Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wow, windy today. Blew one of my chairs right across the lawn!!

The upside is... there are no bugs :-) Time to finish the gardening before the critters arrive.

Photo: the petanque courts need to be weeded. I did a small section, as you can see, but it is a LOT of work. If you are in the area, feel free to pull out some weeds. Wendy and Kim did the courts last year a number of times and it takes HOURS. It will take more than two people this year.

Photo: the Outback ... the weather is dreary looking these days.

I haven't seen anyone in the lake. I will find my thermometer and post the temperature. Cowards :-)

Moose and parents have been doing a FABULOUS job at keeping the geese out of the lake. I picked up a bunch of poo this week but there isn't much. It's very funny watching parent one flapping her arms like wings while running but it WORKS and the geese get very agitated. Goose One made it's first run a few days ago and drove right between the geese so... between all of us... they took off and didn't return. (Goose One is Phil's radio controlled jet boat which can make it halfway across the lake and has very good batteries.)

Get out and walk... you will feel a lot better :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I thought summer was here on the weekend but it is cool again.

58F / 14C at the moment.

It rained most of the night and this morning. Thunderstorms this morning too... cool. Ugly clouds but not windy.

Today's photos are from Wendy and Kim, taken in the Copeland Forest near where they live.

Photo: Waterfall from a beaver pond

This past weekend was weird. On Saturday the temperature rose to 80F / 27C. Sunny.

Sunday it was a tad cooler and very windy with a bit of sun off and on.

Monday it was not sunny and about 45-50F / 7 - 10C. Brrr.

Photo: Wild Leeks in Hardwood area

A few trailers moved into the camping area on the left, just past the bridge.

The raccoons are out on the prowl. I haven't seen any skunks yet. There are a few 'swimmers' in the lake at dusk. Could be a muskrat or beaver but it is not an otter... they have gone.

Photo: Round-Lobed Hepatica (white flowers). Wild Leek foilage and a single Trout Lily leaf - speckles on it.

Photo: Close-up of Round-Lobed Hepatica

Royal Wedding Breakfast is on Friday morning... read the Bare Oaks website for details.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Day

No snow in a few days now... phew. No rain either. It's been windy.

It went down to 19F / -7C last night. Now that is cold for April.

It would have been a nice day to sleep in and relax if a helicopter hadn't found it necessary to fly REALLY LOW over the park early this morning ... back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, a LEAST 20 times. It was only about 120 feet up. I could SEE right in the cockpit.

It looked like they were spraying as there was a sprayer mount attached at the bottom. Why on EARTH would anyone spray on a holiday.

It is currently 52F / 11C out. The sun is shining.

A few season trailers arrived for the weekend.

Photo: there was a full moon one night this week. This is a photo of it behind the trees. Cool, eh? (as always, click photo to enlarge photo)

Time to clean up your gardens!

The frogs have been very quiet this week. Probably because it is FREEZING out so they want back to the mud.

Lots of maintenance going on around here... the lawn chairs are all out (make a note of this Bruce ;-) )

The roads have been scaped down a bit so some of the potholes are better. They aren't gone but they are better.

All the roads are open.

The green stuff is beginning to peek out of the gardens so, despite the weather, things are growing!!

I have a greenhouse which is full of starter plants and the moonflower plants are now 3 inches high!! They were supposed to take TWO WEEKS to germinate but only took 4 days... ho hum. Time to re-pot.

Coming events:

Royal Wedding Breakfast April 29 05:00am - 12:00
That is FIVE AM... that's early. Info here:

April 30. Poker Tournament 13:00 - 17:00 Info here:

Have a nice weekend and don't eat too much chocolate!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Whoa... it is warm today, a balmy 46F / 8C. ;-)

Photo below: sigh, snow. It snowed last night but today the snow is gone.

Right now the sun it out and there is very little wind.

Photo below: the cover is off the pool, the frogs are out of the pool. This was a few days ago so I will post an update at the end of the week. There is a big heater for the pool but it still gets very cold at night so it would be a waste of propane to heat it now. Perhaps when it warms up a tad ... like... TWENTY degrees.

The frogs have gone back to bed (mud) for a while.

According to the latest official Bare Oaks Blog (

"Our water is drinkable!

