Thursday, September 30, 2010


Photo: Beautiful sky above the lake. Now remember this... there are no rain clouds and no snow clouds. Thanks Sandy for the photos!

People have noticed that there has been a lot of tree cutting in the park over the summer, including a blossoming tree just recently.

Here is a poem someone sent me. Today we will get cultured up (trailer park speak) (grin).

Trees By: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

I Think That I Shall Never See
A Poem As Lovely As A Tree.
A Tree Whose Hungry Mouth Is Prest
Against The Earth's Sweet Flowing Breast;
A Tree That Looks At God All Day,
And Lifts Her Leafy Arms To Pray;
A Tree That May In Summer Wear
A Nest Of Robins In Her Hair;
Upon Whose Bosum Snow Has Lain;
Who Intimately Lives With Rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But Only God Can Make A tree.

I've always liked that poem...

Cool today, only 51F / 10.5C. No rain though. The sun is trying to come out and failing.

I posted a few days ago that the lake was down. After the huge amount of rain in the past 24 hours... it is back up by a good half inch. I don't see anyone swimming though :-)

Frogs in the pool yesterday. If anyone sees frogs in the pool, feel free to take them out (they don't bite) and put them in the pond. Sometimes they get lost...

This is another slow news day so... here is an interesting comment from one of our many viewers.

According to the conventional uniformation explanation of pot holes found in many geology text books, pot holes are caused by vortices in former streams that rotated, vibrated over long ages of time, however our pot holes seem to discredit this explanation. Are these to keep people in the park or keep people out.

Hmmm, well we do have streams running by ... and there are a lot of vibrations. As for keeping people in or out... they are a bit difficult to see until you bounce over them ;-)

Culture day!

I think it is time to start my chores-I-need-to-do-before-winter ... ho hum.

Here's another interesting tidbit. I get more email from this blog than from my website and there are over 1000 pages on my website (of course I have a lot of administrators there who do most of the work - THANKS!). Just because there are only 15 followers of the site, doesn't mean there are only 15 people who read it. By the comments I have had in the park and by email... there are over 100 people on this blog now. So... if you have any comments, want me to post anything, have questions, email me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Photos: New boards have been added to the top of the petanque courts. Thanks Stony! He spent a lot of time on it and it looks great!!

Well, I have no idea what the temperature is outside as my gauge needs a new battery. I think it is around 55F / 12C. Jacket weather.

If you look at yesterday's comments you will see that there were people swimming in the lake recently (thanks Sandy!). I haven't seen any today but who knows...

It was raining most of the night and most of today. About half an hour ago the sun came out but it is gone now. Looks like more rain.

Slow news day... go for a walk or ... take a nap. I hear that is the latest perk offered by big businesses these days. The nap... NOT the walk. A 30 minute nap increases productivity and doesn't interfere with your evening sleep. So, now you've got an excuse (grin).

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Photo: The miniputt course. All nine holes have been laid out.

Today was/is cold. 55F-60F / 12C-15C. Brrr. Winter is coming. There were a few people walking about today but most people had on jackets and sweaters. Some with no pants... but they still had on sweaters :-)

No one was in the lake... come on people it is not THAT cold in the lake. I prefer water temperature of 80F but I'm pretty sure the lake is around 60F now.

Coming events (which are on the Bare Oaks event calendar).
October 9: Thanksgiving potluck from 6pm to 8pm. (Please bring non-perishable food donation for the food bank). Here are the answers to some questions:

Q: What should I bring for dinner? A: Bring what you like – RSVP or questions to

Q: For how many people? A: Enough to feed at least 12 people – (expected attendance 40+). I expect that means enough to feed 6 people if you are a single... 12 people if you are a couple. A casserole feeds 12, a salad feeds 12, the same for a cheese and cracker platter so ... it is not difficult to bring enough to feed 12.

There have been problems in the past (I was told this by many people) where there has not been enough food for the people at the end of the line. So, to the people at the start of the line... ease up eh? (grin) I still say they should use the plates that are one smaller than the big dinner plates then if people want to go back, there will be enough food (my opinion). Or maybe have someone (a few people) serve? (a few people's opinion).

