Monday, July 30, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour


Wednesday, August 1st

at Catherine & Ken’s new patio!!!

Site #102

Theme:  Tattoos !!!!

4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Bring a snack, a refreshment, your chair, and, most importantly, YOURSELF and your tats!
Also, if you have any large tin coffee cans, please drop them off at Rainy and Greg's site... #227.  They will be painted and used as butt cans.

(More later, I just wanted to get this out...)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rain, rain, rain...

Well... it's been raining for 21 hours ... so far.  We needed it but, hey, try to break it up over several days.  Thunder and lightning  several times during the night.

Photo below... Published by the Stouffville Sun-Tribune after the July 1st celebrations.  Thanks to Judy for sending the photo below and Wendy and Kim for another photo and the writeup.

Titled: "Extra sugar cubes, please"

"Everyone needs their morning jolt, even the Governor General's Horse Guards.  Led by (one unnamed person), the calvary unit went through the drove-through at Country Style in Stouffville last Saturday, prior to the Freedom of Town military parade along Main Street.  The stop for take-out coffee is a modern-day tradition of the unit, a spokesperson said."

Now you may wonder why I am posting this... if you look at the photo (enlarge it) you will see ROYCE at the back of the pack !!!  (other people have been fuzzied out).  Cool eh?

Now, on to news... it's still raining.  No tanning today.  I haven't seen many people out walking about.

The Hump Day Happy Hour party was a HUGE success.  48 people showed up.  (many counts were taken as people kept arriving and departing.)  Thanks Jose and Kevin for hosting ... the Hawaiian decorations were great!!  The punch was great too... heh heh.

Next Hump Day Party is at Catherine and Ken's place in Helios.  August 1 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.   The theme is 'TATTOOS'.  So... flaunt your permanent tattoos or find some temporary ones :-) 

For the past several nights, even though the temperature has been high during the day... it has gone down to around 60F / 15C.  Coolish.

Photo: Ducks on lake Couchiching - Orillia.  (Thanks Wendy and Kim!)  Aren't they cuteeeee.

Potholes.  I don't have a clue about them today as I've been working all day.

This weekend's event  is: Country and Western Hoedown.
Saturday July 28 - 18:00 - 23:00
Dinner: Hip of beef, baked beans, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad and dessert.
Lawn dance following dinner with a live band - Flashback & Friends.

Tickets are $20.00 in advance or $25.00 on the day of the event.  Advance tickets may be purchased at Don & Laura's site (#201) and at the office.


Lake water news!

Two weeks ago we put a stick in the lake and marked the water level. Up until yesterday (before the rains) even though water was being added to the lake... we were still down half an inch.  That is a lot of water to lose considering it is down about a foot from the start of the year.

I just checked the level and we have gained AN INCH AND A HALF in one day.  Oooooo. 

Also, posted on the official Bare Oaks blog today:


"We have just received the latest test results on the quality of the lake water for swimming. In addition to testing the drinking water every two weeks (which we must do by law) we also test the lake water occasionally. (which we are not required to do) We use SGS Canada Inc., an independent laboratory, to do all our water testing.

Bacteria level is measured in colony-forming units (cfu) per 100 mL. The E.Coli limit at which a swimming ban/notice is posted varies by jurisdiction. In Ontario, it is 100 cfu. In Alberta, B.C., & Quebec, it is 200 cfu. In our latest test, the E.Coli in the lake at Bare Oaks was 005 which is clearly well below any limits. We also test for Coliform and that result was 018 which is also well below the limit. The samples were taken on July 23rd which is after more than a month of full-capacity weekends, a lack of rainfall, an unusually low water level, and a water temperature above average – all factors which should aggravate the bacteria levels.

While we test the lake water a few times per year, we don't usually report it because it has always been below the limits and, as you can see above, the explanation is quite technical.

We are reporting it this time because we received an anonymous communication a couple of weeks ago, from a concerned member, with a test result that showed E.Coli in the lake. The key is that the test was for drinking water. It didn't measure the level of bacteria. It simply indicated its existence. The presence of E.Coli in a natural pond or lake is perfectly normal and part of a natural ecosystem. Based on the limits set by the government, it is perfectly safe for swimming. But we certainly advise against drinking it!

If anyone wants to see the original laboratory test result, please contact the office and we'll be happy to email you a copy."


Photo:    Wendy feeding the horses at Horseshoe Valley Resort.  They seem to have really fat horses there... or that one is pregnant.  I'm going with fat :-)

As some people may not see them... I am reposting three comments from the last blog.
Note: fire regulation # 9 states: "Fires must be at least 4 metres (13 feet) from any lot line, building, structure, deck, hedge, tree, fence, vehicular right of way or overhead wire. "
Fire regulation # 6 states: "No noxious or treated materials may be burnt, including oil, grease, painted wood, pressure treated wood, plastics, tires, rags, etc. "

fergie said...
Noxious weeds - there's a weed call Nightshade aka "DEADLY" Nightshade due to the fact that the bright red berries that follow flowering can cause serious health issues especially for children (who are likely the ones tempted by them). I have seen it near the bridge to Strawberry Field. Kim and Wendy said they had cut it back. Computer reference shows pictures and other info.

