Sunday, October 31, 2010


Photo: A very well decorated Halloween place at the park.

It's been a very busy October for me so ... I'll be posting the blog more often this winter... and thanks to all the people for their photos. I don't usually post the blog unless I have photos so, shrink them and send them to me. Preferably only a few per email... and less than 100kb each.

It's been a tad chilly this week and it SNOWED TODAY... and hailed, and the sun shone, and then it snowed again, and then sunny... a very confusing day.

It is 35F / or just above freezing C. To those of you not from Alaska... that is COLD.

Not nice for the trick or treaters tonight but... not raining either and I'd rather take cold then rain.

It's been raining off and on all week.

The water at the back was turned off on Tuesday (or Monday?) but, as far as I know, the showers and washrooms still have water. Due to the cold, I doubt they will be on for much longer but... who knows...

The potholes are back in force but the roads are getting a LOT of use from a few people so that is probably the reason for the potholes. I can't believe the small amount of rain can cause that much damage.

The Halloween dinner / dance was sold out. 65 - 70 people attended. I have never seen such a great quantity and variety of food. The pool table (aka buffet table) was still full of food at midnight. Phew. I ate a lot as did everyone else.

The dance was still going at 2am with DJ Dean. Thanks Dean for the music!! And thanks Dorothy (and helpers) for decorating!

There were spot dances, door prizes, prizes for best male costume (he was dressed as a female), best female costume (fancy costumes) and best couple (corpse bride and groom). I can't tell you who won as I don't have permission to blog their names.

50/50 draw was for $77.

The only complaint/problem I heard about the dinner/dance (and I have heard this before in the past about the last few dinner/dances) was the way the tables were arranged. It is not conducive to socializing. When the tables are arranged in the 'church dinner' fashion (in long rows) it is difficult to get between them and difficult to talk to any other people other than your direct neighbors. When the round tables were arranged all over the floor with six chairs around them, it was much easier to get between the tables and sit and chat with people. I heard the excuse ... you can't sit 65 people when the tables are arranged that way but... we have had parties with over 80 people in the basement and there was never a problem with seating. Note: Don't yell at me, I only report what people have told me and if I hear about any particular problem more than once. If you wish to officially complain or ... discuss it with management... approach them. BUT, management will state that they don't arrange the parties so speak to the people arranging them :-) I agree with that.

The next event at Bare Oaks is November 20th at 1pm. Poker Tournament in the New Forest Room. $5. Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Nothing else is listed for November or December for the Park.

I'll try to post if (and when) the road to the back is closed this winter. It would only be a temporary thing due to high water levels (grin) or mud... etc.

November starts tomorrow!! Winter!!

We need some events like: skating, skiing, snowshoeing, euchre, darts, port tasting, beer tasting, wine and cheese social. Remember you do NOT have to go through the social committee to organize an event but you may want to check the calendar on the Bare Oaks site to see if an event they have scheduled will conflict with an event you have planned.

There are a lot of people reading this blog so if you want anything advertised or any questions answered either email me or post a comment to the blog.

Carry on...

Monday, October 25, 2010


Photo: The birds are back! Time to start feeding them for the winter.

Lovely day today!! It was in the 70'sF!!! or 21/22C

No rain but it did rain last night for a while.

Did you vote? If you didn't vote then you can't complain about the politicians until the next election. ho ho.

Halloween dinner and dance is this Saturday and it is SOLD OUT. Dinner starts at 7pm and the dance starts at 9pm. If you didn't get your ticket... there is always next year. You don't need a ticket to go to the potluck but you need a ticket to go to the dance.

One of the members here has a small child and he would like to bring the child around to the trailers on the afternoon of October 30 (between 4pm and 5pm) and collect some goodies. Perhaps there will be more kids that night... or maybe there won't... anyways if you want to participate... have a few treats handy.

I bought some and I made sure the treats are the kind that I like so I can eat the rest... heh heh.

