Sunday, April 29, 2012

The end of a very nice weekend... it was sunny most of the weekend but the wind was cold.

It's hovering on freezing at the moment... it was 23F / -5C last night.  I planted corn and sweet peas and they both survived the freezing temperatures. 

Here is a photo of a crazy person going out in the rain to chase geese!  Nice outfit (grin). Thanks Judy for the picture!

If you enlarge this photo you will see Mr. Beaver... who shows up in the lake every now and then. He is swimming in the water a foot off the bank... the brown blob.  Thanks Judy for the picture!

The aerator was started today but it goes off from 6pm to 9pm for 'quiet hour'... or 'hours'. 

The roads were graded so you will find it is a bit easier on your car.

Not many people have been up even though the weather has been 'sorta' good.  I know this as there are still signs on people's trailers about the water going through the test phases.  It is now turned on and you can use it.

As you know...  if you have been here... the gate has been up for days.  The reader is being swapped for a new reader.  The gate works... sometimes... and doesn't work... sometimes so they decided to leave it up.  The fob door into the clubhouse is also being fixed as it stopped working.  What fun.  I think the clubhouse is locked at 10pm and opened again at 7am but, if you are coming up, phone to make sure.  We were working on the door reader on Sunday but the smoking drove us out.  Are you allowed to smoke on the deck?  I thought you had to be 10 meters or 30 feet from the door... but I could be wrong.  Is that the rule in this municipality or does it vary by business?

Didn't see you here today Bruce and it was a great day to tan :-D

I heard that the Hummingbirds are coming back early... they are already in Quebec.  I think I'll put some food out for them tomorrow... if I can find my feeders ... I hope it doesn't freeze.

The bathroom/shower renovation is not done.

Next Saturday is Volunteer day from 10am to 3pm (I think that is the end time).  This is followed by the Members Meeting from 3pm to 5pm... followed by Euchre.  Busy day.  Everyone who is not a member and volunteers... is not charged day fees.  Lunch is provided.  For more information, read the Bare Oaks Official Blog on the Bare Oaks website... the blog link is on the front page.

I haven't seen or heard many frogs in the past few weeks... I think they are confused as it has been hot, then cold, then hot, then cold.  The creek(s) are wayyyy down as are the ponds and lake.  No turtles have been spotted either... but there are fish.

It has been discussed on a Facebook site that beavers in a lake can give you Giardiasis (or Giardia). 

Now, no one panic as I doubt that Giardia is in this lake. Tons of people swim in it and I haven't heard of anyone having any sort of diarrhea but ... here are the results from the research.  

"Giardiasis is typically found in lakes, streams, or ponds that have been contaminated by human, muskrat, dog, or beaver feces, it is also known as beaver fever. "

"There is no vaccine to protect humans from acquiring giardiasis, nor does chlorinating water protect against Giardia."

"Giardiasis is a common intestinal infection spread by eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water, or through direct contact with the organism that causes the disease, Giardia lamblia. Giardiasis is found throughout the world and is a common cause of traveller's diarrhea.

Giardia is one of the most common intestinal parasites in the world, infecting as much as 20% of the entire population of the earth.  Recent tests have found Giardia in 7% of all stool samples tested nationwide, indicating that this disease is much more widespread than was originally believed. It has been found not only in humans, but also in wild and domestic animals.

Unfiltered streams or lakes that may be contaminated by human or animal wastes are a common source of infection. Outbreaks can occur among campers and hikers who drink untreated water from mountain streams.  It is possible to become infected in a public swimming pool, however, since Giardia can survive in chlorinated water for about 15 minutes. "

If you wish to know more... Google it.

My analysis: As you can get Giarda from human feces too... shower before you use the lake and keep your dog out of the lake. As there is no shower near the lake... that would be difficult to do and everyone knows that dogs love water (well... most dogs) so that would be difficult to do too.

It says nothing about contamination by bird... or geese so... we are safe on that point.

Carry on...

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, the powers that be redesigned blogger so... I'll see if I can sort this mess out. Well, I just published the first blog on the new system and had to pull it as blogger took out ALL THE LINE BREAKS.  Who designed this crap?  Fixed now, I hope. 

IT'S SNOWING TODAY. ha ha ha. Yes, snow, rain, snow, rain. It is too warm for it to stay on the ground though.

