Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow! Snow!

It finally snowed last night. About 6 inches. The roads have not been cleared as the plow is not working.

Here are a lot of photos. I hope you have high speed internet.

Photo: During the storm last night. As always, click for a larger image.

Photo: The same tree this morning.

Photo: Winter wonderland - the Outback.

Photo: During the storm last night, Santa was having a bit of trouble with his helicopter. We brushed him off and got him going again.

Photo: However, it looks like he crashed again last night. (Thanks Judy for the photo.)

Photo: Roof top Santa did not make it. He looks the same now. (Thanks Judy for the photo.)

These Santa's are air filled and puff up when there isn't a snow storm.

Photos of Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort (I think that is what it is called)... on the day before Christmas. (Thanks Wendy and Kim for the following photos).

HA HA... no snow... :-)

Photo: this is the downhill run... you can see them making snow (click to enlarge).

Photo: the top of the Tubing (tubeing?) part of the park.

Photo: the Tubing area. Oooo, I want to do that!!

Photo: there is also a Nordic section (cross country skiing plus snowshoeing).

Photo: a lovely tree.

Thursday, December 22, 2011



I hope everyone has finished their shopping. By 'everyone' I mean the women. The guys still have until Saturday night :-)

Photo: Spooky lake photo... it has been foggy here the past few days.

The roads are clear as there is NO SNOW here. Lovely. I like no snow.

o/~ I'm o/~ dreaming of a o/~ o/~ greennnnnn Christmas... o/~ o/~

(o/~ = musical note - in case you couldn't figure it out)

Photo: Baby Bambi! I think ... I'm not really sure what it is but it looks like a baby deer. Maybe it is a reindeer or a baby moose.

The office is closed on December 24, 25, 26. If you are a member with a key fob, you can still get into the clubhouse. If you aren't then I suggest you join so that you can get a key fob and get into the clubhouse :-)

The lake keeps freezing and thawing as we have had great weather!! It is currently 34F / 1C.

I found a calendar from 2008 and it snowed on November 15 for TEN STRAIGHT DAYS. Wow, that must have been an ugly winter although I really don't remember it. I'm still wearing my fall jacket and runners.

I hear it is in the 80's F in Florida.

I walk around the park often and there was no one (no cars) at the back (Beckett) yesterday. It was very quiet with just the birds singing. It was muddy though and the road was slippery (ice) as there is no salt/sand used on the roads.

The potholes are full of ice so they are a bit better.

No park events planned during the next few weeks.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well... it's been a while since the last blog... I've been waiting for something to happen here ;-)

Anyways... it seems Dave and Judy are now in a snow belt (snickering).

Here are a few photos:

Ha ha ha.

Here is Maggs with her new booties! Not that you can see her with all the snow on her face.

We have about an inch of snow here... not much. The driveways are clear and there is packed snow/ice in the potholes so it is easier to drive down the driveways.

The only coming event is this coming Saturday the 10th, 17th and January 7.
Non-competitive Afternoon of Darts.
Come join us for a non-competitive afternoon of darts. Everyone welcome regardless of playing skill. No cost to play, bring snacks if you wish. Time: 14:00 - 16:00.

There is no Christmas party or New Years party that I know of... I just checked the Bare Oaks Events Calendar. (

The lake is beginning to freeze, it is making a weird sound... it sounds like high pitched singing. Perhaps it is the fish screaming :-) The ice is about 1/4 inch thick so do NOT go on it. Not that you would ... or could.

It was cold last night - 20F or -6C. It is now 28F / -2C. Brrr. Plus it is a bit windy.

Here is a photo (with permissions to post) of people skating on the front pond in 2004. Whoa, SEVEN years ago. Maybe this year we can clear it for a rink... if anyone feels ambitious. That day we had about 20 people on the pond with cider and hot chocolate!!

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift... buy a Nudie Toons Cartoon book at the clubhouse or email me and I'll leave one at the office for you or... buy one on the website 'Naked Laughter' ( Also available in ebooks for Barnes and Noble Nook Reader and Amazon's Kindle Reader. If ordered online now you will probably get it by Christmas.

