Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Remember When Photo: remember this guy?? He was 'accidentally' broken about 4 years ago. Good... :-D He was given to the person/people with the 'tackiest' site. They had to display him for a few months. Then they just passed him around to... whoever or whomever. I had him once, I hung him upside down in one of my trees. I never got him again. Hah!

Not much going on... I would tell you the upcoming events but the Bare Oaks site seems to be down at the moment. Okay it is back up... the TENTH Euchre night is on Saturday... starts at 7:30pm... or 19:30 for all you military people.

Yesterday was fabulous!! Sunny and warm!! A lovely day for painting lattice. If you have a deck or lattice NEVER EVER PAINT IT. :-)

The gardens around the park have lots of colorful wildflowers in them now.

Remember When Photo: Ice rink on the front pond. We skated there a few winters...

Today it is/was around 74F / 23C. 'They' said it was going to rain but ... I haven't seen any.

There are fewer and fewer at the back these days (Beckett Circle). A lot of people are going south... or on vacation... or back to their homes for the winter.

The lake is cooling off but U. is still swimming. What a brave soul... or just crazy. ;-)

The potholes have been fixed... or most of them.

The frogs are gone, the Blue Heron is gone, the turtles are gone but there are LOTS of butterlies!!!

Note from Judy: Be careful of the "lazy" wasps and busy ants. They are aggressive even when you aren't bothering them. My little grand daughter was stung or bitten on the way across Strawberry Fields today (Sept. 24) and we didn't even see anything - except a yellow and black wooly caterpillar! It is possible she received the bite between her fingers while she was hanging over the bridge railing where I did see some ants.

I'd like to add that the wasps are becoming very annoying. Quite a few people have been stung in the past week. They just land on you and sting... without being provoked. Lots of nests around too.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Rain... lots... of... rain... send ark...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Wow, I can't believe it has been a week since I did the last blog. Thanks Frank for reminding me ;-) There isn't much to report... if anyone has any news, email me or post to the comments.

Photo: Fuzzy photo of two ladybugs on one of my milkweed plants ;-) I have a LOT of ladybugs on the plants as there are aphids on them. Look at the milkweeds closely when you walk by and you will see orangey-browney things on the stems. What a great snack for the ladybugs! It was very windy and the plant would not stay still.

COLD last night... 41F / 5C. Had to light the pilot of my furnace. In September... can you believe that? It is currently 72F / 22C... and has turned into a very nice day. Time to think about taking the tomatoes in. I brought all my inside plants in yesterday.

Not much news this week. There are only a few people in Beckett.

The next event is Euchre night number TEN, on Saturday, October 1.

The potholes are appearing again. Drive slowly.

Photo: black sky over the lake. That thingie in the foreground is my weather station... in case you are wondering. This was taken a few days ago... very bizarre weather and very windy.

We need to have at least FIVE people who have read the book: 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' before the book club meeting. So far, two of us have read it and another is (hopefully) reading it.

And on a final note... Frank cut his electric cord with his mower (snickering).

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hola people!

What a day!! It was sunny, not too hot, not humid, no insects, I like September weather. This weekend has been great with no rain.

As I don't have a photo today, I thought I would put one of my cartoons here. It's appropriate as there are a lot of big fish in the lake. Click for larger image.

Speaking about the lake... there have been two differnt sightings of leeches, one on a foot (or was it leg?) and one on a hand. They don't hurt you... they are just kinda slimey and icky. There's a lot of stuff in the lake, including swimmers. Brave souls... do they know how cold it is?

Thanks to Wendy and Kim for the 'thank you' party today! It was a lot of fun!!

Kim shovelled at least 5 tons of gravel around his lot in the past three days. That's wayyyy too much work. I watched him for a while ;-)

It's quiet around here these days... not many cars in Beckett Circle during the week.

This coming Tuesday the 13th, Darts in the New Forest Room downstairs... at 7pm organized by Sherri. Ooooo. I talked to a few people today who are going to be there.