Until now, we could not say that our water was safe for drinking. That's despite the fact that it was filtered, chlorinated, tested daily for adequate chlorine and pathogens. Since the Walkerton tragedy of E. Coli contamination in May 2000 that lead to 7 deaths and thousand of illnesses, the regulations for drinking water have become incredibly rigorous in Ontario. (some say excessively so)

But after several years of work and many thousands of dollars in expenses, we now meet the regulations! So rest assured that you can safely drink the water at Bare Oaks. Two wells supply water into our treatment and distribution equipment. The system is registered and inspected by the government and must meets very strict standards. The water is filtered, disinfected with UV light, chlorinated and tested daily for adequate chlorine. Further tests are conducted periodically, by an independent laboratory, to ensure the absence of a multitude of biological and chemical substances. The system was designed and certified by an engineer. Finally, it is operated and monitored by people who have been trained and accredited."

So... you can drink the water anywhere in the Park!

No progress on the mini-putt :-D Hey, I have my putters all ready to go...

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well... it is SNOWING at the moment... and has been snowing for an hour but the snow is melting as it hits the ground.

41F / 5C so you would think it would be raining. It rained quite a bit last night.

It's also very very windy out. Had to retrieve a few lawn chairs this morning.

Blog tidbit... I started this blog on Thursday, December 3, 2009. Wow, time flies.

Photo: the marsh beside the road coming into the park is full of wood frogs. You can hear them when it is sunny and warm. I haven't heard them in the past few days during my walks around the park.

Photo: the wood frogs quack like ducks.

The spring peepers are out too. They are little tiny light brown frogs. I picked a bunch of them out of the pool this past week.

In total my frog pool count was 26. They are now in the front pond.

The ice on the lake went out at 5pm on Friday April 9. No one has been in the lake yet that I know of. Cowards.

Thanks to P. and B. for the fire on Thursday night!! It's nice to get back into the summer activities.

The pool cover is OFF but the pool has not been filled. Photo of that next time. I don't want to overload the blog with photos today.

No activity on the mini-putt yet.

Time to start your indoor plants and put grass seed on your lawn.

The little circle at the back is still closed, I think. The big circle is open to vehicle traffic.

The next Bare Oaks event is the Royal Breakfast on April 29. "Come join us to watch the happy and momentous Royal Wedding festivities while enjoying a pot luck breakfast. Participants are expected to bring a food or non-alcoholic beverage contribution. Food items should be of a breakfast nature. Everyone interested will gather around 5:00 AM in the New Forest Room. Coffee will be on and we'll watch the event of the year on the big screen. If you choose to wear clothing, make it regal!"

If you look at the event online on the Bare Oaks event page you will see a google map photo of the New Forest Park... which is in England. Ignore that photo ha ha.

How many people here are awake at 5am? I'll be taping it.

I will leave you with a photo of the flowers that are coming up in Catherine's garden. I was going to do some gardening today but it is a tad chilly :-))

Monday, April 11, 2011


The photo speaks for itself :-)

Very warm today.

The frogs are back!!! The ones you hear quacking like a duck in the marshy areas beside the road are wood frogs. The whistling ones are spring peepers. We just came back from a walk and picked FIFTEEN frogs out of the pool. 5 peepers, 1 american toad, and 9 leopard frogs. There are more and I will get them later today.

Here is the list of Ontario frogs: Spring Peeper . Chorus Frog . Wood Frog . American Toad . Northern Leopard Frog . Tree Frog . Green Frog . Bullfrog... and a few other rarer frogs.

It rained a bit last night and it is very windy today.

There are two geese in the lake at the moment. Need to do a Moose run :-)

The lawn chairs and tables are being distributed around the park and the cover is off the pool. Ooooo. Tanning and swimming time.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday (Saturday) was FABULOUS up here.

At one point my outdoor thermometer registered 80F / 26C. Whooo.... hooo. SUMMER!!!

Lots of people wandering around nekkid. People walking through the park and others sitting at the back beside their trailers... in the sun. There were about 15 cars in the parking lot so... lots of day visitors. The roads are open except the little loop on the north east end.

This morning we had rain... and thunderstorms. The rain appears to have stopped at the moment and it is only 50F / 10C outside. :-( Not tanning weather.

The good news is... the ice is GONE from the lake so it's time to get out and start swimming!