The next event at Bare Oaks is November 20th at 1pm. Poker Tournament in the New Forest Room. $5. Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Nothing else is listed for November or December for the Park.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell

Photos: Bare Oaks at sunset. Thanks Catherine for the photos!! (Click on photo to see larger picture)

Well... it snowed last night. I wanted to get a photo of the snow but... it has melted now... and it is 52F / 11C outside.

That is good news as there are still people trying to get the 'before winter' chores done... including me.

The water is not scheduled to go off in Beckett Circle until Monday the 25th so hopefully everyone will finish closing up this weekend.

New plastic pipes have been installed over the water turnoff valves in Helios Circle. This should prevent people from driving over them... longer pipes will be installed for the winter. Very good idea.

The Wave Pool swim is on Saturday.

Halloween Dinner (Potluck) and Dance is on October 30. This past Wednesday there were only FIVE (5) tickets left for sale. Not sure how many are left now but you should contact the office if you want to go. As I said before, it is a potluck dinner and a dance afterwards. If you go to the potluck, you will not be able to go to the dance unless you have a ticket as only 65 tickets are being sold.

I've had a few people email me and ask about the members meeting and whether the membership fees are increasing. No, they will not be increasing except for the new HST tax. Blame the government.

People are busily making arrangements to go on vacation... Cuba, Florida, Nude Cruise... gotta get away from the COLD... brrrr...

Not much else happening here.

If you would like your driveway and/or walkway snowblown this winter, let me know as I may be able to arrange it. No, I'm not doing it myself ... that is wayyyy too much work :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Photo: Last night... a photo of the lake. Click on photo to see a larger picture.

The nights are getting COLD here... it was 34F or 1C last night. Brrrrr... It is currently 55F / 13C at the moment and was a bit warmer today.

I hope you have winterized your trailer or are winterizing next weekend. The water on Beckett Circle will be going off on October 25 which is a Monday.

Lake is cold but there were still people tanning at the Outback today.

The members meeting was yesterday and quite a few things were discussed. The most important (for everyone I asked) was that the site fees are not going up in April :-) If you want a copy of Heather's minutes of the meeting, email her or ask at the office for her email address.

All the changes to the Park were discussed at the meeting, the Social Committee discussed a few things, Eric Jarvis gave Stephane a photo of the original Outback (very nice!), the potholes will be addressed (I think).

The most important thing for me was that someone (I'm not going to mention his name) asked if something could be done about trailers where the owners never really got to cleaning up the junk in the front yard, in the back yard, in the side yard... or trailers that needed to be powerwashed (for example) due to the green mold/dirt. So... if that is you, think about cleaning up your place. It doesn't take long to put the junk in your shed or take it to the dump. Let's try to make a good impression for the visitors of the Park. Okay, I'll get off my pedestal now :-)

There were a few campfires after the members meeting as it was warm and sunny... after a few hours it got a tad cooler... then it got cold... and it was time to go inside and warm up. I know I was cold... I don't like winter. But, it was nice to see groups around the Park... even if a lot of people had ski jackets on :-)

The hot tub is running.

No petanque this weekend.

People are mowing their lawn for the last time.

Snow soon... I have my snow tires on :-)

Halloween dinner / dance is on October 30. Last I heard a few days ago ... there were only about 20 tickets left. If you want to go, get your ticket. It is a potluck dinner and a dance afterwards. If you go to the potluck, you will not be able to go to the dance unless you have a ticket as only 65 tickets are being sold.

If you would like to know anything specific that was discussed at the members meeting, email me or leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Photo: Turkey!!! I don't have any Park photos. (If anyone has a photo, please send it to me... UNDER 100kb.)

It's been quiet the past few days. People are getting ready for winter and I hear it is going to be a long one. Temperature at the moment is 37F / 3C. A tad chilly.

I haven't been up to the Clubhouse since I heard the hot tub was down so I don't know if it is working or not.

The lake is down about an inch and there has been NO one swimming in it the past few days.

Don't forget... last I heard the water is going to be shut down on the 16th (Saturday). I haven't heard anything different.

Hope y'all had a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Photo: Ten years ago when there were very few trailers in the seasonal area. It's busier now :-)

Well... I haven't done the blog in a few days as ... I've been too busy and there isn't much going on...