Re: Fire Regulation #9 - that might prove to be a real problem with some of the sites around Beckett!!

Thanks to Bruce who also waters the entrance plants as he comes in almost every day :D
July 24, 2012 12:08 AM

Catherine  said...
to me noxious weeds that we have been asking for years to be dealt with is the poison ivy. They have finally been sprayed but the don't seem to be affected. I was dismayed to see how many places there were, especially since myself and my grandchildren picked up butts and garbage all along those same places.
The 9 is a problem with almost every place in this park.
6 should be implemented and enforced,something I have wanted for the past two years but the offenders seem either to never receive communication from the office or refuse to conform, to the dismay, and coughing of many

July 24, 2012 11:24 AM

Bruce  said...
From casual conversations with people in the park, staff, and my own observations, I think the partiers with the barking dog that were asked to leave the pool at 1:00 am were also the same group that continued to disturb people with the barking dog when they returned to Beckett. I think they're also the same people who think the rule of having their dog on a leash is only for other people. Which is why their dog got into a skirmish with another dog who was on a leash, at the beach on Sunday with many people including lots of kids right in the middle of it.

I plan to bring this up with the office.

Appologies for the long sentences, typos, etc.

That's it for now... have a great week!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour

Yikes, I forgot to post this in yesterday's blog... thanks Rainy for sending it to me AGAIN :-)

This week the Hump Day Happy Hour is at:

Jose and Kevin's Place

Lot 222

Theme:  Hawaiian 

Time: 4.00 - 5.30 - Wednesday July 25.



There are comments after yesterday's blog.  Click the  green 'comments:' link at the end. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


Wow, it is HOT out there... it had to be over 100F today (37C).... hot wind blowing too.

I was out for about half an hour and had to shuffle back into airconditioning.

The temperature drops like a stone at night though... it is currently 76F / 24C...

Family weekend (aka kids weekend) was busy.  The place was full.  Not too many incidents.

A party in the pool at 1am Saturday night (complete with barking dog) was ended and the partiers were sent back to Beckett  complete with barking dog.  I didn't hear a thing... we miss all the fun in Helios ;-)

A few of us had to rescue frogs (yet AGAIN) from kids putting them in HOT water buckets at the beach.  I like the frogs in the lake and I really do NOT like to see them abused.  The same kids were told last year not to do that... and still... they keep doing the same thing.  Maybe we should have some nature classes here and show/teach them how to respect animals.

Due to the 'dog in the hot car' incident last week... Bruce and I have been patrolling the parking lots making sure there are no dogs or kids left in hot cars. 

Oooo, it rained tonight for about half an hour!  A thunderstorm.  I don't think it will cause the grass to recover but it is a start.

Photo: echinacea.  Click for larger photo... complete with bees!  I think I'm getting better with this new camera.

Oh, Kim and Missy ... where are the photos of the Yurt deck?  heh heh.

The potholes are better but then, it rained, so tomorrow they will probably be worse.

The lawns have not been mowed due to the drought.  Some areas have longish grass but... better the long grass than crispy brown grass.

Because of the heat and the heavy use of the facilities ... the water has been off a few times this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday. There are signs up to conserve water.

There has been a lot of talk about the fires at the back.  Yes, there are fires at the back despite the fire ban.  I drove by two of them on Saturday. 

One fire was a wood fire with a lot of people sitting around it.  One fire was a propane fire.

So... I phoned the fire department today and asked if a propane fire was included in the fire ban.  He said you can have a propane fire if it is 'installed according to manufacturers specifications'. 

I say... a fire is a fire and if there is a ban, maybe think twice about having one.  The brush is very dry and there are a LOT of people in this park. 

Fire ban: "NEWMARKET, Ont., July 18, 2012 Effective immediately, and until such time as further advised, Chief Fire Officials from the municipalities of Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Newmarket and Whitchurch-Stouffville have implemented a municipal-wide ban on all outdoor and open air burning. This means, outdoor burning for any purpose, including recreational burning, is not permitted. "

However, here are the rules on fires in East Gwillimbury. I didn't know about Number 9.

