Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Photo: pretty flowers - choreopsis (yellow daisies or tickseed). Bloom all summer!!

It gets cool at night but yesterday it was sunny and hot!! Okay, not HOT but warmish. I spent the afternoon gardening the red bumps over at the Outback. Thanks to Bruce and D. for taking the grass (or whatever it is) out of the beach. It is a longggggg process as the roots are about 8 inches long and it has to be done by hand and pitchfork.

I volunteered to look after the gardens at the Outback as they were... pretty bad. I can't believe the number of people who have thanked me for doing it this week. Thanks to all those people :-) Stop by and chat anytime, I won't put you to work.

One of the gardens is ready for mulch and the other one... still needs a lot of work but that should be done by the weekend. Please don't weed the garden as I am leaving a lot of the 'weeds' with flowering ends in that garden. Not that you would weed it but I'm just saying...

Thanks to DaveW for clearing room for me to walk around the garden.

Thanks to SuzieB for offering to pay for half of the mulch. I think Phil and Larry are going to 'volunteer' to pick it up heh heh.

Thanks to Frank for the bricks and extra flowers. Oh, wasn't I supposed to take that rose bush out of your garden?

If anyone wants to donate short flowers, just leave them there and I'll put them in. I'm taking some out of the front gardens too as they are a bit busy.

Photo: moths and butterflies like the flowers.

Volleyball is coming up this weekend and it will be VERY BUSY. The parking lot at the back has been roped off. The portapottys (sp?) delivered. The furniture in the Outback is being sorted around so people can use it. It's already been painted and is looking GOOD.

If you dump off your garbage, stand clear of the sliding door as there 'may' be a raccoon inside. Both Phil and Paul have run into them again. If you are short you may not be able to lift the lid of the recycle bin and put your recycle stuff in. It's over my head. As I am short I have solved the problem by pulling up close to the bin and standing on the floor of my golfcart :-) ha ha.

Lots of people seem to be on vacation this week as the beach is popular. Lots of kids here too.

Some of the old wood picnic tables at the back have been removed and the steel ones put in their place.

There is a NEW firepit being built at the Outback... made of bricks and concrete.

Hump Day Happy Hour is at Terry's near the Bush Bunny trail from 4:30 - 6:00 on Wednesday. Everyone welcome!

Carry on tanning!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Turtle !

This is a snapping turtle, I finally got a photo of one!!! It was on my front lawn beside my firepit at 7:30am trying to lay her eggs.

This is a closeup of the snapping turtle. Cool, eh? (click for bigger picture)

Do not try to pick them up as their head can reach their tails... and you may lose a digit :-) If you see one, it is probably trying to find a place to lay eggs so... she will be quite mad if you don't leave her alone. I know this as I pushed her down the hill back into the lake and she kept trying to bite the stick I was using. Strong jaws. She's fast, I'm faster :-))

She swam off... she couldn't get through the grass on the lawn so... a dog may have lost it's nose if curious.

Weather has been cool today around 65F / 18C. It rained off and on. Last night we had a LOT of rain. The grass is green again! Yeah! The lawns are a bit long but... they would be difficult to cut until they dry up a bit.

Tomorrow is Ports of Call... lots of people are cooking today! I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow ...

The outside water is still off in Helios, no idea why.

The aerator has been moved closer to the bay and the water is starting to clear up.

Hump Day Happy Hour is Wednesday between 4:30 and 6:00 ... everyone is welcome!

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rain rain and more rain... it rained a lot of today, mostly just spitting.

It was cool, then it got humid, then it rained and was cool again. This summer has not been nice when it comes to weather. It is 68F / 19C at the moment.

The lawns are looking a bit greener after the rains.

The black flies are AWFUL!!! Bad bad bad. My neck is a mass of bites... so I have been wearing a mesh bug hat. I get tired of the hat so just go inside. The deer flies are bad too... and the mosquitoes come out around dusk. I hear the horse flies are out about an hour north of here and they take chunks out of you and try to drag you away.

