Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

Photo (click to enlarge): 'Tis a dreary day today. The Outback and lake. On the right side of the photo is the raft, submerged in ice. There is only a few inches of snow left.

We had a thaw last week... temperatures went up to 56F / 13C. I think it was Thursday or Friday. DO NOT go on the lake as there was open water on it last week. It may look safe but it's not. There are signs beside the lake.

Was it ever WINDY on Friday night... whoa. I was outside for a while and could hear trees cracking near the clubhouse ... which probably means some of them fell. No trailers were damaged though.

As of yesterday most of the snow on the ground (not the big piles) had left us. Then it snowed last night. Ho hum. I'm tired of this.

I haven't heard from the Arizona people so I hope their weather is better than ours.

Lots of people were up visiting yesterday. We actually sat in the sun on the south side of my trailer and soaked in the rays. Summer is coming!!! Thanks to Bruce for the butter tarts!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Next Park event: March 5 - 19:30 - Euchre Night III
No other events scheduled in March.

Not much going on around the Park. Very few people are out walking ... except for D. and Nikki... who were just visiting. They are braving the cold. It is very cold at the moment 16F / -8C. I was going to go for a walk but I think I just changed my mind :-)

Hope y'all had a good Family Day. Personally, I would have preferred another long weekend in the summer.

Speaking of summer - 18 more days until SUMMER!!! (which is March 10). Start stocking up on your SPF lotion!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15

Well... it has been warm here (above freezing) for the past few days and then it got cold again, slightly below freezing. No snow for a while and the snow is melting off the roofs.

In case you didn't see Catherine's comment on the last blog entry... here is an update on the Valentine's Dinner and Dance (around 35 people attended): "It was a fantastic night, well run by Dean and Dot !! Cudo's The food was fantastic and plentiful, music was good, the members appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The ladies wore appropriate items, some staff were in attendance and just maybe were monitoring the enjoyment of the crowd. Just wondering out loud, how can you be ladies in red without wearing 'clothes' ????? just my question."

Maybe you can wear ribbons? or paint body parts? or red socks? :-)

I hear the rink on the front pond is not freezing well. I haven't seen it but I was sent an update in email. Doesn't sound like there will be a skating party this season but I'll post if I hear about one.

The next Euchre night is March 5 - 19:30 - 23:30.
The next park event after that is Euchre night IV on April 2.

Not many people around these days. I go out for a daily walk and the only people I run into are Moose and his parents. It's been a tad windy but the sun is shining today and there is NO wind. My thermometer says 35F / 2C.

Wendy and Kim spent a LOT of time this past weekend making a snowshoe path around the park. It goes wayyyy back on the Bunny Trail so if you are inclined to do some walking, check it out. They told me there is a well used deer path at the back of the Bunny Trail (far east end of the park). The trail also branches out around different areas in the park which makes it much easier to walk around.

As summer starts on March 10 (for me)... there are only 24 more days to put up with winter!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh. Get out your towels and suntan lotion!

Photos: Taken at the Horseshoe Condos. Thanks Wendy and Kim for the photos! (click for larger photo.)

Below: This girl (turkey) was walking along the sidewalk near the condo one morning. This is at the end closest to the wooded area.

Below: Jan: She seems to be quite tame. They usually travel in packs... I wonder where her pack is...

Below: We had a big dump of snow last night (Feb 09), about 20 cm. You'll notice the snow volume by the car in behind the turkey heading off. (Jan: I think the turkey is that big black blob in the snow on the right)

All in all this winter hasn't been too bad.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8

As always... click the tiny photos to see bigger images.

Photo: We've had a bit of snow... 14 inches on the tape and that has been mostly this past week.

Photo: The picnic tables look like big loaves of bread!! Thanks Judy for the photo.

Photo: Black Creek... frozen. I think this was taken from the bridge. Thanks Judy for the photo.

It's been a while since I've done the blog as... there hasn't been much to report.

Thanks to all the people who have emailed asking me to update the blog... now I know a lot of people read it... and yes I still have power so that is not the reason I haven't done the blog... ha ha ha.

As you can see from the photos above, it has been snowing here!! Nearly every day we have gotten a bit of snow.

Watch yourself driving into the park (past the bins) as the road is very slippery. As of last night, there was still a lot of snow on the road and it was getting very rutted. So, drive slowly.

I was sent an update on Euchre night: "The snow on Saturday did not deter the enthusiastic euchre players. There were 4 full tables (16 people) with 3 extras who filled in when some people left later in the evening. Judging by the boisterous chatter everyone had a great time."

The temperature hasn't been too bad... just below freezing... except for a few really cold nights. Only one trailer had frozen pipes but that was fixed quickly.

(waving to all the people who are in Florida at the moment) ho hum...

I think there are a few people going on the nude cruise starting on February 14. HAVE FUN!!

No one has made a snowman this year, no one is walking. Oh, except for Moose.

I guess the exercise room in the basement is busy ... heh heh.

If you have any other news or if you want me to report about anything, email me or leave a message attached to this blog.

This coming Saturday, February 12th is the Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance.
This year's theme is "Lady in Red". ( )

Start at 6:30 with social time and get caught up on all of the news. Dinner ordered from a local Chinese Restaurant will begin around 7:15PM with Dessert by DOT (aka Dorothy, not the Department Of Transport). :-D

Afterwards, dance your feet off with music provided by DJ DINO.

Tickets are $25.00 per couple, $15.00 single and are available in the office. Sale cutoff is 6PM on Friday, February 11th.

Around 30 days till summer... YEAH!! (that is March 10th for me).