Monday, May 31, 2010


Photo: As it is soooo hot, I thought I'd put up a photo that will cool you down, in contrast to yesterday's photo. This is the lake in February, same view as yesterday.

Wow, that a weekend!! It wasn't very busy on Saturday but Sunday there were hundreds of people here.

The lake was full... okay maybe not full but it had (in total) about 100 people come and go all day. The raft had 6 people on it constantly. People swam around the lake. I hear there were a lot of people in the pool area too.

Lots of people walking about as the temperature was in the high 80's, low 90's F (31 C). According to my thermometer is it 94F or 35C outside at the moment, it is noon.

No rain yet and it has been over three weeks. The grass is suffering and a tad brown and crispy in areas. In lots of other areas it is green so... go figure.

Watch yourself in the hot sun. Two people had heat rashes this weekend (big bumpy itchy spots) on areas of their body. Drink lots of water too!! Wear a hat too.

A few mosquitos are out at dusk, plus blackflies. The deer flies are out all day and are very annoying with their buzzing around your head. A few horseflies have been spotted and they don't usually appear until August. The dragonflies are here!!! They eat bugs so don't kill them or shoo them away. They can catch a deer fly in mid air.

The pathway around the lake seems to be a success although only one in ten people actually walks on it. They prefer the grass beside the pathway as most people are in barefeet. Walking on the grass is fine but watch out for the bees in the white clover. A few people have been stung so far. If you are stung, scrape the stinger out sideways with your fingernail ... do NOT pull it out with tweezers as that injects more venom into your body.

According to reports the restaurant has been busy, some for lunch, most for dinner. It is now licensed which means you can drink inside the roped off area but you can't carry liquor outside of the area.

Ontario law states you cannot drink in a public place, or carry liquor around, unless it is in a 'closed' container. I assume that means an 'unopened' container. You can only drink in a private place, like your residence. If you would like to know more about the rules, read the Bare Oaks blog (link is above, in the main heading of this blog).

Belly dancing tonight at 7:30 at the Outback. Come and join us! A few of the guys at Yoga (11:00am Sunday), said they would be there but whether they show up or not... heh heh. :-)

Wednesday night at 7:30 is Tai Chi, Friday night at 7:30 is a rotating exercise so show up and see what you will be doing. Sunday morning at 11:00am is Yoga. All these activities are given by Nikki AFTER work. Come on out and support her! Plus you do NOT have to be an expert at anything, just do what you can, and comment 'hey, I can't bend that way!' anytime you wish. Yoga mats are provided on Sunday but if you have one, please bring it. There were 10 people there this week. Males and females.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday - hot hot hot

Photo: the raft and fountain on the lake.

What a gorgeous week!! High 80's and into the 90's (30C).

No rain yet but the grass and plants are doing well due to the coolish nights. Not cold but down to the 60's.


The lake is in the mid-70's F (24C) and lots of people have been swimming.

As of yesterday the pool was not officially open but, I hear, people have been in it.

We need more volleyball (sand court) and petanque players up here !!

Bruce left a scooper and pail at the Outback to pick up goosey poopy on the beach ... in case you feel like doing that.

The kitchen is open EVERY DAY for lunch and dinner. Go to the Bare Bistro website for more information: You can also buy pop, chips, ice cream, snacks in the store.

Tai chi was last night at 7:30 and EVERY Wednesday night. Yoga boogie ballet (I think that is what Nikki said) will be on Friday night at 7:30 at the Outback! Everyone welcome, just show up.

Nikki is running the after hours activities like: Tai Chi (Wednesdays), Belly dancing (Mondays), Yoga (Fridays so far but may change). Perhaps some water aerobics in the summer in the pool. If you are interested, just show up at the Outback on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30. She does a GREAT job and you don't have to be in shape or do the whole routine to participate.

Come up to the park and ENJOY!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Photo: Moose fishing... like he would ever catch a fish :-)

Gorgeous long weekend... the place was/is full!!

Lots of people roaming about. Petanque on Sunday with about 20 people.

Yard sale was on Saturday morning from 9 - 12, not in the afternoon as the website stated. Sorry to all the people who missed it.

There was a potluck dinner with around 50 people on Saturday night. Lots of campfires on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Fireworks were last night (Sunday).

Temperature was in the 80's F all weekend... or high 20's C.

It's very dry here and hasn't rained for a few weeks. Drive slowly and try to conserve water.

Due to the heavy use of water over the weekend, Beckett Circle was without water a few times each day.

The hot tub was drained and refilled on the weekend. If you are going to use the hot tub TAKE A SHOWER FIRST!! If you are in the hot tub and notice someone coming into the tub who is not wet... remind them that they should take a shower first.

The pool is not open yet but is nice and clean and shiney and cold. I was told it will be inspected on Tuesday so should be open after that.

It is very very hot out... my thermometer says it is 94F (35C). Drink lots of water today.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Photo: Moose in the OLA (off leash area) with a toy on his back. I think he is waiting for Maggie.

The past few days have been sunny and in the 80'sF / 30'sC.