There aren't many dragon flies so if you see them, be nice to them as they eat deer flies. If one lands on you, keep still for a few minutes and you can watch him (or her) catch a deer fly in mid flight... ah... it is such a nice picture.

The bunnies are out and about but I hear the cats are NOT being kind to the bunnies. If you see a stray cat, feel free to scare it away... or maybe report it to the office as ALL animals are supposed to be leashed.

Not many people swimming this week. The weekend was very busy as it was hot.

The back circle was without water for a while on Sunday and Helio has been without outside water since Friday. The tanks are full today so I have NO idea why the water is off.

There is Happy Hour once a week on Wednesday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. This week was supposed to be at the Outback hosted by Bruce but... I didn't see any people at that time. We did walk around the Park at around 5:30 and there were a bunch of people at one of the sites on Beckett... so maybe it was moved?

I'll post the location of the next one as everyone is welcome. Bring your own beverages and munchies if you want munchies.

Last week it was at Moose's place with a lot of people... a great time was had by all.

Photo: a complete rainbow ... click to enlarge. It was dusk so is a bit difficult to see.

Photo: okay see that ripple in the middle? that is a turtle that just ducked under the water... :-) I have 6 shots of the turtle like that. Hey, I tried to get a shot of him but... he was not cooperating. So, you get a nice photo of the lake with waves.

Next Bare Oaks event is on June 25th - 1pm to 4:30pm.
Ports of Call Progressive Pot Luck Lunch
Description: Join us for our annual Ports of Call Luncheon and enjoy cuisine from Canada, Jamaica and Hawaii. If you were unable to join a group and prepare a dish, you are welcome to attend by purchasing a PASSPORT from the front office (available NOW) for $10.00 up to June 23, that is tomorrow. After June 23, you will only be able to purchase a passport prior to take-off in Canada from 1:00 - 1:30 on June 25 for $13.00.

The roads are still nicely graded so please drive slowly.

The mini-putt is nearly finished. I think it only has to be levelled and the carpeting put down.

That's it! If you want to know anything else, or want an update on anything, email me.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's been a great week!! A tad chilly at night but the days have been hot.

Photo: Daddy's little helper moving lumber. (Permission given to put this photo on the blog).

Lots of people up this weekend, the parking lot is full at the front with a lot of cars in the back parking lot.

The summer solstice party was excellent! We saluted the North, South, East and West... led by Kim. It started getting cold around midnight... but there were very few insects (mosquitoes).

The bugs have been really bad this year, black flies and deer flies. I haven't seen many mosquitoes but I hear they are out in full force too.

Photo: Evening primrose in bloom. This is a very pretty weed.

Next Bare Oaks event is on June 25th - 1pm to 4:30pm.
Ports of Call Progressive Pot Luck Lunch
Description: Join us for our annual Ports of Call Luncheon and enjoy cuisine from Canada, Jamaica and Hawaii. If you were unable to join a group and prepare a dish, you are welcome to attend by purchasing a PASSPORT from the front office (available by June 18) for $10.00 up to June 23. After June 23, you will only be able to purchase a passport prior to take-off in Canada from 1:00 - 1:30 on June 25 for $13.00.

It hasn't rained here for about a week and the lawns are looking a bit dry, however, they are still green.

Turtles have been laying their eggs all over the park so if you see one, don't touch her. There are spots near the outback, a roped off spot beside the front office door, spots on the beach, lots of spots.

The main roads have been graded!! There are very few potholes now... which makes driving easier. However there are a lot of people speeding between the speed bumps. SLOW DOWN. It hasn't rained and the dust is incredible. This includes golf carts. Yeah, I know, I'm not the cop of the park but the speed is 11KM. The only excuse for going over 11KM is... if your car is very old (say 1969) and it stalls under 20KM. (grin)

Photo: the lake is very quiet when the fountain and aerator are off between 6pm and 9pm every day.

I hear the pool is very warm and very nice. The mini-putt is coming along nicely. It is painted now and should be ready by... August ;-) Okay, a bit sarcastic but I think Stony is the only one working on it at the moment so... if you wish to help, ask him.