Outdoor Burning Restrictions

  1. No fires are permitted during a fire ban.
  2. No fires are permitted on commercial or industrial properties.
  3. No fires are permitted between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  4. Fires MUST be in a container, apparatus or physical construct that is capable of controlling the spread of the fire. Fire pits, outdoor ovens or "chimineas" are examples of acceptable containers or apparatus.
  5. Chimineas must have any material being burnt contained within the confines of the appliance and the chiminea must not be on a combustible surface (including a wooden deck).
  6. No noxious or treated materials may be burnt, including oil, grease, painted wood, pressure treated wood, plastics, tires, rags, etc.
  7. No materials may be burnt that are normally collected under the Town's garbage, recycling or yard waste collection programs.
  8. Fires cannot be larger than 0.75metres (30 inches) in diameter and NO more than 1 metre (40 inches) in height, including flame height.
  9. Fires must be at least 4 metres (13 feet) from any lot line, building, structure, deck, hedge, tree, fence, vehicular right of way or overhead wire.
  10. A responsible person at least 18 years of age MUST be present at all times that the fire is burning.
  11. A garden hose MUST be located in close proximity to the fire (with the hose valve opened) at all times that the fire is burning.
  12. Fires are NOT permitted on land or premises where construction is ongoing.
  13. A fire is NOT permitted when the direction or intensity of the wind may cause the uncontrolled spread of the fire to other combustible materials, including grass and brush.

 The pool has been very busy for the past few days.

The gardens are doing extremely well.  Judy and JL gave me a zuccini the other day... which was a tad huge.  Here is a photo... it was delicious. I shared it with three people. I put the water bottle in to show you how big it was.  (The beets were good too.)

The lake is still going down but it may be up a bit after the rain tonight.

Speaking of the fire ban... has anyone else noticed the number of people walking around the park with lit cigarettes and flicking the ashes on the ground? 

No noctious weeds to report this year... I don't think.

The Country and Western Hoedown is this coming Saturday.   Check the Bare Oaks website for details.

Thanks Bruce for watering all the potted plants in the park (at people's sites while they are away) ... including the plants at the entrance!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Family weekend this weekend!  Lots of kids at the beach and all around the park.

Photo of the lake taken with my NEW camera. Thanks Phil for the photo. Okay, the water is steaming off the lake so the air is colder than lake. (Click for larger photo).

Potholes are still bad.  People ask, I blog.

--- start educational blurb ---

If you have found a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, it is very important that the animal receives professional care from a wildlife rehabilitator. Wild animals have very specific medical, dietary, social and environmental requirements that vary according to their species, and can be difficult to replicate. Even a short period of improper care can be devastating for an animal's ability to survive in the wild. If you are considering keeping the animal as a pet, the first things to know are:

1) Wild animals do not usually make good pets.
2) In most cases, it is actually illegal to keep wild animals as pets.
Why don't wild animals make good pets? While domestic animals have had their wild instincts bred out of them over centuries of living alongside humans, wild animals are a very different story. They still maintain many wild instincts even when raised by humans, and this can be dangerous for both humans and for the animals themselves.

One of the problems with raising baby wild animals as pets is that when a young wild animal reaches sexual maturity, it will naturally become very aggressive with whomever it considers its family. To many people, the onset of this type of behaviour seems like the ideal time to release the animal back into the wild. However, by this point, the animal would face real challenges to its survival: not having had the proper training from its natural parents, it would not know how to avoid predators, socialise with its own species, or find its natural food items.

Therefore, while it may seem exciting and exotic to have a wild animal as a pet, it really is not fair to deny this type of animal the life it would have had in its natural environment. If you have a situation involving a wild animal that has been raised by humans, do not release it. Call Toronto Wildlife Centre's wildlife hotline for advice at (416) 631-0662, or contact your local wildlife rehabilitator if you are outside the Greater Toronto Area.

There are always thousands of domestic animals in shelters in Ontario that need homes -- animals that would love to be a part of your family! If you are interested in working with wild animals, contact us (or another wildlife rehabilitator in your area) about volunteering. We have volunteer opportunities in nearly every area of our programming, from animal care to fundraising, and would be glad to talk with you about how you can help. Our volunteer coordinator can be reached at (416) 631-0662, ext. 3211, or emailed at
--- end educational blurb ---
Now, do you feel smarter?  ;-)

It hasn't rained yet.  It feels like months since it has rained.  I am very tired of watering plants and lawns. 

The lake is being filled through a pump and fire hose which has been put in the river.  There is a limit to how much water you can transfer each day. 50,000 gallons ... or something similar.  The pump is noisy, live with it.  There have been a few people complaining about the noise.   We need water in the lake or the fish will die. I think it is only on for a few hours a day.

There were 36 people at the Hump Day Party at the Outback on Wednesday... excellent.  Thanks Bruce for hosting (heh heh). 

The next Hump Day party on the 25th is at Kevin and Jose's place.  I don't know the site number. It is from 4pm to 5:30pm.  I hope someone has informed them that they are holding the party (grin) as it was decided for them at the last party... and they weren't there.

It was in the 80's F. today... (27's C).  There was a breeze and it was not humid... which was a nice change. 