I put Christmas snowflakes on my outside trees a week or two ago and they keep blowing off. Thanks Judy for picking them up ha ha ha. I would tie them all down but this is much more fun and it gives me something to do while walking the cat.

I'll post some Christmas lights photos if I get permission.

Lots of people have left in search of warmer climes... ho hum. Blah. Send me photos of the sun.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jingle Bells !!!

Well... it snowed last night.

Photo: we had a few inches but a lot of it has melted as it is sunny today.

Brrr... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I don't like snow.

The birds are back though...

Photo: birdfeeder and chickadee-dee-dee.

It's 48F / 9C at the moment which is pretty good for December.

It's not snowing or raining...

The road into the park is very potholey... keep your mouth open while driving in or you might chip a tooth :-) It was fine a few days ago but we had a LOT or rain in the past few days which is probably why it needs to be levelled.

There are a lot of flooded farmers fields in the area which the birds are enjoying.

Lots of Christmas lights are out now... around Helios. I guess I should say 'holiday' lights or 'seasonal' lights. Nah, I like Christmas or Xmas so I guess I will be politically incorrect this season. :-)

There are no seasonal people around the back circle... everyone has left for the winter except one brave couple.

Coming park events... this coming Saturday.

Non-competitive Afternoon of Darts
14:00 - 16:00
Description: Come join us for a non-competitive afternoon of darts. Everyone welcome regardless of playing skill. No cost to play, bring snacks if you wish.

Actually the calendar says there will be darts on December 10 and 17 also.

Euchre night
19:30 - 23:00
Description: The Bare Bistro, along with Marc & Suzy B., will be hosting a Euchre Night following dinner. Please bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone welcome.

If you are going south this year, let me know and send me photos and I will post them here. Posting photos of a nice warm climate would be a nice change.

Time to put up my tree... and decorate the outside of the trailer.

Ho... ho... ho...

Hmmm, I wonder where my decorations are...

Thursday, November 24, 2011



Happy happy :-)

Photo: Bare Oaks Sunset from 2008. Very nice. Sorry I don't remember who sent it to me ... feel free to tell me... and THANKS. Click photo for larger image.

You should have your site fee invoice(s) by now (or soon). Last year the fees did not go up due to the HST cost. This year the fees have gone up by 5%. HOWEVER, you can avoid the increase if you take advantage of the early payment discounts.

If you pay by December 16, 2011, you can take a discount of 5 percent.
If you pay by February 1, 2012, you can take a discount of 2 percent.

Payments are due by April 1, 2012.

I am looking out my window at a 6 foot by 10 foot red Santa helicopter, with spinning propellers. Very cool. There is also an airplane on the roof with a similar sized air compressed santa vehicle... however, one of the propellers is not spinning. It kinda throws me off. Must leave a note for owner (lol). I will take a photo today.

People are getting into the Christmas spirit by putting up lights, decorating trees... lots of stuff. Time to put out my giant Xmas balls :-)

FOUR WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Can we say 'Christmas' now? I've always said Xmas but I don't care either way.

The grass is still green. No one has been in the lake. No one has been at the Outback tanning. I haven't seen anyone walking for a while... except the doggie walkers. It's quiet here...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Photos: Dirt/clay beside the road. It was put there to help stop the road from flooding this fall/winter/spring. In case you can't see the top of the dirt, I drew a line across the top in red. Not a very straight line :-) I printed 'Bridge' on the left side of one photo but it looks like the printing of a two year old. It's difficult to print with a mouse. (as aways, click photo for larger image.)

It snowed a bit today but the snow melted right away. Time to get your snow tires on. Holt garage (with appointment) will put them on for you while you wait for $40.

I saw a great looking HUGE blow up helicopter and airplane in front of S's place in Helios a few days ago but they are GONE! I guess he is waiting until it gets closer to Christmas to put up Christmas decorations. He had the HUGE Frankenstein in front of his house on Halloween.

A few of us have been walking around the park daily... trying to get more exercise. It's nice and quiet and we rarely run into anyone in the seasonal area.

The next park event is on December 3 - Euchre night starting at 7:30pm.