Q: What if I don’t have anything to bring? A: If you are unable to bring something to eat, we will miss you. Ho Ho, I like that. In the past you could pay a token sum to go but now you have to bring something... even the people who show up at the very end hoping to eat for free.
October 16: Newmarket Nature Bares swim from 6:30 - 8:30pm

October 23: Wave Pool swim from 7:30 to 10pm

October 30: HALLOWEEN PARTY! Dinner and Dance from 7pm to ? There is no pdf / flyer on the website for Halloween but when there is, I'll let you know.
I was told that Halloween was a potluck but I can't confirm that yet. I have MY costume.

I have had a few emails about potholes... no I don't know if they will be filled. It seems whenever the kubota is dragged around ... the holes appear a few days later. So you might need to either... get a higher car, drive slowwwwwlyyyyy, or ask at the office.

Has anyone noticed the lake going down? I now have beachfront property :-) The lake has never gone down this far. I have been measuring it and in the last three? months it has gone down nine inches. In the last FIVE days it has gone down half an inch.

Just to remind everyone: there are signs around the grounds about signalling for help. 2 blasts of the car horn for medical, 3 for fire. There is the phone at the outback to call the office for help but that doesn't work after hours. You could call 911 but it would be a while for them to arrive and someone would need to let them in the gate and direct them to the Outback.

Suggestion from a member: A sound signalling device at the outback would be useful since vehicles are prohibited. An inexpensive horn powered by a can of compressed air is available at most marine supply stores, probably even at Canadian Tire. Put it in a box, (beside the new first aid kit) mounted next to the phone with instructions.

I don't think this person knows about the Petanque horn which goes off on Saturday / Sunday at 10am or later. I like his idea though. Hmmm, there's a first aid kit over there? I didn't know that.

Now if I had to call 911, I would tell the people on the other end to go THROUGH the gate. If it is an emergency, and there aren't many people around, the gate can be fixed. Now that does not mean that I'm paying for the first gate :-)

I'm sure I've missed a few things but I was on a roll. Sorry for the length Bruce ha ha.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Photo: A few heron photos... thanks Mike (top) and Sandy (bottom)!

Temperature today was in the low 70'sF / 22'sC and sunny most of the day! Now it is clouding over. Yesterday it was in the high 70's!

No rain for the past few days but on Tuesday night a few fabulous thunderstorms passed through. Sheet lightning and loud crashes/rumblings.

Sandy sent me this link ... nice idea but a tad expensive and it looks like it would take up a bit of room. Most people don't have a lot of extra room on their trailer sites :-)

I have had a suggestion that maybe we can teach the cats to chase away the geese. Hmmmm...

On Tuesday three people were swimming in the Lake (Jan: opinion: crazy). Temperature at the dock was 66F/19C but the thermometer was in the sun in the shallow water so it's not really that warm out in the middle of the lake. The pool was still 82F when it was covered.

I hear a lot of the miniputt is done and Stony has asked me to post a few pictures which I will do tomorrow. Also Stony has put new boards around the petanque court and it is looking GOOD! He spent quite a while on it yesterday. Photos of that will be the next day.

On a final note, I'd like to apologize for putting a person's name in the blog two days ago. It has been removed. I am quite diligent at keeping people's names OUT of the blog. Hey, no one's perfect. If I was perfect I'd be sipping a margarita on a beach on Bonaire. I'm not and I'm not :-))

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Photo: This M. and S. moonflower plant is doing REALLY well.

Photo: This Wendy and Kim moonflower plant is doing well. It is over six feet high.

Photo: You can see the buds for the flower appearing.

Photo: This is MY moonflower plant.

Explanation: I gave moonflower plants to M. and S., and Wendy and Kim and... it's very very sad. My plant has barely grown, yet theirs are going crazy. Sigh. Oh well. Perhaps I should have planted it in the GROUND or put it in the SUN.

Just thought I would take the blog in a different direction for a day. I love plants so occasionally you will be subjected to plant blogs :-)

Now on to news...

For the past few nights it has been just above freezing (35F). Brrrr. Today, it was in the 80's F and right now it is 73F/23C... WARM. It is windy and the wind is warm!! Perhaps we will have more of summer tomorrow.

The water was off Sunday and Monday for about half an hour each day in Helios as there was a split in the pipe... or something similar. That is the first time the water has been off for a while... yeah!

