Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Photo: it's winter again. It snowed last night. Ho hum.

The temperature dropped this week... it is currently 27F / -3C.

It snowed on and off all day with a bit of a wind.

Update on Saint Paddy's dinner and dance. There were about 17 people who attended and that is all I heard. If anyone has any comments, feel free to post them.

The road is still closed around the back circles. I have no idea when the road will reopen. The potholes were graded a bit coming into the park. It is a bit easier to navigate the road.

Photo: before the snow, the river overflowed it's banks in a few locations. This was taken on the north east side of the park. I think the river is down a bit today.

The next event is the FOURTH Euchre night on Saturday April 2.

Description: All members welcome to a night of cards, snacks and friends. Hosted by the Bare Bistro in the Bare Bistro Dining Room. Come out for a night of cards, bring your own non‑alcoholic drinks and some snacks or appetizers to share, and have fun.

Not much to report.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Photo: here is a different shot... bird through a wet window...

It was warm today!! ... and it is still 53F / 12C !

The snow is melting... spring is here!

Anyways, enough of that. :-)

The reason I'm posting this message is to tell you that the road is still closed around the back circles. You can drive to the parking lot but have to walk to your trailer. If it is open tomorrow or Saturday, I'll post another note here.

I just heard thunder. Haven't heard that in a long time.

It rained the past few nights which is a lot better than snow, eh?

St. Patricks day dinner and dance on Saturday night. 19:00pm. Come join us for an Irish Feast with corned beef brisket and cabbage, salads, breads and desserts. Cost is $25 per couple and $15 for singles.

Newmarket Nature Bares swim is on Saturday night too (6:30 - 8:30). If you are going to the swim and want to go to the dance afterwards... it is $5.00 for the dance for half of a couple... $10. for a couple. Based on the prices above, perhaps it is $7.50 for a single for the dance? Oh I am so confused... ;-D

Final note: when you read the blog, don't forget to read the COMMENTS at the END of each blog. For example, at the end of the blog: 'Wednesday, March 9, 2011', it says: 10 comments. Click the '10 comments' (which is a link) and a window will pop up and you will be able to read all 10 comments at once. You can't post a comment unless you log in though. Also you have to enable popups on your computer.

If you don't know how to enable popups on your computer... either email me with the name of your computer and operating system and I will tell you how to do it or... take your computer back to the store :-D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Groundhogs lie

Groundhogs are annoying. Usually they tell the truth. However, this year... not so much.

It is below freezing every night but, due to the time change, it is lighter later!! Yeah!!

So today I have photos. As always, click the small photo to see a bigger photo.

The spring thaw has started. These photos were taken yesterday, March 14.

Photo: the road to the back. It is very muddy due to the traffic. The road coming into the Park (no photo of that road) is very rutted (I bottomed out my car). Go slow... there are potholes and big ruts. It is very difficult to fix them now as it is muddy and the machinery would make more of a mess. I think in a day or two it will be much better. At least by the weekend.

Photo: the road is open back to the back parking lot. After that the road is CLOSED to vehicular traffic. If you come up you have to WALK to your place. This will save the road as it still has a few mud ruts from the last time it thawed. Quit whining, you need the exercise and it is not cold during the day. I will ask at the office if the road will be open on Friday for the party on Saturday.

Photo: the main bridge is NOT flooded, so far. If it floods, I will post here.

Photo: The bunny trail is a bit flooded but the 'backyards' of the places along the east side are NOT flooded. Good news as last year they were a tad underwater. If anyone who has a place there is reading this and wants a photo of their place, email me and I'll send it to you via email.

Photo: Stawberry Fields has less water than last year but you will still need high boots to get to the bridge, which is NOT underwater.

Sunny today and yesterday... no wind so ... you can ALMOST lay/lie out in the sun.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9

I hope everyone enjoyed pancake Tuesday yesterday :-) Carbs, sugar, carbs and sugar... yum. Oh, and probably a bit of fruit on the top. Fresh strawberries are here!! 2 pounds for $1.97. Can't beat that. Smoothies.

Today we have scenic photos of Wendy and Kim's walk last week through The Copeland Forest. They live right next door to it. It is about an hour north of Bare Oaks, I think. It is the beginning of spring!!! They also said: 'Had a wonderful ski today and Rogers TV was out to tape snowshoeing (Kim is in the tape) and cross country skiing (another guy is in the film).'

Wooo hooo, he will be famous eh? :-D

Update on the Euchre night: "We had about 20 players attend. Maybe a dozen or so for the dinner before. Some new faces, new members, rookie players too."

Hey, new members ... that's nice to hear.