Now for a weird photo: the full moon a few nights ago... the left two are a normal camera shot with the moon reflecting in the lake. The right two are blowups of the left two moons. I spliced the photo together.

Photo: a sign near the river.

Photo: the pool is closed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Photo: Sandy was the female winner at the Halloween party! It's a body bag :-) Thanks Sandy for the photo. I can't post the other photo I received as I don't have permission to put it on the blog... but it is a good one too. The male winner at the Halloween Party - Goddess of Autumn.

It's getting colder... but no snow yet. I hear there may be snow tomorrow - brrrrr. Temperature is 40F / 4.5C at the moment.

Not much is going on here. There is nothing on the park social calendar for this weekend or next weekend. The next event is December 3, Euchre night.

There was a LOT of wind last night. No rain though.

It was a dreary day today with no sun.

It is dark now and it is only 5:30pm... ho hum.

Is anyone doing anything exciting this winter?

I need a tan...

Sunday, November 6, 2011


No snow yet... :-) Yeah!!!

Photo: Halloween bags blowing in the wind. Thanks Judy for the photo!

The clocks went back an hour last night which means... an extra hour of sleep for most of us.

The temperature at the moment is 46F / 8C. Not freezing yet although the frost is on the grass and trees in the early morning.

I saw the space shuttle go by a few night ago... it was very fast and very bright. Lots of stars.

Was there euchre last Saturday? Did anyone go? How was the turnout? Can you bring alcohol to those events? Not that I would EVER do that... I'm just curious ;-)

The big pile of dirt/clay is being moved from the back parking lot. It is being distributed along the south side of the driveway right before the bridge. Hopefully it will keep the flooding down even though we didn't have a problem last year with flooding. There was still a huge pile left after that was done so it is being consolidated into one pile.

The potholes were filled with gravel and they are still okay.

Is there still darts on Tuesday nights?

The signs are up around the lake stating that the ice is thin so don't go on it. The sign is up beside the creek stating it is fast flowing... although, at the moment, I don't know how a 6 inch deep creek could hurt you :-) The signs are a good thing as I still think there are a few people in this world who can't swim.

We are halfway to the defibrillator money goal (Royce said). I wonder where it will be located because it would be useless at the office for anyone who has a problem after hours. Interesting dilemma. If you leave it out someone will just steal it. (Oh please, don't give me that look... it is worth $1000.)

Thanks to all the people who picked up my small halloween bags and threw them on my lawn the past few days. Everytime I went outside, more bags. They are not expensive but finding them every year is fun. (not!) Now I can use this years, next year.

So, when do we start decorating for Xmas? Maybe I'll wait until Marc and Suzy start. They should get some sort of gold star for all their holiday decorations. Although I'm not sure about the sparkly Halloween underwear on the raindeer... heh heh.

The hot tub is getting a lot of use in the cold weather.

I think I'll make a path around the lake in the snow again this year. Exercise is good. Walk, walk, walk. Steve is wearing me out as he walks ... and walks... and then he walks half the dogs in the park. They like him.

I haven't seen any raccoons around... or skunks... or bunnies. Actually, I haven't seen many birds either.

My gardens are all snuggly under straw now.

6 months of winter, 4 months of bugs, 2 months of summer... sounds about right.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Winter has started... it is below freezing every night now. No snow yet... phew.

Photo: this is the photo of the American Coot that I promised you last week (read the previous post to find out about this bird).

The Heron is still here. I think the frogs have gone to sleep... what is left of them... so ... it's time for the Heron to LEAVE.

No one has been swimming in the lake this week.

I hear the Halloween party was a hit!! All the tables were full... what is that... around 60 people? Prizes were won by Adam and Eve (don't know their names), Kevin was the male winner and the person I talked to didn't say anything about the female winner... or maybe we got off track and I forgot to ask her... that could be it ;-)

Batman (aka Rowie) was trick or treating around Helios last night ... he had a LOT of stuff in his bag so I think he is going to be on a sugar high for a few weeks.

Most of the leaves are off of the trees now.