I don't have any photos except one artistic one, which was taken after the car arrived at it's summer home.
This notice was posted on the doors on Helios this past weekend:

The water in Helios Circle will be shut off from 9 am to 6 pm, Thursday, April 26, 2012. We will be installing two new iron filters on this day. We anticipate that the job will be completed and the water turned back on by 6 pm. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Cool, iron filters. Now I can buy some 'white' clothes and I don't have to change my house water filter as much. This will (probably) affect the Clubhouse too so the water will be nicer to shower in.

It has been raining for about 12 hours now so the potholes are back! We needed the rain, however, it is not time to plant delicate plants in your gardens yet. It has gone below freezing at night.

The temperature now is 37F / 3C.

Turtle info as promised. Turtles can hold their breath for hours, or months. Of the 300 species worldwide, over half are at risk of extinction.

A few species in this area: The Painted Turtle is 'not at risk'. The Snapping Turtle is 'special concern'. The Softshell Turtle is 'threatened'. The Spotted Turtle is 'endangered'. So, don't mess with the snapping turtles here. If you try to pick one up, you will be sorry (grin). They can bite something as far back as their tail and they don't have a tendency to let go.

Road mortality is one of the biggest threats to turtles in Ontario.

How to take a turtle off the road.

If you see a turtle on the road, stop if you can. Be sure there is a safe place to pull over. (I just stop on the road and block traffic ha ha... unless I'm on a hill.) Take the turtle to the ditch in the direction it was headed. Carry the turtle low to the ground - they have sharp claws and are very strong, so be careful not to drop them. Never carry a turtle by the tail - stay to the rear (they can bite) and drag or carry big ones by the shell.

The turtle guide (thanks Phil for picking it up) says to provide basking sites (like fallen logs or rocks) to give turtles a place to sun themselves. Oooo, maybe we should throw a few logs into the lake (and tie them to shore of course).

If anyone has any untreated 2 foot long 2x4 lumber they want to donate, I'll make some Turtle Nest Cages.

Bored yet? Okay enough about turtles but I thought you would like to know a bit about the turtles on this property.

The bathroom reno is not done.

Wendy has started weeding one of the gardens (thanks!).

The pool is full and green. Let the filtering begin. It probably won't be heated until it is sparkling clean as the green water would be bad for the solar heater. Only one frog has been pulled out of the pool so far. I thought it was a wood frog but it was a spring peeper. There are 13 frogs and toads of Ontario and 11 salamanders and newts. Oops, sorry, this is turtle day, not frog, sallys and newt day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sun is out today, it is 63F / 17C.

Blackflies are bonking against heads so it will only be a matter of a few days before they are biting. *IF* it stays warm.

Another flyer was posted on the doors of all the trailers around Beckett yesterday.

April 18, 2012

We are continuing the process of opening the seasonal water for Beckett Circle.

The water's chlorination level for bacterial control has not stabilized to the standards of the health department. The water is unfit for human consumption. Please do not use any water until we have received York Region Health Department approval.

We will officially advise when the water is safe for consumption when we have received the health department's approval.

We anticipate that the seasonal water will be open by April 28, 2012.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The tree/bush I moved from Dave and Judy's lot last fall is sprouting leaves!! Fantastic! Only half the root bundle came with the tree as it was a tad difficult to dig out. Thanks again to all the people who helped move it.

Would the people at the back who have birdfeeders up... please fill them with seeds or take them down. The birds are getting annoyed (grin). Or you could email me and tell me where your seeds are and I'll fill them for you. The summer birds are now back and it is EARLY. The nests are starting.

The sauna/bathroom/shower area is not finished.

Propane guy was here today. If the weather stays warm it may be the last time before the summer... or may not...

Clubhouse with solar panels on roof.

Path along lake.

One of the gardens at the Outback... needs a bit of weeding which will be done this week as long as the blackflies don't swarm.

The other garden at the Outback which needs a lot more weeding.

If anyone has any spare flowers/plants that they want to donate to the park gardens ... or if they just want to BUY them for the park gardens... please leave them at lot 121 - Helios. Thanks!


I will leave you with the quote of the day:

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that truly heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...' "
-Isaac Asimov

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In case there are people out there who have not seen one of the famous snapping turtles... this is Mommy Turtle right after she laid her eggs. She was spotted across from the washrooms at the back heading towards the river/lake. We couldn't find where she laid her eggs. Turtle lesson coming up later this week. Did you know that predators dig up and eat the eggs only within the first ten days after they are laid?

