Thursday, November 24, 2011



Happy happy :-)

Photo: Bare Oaks Sunset from 2008. Very nice. Sorry I don't remember who sent it to me ... feel free to tell me... and THANKS. Click photo for larger image.

You should have your site fee invoice(s) by now (or soon). Last year the fees did not go up due to the HST cost. This year the fees have gone up by 5%. HOWEVER, you can avoid the increase if you take advantage of the early payment discounts.

If you pay by December 16, 2011, you can take a discount of 5 percent.
If you pay by February 1, 2012, you can take a discount of 2 percent.

Payments are due by April 1, 2012.

I am looking out my window at a 6 foot by 10 foot red Santa helicopter, with spinning propellers. Very cool. There is also an airplane on the roof with a similar sized air compressed santa vehicle... however, one of the propellers is not spinning. It kinda throws me off. Must leave a note for owner (lol). I will take a photo today.

People are getting into the Christmas spirit by putting up lights, decorating trees... lots of stuff. Time to put out my giant Xmas balls :-)

FOUR WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Can we say 'Christmas' now? I've always said Xmas but I don't care either way.

The grass is still green. No one has been in the lake. No one has been at the Outback tanning. I haven't seen anyone walking for a while... except the doggie walkers. It's quiet here...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Photos: Dirt/clay beside the road. It was put there to help stop the road from flooding this fall/winter/spring. In case you can't see the top of the dirt, I drew a line across the top in red. Not a very straight line :-) I printed 'Bridge' on the left side of one photo but it looks like the printing of a two year old. It's difficult to print with a mouse. (as aways, click photo for larger image.)

It snowed a bit today but the snow melted right away. Time to get your snow tires on. Holt garage (with appointment) will put them on for you while you wait for $40.

I saw a great looking HUGE blow up helicopter and airplane in front of S's place in Helios a few days ago but they are GONE! I guess he is waiting until it gets closer to Christmas to put up Christmas decorations. He had the HUGE Frankenstein in front of his house on Halloween.

A few of us have been walking around the park daily... trying to get more exercise. It's nice and quiet and we rarely run into anyone in the seasonal area.

The next park event is on December 3 - Euchre night starting at 7:30pm.

Now for a weird photo: the full moon a few nights ago... the left two are a normal camera shot with the moon reflecting in the lake. The right two are blowups of the left two moons. I spliced the photo together.

Photo: a sign near the river.

Photo: the pool is closed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Photo: Sandy was the female winner at the Halloween party! It's a body bag :-) Thanks Sandy for the photo. I can't post the other photo I received as I don't have permission to put it on the blog... but it is a good one too. The male winner at the Halloween Party - Goddess of Autumn.

It's getting colder... but no snow yet. I hear there may be snow tomorrow - brrrrr. Temperature is 40F / 4.5C at the moment.

Not much is going on here. There is nothing on the park social calendar for this weekend or next weekend. The next event is December 3, Euchre night.

There was a LOT of wind last night. No rain though.

It was a dreary day today with no sun.

It is dark now and it is only 5:30pm... ho hum.

Is anyone doing anything exciting this winter?

I need a tan...

Sunday, November 6, 2011


No snow yet... :-) Yeah!!!

Photo: Halloween bags blowing in the wind. Thanks Judy for the photo!

The clocks went back an hour last night which means... an extra hour of sleep for most of us.

The temperature at the moment is 46F / 8C. Not freezing yet although the frost is on the grass and trees in the early morning.

I saw the space shuttle go by a few night ago... it was very fast and very bright. Lots of stars.

Was there euchre last Saturday? Did anyone go? How was the turnout? Can you bring alcohol to those events? Not that I would EVER do that... I'm just curious ;-)

The big pile of dirt/clay is being moved from the back parking lot. It is being distributed along the south side of the driveway right before the bridge. Hopefully it will keep the flooding down even though we didn't have a problem last year with flooding. There was still a huge pile left after that was done so it is being consolidated into one pile.

The potholes were filled with gravel and they are still okay.

Is there still darts on Tuesday nights?

The signs are up around the lake stating that the ice is thin so don't go on it. The sign is up beside the creek stating it is fast flowing... although, at the moment, I don't know how a 6 inch deep creek could hurt you :-) The signs are a good thing as I still think there are a few people in this world who can't swim.

We are halfway to the defibrillator money goal (Royce said). I wonder where it will be located because it would be useless at the office for anyone who has a problem after hours. Interesting dilemma. If you leave it out someone will just steal it. (Oh please, don't give me that look... it is worth $1000.)

Thanks to all the people who picked up my small halloween bags and threw them on my lawn the past few days. Everytime I went outside, more bags. They are not expensive but finding them every year is fun. (not!) Now I can use this years, next year.

So, when do we start decorating for Xmas? Maybe I'll wait until Marc and Suzy start. They should get some sort of gold star for all their holiday decorations. Although I'm not sure about the sparkly Halloween underwear on the raindeer... heh heh.

The hot tub is getting a lot of use in the cold weather.

I think I'll make a path around the lake in the snow again this year. Exercise is good. Walk, walk, walk. Steve is wearing me out as he walks ... and walks... and then he walks half the dogs in the park. They like him.

I haven't seen any raccoons around... or skunks... or bunnies. Actually, I haven't seen many birds either.

My gardens are all snuggly under straw now.

6 months of winter, 4 months of bugs, 2 months of summer... sounds about right.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Winter has started... it is below freezing every night now. No snow yet... phew.

Photo: this is the photo of the American Coot that I promised you last week (read the previous post to find out about this bird).

The Heron is still here. I think the frogs have gone to sleep... what is left of them... so ... it's time for the Heron to LEAVE.

No one has been swimming in the lake this week.

I hear the Halloween party was a hit!! All the tables were full... what is that... around 60 people? Prizes were won by Adam and Eve (don't know their names), Kevin was the male winner and the person I talked to didn't say anything about the female winner... or maybe we got off track and I forgot to ask her... that could be it ;-)

Batman (aka Rowie) was trick or treating around Helios last night ... he had a LOT of stuff in his bag so I think he is going to be on a sugar high for a few weeks.

Most of the leaves are off of the trees now.

This Saturday from 7:30 - 11pm is Euchre night eleven in the clubhouse.

No other club activities this month.

Not sure if the water has been shut off at the back but they said it was going to be done yesterday so I'm going to assume it was done... plus the pool was supposed to be closed yesterday.

The mini-putt features (windmill, etc.) have all be put away for the winter.

It's sunny and 62F / 17C at the moment. Ooo, that is nice. Time to go for a walk.

To those of you involved, the book club meetings have been put on hold for a few weeks because some of the participants are out of the country. To those of you who have read the book... read the second one in the series :-) I've read all three in the series and I think I will start 'The Help'... as it seems to be very popular. Or maybe I'll just watch the movie... heh heh.

Most of the people on Beckett have closed their trailers for the season... I think there is only one couple left who are staying the winter.

Well... as Jimmy Buffet would say... it's 5 o'clock somewhere :-)) Wait... it is 5 o'clock HERE. Time for a break...