This Saturday from 7:30 - 11pm is Euchre night eleven in the clubhouse.

No other club activities this month.

Not sure if the water has been shut off at the back but they said it was going to be done yesterday so I'm going to assume it was done... plus the pool was supposed to be closed yesterday.

The mini-putt features (windmill, etc.) have all be put away for the winter.

It's sunny and 62F / 17C at the moment. Ooo, that is nice. Time to go for a walk.

To those of you involved, the book club meetings have been put on hold for a few weeks because some of the participants are out of the country. To those of you who have read the book... read the second one in the series :-) I've read all three in the series and I think I will start 'The Help'... as it seems to be very popular. Or maybe I'll just watch the movie... heh heh.

Most of the people on Beckett have closed their trailers for the season... I think there is only one couple left who are staying the winter.

Well... as Jimmy Buffet would say... it's 5 o'clock somewhere :-)) Wait... it is 5 o'clock HERE. Time for a break...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


IT SNOWED YESTERDAY... heh heh. No seriously, wet snow for a short period of time.

I know this as I'm trying to get my outside stuff done before it really snows and I was there at the time.

The temperature at the moment is 29.6F or MINUS 1.66C at 8pm.

Ho ho ho... that is a tad chilly.

Photo: American Coot. Now this is NOT a photo of the birds that were on the lake yesterday. I tried to get a picture but it was too far away. So... I goggle it and this is what they looked like. Thanks JL for telling me about them. Where was your camera? eh? eh? ;-)

Oh great. I just got this error: americancoot.jpg : This image could not be uploaded due to an internal error. Ho hum... I'll post it tomorrow.

The potholes are back... it's been raining every night. At least it isn't snow... yet.

I just got a newletter from Bare Oaks management. It said: "We've held out as long as we could but frost is now a possibility at night. So we will be shutting down the seasonal water (Beckett Circle) on Monday, October 31st.

If you have a trailer, this is also the time to winterize it otherwise you may experience damage. If you need someone to winterize your trailer, please contact the office for recommendations."

I think frost is a possibility TONIGHT :-)

I heard that someone was in this lake this week... that person is a tad crazy... but that is only my opinion.

This Saturday is the Halloween Pot Luck Dinner & Dance
When: 19:00 - 00:00
Tickets are $10/person and are available at the office.
Halloween Costume Judging at 7:00 PM
Dinner at 7:30 PM
Dance at 8:30 PM
Prizes for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple and all kids.
Door Prizes.

It's now 29.1F ... getting colder...

Another new trailer just moved into Beckett yesterday.

I haven't seen a lot of people around except for the daily walker who also walks most of the dogs in Helios. He likes to walk so why not take a dog with you...

Still won't upload an image... oh well.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This week has been cold and rainy. No snow yet.

Cold = 45F - 7C at night. It's 49F now.

Lots of people are winterizing their trailers and getting them pumped out.

Photo: just a reminder of how hot it was in June :-)

The potholes are better!! Someone filled them in.

I hear there is a good chance the water will stay on until the day after Halloween... UNLESS it gets really cold.

There is a GIANT Frankenstein in Helios... when I say giant I mean it is about 15 feet tall and full of air. Very cool. I will get a photo tomorrow.

The birds are back for the winter so it is time to put out the feeders... or in a week or two. I leave mine up all year which is how I noticed. Seeds were on sale a few weeks ago.

Rain, rain, rain, I'm getting tired of it.

I haven't seen many people out and about.

No activities planned for the park this weekend.

Oh and... time to get out the SNOW SHOVELS. heh heh.

Monday, October 17, 2011


It is very windy today but I don't see any trees or limbs down.

Photo: A purdy picture of the lake... thanks Judy!

The potholes are bad. No, seriously, they are really bad everywhere in the park. Since the speedbumps have been removed, the usual speed is around 40kph... ha ha ha. Perhaps driving that fast over the potholes is better for your car?

It's rainy today too... off and on...

The sunroom being built in Helios has the floor completed and the sides are half up. Hope it gets done before it snows. :-)

The lake is down about a foot and a half from the start of the summer and very cloudy.