Here is a fuzzy photo of my trumpet vine flowers on Beckett. I hadn't read the camera manual yet so... how was I to know you had to hold the button halfway down to focus :-)  The next pictures should be better.

It takes YEARS for the vines to finally produce flowers and there are a bunch of them!  My lawn is dead though.  A bit of the reason is the heat but it is mostly from people driving across it. Hey, people, TRY DRIVING ON THE ROAD.  :-)

A very large rental trailer has moved in beside me (I think I mentioned this in a previous blog).  Anyone interested in renting a park model, call the office. There is also a 5th wheel for rent.

The trailer for sale in Helios is now listed on the Bare Oaks site:

First one on the page.

Where's the Yurt? 

We wandered up to the Swim up Movie night in the pool tonight.  Toy Story 3.  Lots of kids... about 15 in total and a few adults.  Very good idea Nikki.  Most of the kids were watching the movie ... except for one kid who was trying to play murder ball at the same time. Murder ball is where you try to hit someone on the head as hard as you can with a beach ball... or any other ball that is sitting around.   I never could grasp that sort of violence in a pool around little kids who don't have developed heads or necks but HEY, I'm not a lifeguard...

Tomorrow's events:

10:00am - Mini Challenges at the Outback.
11:00am - Funny Dice Relay at the Outback.
12:00pm - Craft: Family Picture Frames, Family Drum at the Outback
2:00pm - Volleyball - front lawn
2:00 - 4:00pm - Live band: Bad Dog on the front lawn
3:00pm - Scavenger Hunt at the Outback
4:00pm - Watergun Fight and Pudding Toss at the Outback
5:00pm - Badminton at the Outback
5:00pm - Craft: Ceramic Painting at the Outback
8:00pm - Campfire Drum Circle and Songs at the Outback
9:30pm - Fire Spinners at Beckett Fire Pit.

There is a fire ban in the park so I'm not sure if the last two will happen.  Even though there were two fires burning tonight on Beckett Circle.  One was a cool gas fire (which was okay)  but the other one was a wood fire with a lot ot people sitting around it.  Perhaps people should be told in person about the ban as the notice that is posted and the announcements don't appear to work.

There are little signs along the driveway stating that the poison ivy has been sprayed.

The raft has managed to move itself (with the help of a few kids) to the middle of the lake.  If anyone is on it, it should be moved closer to the beach so it is easier to swim to... 

Update on Christmas in July (I couldn't attend this year).... Royce's site won 1st place, Jose and Kevin's site won 2nd place and J. and E.'s site won 3rd place. 

More photos next time... I've taken them but haven't unloaded them from my camera yet.

Just a note to parents... please supervise your kids... or delegate someone to supervise them.  Don't assume other people are watching them.  Accidents happen quickly.

Lastly, in case you missed it... a comment from Bruce after the 2nd last blog (click the 'Comment' link at the end of the blog): "Campers don't wash their dishes in the lake so it makes sense that we shouldn't wash pudding off either. I think the kids would enjoy getting washed off with the fire hose as long as they didn't get too close to it. Spray the water in the air so it's like a heavy rain shower. Hmmmmm, pudding all over the front lawn. Maybe that's not a better idea either."

Well... first off... it's at the Outback and I'm sure you can hook up a hose or two Bruce :-)

I remember a pudding fight at Turtle Lake Resort in Michigan that I attended.  They had to close off swimming for days after people washed in the lake... can you imagine that stuff on the beach??!!  for days... and weeks.  I bet the coyote's would like it... I know foxes like marshmallows... as I remember the marshmallow fights on Beechgrove Beach and the foxes coming out of the bush and grabbing the marshmallows and running back in.... but then ... that is another story...

Thanks for reading !!

If you want anything reported in the blog, email me!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hump Day

Wednesday, July 18th



4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

No need to bring your chair but bring a snack and something to keep you hydrated.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain !!!

It rained today!  We really needed it.  Two thunderstorms, one at around noon, and one at around 4pm. No need to water for a few days.

Yesterday was Christmas in July.  Thanks Judy for the photos!  I put a smiley face on one of the people as I don't have permission for the person's face on the blog. As always, click to enlarge photo.

Hey, I think there are duplicate photos in those two pictures... oh well... they are good so I'm posting them both :-)

According to Judy: "There were a few (maybe 25 - 30) people who attended the get together at the Outback. There was some confusion about the time to arrive. "

Hey, the writeup said between 1pm and 4pm ... I didn't know the actual time either.

The Hot tub will be shut down on Monday July 16th at 8am and reopened on Tuesday at 4pm... I think for maintenance. 

There is a new rental park model at the back.  It is a rental according to around 8 people so I'm going to assume it is a rental.  It was moved in today onto lot 214?  or 216?  You can't miss it.  It is right past the opening to the back bridge.   I hear that is also a 5th wheel rental but I'm not sure about that.  Phone the office to confirm.

