Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28

Whoa, it's been almost a week... someone should remind me to do the blog...

It has been hot and humid all week during the day. First thing in the morning it is around 70F / 21C... which is nice but then it gets a tad hot.

Wendy and Kim's trailer was moved into Helios yesterday. Started at 9am and finished at noon... then the utility hookups began. During the whole move process a few phones went down, hopefully that will be fixed soon.

So... the last lot in Helios has been occupied...

The water hasn't been off in Helios for a week now. I'm not sure about Beckett but every time I go by the tanks, they are full.

The FCN Festival is the second week in August, starting with the Hanlan's beach day on the 3rd. There are two buses and I don't think both of them are full yet, so, if you want to go to the beach, call the office and get your name on the list.

All of the serviced lots for the Festival have been taken but there are still quite a few unserviced lots available. Unserviced means no electricity or water.

The petanque ball holders were fixed this week. Outback Bruce and I repaired them on Tuesday by removing the rotten wood and putting in new pieces. I filled the holes on Tuesday then sanded and painted them yesterday. Here are the before and after photos.

Before, a blue one which was almost completely rotten:

After: the same blue one.

Before: a red one which had lost most of it's paint.

After: the same red one.

Nice eh? They came out well. Cost: $50. for paint and materials... donations accepted (grin).

One of the reasons they were rotting was due to the towel holder on the ends of them. When the towel(s) got wet, they draped across the wood on the ball holder. I put in two large sticks to hold the towels and hopefully the (white) paint will be dry on them by tomorrow. Old towels welcome as I don't have any.

It has rained quite a bit this week and the gardens are all looking a bit better... the lawns will take a while to recover though.

This coming Saturday is the Ribfest from 6pm - 8pm.
The meal includes ribs, corn on the cob, beans, salad, bread and dessert. Please bring your own plates and cutlery if possible - beverages will not be served so bring your own. Cost is $20 in advance or $25 at the event for adults. Advance tickets may be purchased at the front office from June 26th through July 21st. So... July 21 was last week so it will cost you $25. a person if you wish to go now.

People are still driving really fast on the roads, including the golf carts. It seems the cars race between the speed bumps too. :-)

The mini-golf/putt poll so far.
In favor of not charging to play: 15
In favor of charging to play: 0

Another question was... 'should the kids be charged?' (if there is a charge). Most of the people thought the kids should be charged as they would do the most damage and cause the repairs ... ha ha ha.

More poll results later.

A few people have approached me about Bruce's comment regarding people bringing cameras to the lake. If you see one, the phone is there, just call the office.

There have been a few thongs and bikinis in the lake this week. That was ended quickly.

One trailer in Helios sold a few weeks ago and there are still a few for sale.

I haven't heard the petanque horn all week... it usually goes off at 10am every morning. Why aren't people playing petanque? Eh?

Seems like we have had very few events all summer but if you look at August there is an event every weekend:

August 6: FCN Festival
August 13: Horseshoe tournament and Country and Western Hoedown
August 20: Bare Olympics
August 27: Volleyball weekend and Easter in August
September 3: Illumination night and Petanque tournament
September 4: Chili Cookoff

Busy. Very busy.

I think I have forgotten a few things so I will probably blog tomorrow.

Don't forget to read the comments at the end of the blogs... just click the 'comment' link and a window will pop up. For example, at the end of Wednesday July 20th, there are 9 comments from people who have read the blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hot again today. It rained yesterday for about 10 minutes. Whoa. The rain helped with the dust on the roads.

Photo: Two of us went for a walk on the trail beside the Bunny Trail today. There is a nice road leading to the back of the property.

Photo: Walking along the path to the back acres... quite a few trees have been felled. Hey, I want some firewood :-)

If you are walking along the North East side of the property, along the river... the vegetation ... and a lot of trees... have been cleared for quite a distance along the river bank. (Click for larger photo). Feel free to wander along the river bank at any time as that area belongs to the next door neighbor.

To all the petanque players... if you feel you need to wear something while playing petanque... for example, if you are sunburned, need to cover up due to doctor's orders, have your period or are cold... you should be aware that you may suddenly see an office staff magically show up and ask why you are wearing clothes. This has happened many times. Many of the people here would really like the person who is phoning the office to KNOCK IT OFF. :-) Yes, we know this is a nude park but sometimes there are reasons people wear t-shirts. (Note: the people who have asked me to post this in the blog were not as polite.)