I hear the water MAY be left on until after Halloween but if it gets cold, it will be turned off on Beckett. The bathhouse may be left on after that though... but I can't confirm it as no one knows.

Is it time to put snow tires on? The weather is getting ugly. I need a few more days of warmish weather to finish closing things down. Based on what I have seen driving around the park today... there are a LOT of people who need a few more days of warmish weather to finish shutting down their places.

If anyone wants any repairs done to their trailer this fall or their trailer cleaned on the outside or snow removal done this winter, let me know and I will pass the information on.

Not much going on here... lots of people are out walking though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Whoa... what a weekend!!! It was hot hot... for October. I missed it as I have spent FIFTY THREE hours painting the deck/lattice/whatever... around my place but it is DONE now :-)) 20 hours this weekend... and it was 110F on my deck. Phew.

Okay enough complaining... hope y'all had a great weekend!!

After 5 days of NO rain, it rained today. Not a problem though as the weekend was sooooo niceeeeee.

Thanks Bruce for the following updates (He got permission to print names).

The participants in the 3rd Annual HAM AND TURKEY PLUNGE were:

Henry & Diane, Andre & Elena, Sandy & Eric, Ursula, and Outback Bruce. ;-)

Too cold for me. Those people need therapy.

There were many others but only permissions were given for the names above.

Most participated all 3 days of the weekend. There was a lot of screaming upon entering the water which prompted many waterfront residents along Helios to come out and investigate in case someone was drowning. I watched... crazy people. No drownings were reported, just a lot of shrinkage. (Bruce's words heh heh). Lake temperature Friday was measured at 58 F. They used my thermometer said it must be broken because it read 66 F, 16 C. on Monday. Only Ursula thought it was warmer.

People are invited to participate in next year's 4th annual plunge. I'll watch.

Swimming pool was open, 70.5 F. (even 1/2 a degree counts these days).

Lots of people working on their campsites to close up for the winter. Complaints were heard about the noise from power tools (leaf blowers, chain saws, etc.).

Even though the office was officially closed Monday, Sherry came in on her day off to open the office just in case a few non-members wanted to enjoy the nice day.

Another photo journalist was sighted wandering the park Sunday(?), this time without park staff in attendance, looking for subjects for her project (Ryerson photo journalism student). Many were not happy about the intrusion on a holiday weekend. I saw her too but one of the members was accompanying her for an hour or two.

The potholes are better :-)

People played petanque all weekend. J and D spent time raking up the courts after the games were over.

Two new trailers have moved into Beckett Circle.

There is an addition being built in Helios... quite a project, a LOT of work.

Okay... now this is important!!! There are little tiny flies (black with yellow heads) now... and they BITE. Two of the women here are COVERED in big itchy lumps all over their bodies from those bugs. I had a LOT of problems with them on the first two days of painting but I turned on my OFF lantern and they disappeared. The bug spray and 'skin so soft' didn't work. Actually the lantern has a candle in it and it heats up the 'bug wick' at the top. It really works!

The outside of a lot of trailers were cleaned this weekend and they look GREAT. A lot of work though.

I keep forgetting to take pictures... hey Judy, take some pictures for me ;-)

I do have one... a reminder to clean out your birdfeeder often. This is after one week of being up... I guess we had ideal weather.

The lake has a lot of dark green blobs of algae floating in it now... the blobs look like baby turtles. The aerator and fountain have been taken out for the winter.

A few more lawn cuttings left until the snow flies.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well... today was around 85F / 30C. Very nice weather for October but it is 46F / 7C at the moment. That is quite a drop.

There are a LOT of potholes on the main road. Drive slowly or you may lose car parts. Grading was done today on some of the road but it is very hard to keep up as it rains a LOT here.

People were tanning at the beach today but I didn't see anyone swimming. Cowards :-D

After seeing coats and ski jackets most of the week... there were a lot of nude people walking around today.

Article about Bare Oaks: Nudity not optional for photographer at naturist camp in Canada... and a lovely photo of JL.

Photos: We get a lot of rainbows here but this one is really nice. Thanks Judy!

The pool is still open but it is on the coolish side.