The internet reception has been great these days too...

Here is some more cats-running-loose information (hey, I post what people send me):
"Domestic cats are savaging the North American songbird population, with some U.S. estimates suggesting cats kill 1 billion birds a year. There's no evidence other birds or small mammals associate bells with predators and many cats can learn to move silently in spite of a bell on their collars. Studies show that outdoor cats' life expectancy is less than five years, compared with 15 to 17 for indoor cats. Website: Some studies show that cats kill about 100 animals a year."

Now if your cat is catching mice INSIDE your trailer... that is a good thing. Also, to all the people letting their cats out... there are coyotes out at night. They have been seen on the front volleyball court at 2am, and around the pond behind the Outback at dusk.

Tidbit: Time to clean (or replace) your furnace filter.

If you are looking to buy a trailer here:

The lake is 61F / 16C. U. was swimming in it today. HAH, that is wayyy too cold for me... or Bruce (grin).

The hot tub has been open since Saturday. Yes, I should have posted a note but I forgot.

Sunny all day today. I was working but I did manage to go for a walk around the Park today... lots of people to chat with.

If anyone out there lives in the area and gets Rogers Cable AND has a pvr/recorder, let me know.

There was a thunderstorm this morning at about 8am. Not much rain though.

The crickets are still cricking. :-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Photo: a gloomy fall day... the Outback and lake.

Chilly today... in the 60'sF / 17 and 18C.

It rained for about 10 minutes but it was a light rain.

Last night there was a note on the hot tub door (I could see it through the window) but I'd forgotten my fob so couldn't get in to read it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the hot tub was still not working last night. Today... I have no idea. If someone emails me and let's me know, I'll let you know.

The pool is about 85F... still warm.

I have received a few emails about the nettle blog. I love this stuff.

Someone said they would be up today, "after a breakfast of Nettle. Which salad dressing goes best with it?" Does anyone know? I would suggest Caesar dressing as I think the garlic would cut the pain a bit ...

Also, someone said: "Nettle also provides a safe haven for small rabbits, chipmonks to get away from That G.D. Black Cat with the red collar."

You mean the cat that stalks around the park killing all the wildlife? That one? RABBITS??!!! Now I'm annoyed. I know it is not my cat as I watch it when it is outside... as all animals are supposed to be LEASHED according to the form I signed when I renewed this year. I guess if some people let their cats loose then others can let their dogs loose? Hey, why not?

It was 41F at 3am this morning (I had just finished working) ... just in case you want to know. If you have any plants outside that need to go inside or go home (if you live outside the Park) ... you might want to consider doing it soon. I am babysitting a Bougainvillea this winter... it's pretty. Okay this is what they say about the Bougainvillea: "Growers use a soil media that drains well but make sure you don't let the plants dry out between waterings. If you want to be successful with bougainvillea keep containers moist but also they need to be well drained. No sitting plants in standing water! DO NOT USE SAUCERS under your bougainvillea pots."

Alright... that is very contradictory. I'll try not to kill it :-)

Gloomy day... blah. I hope tomorrow improves.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winter is coming...

Photo: More stinging nettle photos. Thanks Kim for the link for the photos and all the facts!

Nettle Facts - in case you care. I've removed all the extra stuff so as not to bore you to death.:

Stinging nettle is a perennial, 3 to 7 ft tall in the summer and dying down to the ground in winter. It bears small greenish or brownish numerous flowers in dense axillary inflorescences (Oooo, what the heck is that??!! Maybe check the photo...).

The leaves and stems are very hairy with non-stinging hairs and also bear many stinging hairs (trichomes), whose tips come off when touched, transforming the hair into a needle that will inject several chemicals: acetylcholine, histamine, 5-HT or serotonin, and possibly formic acid. This mixture of chemical compounds cause a painful sting or paresthesia from which the species derives its common name, as well as the colloquial names burn nettle, burn weed, burn hazel. The pain and itching from a nettle sting can last from only a few minutes to as long as a week.

(Zzzzzz... I'll bet Bruce is nodding off...)