The volleyball weekend is coming up on the long weekend. June 30 to July 3. There is also volleyball from 2pm to 3pm EVERY Saturday and Sunday.

The petanque horn blew at 10am this morning (and yesterday morning). There are a lot of people playing petanque at that time so come on out when you hear the horn. It is two blasts of the airhorn.

If you are at the beach and are bored, there are a lot of weeds in the two gardens that need to be pulled out. Plus there is a lot of grassy weeds ON the beach that need to come out. They are on the right side as you FACE the water, with the Outback at your back.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Today is cold... well maybe not that cold but it is 66F / 18C. That's cold for me.

It was warm and humid this morning, then the bottom dropped out.

I heard that the gravel was arriving for the potholes today but it hasn't arrived so far.

It was cool all weekend... still only a few people have been in the lake.

For those of you who put your garbage out at night. When you open the garbage bin, stand to the side. Sherry has been emailed so there may be a sign on the bin soon. The following photo is what happened to Phil when he opened the bin ... a twenty pound raccoon landed on his chest, pivotted and ran away. The pivot was right on his chest as you can see by the long scratches. Sorry I missed it but S. (who was also there) could not stop laughing. :-)

Holes in the shirt:

Long scratches and bleeding:

He said it didn't hurt but if his face had been in that location, I bet it would have hurt...

So... not sure how you can prevent the raccoons from getting in the bins but... you might want to know that they DO get in.

Raining a bit now... where is the summer?

The flowers are doing well though... and the weeds.

The well at the back was rehabilitated last week and there is more flow. The outside water was turned on in Helios Circle Sunday evening.

Lots of people were up this weekend and despite the rain, there were BBQ's at the back on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure about the bonfires though as it was wayyyyy too cold for me.

The tadpoles are in the lake around the beach area and are soooooo cute :-)

No geese on the lake for a while now.

No events scheduled for this weekend but there are Yoga classes now... Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Check the BareOaks.ca website for details.

Volleyball from 2pm to 3pm every Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday there were about 10 people who played volleyball.

The people who are out and about today have pants and jackets on :-)

I leave you with a photo of a chicken that has just laid an egg...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today the temperature was in the 90'sF, low 30'sC. Phew. It was VERY humid too.

Around 7pm the sky got very dark, winds picked up and it rained for about an hour. The lightening storm was great to watch! Then it cleared up. It is still humid though but the temperature is now 67F / 20C.

Photos: a kingbird has taken up residence nearby. Thanks Judy for the photos! (As always, click photo to enlarge.)

The pool is nice and warm these days. The Bare Bistro is open during the day now so you can have lunch here, as well as dinner.

The mini-putt is coming along nicely. I hear that it will cost a loonie to play a round of golf. I thought we had raised enough money to pay for the mini-putt? ... so correct me if I'm wrong about that... no seriously, if anyone knows the details, let me know. I don't know of any naturist park that charges to use their facilities... including mini-putt, shuffleboard, petanque, volleyball courts, swimming pool, or hot tub. It is included in the day fees.

The water was supposed to be off in Beckett Circle for 24 hours starting at 8am this morning. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the park, it was not off but will be off at 8am tomorrow (Thursday) for 24 hours. They are doing a 'well rehabilitation'.

That means (according to Sherry) the people in Helios Circle will have outside water by the weekend! Yeah!

New posts have been put up to mark the camping/RV sites, and where they are located. Follow the signs to your site.

The lawns and flowers are looking good!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today was a GREAT day. Lots of people in the park... it was very busy. The parking lot was full but that was probably due to the FCN meeting today.

Temperature was around 85F / 30C. No breeze. No one was in the lake though...

Photo: welcome to the park!!

There are also a lot of pink people walking around tonight :-) Yes, you know who you are. I think taking a bath in aloe might be in order for some of you.

I carted (golf carted) around today and noticed that some of the gardens are looking great! Lots of flowers and color.

I hear the mini putt is being worked on ... I haven't seen it recently but I'll wander over in the next few days and get some photos.

The potholes are still there ... drive slow. I hear there is gravel coming in but that was last week's rumor.