Has anyone played mini-putt?

Two new trailers are moving in ... in the next few weeks.

Not many people at the back today but the Halloween decorations are starting to show up. There is a Halloween Dance and Potluck on October 29. Tickets are $10 per person and are available at the office. Halloween Costume Judging at 7:00 PM.(NOTE: the flyer says the judging is at 6:30pm). Dinner at 7:30 PM. Dance with DJ at 8:30 PM. Prizes for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple and all kids. Door Prizes.

Thanksgiving Potluck is on October 8th (Saturday) from 6pm to 8pm.

Monday October 10 is a HOLIDAY!!!

Newmarket Nature Bares Nude Swim is on October 15 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Swim is at the Aquacenter Pool on Stellar Drive in Newmarket. Please RSVP to Sandy at to attend. Everyone must have a completed registration form on file with NNBares and show a valid photo ID on their first visit.

I hear (and see) that there is a lot of construction / home improvements happening this month. I've got a few on the go myself.

I had to fix the insulation under my trailer and THANKS GUYS for all the help. :-))

Photo: Very constricting space.

Photo: Bruce, me and Ken. Nice gear eh?

Photo: the aerator and wildflowers. Thanks Phil for the photo!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Remember When Photo: remember this guy?? He was 'accidentally' broken about 4 years ago. Good... :-D He was given to the person/people with the 'tackiest' site. They had to display him for a few months. Then they just passed him around to... whoever or whomever. I had him once, I hung him upside down in one of my trees. I never got him again. Hah!

Not much going on... I would tell you the upcoming events but the Bare Oaks site seems to be down at the moment. Okay it is back up... the TENTH Euchre night is on Saturday... starts at 7:30pm... or 19:30 for all you military people.

Yesterday was fabulous!! Sunny and warm!! A lovely day for painting lattice. If you have a deck or lattice NEVER EVER PAINT IT. :-)

The gardens around the park have lots of colorful wildflowers in them now.

Remember When Photo: Ice rink on the front pond. We skated there a few winters...

Today it is/was around 74F / 23C. 'They' said it was going to rain but ... I haven't seen any.

There are fewer and fewer at the back these days (Beckett Circle). A lot of people are going south... or on vacation... or back to their homes for the winter.

The lake is cooling off but U. is still swimming. What a brave soul... or just crazy. ;-)

The potholes have been fixed... or most of them.

The frogs are gone, the Blue Heron is gone, the turtles are gone but there are LOTS of butterlies!!!

Note from Judy: Be careful of the "lazy" wasps and busy ants. They are aggressive even when you aren't bothering them. My little grand daughter was stung or bitten on the way across Strawberry Fields today (Sept. 24) and we didn't even see anything - except a yellow and black wooly caterpillar! It is possible she received the bite between her fingers while she was hanging over the bridge railing where I did see some ants.

I'd like to add that the wasps are becoming very annoying. Quite a few people have been stung in the past week. They just land on you and sting... without being provoked. Lots of nests around too.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Rain... lots... of... rain... send ark...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Wow, I can't believe it has been a week since I did the last blog. Thanks Frank for reminding me ;-) There isn't much to report... if anyone has any news, email me or post to the comments.

Photo: Fuzzy photo of two ladybugs on one of my milkweed plants ;-) I have a LOT of ladybugs on the plants as there are aphids on them. Look at the milkweeds closely when you walk by and you will see orangey-browney things on the stems. What a great snack for the ladybugs! It was very windy and the plant would not stay still.

COLD last night... 41F / 5C. Had to light the pilot of my furnace. In September... can you believe that? It is currently 72F / 22C... and has turned into a very nice day. Time to think about taking the tomatoes in. I brought all my inside plants in yesterday.

Not much news this week. There are only a few people in Beckett.

The next event is Euchre night number TEN, on Saturday, October 1.

The potholes are appearing again. Drive slowly.

Photo: black sky over the lake. That thingie in the foreground is my weather station... in case you are wondering. This was taken a few days ago... very bizarre weather and very windy.

We need to have at least FIVE people who have read the book: 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' before the book club meeting. So far, two of us have read it and another is (hopefully) reading it.