I missed the Hump Day party tonight... as I forgot... sigh. I'm blaming the heat.

Did I mention it was HOT and HUMID today?

My thermometer on the front deck at around 11am said: 120F. I have NO idea what that is in Celcius but it is going to be hotter tomorrow.

I heard that a pump part/switch/something in the pumphouse in Beckett Circle was replaced last night and I don't think the water was off today... at least I didn't hear it was off.

I was out most of the day but, as far as I know, the water wasn't off in Helios either.

I went for a walk around 10pm tonight and there were many people swimming in the lake and about 10 people swimming in the pool. It is still hot out!

I don't think the mini-putt is up and running yet. I heard a rumor that there will be a charge to use it. The people and visitors of this park contributed around $5000. to $7000. towards the building of the mini-putt and I doubt anyone will want to PAY to use it after contributing so much. Does anyone know the exact figure of the contribution/donation?

Monday, July 18, 2011


Well... it is HOT here, humid and hot. Temperature was about 102F / more than 38C... my scale only goes to 100F :-)

The weekend was very busy here... lots of new members, lots of kids in the lake. Someone put a HUGE raft in the lake which held many people throughout the day. At one time I counted about 6 floaties in the lake.

I sat at the Outback for a while with Bruce under the umbrella and it was still too hot to sit there. He kept going in the lake and out of the lake and in the lake and out of the lake... exhausting. Well... it was exhausting to watch (grin).

Bruce said to mention that there were a lot of people at the beach this week WITH cameras. Not sure what the policy is now...

The plants around the park are suffering a bit due to the fact that it hasn't rained in weeks. Oh except for the 5 minutes of rain/hail at 5am this morning. I thought my roof was going to come down. I asked a few people about it and ... most people slept through it.

Photo: Wendy and Kim's lot is coming along nicely. It now has three loads of dirt on it...

The grass around the park is brown and crispy but the gardens at the Outback are doing well due to the fact that Bruce watered them for 8 (I think it was 8) hours the other day.

I hear it will be hot again tomorrow... and the next day. It is currently 71F / 21C outside... and it was 74F about 10 minutes ago. Time to open windows.

The water in Helios was off a few times on Sunday as it had to recover the tanks. I phoned the office and was told the Clubhouse water was off too. Okay, everyone who believes they turned off the Clubhouse water put up your hand... I don't see any hands. ;-)

The water in Beckett keeps going off due to a switch that keeps overheating... perhaps the pump is having a problem... as the tanks are full most of the time.

So... if you don't have water, go to the Clubhouse to shower as they will probably have water there. I saw a few carloads heading up there at about 8pm tonight from Beckett.

A reminder... if you take your dog to the beach, please have some shade and water for him/her/it. It is HOT out there and they have fur so they overheat quickly. Or maybe throw them in the lake every half hour :-)

There are snapping turtles in the lake. They won't bother you if you don't bother them. No one has been harmed by a turtle yet. In fact, not very many people have seen them. They don't like people. They also like the river and the ponds.

I hear some people were working on the mini-putt this Sunday. Pick the hottest day of the year to work in the blazing sun.

It's very dusty here... please drive slowly. This includes golf carts.

If anyone out there is whining about the heat... here are some photos of the park for you ... enjoy!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's been hot and not humid the last few days. There have been new people wandering around the park. Still not many people swimming in the lake.

Photo: the lake at 7am. Thanks Phil for the photo. Click for a larger image.

Nothing is on the Bare Oaks Events calendar for this weekend or next weekend. After that, on July 30th, is the 3rd Annual Ribfest.

The meal includes ribs, corn on the cob, beans, salad, bread and dessert. Please bring your own plates and cutlery if possible - beverages will not be served so bring your own.

Cost is $20 in advance or $25 at the event for adults. Price is $5.00 for kids and $10.00 for aged 12-16. Advance tickets may be purchased at the front office from June 26th through July 21st.

Photo: the lake at 7am. Kinda spooky. I bet the frogs like it.