The sun is out now at 8pm and it is 80F / 26C.  It is still humid.

I have fed the fish a few times this week but I can't do it every day or they would start to depend on it.  I think I will stick to once a week... whenever someone wanders by and asks me to feed them.

D. and M. and Roxie got their new deck installed today.  They bought D. and L.'s place in Helios.  Hey, figure it out... I can't post names unless I ask people and I forgot to ask them.

According to a lot of people... the potholes are still bad.  However, there was very little dust today.

Family Weekend is this coming weekend.  Here is the schedule:

Three things to note: 

1. As of today there is still a fire ban.
2. I sure hope they don't wash themselves in the LAKE after the pudding toss on Saturday at 4pm.
3. Cotton candy station is open Saturday 12-4 and Sunday 12-4.

Oooo, cotton candy... Ooooo. I love that stuff. Reminds me of the Midway at the Ex.

There is a trailer for sale on Helios.  If you go to the 'Used Trailers for Sale' on the Bare Oaks website... the first trailer listed has been sold (but it doesn't have a sold sign on the website).  The one that is for sale is the FOURTH one down on the list.  2005 Northlander Meadowbrook. It has a 'SOLD' on it but it has not been 'SOLD'.  It is also listed for $71,000. 

14' x 43' Modular park model home
113 Helios Circle

Year round water, sewer & 100 amp electrical services!
Price: $71,000
1 bedroom, Den slider partition, (Guest room), Individual bathroom access. Cathedral ceiling, Hardwood floor, Wood finish Interior, Great condition, 3 pc. bath w/tub, Whirlpool Washer and Dryer, High efficiency Coleman propane furnace, 40 Gallon 240 V. electric water heater, Open concept kitchen, GE Gas stove, 5 pc. hardwood dinette, New refrigerator, Electric fireplace, Spacious living room sofa / bed, etc.

That is the last listing.  Phone the number listed ... hmmm, there is no number.  Phone the office to get more information.  Take a tour.  It is a very nice trailer with lots of windows, a new shed,  and great neighbors. 

Coming event...

Country and Western Hoedown on July 28 from 6pm to... whenever.
Dinner: Hip of Beef, baked beans, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad and dessert.

Lawn dance following dinner with a live band - Flashback & Friends.

Tickets are $20.00 in advance or $25.00 on the day of the event.  Advance tickets may be purchased at Don and Laura's site #201 and at the office.

Happy Birthday Gord!!!  Cake... cake... cake... 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday... still hot

Wow the week has flown by... it is still hot with no rain.

Photo of a Rose Breasted Grosbeak taken at Wendy and Kim's feeder in the park... thanks Wendy and Kim!

Baby Oriole camouflaged in the garden... waiting for mommy.  Thanks Judy!

Hump day was fun this week. The HUGE cutout of Bigfoot was great! The Bigfoot cake was delicious too. 30 people attended.  A lot of people aren't taking vacations this week so it was nice to see a lot of people there. Everyone is welcome so feel free to tell people about the Wednesday Hump Day Party between 4:00pm and 5:30pm EVERY WEDNESDAY. This coming patry on Wednesday (July 18th) is at the beach at the Outback. The theme is ‘Life’s a Beach’. Bring a snack, your beverage... there are lots of chairs available.
There have been a few people using the outside water in Helios to excess recently, for example, watering the road for long periods of time.  I have been asked to mention NOT to abuse the outside water in Helios. Use it for gardens, lawns or your car, but not the road.  It costs the owners money for hydro to pump the water so if you wish to overuse it ... hand them some money and I’m sure they will be happy.

The potholes are BAD. 

Cool moon photo... except for what seems to be fingerprints on the lens.  Hey, that camera died so that problem has been fixed.

This afternoon a dog was discovered locked in a car in the parking lot.  He had been there for at least 10 minutes.  It was HOT today, the car was in the sun and the dog was panting.  The owner was found and received a lot of harsh words from quite a few people.  If the owner hadn’t shown up within another 5 minutes I would have broken the car window.  Go ahead, arrest me.  I don’t care.  The person and the dog left the park.  What is wrong with people??!!  It only takes a few minutes to kill a pet in a car. Doesn’t this person watch the NEWS??!!!  Idiot, I’m still pissed off. Okay enough said.  If you see a dog locked in a car, break the window :-)
Lots of people in the lake today!  It was another hot one with no rain.

Water lily in the lake... pretty.  Thanks Judy!

The temperature goes down to around 54F / 12C every night which is quite a dramatic change from the daytime temperature of around 90F+ / 32C+.
Bruce is still working on his writeup for the fisherpeople.  The summer will be over soon... heh heh.