I was told the euchre had 5 tables / 24+ people who attended and they were very loud. Loud is good!!! Parties are good! We need more parties / events here.

Photo: the woodpile is stocked for bonfires.

So summer is here!!! The deer flies are very annoying, the mosquitoes are out at dusk and the black flies are still biting!!! Insects are starting to annoy me.

The World Naked Bike Ride is in Toronto this weekend! (From the website) Date: Saturday 11 June 2011 Time: Gather at 12 noon for socializing, body painting, bike decorating etc. Bring food to share if you wish. Ride starts at 1 pm, following a route along several major streets in the downtown core. Location: It starts at Coronation Park (west of the foot of Bathurst Street; by the waterfront at the centre of the park).

Next Bare Oaks event is on June 25th - 1pm to 4:30pm.
Ports of Call Progressive Pot Luck Lunch
Description: Join us for our annual Ports of Call Luncheon and enjoy cuisine from Canada, Jamaica and Hawaii. If you were unable to join a group and prepare a dish, you are welcome to attend by purchasing a PASSPORT from the front office (available by June 18) for $10.00 up to June 23. After June 23, you will only be able to purchase a passport prior to take-off in Canada from 1:00 - 1:30 on June 25 for $13.00.

What is a progressive luncheon? This is a pot luck with a twist – there will be three ports situated around Beckett Circle, offering hors d’oeuvres, main course and desserts (at the Outback).

1:00 pm
Prior to Boarding your flight, you will be enticed with an array of tastes, scents and sounds from the finest chefs in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world: CANADA. Sample HORS D’OEUVRES and have the chance to meet your fellow travellers before boarding your flight to the next port for your main course.

2:15 pm
Your Captain will take you to the Caribbean Island of JAMAICA where you will indulge in the music, culture and culinary gifts that only this small island has to offer.

3:30 pm
You will be jetted from the Island of Jamaica to the Island of HAWAII to get leid and sample all the delicate desserts the Island has to offer If you would like to contribute a dish to the potluck, please contact Heather at potluck@bareoaks.ca or drop by lot 236 Foxy Haven to select the port you would like to join. Deadline June 18.

I hear it is going to be HOT this week...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, this is tonight at midnight... who knows what it will go down to...

My furnace has been shut off for the year... methinks that was a tad... stupid :-)


It has been HOT here for the past few days. There is a cold wind today and it is cooling down. At the moment my thermometer says it is 80F / 26C but with the windchill it is more like 50F / 10C.

Photo: two days ago.

No rain this week. People are using the lake now.

The potholes are still here and you MUST drive slowly. There have been reports that some cars are suffering damage from bouncing in and out of the holes.

It's been a busy week for me so I apologize for the lack of blog :-) I had to replace my water tank YET AGAIN as it started spewing water Monday night. If you recall the blog 9 months ago, I replaced it then. This is becoming expensive AND time consuming.

Beckett Circle had no water on Monday... the hottest day of the year. I don't know why there was no water but it looked like the tanks were full. Helios has had no outside water for weeks. No indication as to when it will be turned back on.

The brass thingies that you see at the end of your water spout are backflow preventers. Google it. (grin)

Just a reminder that the lake aerator and fountain are off EVERY NIGHT between 6pm and 9pm. It is very quiet so you can walk around the lake and listen to the birds and frogs.

The following photos are 'the felling of a rotten tree'.

The Tree...

Man up the tree (professionals were hired to fell this tree)...

The tree is topped and a notch is cut...

The tree is on it's way over...

The tree is down...

Cool eh?

This weekend's event:

All members welcome to a night of cards, snacks and friends
Co‑hosted by the Bare Bistro and Marc & Suzy B.
Euchre Night VI - June 4, 2011 8:00PM
In the Bare Bistro Dining Room. Come out for a night of cards, bring your own non‑alcoholic drinks and some snacks or appetizers to share, and have fun.

Oh, the most important event of the week!!

We had a white swan land in the lake!! Photo below (click to enlarge) but it is fuzzy as it was over near the dock. It left after a few hours. It is on the left of the photo. So graceful.