The parking lot has about 20 cars in it each day and there are a lot of regulars sitting near the Outback. Visit with them, they like company. While you are there... feel free to water some plants :-)

Don't forget the Wednesday Hump Day Happy Hour. Next week it is at Kevin's and Maryanne's (sp?) place on Beckett Circle... I have no idea what lot it is but it is the lot on the other side of Peter across from Dean and Dorothy.

The lawns are crunchy to walk on as it hasn't rained in weeks. There has been NO problem with the water system in Helios but the Beckett water has been off a few times this past week. The tanks seem to be full so maybe it is a switch. If there is no water, you can knock on the door of any of the trailers with the green and white signs in front of them. :-)

Wendy and Kim's lot is coming along.

Photo: the trees are down, the brush is cleared and the first load of fill came in today.

The current temperature at midnight is 58F / 14C... that's a bit chilly.

I hear the petanque horn go every morning at around 10am. Wander up and play a game.

I have no idea what is happening with the mini-putt. I think I'll start a lottery as to when it will be finished :-)

On a final note... only 6 more weeks of summer left ... until the September long weekend ... ACK ACK.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer is here!!

Finally, it is hot out. Whew, and humid.

Today it was in the 90'sF / 32+C. At the moment it is 72F / 22C. You can actually go outside naked at night now. I know this as I just turned the sprinkler off. The lawn is nicely watered for the night.

Photo: This is a flower on Moose's parent's lot. I have no idea what it is although someone told me the name today :-)

Photo: closeup of flower, very very pretty. (click for larger image)

This has been a very eventful weekend. Well for me anyways.

The water leak in Helios was in front of MY place. This is how they found it.

Photo: At 9am Friday my walkway outside my place was a tad wet. The round whitish circle to the left of the post is a hole that I dug for my Wisteria. Behind is my driveway. When I dug the hole I went through the topsoil to sand... and the water just found a natural path out. It was pouring out.

Photo: the digging of the first hole begins. It was very hot Friday.

The digging of the second hole begins as they didn't find the leak there.

Well they didn't find the leak there so the digging of the THIRD hole begins. It was found beside the shutoff valve. This is the problem being repaired.

The second hole was filled and packed down today.

The first hole needed a valve box put in the ground in case anyone drove over the spot. The filling of the first hole, with the gravel, bricks, topsoil etc. took SIX HOURS today. Thanks to Larry aka Gummy for helping me :-))) It was very very hot out today.

This is the hole with the gravel, bricks and levelled box.

This is the finished box. It has a lid too.

Phew, what a day. I figure there are about 3 more hours of work left in order to do the topsoil, sod and level the bricks along the driveway. So ... 3 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday for two people, 3 hours on Monday... a total of 18 hours to repair the holes in the front. My back hurts :-)

Also thanks to Judy/JL/Herman for topsoil, Frank for bricks, Suzie and Marc for the sod, the park for the gravel, me for the valve box, Larry for the entertainment and ALL the people who stopped by to chat and watch. It was like a government job ... one or two people working and about four watching at any given time. ha ha ha.

I hope you liked my story about the leak.

On a final note. I made a comment in the last blog saying the gardens look great this year. I meant the site gardens, not the park gardens. The park gardens are being looked after by a few of us and are slowly coming along. Frank maintained the gardens for FOUR years before this year. This year he is too busy to do them as they consumed his weekends, which was his time off. I'll bet NO ONE has any idea how long it takes to do the gardening here. I can tell ya, it took me THREE DAYS to do the red mounds near the Outback. They still aren't finished. (Thanks to Bruce for watering them). The gardens are a lot of work so if you see Frank you may want to thank him for all the work he put into them year after year.

Oh, on another note, the pool was closed today due to a leak ... I think. It had to be drained (a bit?) and refilled so it is cold and the chemicals have to be stabilized. I didn't get the whole story as I was digging all day but that is close enough :-) It was closed, the reasons aren't important.

And the hot tub has lost a pump so I don't think that is working either.

But... WE NOW HAVE WATER!! Yeah!! As it was on my site, you can blame me for having no water if you want, I have a thick skin as most of you know ... ;-)

I wish all this nonsense would stop though as I really have to paint the outside of my place this year.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is turning out to be a very hot summer.