The petanque courts are READY TO GO... thanks to Kim and Wendy and Rob. All the weeds are out. If anyone knows where the big wooden rake is, please find it and leave it at the petanque court. It went missing last year.

The pool has been shocked but I don't know if it is open yet...

A full restaurant will be open starting today (or maybe tomorrow as I'm not sure and the website doesn't say). Breakfast, lunch and dinner. See for information.

People were swimming in the lake yesterday... but it is still cold.

The place is filling up with long weekend trailers... so it should be busy here.

There is a potluck dinner on Saturday night. There is also a yard sale this weekend but I don't know which day it is as the flyer says it is Sunday and the website says it is Saturday so PHONE THE OFFICE if you wish to attend or sell stuff. (905 473 6060).

There hasn't been any rain for a while so the roads are dusty. Please drive slowly.

There are two large geese and two baby geese on the lake. Please don't chase them around as the large geese don't have their flight feathers and can't leave for a month or so. They are cute but are pooing on the beach. If you have a doggie bag for your doggie... and see goose poo... feel free to pick it up too :-)

I THINK there are fireworks this weekend but... I'm not sure. There are a lot of things I'm not sure of as most events are word of mouth here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Photo: speedbumps are on all the main roads.

Weather has been nice the past few days. Hot sunny day today which is nice for those of you who are NOT working :-)

There are only a few blackflies and mosquitos around ... mostly at dusk.

The pool is clean and around 64 degrees. It is not officially open yet but I hear a few people have been swimming ... perhaps it will be open by this weekend.

The last I heard this weekend is the start of a full restaurant... three meals a day. Check with the office for details.

If you get mail at the park you will no longer be able to receive it unless you have a post box at the park (see the office) OR you redirect your mail to your main address outside the park OR to a post box outside the park. This will go into effect on July 1. After that all outside mail you receive will be returned to sender. There are only 30 boxes at the park so get one early if you want one.

There are new golf cart rules... this includes ALL motorozed vehicles that cannot legally travel on public roads... so I guess that includes the motorized bikes/scooters that are in the park too.

Golf carts are limited to traveling on the park roads and are not allowed on the grass, beaches or walking paths. So... those of you with carts, remember to keep a fob with your keys as you can no longer travel along the path to the office between Glen's and Marcel's place. There is no open alcohol allowed in the cart and no drinking and driving.

The rules should have been distributed to everyone in the park so if you didn't get a copy, ask at the office. The potential owners should know what the rules are too.

Tai chi tonight at 7pm... somewhere in the Clubhouse. Nikki will be instructing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Photo: geese and babies. Thanks Sandy for the photos. We started with 6 babies and now there are only 2.

Today was beautiful. Summer temperatures! A bit of a cool wind at times.

Lots of people were up for the weekend, walking, biking, gardening, cleaning up winter debris.

The on-demand hot water heater is installed at the washrooms/showers on Beckett Circle.

Jacquie's birthday party was a complete surprise to her... the penis cake was excellent. If anyone wants a cake shaped like Joe Boxer shorts with a penis coming out of the fly ... see Sandy. ha ha.

For those of you who have asked... Dave is okay, home, and seems to be completely healed. The afternoon was spent lounging around in the sun... (waving at Dave). This sounds like a good excuse to TAKE A WEEK OFF. :-)

No one was in the lake today... I think it is a tad too chilly.

Still not time to plant your summer flowers / veggies. I've planted a few things but I'm hoping they will survive if it doesn't SNOW again like it did last week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Photo: Baltimore Oriole at the feeder. He is orange and black. Not a good photo but it was with a telephoto lens. He flies away at the slightest sound.

Cool today, in the 50'sF (11/12C).

I checked the pool last night and it is turning blue so it must be running now.

Lots of people in the hot tub last night.

That's about it... I have no idea what happened in the park today as I wasn't here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Photo: Maggie, on the picnic table inside the OLA (Off Leash Area). I think she is taking a break from running around with Moose.

The weather today was COLD (mid 40'sF / 7'sC). It rained a lot this afternoon and tonight. Yesterday when the sun was out it was a bit warmer but the wind was still cold.

A new trailer came into Helios Circle yesterday!! Lots of people gathered to watch. I hear a new trailer is being moved into Beckett Circle tomorrow.

The potholes are being filled but it is an ongoing battle. With all the rain we have had today there will probably be new ones tomorrow.

I haven't checked the pool so I don't know if it is working or not. It is wayyyyy too cold to swim in it anyways.

I was asked so here is some informatiou... there doesn't appear to be anything happening with the mini putt golf course. There were rumors that some of the props were being built at the Outback but I can't verify the rumors.

The geese appear to have moved on.

That's it... carry on :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday - still cold

Photo: baby geese on the lake.

We didn't succeed in keeping the geese away this year. Someone said they laid their eggs across the road and walked over to the front pond one day :-)

If that happens, we won't win the battle. Now we have to put up with geese poo as the adults have lost their flight feathers for a month or so.