This coming Saturday the 14th according to the Bare Oaks Events Calendar is:

Christmas in July
From: 1pm to 4pm.
Description: decorations, parade, children's gift collection/giving and DESSERT potluck... not a full potluck.
I was going to go over and watch the Boot Camp tonight but ... I forgot.  How is it going?  Anyone know?

We went over to swim in the pool today but ... it was a tad too cloudy.  Perhaps it is the high temperatures?  

I also heard the hot tub would be closed for a few days... does anyone know when?

Need... more... photos... as my camera is dead.

If anyone reading this is a member of the East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce. I received this notice (as I'm a member) :

Please Join Us for the July Networking Breakfast!

Generously sponsored by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, Stephane Deschenes     

Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2012     Time: 7:00am-Arrival, 7:20am-Breakfast

Location: Pheasant Run Golf Club, 18033 Warden Avenue, Sharon

RSVP Today! Register online at  Registration is required in advance. Registration will not be accepted at the door.

$10.00 - Members   $15.00 - Non - Member Guests

Members please register and pay ahead online to pay only $10.00 for breakfast as the fee at the door is $15.00 for members.

It's too early for me... ack ack...  what is this 7am thing?

Monday, July 9, 2012


It's only 81F /  27C today... cold brrrr :-)

Seems there was a bit of a fiasco in Beckett last night at around 9pm.  No, I'm not going to report on it even though several people have asked me to... :-)  If you were there, you know all about it.  If you were not there... ask someone from the back as most of the Beckett people were there.

This was posted by Bruce in a comment last week:



I came across a cigarette butt that had been discarded on the ground without being extinguished. I could tell it wasn't extinguished because it had burned to the filter. It was carelessly thrown onto the dry grass next to the Outback. The grass is so dry it hurts to walk barefoot so it will easily catch fire. If the Outback burns down (some people may think that's a good thing) then where am I going to sit?

Maybe we need more red cans around the park?

I saw at least FOUR people walking around the park yesterday with lit cigarettes in their hands and just flicking the ashes.  I'm not suggesting that they not smoke while walking ... it's not my job. 

Yet another one of my camera's died... sigh.  Thanks to everyone for sending me photos while I sort out getting a new one.

Photo of a Baltimore Oriole family!  Thanks Judy! (Click to enlarge)  The dad is on the left of the stick tree (perch tree), the two babies are on the right bottom of the tree and the mom is on the right of the feeder.  

Another photo of the mother showing the baby how to use the feeder. The mom is on the feeder, the baby on the pole.

Sunflowers!!! The first is from Judy's garden. The second is from Wendy and Kim.

I posted that the potholes were okay last time.  I have been informed by many people that they are not okay... they are really bad so.... this is to inform you that they are really bad (grin).

We had 2 hours of rain on Saturday morning and nothing since.  It is still very very dry in the park.

This coming Saturday the 14th  according to the Bare Oaks Events Calendar is:  Christmas in July
From: 1pm to 4pm.
Description: decorations, parade, children's gift collection/giving and pot luck.

Now, according to Kim (and Missy):  "Just a reminder that next Saturday is Christmas in July... Decorate your site like it was Christmas. There will be a parade starting at Beckett Circle and going around the entire park. Prizes for the best 3 sites. Dessert Pot luck at the outback with gift exchange. Everyone bring a gift $5.00 for the exchange and dessert. Let's make this the Best Christmas in July at Bare Oaks. Secret judges will be going around the camp to choose the best 3 decorated sites. Judging will take place in the evening so that everyone's lights will shine brightly."

So is it only a 'kids' gift exchange or an 'everyone' gift exchange?   Usually it is everyone.

And... when is the dessert potluck? 

The beach was really crowded yesterday due to a kids birthday party.  It looked like fun.  I really want to get one of those slingshots.  Two people hold huge 3-band) rubber bands between each other about 10 feet apart.  A third person loads a water balloon (or whatever) into the middle, pulls it back and fires it.  Boy, do they travel.  One of the ballons went from the beach over the trees and probably as far as the bridge to the back.  We lost sight of it.  One of the kids was wandering around with a target (like a big dart board) covering his front.  One miss to the head and that balloon would knock you out cold.   I hope the balloons/projectiles were picked up as the birds would die if they ate one of those.

They also had a slippy slide into the lake, a badminton net and other stuff.

There is another trailer for sale at 113 Helios Circle.  It sold last year (I think it was last year) and the person is moving north.  It is on the used trailer page but it is last year's listing. I heard it is listed tor $71,000... but phone the office to confirm.

I have fed the fish a few times this week as people have come by and requested I do so.  This guy showed up for a while yesterday.  Thanks Judy for the photos.

There are also baby turtles swimming around the lake... soooo cute.

There were people fishing this weekend... Bruce where is the fishing writeup?  ha ha ha.

Cloudy now but still 87F. 

There are a lot of people on vacation here this week but it looks like there are still a lot of spots available to rent.  Check with the office: 905 473 6060. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another hot day...