Yesterday was amazing! Winds gusting up to 85Km. We heard some trees near the front road come crashing down.

Had to go for a walk during the wind... and 75F / 24C weather!

There is no damage to any trailer but there are sticks everywhere. Had to clear them off the road in places.

So... B. went back to cut down a tree as per management request. He walked to the truck to get his chainsaw and by the time he went back to the tree, the wind had blown it down, right onto their front lawn. (I only use people's initial if I do not have permission to put their names in the blog.)

Here are a few photos of the aftermath. The stump.

I managed to save some plants which I put in pots by the stairs. I know the trailer owners read the blog... or will this time as I'm sending them the link :D

The tree has been dragged across the road.

The stump has been removed and a lot of the long roots... and the lawn is a bit of a mess now. Okay it is a really big mess. I'm sure D. and J. will clean it up :-)

The bathroom reno is not done. I haven't seen the room but I am going to speculate that it is not done as the toilets are still outside.

This morning it was 33F / .5C at around 8:30am ... and went up to 41F at 9am. Too cold to plant plants but not too cold to put triple mix on gardens. I started some plants a few weeks ago. My bean plants, as of this morning, are 32" high. I figure they will be about 6' high by the time I plant them.

F.'s gardens at the back are looking lovely! I hope the frog is still there!

No geese on the lake for a few days. I think they have gone elsewhere to nest.

Picture of the back pond.

The bridge to the back. The lawn is green but that is about it.

On a final note... Bruce... your chair is lonely...

Monday, April 16, 2012


Well... it's Monday.

This past weekend was a tad chilly but nice for April. It sprinkled with rain on and off yesterday. Today the sun is trying to shine through and ...whoa, I just checked the temperature and it says 72F / 22C. That can't be right... okay back from going outside and it is very warm out there! Humid though.

Photo: One of the new boat boys... testing his new radio controlled boat.

Photo: This photo is difficult to view so click on it to make it larger. It is a photo of the other side of the lake with the boat chasing the geese off the lake. Thanks Judy for the photos! No geese are harmed during the boat chases (grin). No one likes to walk in geese poo so there are three of us with radio boats chasing them off.

Question of the day: who the heck is insulating their place? I am picking up fiberglas insulation from my lawn every day. Consider bags.

Haven't seen anyone in the lake this past week.

The bathroom reno is not done. I hear it was scheduled for completion on April 16. I will let you know.

For those of you who like to listen to your car radios blasting at 80 decibels (jet engines). Consider the other people in the park and PLEASE turn your radios down or off when you fob through the gate. I thank you and a few other people thank you too. I'm not talking about the people who show up at 4am.

Photo: the lake on a calm morning.

Photo: the river on the north side of the property.

Photo: the dog run from across the river. Hey, it's a picture...

Photo: Moose in the dog run waiting for a cookie. He buried the cookie (shaking head).

Photo: the daffodils are up! They look fake, don't they...

The outside water in Helios is ON as we are using the water from Herman's well. The water at the back (Beckett) is NOT on yet. It has to be treated (see the last blog... I think it was the last blog).

I mowed part of my lawn this past weekend... so it is almost time.

Photo: shingles on the Outback roof are missing.

Photo: the pool. I hear they are filling it today but it takes around three days to fill. Then it has to be treated and HEATED.

No one has been playing petanque. The petanque courts have NO weeds (so far this year).

I think this blog is big enough as some people have dialup.

To end... the black flies are arriving. The helicopters have dropped pellets for the mosquitoes but black flies breed in running water so... they should be biting in another few days *if* it stays warm. Boo hoo.

Go for a walk.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well... it snowed TWICE yesterday as it hovered on the freezing mark.

It is only 44F/6C at the moment. The wind has died down but it is raining.

I think this will be our typical April... cold and rainy.

Photo of the Outback. Thanks Wendy for picking up all the shingles from the roof that were scattered around after the wind storms.

Photo of the path along the trailer side of the lake.

I don't have any more photos yet as this week has been a tad busy at work.

The seasonal trailers have this notice posted on their door.

April 10, 2012

We have started the process of opening the seasonal water for Beckett Circle.