In case anyone touches it... just to see what will happen: Anti-itch drugs, usually in the form of creams containing antihistaminics or hydrocortisone may provide relief from the symptoms of being stung by nettles. But due to the combination of chemicals involved other remedies may be required. Calamine lotion may be helpful.

Now for the good stuff. This is important: In the UK, an annual Stinging Nettle Eating Championship draws thousands of people to Dorset, where competitors attempt to eat as much of the raw plant as possible. Competitors are given 60 cm (20 in) stalks of the plant, from which they strip the leaves and eat them. Whoever strips and eats the most stinging nettle leaves in a fixed time is the winner. The competition dates back to 1986, when two neighbouring farmers attempted to settle a dispute about which had the worst infestation of nettles.

Does anyone want to plan a Championship here? :-)


Today it rained... most of the day so 'they' were right for once! (see yesterday's blog) Amazing.

Temperature was 50F most of the day or 10C.

The pool is a balmy 87F (30.5C)... whoa. It will be very warm for the weekend. It is covered at night in case anyone wants to go for a night swim.

The hot tub is still closed. I hear the new filter pump is arriving tomorrow but it still has to be put in. I will post a note tomorrow if I hear it is up and running.

Time to throw grass seed on your lawns... according to the Queensville Farm Supply people. You can get 10 pounds of grass seed for about $20.

Not many people up in the last few days due to the cold.

Last but not least... the mini putt/golf course has outlines for the 9 holes now. 2X4's are in place. I have about 8 putters so I'm ready!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Photo: pretty, pretty rose which is blooming today in my garden. A bit late?

Photo: Stinging nettle plant... thanks Bruce for the photo. If you see it, don't touch it. Kim said he would send me a photo too so I'll post his when I get it.

Today was cool ... it looked nice but it was cool. Low 60'sF... 16 - 17C. Brrrr. The sun was out though.

'They' say it is going to rain tomorrow but usually 'they' are wrong. All the lawns were cut today in anticipation of the rain... hah!

The lake is getting cooler... not sure about the pool but it was 88F a few days ago. I haven't heard if the hot tub is up and running again. This is sort of a non-news day eh?

Some people are closing up their trailers for the winter.

Not many cars in the parking lot today... I guess people don't like lying/laying out in the sun with a COAT ON. :-)

Tomorrow will be warmer... I hope.

Forgot to include this ...

There is nothing scheduled at the Park for this coming weekend (the 18th) or next weekend (the 25th).

October 2 is the ORB swim.

October 9 is the Thanksgiving potluck at the Park.

October 16 is the Newmarket Nature Bares swim.

October 23 is the Wave Pool swim.

So... that only leaves the 30th for Euchre. If anyone was interested in starting in October. But then, a lot of people don't go to the swims so... someone make a suggestion.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Photo: Clouds over lake. Looks like a funnel cloud at the end... Oooooo, tornados ... but we didn't have one. Oh well. Thanks Sandy for the photo.

It's nice today! Sunny, no wind. 75F / 24C.

No one is in the lake today and I don't blame them as it is only 66F (yesterday). The pool (yesterday) was 88F / 31C !! A bathtub! They are heating up the pool because the hot tub is down. The main hot tub pump died over a week ago, they got a new one and then the filter pump died. It is still not up but I will post when it is working.

I've been getting emails from people who want more organized events this winter... for example, a euchre night. Bruce suggested a signup sheet online so that we would know how many are coming and then actually have the event if enough people show up but there are problems with that idea. Now Bruce, I like ideas so keep them coming.

Here are the problems: a lot of people don't go online regularly; a lot of people don't have a computer; a lot of people can't decided from day to day what they want to do (grin); a lot of people won't show up if there is a light dusting of snow as they don't like to drive in snow... okay okay I'll stop now but you get the drift.

Anyways, having a once-a-month night for euchre might be a good idea to get it started. A Saturday? It has to be coordinated with events at the Park, and swim events. What do y'all think? (Yes, a lot of people email me privately instead of posting to the blog as a few people have said that it is tricky to log into the blog. I agree, Blogspot is a tad annoying but it is easy for me to use and easy to remember the URL so.. email me or post, either way is fine. There is an option to have a blog where people do NOT have to log in to leave a comment but can you imagine the spam I would get??!!)

