Thursday, October 27, 2011


IT SNOWED YESTERDAY... heh heh. No seriously, wet snow for a short period of time.

I know this as I'm trying to get my outside stuff done before it really snows and I was there at the time.

The temperature at the moment is 29.6F or MINUS 1.66C at 8pm.

Ho ho ho... that is a tad chilly.

Photo: American Coot. Now this is NOT a photo of the birds that were on the lake yesterday. I tried to get a picture but it was too far away. So... I goggle it and this is what they looked like. Thanks JL for telling me about them. Where was your camera? eh? eh? ;-)

Oh great. I just got this error: americancoot.jpg : This image could not be uploaded due to an internal error. Ho hum... I'll post it tomorrow.

The potholes are back... it's been raining every night. At least it isn't snow... yet.

I just got a newletter from Bare Oaks management. It said: "We've held out as long as we could but frost is now a possibility at night. So we will be shutting down the seasonal water (Beckett Circle) on Monday, October 31st.

If you have a trailer, this is also the time to winterize it otherwise you may experience damage. If you need someone to winterize your trailer, please contact the office for recommendations."

I think frost is a possibility TONIGHT :-)

I heard that someone was in this lake this week... that person is a tad crazy... but that is only my opinion.

This Saturday is the Halloween Pot Luck Dinner & Dance
When: 19:00 - 00:00
Tickets are $10/person and are available at the office.
Halloween Costume Judging at 7:00 PM
Dinner at 7:30 PM
Dance at 8:30 PM
Prizes for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple and all kids.
Door Prizes.

It's now 29.1F ... getting colder...

Another new trailer just moved into Beckett yesterday.

I haven't seen a lot of people around except for the daily walker who also walks most of the dogs in Helios. He likes to walk so why not take a dog with you...

Still won't upload an image... oh well.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This week has been cold and rainy. No snow yet.

Cold = 45F - 7C at night. It's 49F now.

Lots of people are winterizing their trailers and getting them pumped out.

Photo: just a reminder of how hot it was in June :-)

The potholes are better!! Someone filled them in.

I hear there is a good chance the water will stay on until the day after Halloween... UNLESS it gets really cold.

There is a GIANT Frankenstein in Helios... when I say giant I mean it is about 15 feet tall and full of air. Very cool. I will get a photo tomorrow.

The birds are back for the winter so it is time to put out the feeders... or in a week or two. I leave mine up all year which is how I noticed. Seeds were on sale a few weeks ago.

Rain, rain, rain, I'm getting tired of it.

I haven't seen many people out and about.

No activities planned for the park this weekend.

Oh and... time to get out the SNOW SHOVELS. heh heh.

Monday, October 17, 2011


It is very windy today but I don't see any trees or limbs down.

Photo: A purdy picture of the lake... thanks Judy!

The potholes are bad. No, seriously, they are really bad everywhere in the park. Since the speedbumps have been removed, the usual speed is around 40kph... ha ha ha. Perhaps driving that fast over the potholes is better for your car?

It's rainy today too... off and on...

The sunroom being built in Helios has the floor completed and the sides are half up. Hope it gets done before it snows. :-)

The lake is down about a foot and a half from the start of the summer and very cloudy.

I hear the water MAY be left on until after Halloween but if it gets cold, it will be turned off on Beckett. The bathhouse may be left on after that though... but I can't confirm it as no one knows.

Is it time to put snow tires on? The weather is getting ugly. I need a few more days of warmish weather to finish closing things down. Based on what I have seen driving around the park today... there are a LOT of people who need a few more days of warmish weather to finish shutting down their places.

If anyone wants any repairs done to their trailer this fall or their trailer cleaned on the outside or snow removal done this winter, let me know and I will pass the information on.

Not much going on here... lots of people are out walking though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Whoa... what a weekend!!! It was hot hot... for October. I missed it as I have spent FIFTY THREE hours painting the deck/lattice/whatever... around my place but it is DONE now :-)) 20 hours this weekend... and it was 110F on my deck. Phew.

Okay enough complaining... hope y'all had a great weekend!!

After 5 days of NO rain, it rained today. Not a problem though as the weekend was sooooo niceeeeee.

Thanks Bruce for the following updates (He got permission to print names).