The water is super-chlorinated to 70 PPM. This is to kill any bacteria that may be in the water lines due to disuse during the winter. It is unfit for human consumption. Please do not use any water until we have received York Region Health Department approval.

We will officially advise when the water is safe for consumption when we have received the health department's approval.

We anticipate that the seasonal water will be open by April 21, 2012.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I don't see any naked people walking around today :-)


Monday, April 9, 2012


Windy and COLD today. Temperature right now is 43F / 5C. It went down to 27F two nights ago... that is below freezing... that is cold.

The sun was out for about an hour and it actually RAINED yesterday for about 10 minutes but it was not a hard rain so it didn't do the gardens and grass any good.

Where are the April showers? Eh?

Thanks to the people I saw this weekend who said they read my blog ... :-D If no one read it, I wouldn't do it. Although I do talk to myself occasionally ;-)

I was asked to put on photos of the roads... so here they are! Some of them anyways. If you want a photo of your area, email me or leave a message which you can do by logging in and clicking the message link at the end of the post. Or something like that... I'm sure you will find the link.

A lovely palm tree, beside a NEW deck. (As always, click for larger photo). Where is the beach under the palm tree?

The road to the back.

The peace sign garden at the branch. Thanks Nancy for weeding it! The grass was pretty tall.

Looking left at the branch. The washrooms are a bit up on the right.

The road up the middle... which is covered in grass at the moment.

Moving along the road.

Further along the road.

Along the back circle. The pink bins are for alcohol empties.

Across the grass.

Hey, there are some of the roads. Next time I will take you to the Outback and ponds and rivers :-)

I have most of my gardens finished as I'm sure the BUGS will be out as soon as the weather gets a tad warmer. I need to find my bug zappers.

The bathroom reno is not finished yet. I have heard a few things about it's completion date but I'm not going to speculate.

Don't forget yoga is every Wednesday night from 7:30 to 8:30. Ooo, I found a writeup on the Bare Oaks Events calendar. The calendar is not working correctly so keep pushing the arrow beside the month until you get to April.

Winter Yoga Schedule continuing until May 9th on Wednesdays only. (will revert to twice per week for the summer schedule)

Classes are held downstairs in the clubhouse. Mat Rental: $2
Class: No charge but tips are Appreciated

Nikki Lafrance, the instructor, is working towards her 200hr Teaching Certificate; and, she needs to practice teaching with a class of participants. The classes will be gentle and light-hearted. All levels welcome!

Please contact the office before attending to confirm availability as well as the time and date. Non-members must also register in the office before closing time. (which is 6pm on most days)

Disclaimer: The yoga classes are provided by an independent individual. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park only coordinates the arrangement and is not responsible for the service provided.
-------- ta da -------------

No more park events for a while.

Lots of people were up this weekend... it was great seeing everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


The long weekend starts NOW!

It was cold today with a brisk wind. The areas that had a bit of sun were a bit warmer. Temperature now (9:30pm) is 34F / 1C. Brrr...

I don't have any photos but the grass is greening up.

It hasn't rained/snowed for a long long time... weeks.

As a few people have asked... the Bare Oaks blog from March 14 stated:
"Unfortunately, the renovations to the upstairs shower area are taking longer than expected. We found some severe rot which required much more work than anticipated. We now expect that it will take about two weeks longer than planned. (around March 30th)".

The renovations are not finished and there has been no news as to when the renos will be done.

To those of you coming to the park who are NOT members... the office and store are closed tomorrow... Good Friday. However, as this is a 'tourist area'... Foodland in Mt. Albert is open tomorrow!

This Saturday is Euchre night, starting at 7:30pm.

The roads have improved with fewer ruts and they are all open now as the mud factor has gone down.

Not many people here this past week probably due to the fact that it has been COLD.

Saturday May 5, 2012 is Volunteer Day - 10am to 3pm

Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be provided, free of charge, for all volunteers. There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition. Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office)

After volunteers day is the Members' Meeting - 3pm to 5pm
All members are invited to come and get an update on what's happening at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and ask questions.

After the Members' Meeting is Euchre Night - 7:30pm to 11pm
The Bare Bistro, along with Marc & Suzy B., host their regular Euchre Night

Busy day.

Nothing else is going on... I will post more often when we have more events and more people. :-)

Don't forget, taxes are due at the end of the month.

Hmmm, maybe I should put my summer tires on soon...