Temperature is 39F / 4C at the moment. Not bad. The snow is not melting though. I'm tired of winter already... ho hum.

I checked the Bare Oaks Events calendar and there is a Bare Oaks Event on March 19: St. Patty's Dinner & Dance, 19:00 - 00:00. Description: Come join us for an Irish Feast with corned beef brisket and cabbage, salads, breads and desserts. Cost is $25 per couple and $15 for singles.

Whoa, nice discrimination against singles. Why would it cost less to feed each person in a couple then one person in a single? Or $2.50 more to feed a single. I thought everyone was equal here. So if a single person in the park knows another single person in the park ... can they go as a couple... even though they aren't a couple? heh heh. I don't think so. How about if only half of a couple shows up... do they only pay $12.50. That's my rant for the week. :-D Feel free to comment.

Last photo, a twig with snow on it. I will leave this to your imagination... (click photo for larger image)

So... tomorrow is my summer, March 10. However, when I look outside it is snowing AGAIN. Stop with the snow already!! What is the matter with that groundhog!!

I need chocolate...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow... and more snow...

Well... it snowed last night and it snowed a LOT.

Photo: It doesn't look like much snow but it is... (click for larger photo)

The temperature at the moment is 40F / 4C. Above freezing but it is not melting the snow. Well... it was that temperature when I started this blog but it is now 6 hours later and the temperature is 19F / -7C. Very nippy and slippery on the decks.

All the roads have been plowed.

It's no longer icy on the roads but it is a bit deep to go walking in any place other than the roads.

Photo: Moose and parents out for a walk... all bundled up.

I haven't heard about the Euchre night last night. Did anyone go and how was it?

Well I said it was going to be MY official summer on March 10... or this Thursday. I think we'd better have a bit less snow before that happens. However, if it melts... I'll be celebrating.

I have heard rumors that a few people are going to start going over to the exercise room and doing a bit of exercise. I've been thinking about doing that too as it is becoming very difficult to walk around the park due to snow, or ice, or cold. It's difficult to pick a time as most people work and can only do something on the weekends or in the evening...

The BOW Club will probably not start until the snow is gone. (BOW = Bare Oaks Walking) Club. Or it could be the BOM Club ... Bare Oaks Mosey Club. Mosey - walk or move in a leisurely manner. Ho ho, I think that is a better name. :-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1

It's been a week since I last posted a blog. Not much has happened in a week.

It snowed once ... it was sunny two days... still cold today. A few days ago the temperature hovered on freezing.

The temperature now is 29F / -2C. Brrr.

It is still wayyyyyyy too cold to lay out in the sun although the deck boxes at the side of my place were HOT today. The wind was a bit nippy (read=windchillof-10).

I haven't seen many people out and about but I DID see one set of cross country ski tracks 6 days ago. Whoa. Ambitious. You can't ski now as there is a thin layer of snow over a thick layer of ice.

Do NOT go on the lake or ponds. However, I hear they are still driving cars and trucks on Lake Simcoe.

The roads are very very slippery and covered with ice (I found this out tonight) so walking at night is NOT a good idea. Walking in the day is not a good idea either but at least you will be able to see where you are going to fall :-D Hey you have been warned.

No salt or sand are put on the roads for environmental reasons.

There have been a few people up for a hot tub and sauna.

Photo: This is from the... quit yur whining about the winter... category. The following photos were all taken in Lead, North Dakota, a few weeks ago. (Click photos for bigger pictures)

Cleaning off the front walkway.

Next Park event: March 5 ... this Saturday... Euchre Night 3 starting at 7:30.

Summer is in NINE DAYS. My summer starts on March 10. Hmmm... Most of the major snowstorms will be finished with... and you may be able to lie/lay out in the sun at least ONCE before the 10th so I am declaring it summer. HAH!

Thanks for the cookies Bruce they were delicious :-))

Photo: Oooo Oooo I want one of these, although if that cliff doesn't hold they may not find the body until spring. (No, he didn't get hurt.)

The roads are all plowed and open. There has been NO flooding so far this year, which may be a first.

The Blue Heron is back looking for frogs which will be difficult as the lake is still frozen solid (but unsafe to go on).

Photo: I cleared my roof off this winter... he should have started earlier.

Geese have been spotted but none have landed. Not sure how they are going to keep them off the lake this summer. I'll bet a border collie could herd them... :-)

Photo: I would NOT travel on this road.

Daylight savings time starts 11 days from now... LONGER DAYS !!!

As you can see there is not much news.

I'm thinking of starting a walking club in the spring / summer. Any takers? Email me.