And on a final note... Frank cut his electric cord with his mower (snickering).

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hola people!

What a day!! It was sunny, not too hot, not humid, no insects, I like September weather. This weekend has been great with no rain.

As I don't have a photo today, I thought I would put one of my cartoons here. It's appropriate as there are a lot of big fish in the lake. Click for larger image.

Speaking about the lake... there have been two differnt sightings of leeches, one on a foot (or was it leg?) and one on a hand. They don't hurt you... they are just kinda slimey and icky. There's a lot of stuff in the lake, including swimmers. Brave souls... do they know how cold it is?

Thanks to Wendy and Kim for the 'thank you' party today! It was a lot of fun!!

Kim shovelled at least 5 tons of gravel around his lot in the past three days. That's wayyyy too much work. I watched him for a while ;-)

It's quiet around here these days... not many cars in Beckett Circle during the week.

This coming Tuesday the 13th, Darts in the New Forest Room downstairs... at 7pm organized by Sherri. Ooooo. I talked to a few people today who are going to be there.

The next door property, to the south, is for sale. It's a beautiful lot with lots of trees and trails, a huge clearing and approval to build a house. I think it is 40 or 50 acres. When it comes out on MLS, I'll post the link here. The owner reads this blog so if you post a comment, and IF he is around, he could probably answer you.

There is only one place for sale in Helios now.

Time to organize your winter holidays!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The temperature has dropped like a stone here. It is 72F / 22C at the moment but it was around 48F / 9C last night. Time to turn the heat on.

Photo: the beach being built/enlarged in 2008 and the gardens being built. Thanks Frank for the photo and click to enlarge.

Busy weekend here.

Saturday was the petanque tournament. I have no idea who won. It rained on and off but the pentanquers had the big gazebos so ... they didn't seem to mind the rain.

Illumination was on Saturday night and I heard it was fantastic. I was away most of the weekend so I have no idea who won that either :-)

Sunday was the chili cookoff and the guy who won it last year, won it again this year! Anyone have any details?

Monday was very quiet.

This coming Saturday is the ninth Euchre night from 7:30 to ... whenever. It is a big success with a lot of people playing. Nothing else is scheduled for this month.

There was a comment posted to the blog on Friday, August 19th.

It says:

Posted by: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park...
Please see:
for the facts behind "management's" decision to allow the filming.


I was hoping September would be warm.

So far I have three people for the book club. If you are interested, post here or email me. First book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. The only prerequiste for the club is... if you are coming to the meeting you MUST read the book first... this includes spouses or other halfs.

Cicero once said: "If you have a garden and a library... you have everything".

Friday, September 2, 2011


T.G.I.F !!!

It rained off and on today and when it wasn't raining it was REALLY HUMID.

The sand that was delivered for the Petanque tournament tomorrow has been wheelbarrowed to the two Petanque courts thanks to Stony and a bunch of guys. Great job!! They worked a bit in the rain...

(This is where I would have put the photo of the courts... if I had remembered to take one today) :-)

Trailers have been coming in all day.

The temperature is 74F / 23C. A very nice evening.

I heard a lot of yelling coming from the lake a little while ago (after dark) and checked... and realized that there were three KIDS in the lake. I don't know how you were brought up but who lets their kids play in the lake after dark ?? ... with NO parents in sight?? I didn't know if the yelling and screaming was someone in trouble or not. So... I watched for a while and then went back inside.

That is my rant for the week :-)

Photo: The peace sign in 2001. This garden is located right where you drive into Beckett Circle, where the road branches, right after the pumphouse. It is right at the branch, beside the farm equipment. Nice, eh? Thanks Frank for this photo.

Photo: The peace sign today. Can you see the peace sign? Not nice, eh?

Doing the gardens here is a full time job for one person and they have really been neglected. That said... thanks for all the work you have put into the gardens for the past many years Frank. (You might find one of your roses missing heh heh.)

Turtles have been spotting in the lake but I'm sure they are last years hatchlings as they are about 5 inches across.