Another hot day, the temperature was over 100F / 37F + + +.

Hey, that says Feb. 15... that would be wrong.   I'll fix that.

No rain today... it hasn't rained for weeks and weeks and it is very humid out.

The grass is brown so it doesn't need to be mowed.

The Hump Day Party at Royce's place was a HUGE success... 47 people showed up.  Lots of food and a great variety.  D. and J. brought pizza!  The theme was 'Stars and Stripes' as it was July 4th.

I was dressed in red, white and blue...

Hey, I liked the smiley face a lot better...

Next week the Hump Day Party is at Dorothy and Dean's place, a few doors down from Royce. Wednesday July 11, between 4pm and 5:30pm.  The theme is 'Sweet Prudence'.  :-) 

Bring a chair, a snack, your beverage and yourself.  EVERYONE WELCOME.

Okay, the educational part of the blog. This was in the newspaper recently.  Not sure why they didn't print it earlier on in the year but... here it is.


Given our wacky winter weather, Royal Ontario Museum entomologists have fielded numerous enquiries about whether or not mild temperatures will result in more bugs this spring and summer.

(More blah blah blah which I didn't think you would mind if I cut it out... but this is the good part.)
Black flies: The first black flies come out when trees begin to bud. Winter temperatures have little impact on black fly numbers, as most overwinter as eggs in stream beds. But if ice breakup occurs earlier than normal, the season is also likely to begin sooner.  In terms of numbers, the reduced snowpack and lack of rain mean fewer eggs are likely to survive.  As a result, there will be fewer adults on the wing and it’s likely the species will disappear long before cottagers begin their late spring or early summer vacations.

Mosquitoes: People were swatting mosquitoes early. Certain species overwinter as adults, which hibernate in protected spaces.  These are the ones that come out earliest in the spring.  However, most Ontario species lay winter-hardy eggs that hatch when conditions are right, typically after snowmelt.  Given that mosquitoes breed in variously-sized pools of standing water, the lack of snow and dearth of early-season rain means conditions are less than ideal for these late-emerging populations.  Of course, all of this could change, should we experience a period of extended heavy rainfall.  Mosquitoes are on the wing from early spring until late fall and many species have multiple generations per year.  The upshot is spring weather only affects the overwintering stages of mosquitoes and perhaps the first generation or so.
Ticks: The black-legged deer ticks that carry Lyme disease are found in many places in Ontario.  They have a greater survival rate whth enhanced moisture conditions in late spring.

Grasshoppers: A warm, dry winter enhances the survival of grasshopper eggs.  We may see more of them this year.
A possible increase in pests could be balanced by an increase in some of their predators.  Perhaps more wasps that are insect predators and bee queens survived the winter.

A mild winter has no impact on indoor arthropods (i.e. SPIDERS), since temperature is pretty constant indoors year round.  Duh.
The 'Duh' was mine.

Very nice sunflower that Judy has grown. Ooooo, ahhhhh.

You can probably tell by this blog that I like bugs, plants and other animals.

There are new campsite policies... go here to read them:

A few excerpts:

"Members are free to purchase from any dealer but, effective immediately, trailers not purchased through a preferred dealer with be assessed a development fee of $2,000 for a new trailer or $500 for a used trailer."

"Until now, we have charged a 5% marketing fee (with a minimum of $500) on trailers that are sold with the campsite. That is lower than what most other campgrounds in Southern Ontario charge. That fee increases to 7% with a minimum of $600 effective immediately. "

"If a campsite holder’s lot backs onto bushes or the forest, they are welcome to use it. However, that area is not part of their lot. Landscaping it does not make it their exclusive domain and the park can use it for other purposes at any time. If they choose to landscape the areas beyond their site, no compensation should be expected if we decide to use it."

Read the blog for more.

I hope everyone has purchased their Lotto MAX for tonight.  $100 million. $50 million for the main prize and 50 one million secondary prizes.

Here's a rundown of events for the weekends:

July 7 - Euchre
July 14 - Christmas in July
July 21 - Family weekend
July 28 - Country and Western Hoedown
August 04 - Bare Oaks Olympics and Ribfest
August 11 - Euchre
August 18 - No idea as I can't read the calendar (grin)
August 25 - same as above.

The potholes are a lot better which is probably because it hasn't rained. 

The dust is bad though.  Really bad. People are driving slowly which is nice.

Due to a request by F. and R. and their new puppy... I fed the fish tonight and not a lot of them showed up... except for the (five?) two foot carp. No I am not exaggerating.  I think it is tooooo hot for them and they are all on the bottom.

Where are all the people who are taking summer holidays?  Not many people here this week.  Lots of people here tonight though... and during the day.

I hope everyone has their air conditioning on for their pets and carry water when walking as it is wayyyy too hot for animals out there.