The participants in the 3rd Annual HAM AND TURKEY PLUNGE were:

Henry & Diane, Andre & Elena, Sandy & Eric, Ursula, and Outback Bruce. ;-)

Too cold for me. Those people need therapy.

There were many others but only permissions were given for the names above.

Most participated all 3 days of the weekend. There was a lot of screaming upon entering the water which prompted many waterfront residents along Helios to come out and investigate in case someone was drowning. I watched... crazy people. No drownings were reported, just a lot of shrinkage. (Bruce's words heh heh). Lake temperature Friday was measured at 58 F. They used my thermometer said it must be broken because it read 66 F, 16 C. on Monday. Only Ursula thought it was warmer.

People are invited to participate in next year's 4th annual plunge. I'll watch.

Swimming pool was open, 70.5 F. (even 1/2 a degree counts these days).

Lots of people working on their campsites to close up for the winter. Complaints were heard about the noise from power tools (leaf blowers, chain saws, etc.).

Even though the office was officially closed Monday, Sherry came in on her day off to open the office just in case a few non-members wanted to enjoy the nice day.

Another photo journalist was sighted wandering the park Sunday(?), this time without park staff in attendance, looking for subjects for her project (Ryerson photo journalism student). Many were not happy about the intrusion on a holiday weekend. I saw her too but one of the members was accompanying her for an hour or two.

The potholes are better :-)

People played petanque all weekend. J and D spent time raking up the courts after the games were over.

Two new trailers have moved into Beckett Circle.

There is an addition being built in Helios... quite a project, a LOT of work.

Okay... now this is important!!! There are little tiny flies (black with yellow heads) now... and they BITE. Two of the women here are COVERED in big itchy lumps all over their bodies from those bugs. I had a LOT of problems with them on the first two days of painting but I turned on my OFF lantern and they disappeared. The bug spray and 'skin so soft' didn't work. Actually the lantern has a candle in it and it heats up the 'bug wick' at the top. It really works!

The outside of a lot of trailers were cleaned this weekend and they look GREAT. A lot of work though.

I keep forgetting to take pictures... hey Judy, take some pictures for me ;-)

I do have one... a reminder to clean out your birdfeeder often. This is after one week of being up... I guess we had ideal weather.

The lake has a lot of dark green blobs of algae floating in it now... the blobs look like baby turtles. The aerator and fountain have been taken out for the winter.

A few more lawn cuttings left until the snow flies.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well... today was around 85F / 30C. Very nice weather for October but it is 46F / 7C at the moment. That is quite a drop.

There are a LOT of potholes on the main road. Drive slowly or you may lose car parts. Grading was done today on some of the road but it is very hard to keep up as it rains a LOT here.

People were tanning at the beach today but I didn't see anyone swimming. Cowards :-D

After seeing coats and ski jackets most of the week... there were a lot of nude people walking around today.

Article about Bare Oaks: Nudity not optional for photographer at naturist camp in Canada... and a lovely photo of JL.

Photos: We get a lot of rainbows here but this one is really nice. Thanks Judy!

The pool is still open but it is on the coolish side.

Has anyone played mini-putt?

Two new trailers are moving in ... in the next few weeks.

Not many people at the back today but the Halloween decorations are starting to show up. There is a Halloween Dance and Potluck on October 29. Tickets are $10 per person and are available at the office. Halloween Costume Judging at 7:00 PM.(NOTE: the flyer says the judging is at 6:30pm). Dinner at 7:30 PM. Dance with DJ at 8:30 PM. Prizes for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple and all kids. Door Prizes.

Thanksgiving Potluck is on October 8th (Saturday) from 6pm to 8pm.

Monday October 10 is a HOLIDAY!!!

Newmarket Nature Bares Nude Swim is on October 15 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Swim is at the Aquacenter Pool on Stellar Drive in Newmarket. Please RSVP to Sandy at to attend. Everyone must have a completed registration form on file with NNBares and show a valid photo ID on their first visit.

I hear (and see) that there is a lot of construction / home improvements happening this month. I've got a few on the go myself.

I had to fix the insulation under my trailer and THANKS GUYS for all the help. :-))

Photo: Very constricting space.

Photo: Bruce, me and Ken. Nice gear eh?

Photo: the aerator and wildflowers. Thanks Phil for the photo!