While walking around the park I found a few groundhog mounds. This was about 10 days ago. Photo below. There is NO new evidence of groundhogs so they have probably moved on. I put my foot in the photo to show you how big the mounds are. You may have to enlarge photo.

The miniputt course (photo below) is still waiting to be built :-) Hopefully it will be finished this spring. I think the amount contributed by all the members was around $2,000. (is that right?) so... lets 'get er done'. If anyone has any information about it, feel free to post a message to this blog item.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Visitors to the Park

Lots of photos today. Sorry to all the people who have dialup. As always, to see a larger picture, just click on the small picture. You will want to enlarge some of these.

It was hovering on freezing this morning but has warmed up to 50F / 10C.

No snow the last few days or rain.

The ice is still on the lake, sort of, as you can see by the two photos below.

Photo below: a goose on the lake... between Moose walks. I was talking to Moose's parents and they say Moose scared away four geese so far today. Yeah!! There is a bit of goose poo between the lake and the pond so watch where you are walking. It's a tad fuzzy due to the telephoto.

Now for the exciting photos!!!

Woke up this morning and something was either dead or sleeping on the raft... I was hoping for the sleeping part. I quickly took a photo via telephoto so it is a tad fuzzy.

Then, after clapping and making a bit of noise... two things stood up.

Then they started walking around.

Aren't they the cutest things?

River otters... they are carnivorous and eat fish, small birds, muskrats and FROGS!!! Consider keeping your cats inside for a few days. They appear to be just passing through. If you see them, scare them away. I'm sure Moose will do a great job of scaring these guys too :-)

I'll leave you with another photo of two other visitors to the lake today. Taken with a telephoto and, again, a tad fuzzy. Sorry about the fuzzy stuff but... feel free to send me (small) photos if you have any.

A Mallard duck couple.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snowing today

Well... today it snowed for a while but it didn't stay on the ground.

Photo: A frog on the ice... it is a bit early for him.

It is a tad chillier today... 44F / 6.66C ... Oooo, the sign of the devil.

The road to the back is still closed. The photo below shows one muddy spot with a lot of ruts. That part of the road has already been repaired a bit too. I was going to blog last Friday morning that all the roads around the park were being PAVED... but I figured it would only take one person to NOT figure out that it was an April Fools joke... :-D I can't take credit for that idea either.

Did you see, and hear, the torrential rain we had last night??!! No? That's because there WASN'T any. Record rainfall... HAH! NOT!

Not much going on here... however, I have seen a few people sitting on their sunny decks getting naked tans.

No one has been in the lake yet. Cowards. There is about a foot of water around the perimeter.

Moose is doing a fabulous job at keeping the geese away from the lake. He has been given permission to chase them, off leash. (All other pets should be on a leash at all times as per the Licence of Occupation that you signed.)

There are a few places for sale in Helios Circle, some have been reduced in price.

Well, it's April 5 and it is still COLD OUT. Wasn't it warm in March last year? Ho hum.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Photo: The lake is melting...

It's been a week since the last blog... but now that it is SPRING... more people will be here and there may be more activities.

It's warm today... 60F / 15.5C. Whoa. Time to start cleaning up all the old growth in the gardens. Keep in mind that it will probably get cold again so NO planting until mid-May and, if you have fragile plants, leave the old growth on them for a few more weeks.

As far as I know the road is still closed to the back circle. I will post later today if it is open. Don't forget to read the 'comments' at the end of this message (if there are any).

The groundhogs or moles or voles disturbed, created piles of dirt on, a few lawns at the back a few weeks ago. They appear to have left as there hasn't been any more damage this week.

On March 31, Montparnasse was featured at the Theatre Passe Muraille. I hear there were 133 tickets sold and it was a hit!

Next event at Bare Oaks is: Euchre Night Four tonight at 19:30 or, for the non-military people out there, 7:30pm.

There is a Royal Wedding breakfast on April 29th at 5am. As the flyer is a graphic you will have to go to the flyer for details:

Volunteer day is on May 14th this year. From the website: "Non-members who volunteer will not be charged any day fees. (please register at the office) We really appreciate the multitude of people willing to give up their time to make Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park a better place. While there are many people volunteering all year, this is the day we set aside for a massive volunteer effort to get things ready for the season. There will be projects suitable for all abilities and levels of ambition. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all workers!"