I have had a suggestion about the guys showing up for 'girls night'. Show a 'chick flick' and they will leave quickly. Or... make them wear a skirt with thong underwear but that would probably not be allowed as it not clothing optional ;-)

I heard that one of the members has volunteered to build some of the minigolf parts for Stony. He's a shop teacher and his students are doing it as school projects. Cool. I made an ashtray out of clay once in school... it was bad. I hope kids have improved :-))) Hey, I'm opinionated.

About the last blog... Bruce... Sandy wants to know how far is it from the beach to the raft, and then to her place.

Bruce said he harvested the Stinging Nettle plant growing through the deck at the Outback. It even poked him through the nytril gloves he was wearing.

Thanks Bruce... but when you 'harvest' something, don't you use it later? heh heh.

He also said that there are other groups of stinging nettle around the park and you really don't want to touch it.

Does anyone have a photo of stinging nettle? (Kim?) If so, I'll post it tomorrow. (Maximum photo size is 400 by 400 for the blog but I can shrink them if they are NOT over 100kb.)

Two trailers are for sale in Helios Circle. Suzie's for $99,500. Paul's for $147,000. If you want more details, check out the used trailers section on the Bare Oaks website. (

Anyone else selling a semi-permanent or seasonal trailer?

I'm sure I forgot a few things...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Photo: I don't have one so it is only chatting today. Need photos.

I heard a few days ago that the hot tub has been down all this week. A problem with the pump. A new pump (or fixed pump?) was delivered yesterday but I have no idea if the hot tub is up and running again. I could check but I'm busy writing the blog :-)

Temperature is 77F / 25C. It feels colder as there is a cool wind today.

This is a BRUCE BLOG today. Bruce hangs out at the north? right side of the Outback on most sunny days. Stop by and chat and let him know if you want anything put in the blog.

Also, a few days ago I post a photo of two turtles. Well... I hear their names are Bert and Ernie.

Bruce swam out to the raft last Tuesday and the water was only 69F/20C. He said: "Lots of people still swimming though. The sun got you warm enough that you wanted to swim to cool off. It actually wasn't bad. You didn't swim through the warm and cold spots because there weren't any warm spots."

He also said a few days ago: "If I go out to the raft now I'll have to chop through the ice to get to the thermometer. I don't have enough insulation for polar bear swims and I can't use a wet suit because we're not clothing optional. In 2008 I swam in the lake til Halloween so there's still hope for more swimming yet."

Yesterday he said: "Having been voluntold (SnailFinger likes that new word), I sacrificed myself today by swimming out to the raft to check the temperature. It was 68F/20C. It took a while to get the thermometer untangled from the damned anchor rope. Same temperature as last Thursday. Just a little shrinkage, not a full eclipse. Actually there were a few other brave souls and the snapping turtle swimming today. Blue Heron was snacking on the froggies."

For those interested in the distance they swim around the lake I (Bruce) lasered it with my golf rangefinder. (Jan: eh? you're kidding right? Isn't that cheating when you play golf? (grin))

"From the beach to the fountain at the far end it's 104 metres. Width averages 70 metres. If you take some distance off for swimming away from shore to avoid the snapping turtle then figure 90m long x 60m wide, times 2 to complete a full circle makes it 300 metres. That's the equivalent of completing 12 lengths of a typical 25 metre swimming pool at the YMCA, or 6 lengths of an Olympic sized pool (that's 50 metres) for those training for the next summer Olympics open water swim."

Bruce also asks: Anybody know why the paddleboat is paddlelocked to the dock? (that's a mouthful eh, he sells sea shells at the.......).

"Be careful if you use the floating dock. The water is low and the ramp is now on quite a slope. The wood is slippery underfoot when it's dry. A fall may result in splinters in your bare tushie (do you know that tushie is not in spellcheck so it's probably not in Webster's either). My services at the Outback do not include splinter removal (oh where did I put those rusty needle nose pliers?).

I hear a new pump was installed in the hot tub yesterday so hopefully it's hot tamale (today)."

Wow, that is a lot more information than I could provide... thanks BloggerBruce.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Photo: This spring G. and B. cleared the area behind their trailer all the way to the river, like G. and M.A. beside them. (Names are not used in the blog without permission.) It provided an EXCELLENT location for milkweeds to grow... and they are now about 5 feet tall. ha ha ha. The photo is a bit fuzzy.

