Sandy for the link).

Keep in mind the egg is smaller than a tic tac and a quarter fits the opening of the nest!  This is truly amazing.
Be sure to click on NEXT PAGE at the bottom of each page; there are 5 pages  in all.
A lady found a hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way from the egg to leaving the nest.
It took 24 days from birth to flight.
Because you'll probably never in your lifetime see this again, enjoy; and please share.
The potholes are pretty good these days... in other words, they are not really bad.
Most of the seasonal people have closed their trailers for the season.
D. (of D. and D.) is doing well.   If you don't know what I'm talking about... that's okay, this is just an update for those of you who do know.
L. (aka G. of L. and S.) is doing well too.  He is actually WALKING these days (shocked look).
The water has been on in Helios for quite a while.  Maybe the problem has been fixed?
Bare Oaks Events:
Euchre Night on Saturday October 6.
The Office and Store is closed on October 8, Thanksgiving Day.
We haven't had any snow yet. 
It rained last night for a while... around 3:30am. 
Temperature at the moment is 65F - 18C.  A nice fall day.  Time to fill the Halloweenie Bags for the driveway.  Hmmm, maybe it is a tad too early for that.  However the leaves are falling off the trees at a rapid pace.
There are a few bonfires burning on Beckett at the moment as people are up.
 It gets very cold at night. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  
Moose is bored.
Pretty blue flowers.
Ho hum, nothing going on here...
Lots going on at the cottage... here is a picture of my new shed!!  Ain't it a beaut? That sucker took around 20 hours to build, including clearing brush and the platform.  What a work of art!  Thanks everyone for helping!!! 


The blogger software is not working on my computer so I will resume the blog when it starts working. 

I am using another computer at the moment.