I have heard from several people that boot camp is... HARD but the people taking it keep coming back so... it must be working.  However, people are exhausted just watching them :-)  I might have joined if I hadn't broken my toe.  (Phew) (grin)  Two and a half weeks down... three and a half weeks of limping to go... blah. 

Lots of floaters in the lake.  Oh, I mean people floating around on blow up rafts... not dead bodies. 

Baby turtles have been spotted floating around the lake too.  They are cute and they won't bite you.

Finally, thanks to Bruce for going around the park and watering everybody's plants.  He did a lot today including Wendy and Kim's (waving).  It has been wayyyyy too hot to weed gardens but tomorrow looks like a cloudy day so the gardens at the Outback may finally get done.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

To our USA neighbors... HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday but not as hot...

I hope y'all enjoyed a great weekend! 

Lots of people are still here plus lots of NEW faces and lots of faces from last year. Kids and dogs on the beach most of the weekend. 

Hump Day Happy Hour this week.
Theme: 'Stars and Stripes"
Wednesday July 4th
4:00 - 5:30
Royce's site 237
Please bring snack to share, beverage and chair
Everyone welcome

I guess that means you have to dress in stars and stripes or wear something that has stars and stripes on it?  Hey, you figure it out... maybe I will bring cookie stars and stripes.

I have a few corrections to the last blog.

Judy's moth is not a Gray Scoopwing, it is a Brown Scoopwing .  She got this info from a bug guy.

I posted in the last blog that: "The ambulance was called for someone (no name) yesterday who appeared to be suffering from the heat. He was checked out and not taken to the hospital. "

I  got this information from three people.  Well... after talking directly to the person it was not the heat that caused the problem... "the problem was caused by inhaling some sunscreen spray that was being applied nearby. Maybe some people will actually pay attention and someone else, or maybe I, will not have to suffer the same fate again."

There you go. Please watch when applying sunscreen spray or bug repellent or ANY spray when someone is nearby.  Those inhalants may not bother you but other people may have a problem.  I can't handle bug repellant as I have asthma so I ask people to go away (maybe 50 feet away ) when applying it.  I also ask people not to smoke around me (on my property) but that is another rant for another time ;-)

This was a great weekend weather wise.  NO rain.  Not a good weekend plant wise though.

The roads are VERY VERY dusty and some people had to be asked to slow down... in cars AND golf carts... you know who you are. 

The temperature at the moment is 66F / 18C but was in the 80's all day. 

As a reminder, you can wear a top if you are sunburned, have a skin condition, are cold, or something similar.  Although it is preferable that you go nude, if you have a problem with someone wearing a top, just tell management.  Oh wait, you COULD ask the person why they are wearing a top... instead of telling them in front of 12 other people that they can't play petanque unless they are nude. 

I don't know about you but I consider that extremely rude... but that's just me :-) 

It was a first time person who was extremely sunburned... I hope she comes back but she just walked away from the petanque court at the time... she was very upset. 

IMPORTANT:  One of the members lost her engagement ring last night.  It is gold with diamonds.  Bruce and I spent over 2 hours looking for it with a metal detector with NO luck.  If you see it, either turn it into the office, or to me, or to Bruce... if the office is closed. It is probably in the grass somewhere on Strawberry Fields, or the path between the bridge and the Outback.

From the official Bare Oaks Blog: "June 23rd was the official opening of Never Not Naked: Natural Nudes at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. It is a solo exhibition of Art Nudes by award-winning Oakville, Ontario photographer Michael Willems.

In this exhibition, Willems presents a selection of his Art Nudes, featuring his favourite Life Model in various locations. Juxtapositions are prominent in this work, which is designed to show the beauty of the pure and timeless human form in unexpected contemporary settings. The Nude has been a favourite subject for artists through the centuries, and Willems shows here that “Nude is not Lewd”. Pictures are framed and are for sale; limited edition unframed 13x19” prints, signed by the artist, are also available.

Michael Willems BSc, LPPO, is an Oakville, Ontario-based photographer whose previous solo exhibitions have included “IV-Intravenous” as part of “Contact 2009” and at The Kodiak Gallery, in Toronto
ʼs historic Distillery district, as well as “Urbanesque” at Torontoʼs Insomnia. He also teaches Photography subjects at Sheridan College, and in his own school,, and he writes a regular column exclusively for Canadaʼs Photo Life magazine.

The exhibition is open until July 8, 2012. Visitors are welcome but they must register at the office and must disrobe to view the exhibit."


I have a report on the beef dinner.  There were about 50 people at the dinner... and that's all I know.  Not much of a report, eh?

I think that is it... but I probably forgot something...

As I have no photos for this blog I will leave you with a few WINTER photos. 

Birds, Moose and a snow angel.

And lastly... a sun dog (or sundog) ... taken at the park...