Coolish today... 61F / 16C... Hey, if you reverse those two numbers it would be easy to remember. Okay, maybe not, nevermind.

Lots of jackets and long pants are walking around. No nakedness so far except for Maggie and Blossom.

I need someone to swim out to the raft and tell me the temperature of the lake. What no volunteers? :-)

It rained last night and the temperature dropped to 47F - 8C. Brrrrrrrrr.

Does anyone know if the winners of illumination and the chili cookoff are posted anywhere? I couldn't find it.

No events scheduled for this coming weekend. Actually I don't see any events for the rest of the year. Are there any? Anyone know if there is a Halloween party or ... anything?

There were comments left at the end of the last blog day. Just click on the 'comments' at the end of the blog to read them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School is in...

Photo: Baby snapping turtles. Thanks Sandy for the picture.

Aren't they cuteeeeeee :-) I bet they have teeth.

For a lot of people, this is the first day of school for the kids. It's quiet here.

Busy weekend.

Saturday night was the illumination night. Bags with sand and lights were put on all the roads of the park and the candles were lit at around 9pm. Everyone walked the park looking at all the sites. There were around 50 - 60 people wandering to and fro for about an hour. I saw a lot of ski jackets, hoodies, and a few touques and mittens. :-)

Lots of campfires on Saturday night and they were needed as it was a tad chilly all weekend. The temperature went down to the 40's-50's F (7 - 12 C).

Currently it is 86F / 30C. Sunny out and WARM.

Sunday was the chili cookoff! I did not go to the potluck as I was not in the park so ... I heard someone won the cookoff who had never cooked chili before. There you go, you do not have to be an expert to win. I don't know the names of who won the cookoff or illumination (someone email me if you know and I'll post it here). I heard the potluck was great... I also heard there was not enough food for the people at the end of the line. I'm only reporting what I hear :-) Oh and there will always be my opinions.

There were 85 people at the potluck!! Whoa, that may set a record for the number of people at a park function. Back about six years ago we had that number of people to most functions... it's nice to see a lot of people again. I'll bet the basement was a tad crowded.

Now moving on to another topic....

What we need here is a social director (park employee) to organize activities all summer. Things like miniputt games, water aerobics, dinners, dances, horsehoes, kids activities, scheduled walks, yoga, ... you know... things that can be done at a REGULAR time each week. Weekly events that are posted on the Bare Oaks site, events that happen regardless of how many people show up. Right now we have petanque on Saturday and Sunday at 10am (and during the week if the horn blows).

I've been to over 60 parks in the USA, Canada, England. Most parks have someone (staff member) who organizes events. A lot of parks have a volunteer who is good at a specific event and schedules games and such. For example, Stony will blow the petanque horn and is sometimes seen teaching people how to play petanque. Now if we had that sort of thing for water aerobics (for example)... there would be a lot more day visitors up here. Horseshoes Saturday morning... that sort of thing.

This is not just my idea, I've heard it from other people.

How about the winter? Darts on one night? Pizza on one night? Cross country skiing on the weekend? Euchre one night?

Last winter a few people shovelled the lake (Kim for one) in order to skate but last winter it thawed, froze, snowed, so it was difficult to keep it shovelled. I think this winter there should be a double person wide trail AROUND the lake. Walking is good. Maybe a few trails?

Last winter we had women's night for a while which worked out fine except for the two guys who kept showing up... so that was cancelled. Maybe we can start that again with ONLY women this time? We would need a place to host it though...

Lots of trailers are leaving... late yesterday and today. Too bad as today is really nice.

Thanks to all the people who said (Saturday) that they liked my blog. If you ever want me to put anything in it (with or without your name), just email me at, or leave a comment at the end of one of the days.

I think this is long enough... I've probably forgotten a lot...

Friday, September 3, 2010


Photo: the raft is getting a lot of use these days.

It rained last night so it is less humid. More rain is predicted today but the weather people are rarely correct :-)

It's 76F / 24.5C out at the moment.

Not much happened here this week but the seasonal area is almost full. People have arrived for the long weekend.

This is the last long weekend of the summer so come on up and ENJOY!!