Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29

Leap year!

Mostly photos today. Click photo for larger photo.

It is snowing at the moment and has been doing this on and off today with a bit of freezing rain mixed in... and a lot of wind. I was out of the park for a while and the roads in this area are very slippery.

The temperature is 33F / .55C

No other weather to report :-)

The roads are usually plowed after it snows. They haven't been done today though.

Photo: The Outback through the weeds.

Photo: Some hoar frost on the weeds beside the lake ... thanks Judy!

Photo: This is why you should stay off the ice. One of the ponds, taken a few days ago.

Photo: The ice on the pond at the bridge. There have been no animal tracks on the lake this year... I guess they are smarter than we are (see the last blog) :-D

Photo: The washrooms/wet sauna/shower area is being renovated soon. This is the notice.

Photo: Before picture of the doors to the two washrooms.

Photo: Before picture of the shower area, the sauna is on the right.

Photo: Before picture of the sauna door, the showers are on the right.

Photo: Before picture of the hall to the washrooms. Showers right, sauna left.

Upcoming events at the park

Sat 3rd - Non-Competitive Afternoon of Darts
New Forest Room 2:00PM - 4:00PM Everyone welcome
No cost to play - Bring a snack if you wish

Sat 3rd - Euchre Night II.III
Bare Bistro Dining Room - 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Co-hosted by The Bare Bistro and Marc & Suzy B.
Sign-Up sheet in the office

I wonder what the II.III means... if it is roman numerals it is 2.3 ... so this is Euchre night 2.3? Or maybe the second year and the third night? Perhaps it would be easier to say... Euchre Night 16 :-) (the 16 is just an example, I have no idea what night it is). Enough rambling.

No other events on the calendar for the year except for the Euchre nights. I hear there are 3 - 4 tables of people at each of these night.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lake is Frozen

Whilst walking the cat yesterday, Shelley got bored and decided to check the lake to see if it was okay to walk on.

She asked me what to write on the lake. So... as a joke... I said... something the airplanes could see...

Photo: Thanks Judy for taking these photos of Shelley's masterpiece. Make sure you click the picture to see the larger picture(s).

Another photo. It is difficult to read as the letters are so big and no one wanted to climb onto a roof. It says 'BRING BEER'. ha ha ha

Monday, February 20, 2012


It snowed a few days ago... about 4 inches... now it is melting.

I don't have any photos today, someone send me photos. Perhaps I will walk around the park and take a few photos tomorrow...

The temperature right now is 56F / 13C. WOW!

Almost time to lay out and start a tan :-) Okay, maybe not, but I bet it is warm in a sheltered area with no wind.

Sun is shining.

A few people dropped into the park this weekend for a hot tub (waving at Bruce).

Haven't been able to snowshoe, cross country ski or skate this winter but... the winter is ALMOST OVER.

Not much to report on these days as ... there is not much going on.

A few people walk around the park and walk dogs but, as far as the Bare Oaks schedule goes, there is not much activity at the clubhouse.

Next event is Euchre on Saturday March 3.

Lots of people are on vacation at the moment.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow and cold...

Well, we had a bit of snow last night. They said we would get 4 inches but we got about an inch. So predictable.

It's cold and windy ... 10F / -12C (I think).

The roads are icy again, drive slowly.

Photo: the path from the washrooms to the camping area. Taken a few days ago.

Photo: The river is high.

Photo: The 'square foot' gardens. You can rent these for the summer. Well, I think they are still available to rent but not 100 percent sure.

A few branches of the roads at the back are still closed due to ruts.

There is yoga from 12 to 1pm Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm.

Darts every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.

Today's interesting photo is from Wendy and Kim. Twin foals born at their friends farm the weekend of January 29. At the time these were taken they were 40 hours old. The little one with the purple coat is Trinity - a little girl and the other little one with the red coat is Kiah - a little boy.

Aren't they cute !!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 3

No snow yet! Yeah!

Photo: This is a photo of the back road in front of the shower house, taken November 26, 2008. Thanks Frank for the photo!!

Photo: This is a photo of the back road in front of the shower house, taken February 2, 2012. Not much snow this year.

Photo: The firepit near the Outback that Ulli built last summer.

Photo: One of the side roads is closed due to the ruts.

Photo: The side road that is closed is also covered in ice. Very dangerous to walk on.

The temperature is 40F / 4.5C. WARM!!! What a great winter! Not so great for the skiers... and people who actually like the snow.

Not much happening here. There is euchre tonight starting at 7:30PM.

I will leave you with this lovely SUMMER aerial photo of the park.

8 more weeks of winter... then we start to get mosquitoes... (sigh).