Well... the walking club didn't get started this year as hardly anyone walks here so... does anyone read here? How does a monthly book club sound? The only pre-requisite is... you must read the whole book BEFORE the meeting. Anyone in?

How about a women's night this winter, like we did in the past? BUT, having it in a place where the men are not hanging around.

The pink bins are working out really well! If you have liquor bottles, beer bottles, etc... leave them in the pink bins that are scattered around the park. Royce and Farf (sp?) pick them up.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Raining today... rained last night too.

Temperature at the moment is 66F / 18C. Brrr.

The guys were transporting sand from Stony's lot (where it was dumped yesterday) to the petanque courts this morning... then it started to rain.

They were doing a great job... but I'll bet they decided to quit for a while when the thunder and lightning arrived :-)

The Happy Hour last night was fun and the elderberry pie/strudel? was DELICIOUS. Mmmmmm.

Photo: Heron on dock. Thanks Judy for the photos!

Photo: Heron getting into paddle boat. Okay it didn't actually get in but it looks like it did...

Photo: Frank's helper when he was doing the flowers. Frank said that his helper had all the design ideas. :-)

Not much going on today... or for the last few days.

Big weekend coming up with lots to do... see the last blog for information.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Very nice weekend... in the 80's / 26's. No rain.

It is getting cooler at night. Last night at 11pm it was 51F / 10C. Brrrr.

It was very windy yesterday due to the tail end of Hurricane Irene... but it died down in the afternoon.

Lots of people here for the volleyball weekend but not as many as usual. I know this because the water went off in Helios ... only once on Sunday at around noon :-)

Photo: The two large gardens at the Outback being built. They have red mulch on them now... click for larger picture.

Events coming up this weekend (see the website for more information):

Saturday - Petanque tournament from 9am to 5pm
Illumination night from 8:30pm to 9:30pm
Sunday - Chili cookoff and potluck 6pm to 8pm.

Note: If you plan to enter your chili, the deadline for the submission of the application and $5.00 entry fee is 4:00pm September 3. Your chili must be ready to submit by 1:15PM on September 4. Only 20 entries will be accepted so fill our your application early to ensure your chili will be judged.

Get your submission entry form online at or from the office between Saturday August 20 through Saturday September 3.

Saturday, September 10 is the NINTH Euchre night. These Euchre nights are well attended.

On Saturday October 29 is the: Halloween Pot Luck Dinner & Dance

Halloween Costume Judging at 7:00 PM
Dinner at 7:30 PM
Dance at 8:30 PM

Prizes for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple and all kids. Door Prizes.


Not many people are swimming in the lake these days.

It's very quiet at night all around the park. We usually walk around dusk and, even thought there were a lot of people/cars here, ... it was very very quiet. Must have been a very active weekend...

My cross country skis are ready to go!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! The second last weekend before the END OF THE SUMMER.

We have to get darts going this winter or... something.

It's getting chilly at night... down to 62F / 16C at the moment.

The weather has been nice all week... very little rain.

There was a fantastic thunderstorm last night... whoa... I love those storms. It lasted a few hours and the power only went off for a few minutes.

I have no idea who won the Bare Olympics last weekend. Does anyone know?

How was Happy Hour this week? Busy?

This weekend is the Volleyball weekend and Easter in August.

Easter In August is on Saturday 1:30pm to 4:00pm.
Description: The Bare Oaks Social Committee invites you to join us for Easter In August to decorate your bonnets, baskets and egg cartons with sparkles, beads, flowers, ribbons and bows. All ages are welcome to attend. An Easter Egg Hunt will be held from 3:00PM - 4:00PM. Cost $2.00 per person.

Coming up:
September 3: Illumination night and Petanque tournament
September 4: Chili Cookoff

Not much going on here this week that I know of... I worked all week so didn't get out much.

The gate reader was down most of today due to last night's storm but it is up and running again. Thanks Phil... and Andy who helped him.

The lake is cooling down, not many people in it now.

Photo: a picture of the Outback beach four years ago... very little vegetation.

Photo: pretty flower in Judy's and JL's garden... check out the leaves ;-) (Click for a larger image)