The next door property, to the south, is for sale. It's a beautiful lot with lots of trees and trails, a huge clearing and approval to build a house. I think it is 40 or 50 acres. When it comes out on MLS, I'll post the link here. The owner reads this blog so if you post a comment, and IF he is around, he could probably answer you.

There is only one place for sale in Helios now.

Time to organize your winter holidays!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The temperature has dropped like a stone here. It is 72F / 22C at the moment but it was around 48F / 9C last night. Time to turn the heat on.

Photo: the beach being built/enlarged in 2008 and the gardens being built. Thanks Frank for the photo and click to enlarge.

Busy weekend here.

Saturday was the petanque tournament. I have no idea who won. It rained on and off but the pentanquers had the big gazebos so ... they didn't seem to mind the rain.

Illumination was on Saturday night and I heard it was fantastic. I was away most of the weekend so I have no idea who won that either :-)

Sunday was the chili cookoff and the guy who won it last year, won it again this year! Anyone have any details?

Monday was very quiet.

This coming Saturday is the ninth Euchre night from 7:30 to ... whenever. It is a big success with a lot of people playing. Nothing else is scheduled for this month.

There was a comment posted to the blog on Friday, August 19th.

It says:

Posted by: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park...
Please see:
for the facts behind "management's" decision to allow the filming.


I was hoping September would be warm.

So far I have three people for the book club. If you are interested, post here or email me. First book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. The only prerequiste for the club is... if you are coming to the meeting you MUST read the book first... this includes spouses or other halfs.

Cicero once said: "If you have a garden and a library... you have everything".

Friday, September 2, 2011


T.G.I.F !!!

It rained off and on today and when it wasn't raining it was REALLY HUMID.

The sand that was delivered for the Petanque tournament tomorrow has been wheelbarrowed to the two Petanque courts thanks to Stony and a bunch of guys. Great job!! They worked a bit in the rain...

(This is where I would have put the photo of the courts... if I had remembered to take one today) :-)

Trailers have been coming in all day.

The temperature is 74F / 23C. A very nice evening.

I heard a lot of yelling coming from the lake a little while ago (after dark) and checked... and realized that there were three KIDS in the lake. I don't know how you were brought up but who lets their kids play in the lake after dark ?? ... with NO parents in sight?? I didn't know if the yelling and screaming was someone in trouble or not. So... I watched for a while and then went back inside.

That is my rant for the week :-)

Photo: The peace sign in 2001. This garden is located right where you drive into Beckett Circle, where the road branches, right after the pumphouse. It is right at the branch, beside the farm equipment. Nice, eh? Thanks Frank for this photo.

Photo: The peace sign today. Can you see the peace sign? Not nice, eh?

Doing the gardens here is a full time job for one person and they have really been neglected. That said... thanks for all the work you have put into the gardens for the past many years Frank. (You might find one of your roses missing heh heh.)

Turtles have been spotting in the lake but I'm sure they are last years hatchlings as they are about 5 inches across.

Well... the walking club didn't get started this year as hardly anyone walks here so... does anyone read here? How does a monthly book club sound? The only pre-requisite is... you must read the whole book BEFORE the meeting. Anyone in?

How about a women's night this winter, like we did in the past? BUT, having it in a place where the men are not hanging around.

The pink bins are working out really well! If you have liquor bottles, beer bottles, etc... leave them in the pink bins that are scattered around the park. Royce and Farf (sp?) pick them up.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Raining today... rained last night too.

Temperature at the moment is 66F / 18C. Brrr.

The guys were transporting sand from Stony's lot (where it was dumped yesterday) to the petanque courts this morning... then it started to rain.

They were doing a great job... but I'll bet they decided to quit for a while when the thunder and lightning arrived :-)

The Happy Hour last night was fun and the elderberry pie/strudel? was DELICIOUS. Mmmmmm.

Photo: Heron on dock. Thanks Judy for the photos!

Photo: Heron getting into paddle boat. Okay it didn't actually get in but it looks like it did...

Photo: Frank's helper when he was doing the flowers. Frank said that his helper had all the design ideas. :-)

Not much going on today... or for the last few days.

Big weekend coming up with lots to do... see the last blog for information.