I was out on Saturday and wasn't able to go to the Thanksgiving potluck but 40 people attended. They had the traditional turkey and ham, plus caribou sheppards pie, chili, carrot cake... and more!

I have been told that the circulating pump on the hot tub is broken again so I'm going to go out on a limb and say... the hot tub is not working.

There are people still swimming in the lake ... and it is only around 50F.

If you want to go to the Halloween party on the 30th, you might want to consider buying your $5.00 ticket for the dance early. I was at the office 3 days ago and 25 tickets had been sold and it is still 3 weeks to the dance. There are only 65 tickets available. I have no idea how it will work though... you can go to the potluck but you have to buy a ticket for the dance (which I think is a good thing). So... just going to the potluck doesn't ensure that you can go to the dance...

The weather here has been in the 80's F for the past few days... BEAUTIFUL!!!

You know the weather is nice when you see Dennis jogging around the park.

Members meeting on Saturday.

The speed bumps have been removed and people are now travelling the 50 kph speed to the back... again. S... L... O... W D... O... W... N.

The aerator has been removed and it is very very quiet. I think I mentioned this before. You can hear the birds and crickets again :-)

Time to think about putting your snow tires on. I didn't say it was time to DO it... just time to think about it.

Fall is great... nice weather and no biting insects.

The pool is closed for the season ...

Does anyone know how to run a book club?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Photo: A field of colors. This is not at Bare Oaks but it is not far away. Thanks Kim and Wendy for the photo. We thought you would like to see some fall colors.

Note: Click on the image and you will see a much larger photo.

Today's news: I have been told that the summer water will be turned off on Saturday, October 16. That is the day of the member's meeting... a week and a half away.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Photo: the road into the Park. Soon there will be no leaves.

The speed bumps have been removed for the year.

The aerator has been removed also... it is really really quiet now. You can actually hear the birds and crickets. Plus you can carry on a conversation with someone ACROSS the lake...

The weather has been a tad chilly ... around 50 - 60F (10 - 15C) the past few days. There was frost last night as the temperature dipped below freezing. A few of my plants froze... oh well. It is currently 48F / 8.88C.

Gummy's daughter was married this past weekend :-)

The leaves are falling but there was a red sunset tonight so tomorrow should be nice.

This coming Saturday between 6pm and 8pm is the Thanksgiving Potluck dinner. If you click on the pdf about the potluck on the website... it takes you to the front page so copy the pdf into your browser window and delete the 'period' at the end. Then it should work for you.

I will be bagging the pumpkins soon :-)... or... I will be loading pumpkin shaped garbage bags with leaves and putting them around the Park. The number of bags that are filled will be directly proportional to the number of leaves I can find.

Saturday, October 16 is the Members' meeting from 11am until 1pm.
Location: New Forest Room.

October 30th is the Halloween Potluck Dinner & Dance
Where: New Forest Room AND the Main Floor Dining area. So we will be allowed access to the main floor area for this event. That is a good thing as costumes take up a lot of space :-) You ARE wearing a costume... right? No, seriously, go out and get a costume... they are easy to find now.

When: 19:00 - 00:00
Dinner starts at 7:00PM, Dance at 9:00PM
Music by DJ Dean

Tickets for dance available at the office for $5.00. Limited tickets are available so GET YOUR TICKET before the 30th... don't expect to get in if you just show up. You might get in, but you might not.

Prizes for best female, best male, scariest couple and participating child, plus spot dances and door prize.

I don't know what that means... 'scariest couple and participating child'. Do we have to bring a child if we have a scary costume? Based on what Shelley and Phil are wearing ... you do NOT want them bringing a child with them... (grin).

For details go to this link:

I have no idea what the temperature of the pool is at the current time.

If there is anything you would like to know... for example, when the water to the back will be shut off, if the road to the back will be plowed... those sorts of things. Email me and I'll track down the answers.

As my tomatoes have not ripened... I will be making fried green tomatoes this week... delicious.