Temperature now is 66F / 19C. Today it was around 85F / 30C... and a tad humid. No rain in sight. It rained a bit for about half an hour yesterday.

Photo: In the front garden there are plants called: hen and chicks. I think the hen got away from the chicks in this photo. :-)

It's been busy here this week. Lots of new people. The back is fullish. A few people at the beach but not many in the lake.

There is a leak in the water system at Helios and they have been trying to find it this week. Due to the leak the water has been going off and on, off and on... all week, day and night. Thanks to Herman the outside water at Helios is now on so if you see us watering grass and plants... it is NOT from the Clubhouse water system or the Beckett Circle water system.

Photo: Near the door to the office is a roped off area. This area contains turtle eggs which will hatch in September.

There is yoga every Tuesday from 1pm to 2pm, Thursday from 8pm to 9pm, Saturday from 11:30am to 12:30 ... at the Outback.

Volleyball is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 3pm.

There doesn't appear to be any other events scheduled for this coming weekend.

Photo: a moth on a coreopsis...

Lots of socializing around the park these days...

Nancy is collecting the wine bottles / beer bottles now to pay for the supplies for the gardens. She will take them back to the store, get money and buy supplies. I forget her lot number... but if you go into Beckett Circle and keep going straight, it is the first lot on the left (just past the road that goes up the middle). There is a blue bin on the site where you can put the bottles. It is the lot with the gardens around the trees, last year there was a train track in the garden... I don't know if it is there this year or not.

So leave the bottles IN the bin, not all around the site. We need flowers so any donations would be appreciated. Too bad we didn't start this before the long weekend as there were a lot of bottles left behind...

The gardens are looking GREAT this year!!! :-)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Photos: There are fireworks photos in this blog... thanks Judy M.!! As aways, click photo for a bigger picture. They are very cool.

Wow, what a great weekend! It was sunny and HOT all weekend except for late Saturday night for about half an hour when it rained. Also, there was thunder and lightning. Very pretty show.

The volleyball started on Friday, lots of teams... and it ended Sunday around 4pm. I have no idea who won.

Lots of socializing on Friday night and bonfires.

There was also fireworks on Friday night which started at around 9:45 and lasted about 20 minutes.

On Saturday night there was a dance where all ticket sales would go towards the purchase of a defibrillator for the park. I hear just over $400. was raised. I think lots of people (like myself) bought a ticket just to support the purchase as I know there weren't 80 people at the dance... tickets were $5.00 each.

Also on Saturday night there was a euchre tournament with (I hear) 6 tables so that is 24 (or more) people who attended that event.

Plus a roast beef dinner on Saturday night which was well attended. Roast beef sandwiches were served on Sunday for lunch :-)

The pool was overflowing on Friday, not on Saturday, but I counted about 45 people in the pool area on Sunday afternoon... whoa. Busy.

The parking lots (front and back) were full all weekend.

The water was off and on most of the weekend, mostly off, in Beckett Circle and Helios Circle. No water all day Sunday in Helios. However the water was on at the clubhouse most of the weekend. There was a shower set up for the volleyballers which pumped water from the front pond so that conserved a bit of water.

There was a lake snorkeller today checking out the 'stuff' on the bottom. I wonder how clear the water is... better watch out a fishie or turtle doesn't nibble the wrong body parts. heh heh. I know you are reading this.

Bruce and Dennis cleaned the grass out of the beach last week and it was very busy on the beach this weekend. Not many people in the lake though, mostly just the kids.

Here is something to note... if you have young kids, DON'T leave them alone at the beach to swim and play. There was a 7 and 8 year old that were left at the beach ... who went swimming... with no supervision. I don't think the other people at the beach should be responsible for watching them. The office was informed but the parents never did show up. This is what I was told. I didn't see it but I did hear a few irate people talk about it who said... put it in the blog! So here it is. Also, I've noted people swimming alone. There are TWO big signs that say 'NO SWIMMING ALONE'. Perhaps we should have the signs translated into a few languages? ;-)

My thermometer at 8pm right now says it is 90F / 32C out. Still hot.

Lots of people walking and biking around the park. Not too many pink/red people this year. I have NO idea where they got their tan as it has been a really crappy spring.

A final note, the water is back on so... time for dinner.