It's COLD here. Temperature yesterday was in the 40'sF (around 6 C). Today it is in the 50'sF (13C). There is a slight wind too and it is cold.

Not much nude tanning going on here as the sun hasn't been out today.

No rain yesterday or today but there was a lot of rain on the weekend. Time to cut the grass again.

The path around the lake is packing down well. Time for screening soon.

Check your propane tank if you order from Unitec. They came in to fill the large tank at the front on April 26 and some of the other tanks that were low. They were supposed to return to do the rest of the tanks but didn't. I checked my tank and it was at 15 percent so I called and they came in yesterday to fill it. They didn't fill any other tanks so you may be low and may not know it.

The community garden trays are still sitting by the back washrooms. The path to the washrooms from the camping/parking area hasn't been built yet... but the lumber is there and ready. Some of the potholes have been filled.

The gardens are looking nice. Don't forget if you have empties (beer or wine bottles)... leave them at Frank's place (by his back shed) as he uses the money to buy more plants/flowers for the park. 24 beer bottles = $2.40 = one, maybe two, plants. Plus he has to take the bottles BACK to the store. So even though it looks like he has a lot of empties, he does a lot of work for very little money.

This coming weekend: NO events except for the casual dinner at 6pm on Saturday night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jingle Bells...

Photo: snow in my flower box... along with my newly planted flowers.

Well at least they didn't freeze.

That's all I have to say today... it snowed last night. This morning there was about a half inch of snow on the ground and it is STILL THERE.

Temperature is hovering around freezing at the moment. Ho hum.

The spring has been good to us so far though...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snow on May 8

Photo: an annoyed cat... for something different... one of the residents of Bare Oaks.

It SNOWED today... only for about an hour... and melted right away.

Very cold, temperature was 36F / 2C. Brrrr...

If you planted your summer plants... oh well... they are probably a tad frozen now.

The Kubota is filling the potholes... many to fill after it rained here for about 15 hours straight. After all the rain, you might want to consider cutting your grass.

A few people brought in trailers today.

The pathway along the lake is packing down nicely.

Not a lot of tanning happening due to the FREEZING temperatures. However, it is still May.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Photo: The walking trail has a layer of wood chips on it now... thanks to many volunteers. It is not completely covered in chips but it has a good start.

Today was COLD. Temperature now at 11pm is 43F / 6C. It was only slightly warmer all day and there was a cold wind blowing.

Not many nude people were seen ... but there were a lot of jackets and one ski jacket.

The pot holes are being filled which makes the driving easier... :-)

I think the black flies froze today as I didn't see any. No mosquitoes either. No geese. All in all the day was pretty uneventful.

The NEW dog run is getting lots of use... Farf and Moose were playing soccer tonight.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Photo: During volunteer day on Saturday a new bridge was built beside the Outback.

Tuesday was warm, very warm. It rained at night... reminds me of Barbados. Every night it rained, which is what it has done the past 3 nights... and every day it is sunny.

Temperature today was in the high 80's F (high 20's C). Then the storm hit around 4pm or 5pm. The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees and it rained hard for about an hour... and continued on and off for a few hours. This will really help the grass and flowers. This will not help the potholes which seem to be getting bigger and deeper.

The first layer of the path was finished yesterday by two of the staff... so it is waiting to settle before the limestone screening is put on in a few weeks.

The speed bumps are out so watch for them.

The summer water is on in Helios circle.

The black flies are out and BITING. No mosquitoes yet though.

The petanque court is full of weeds so if you come up to play petanque... I don't think you will be able to find the sand. They MAY be rototilling it so you should check at the office.

All the outside furniture is out at the Outback, on the front deck and around the grounds.

The outside showers in Beckett Circle are up and running.

The pool is still full of water but doesn't appear to be running. I'll let you know when it is up and running and the solar is on.

I will change my ending from: No Hot Tub Yet... (yes the hot tub is still running) to...

No Pool Yet.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Photo: the new dog run! It's finished except for the gate. It has been in use quite a few times since it was built on Saturday.

Today was warm... in the high 80's F or high 20's C.

It rained a few times last night and a thunderstorm just missed us today. The grounds really needed the rain as it was sooooooo dry.

Not many people around today, pretty quiet here.

There were a few people swimming in the lake yesterday... I could hear the screaming ... IT'S COLD!!! IT'S COLD!!! ... so I guess the water is still cold :-)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Photo 1: The new walkway in front of the lake.

The walkway was stripped of grass, levelled, landscape fabric spread, gravel and clay spread... which is now it's current state. After that settles, a layer of limestone screening will be put down. You can walk on it ... as a lot of people were doing last night.

Photo 2: The aerators have been started.

Yesterday was volunteer day!! Lots of people showed up to help... well over 50 that I counted so there were probably more working in areas I didn't see.

The dog run was finished except for the door... which I think they are currently working on.

A new bridge was built. Wood chips were spread along the walking paths... in the marshy areas.

Old growth was pulled out of the lake. New growth was pulled out of the beach area.

A community garden was built but I haven't seen it. I'll have pictures of more things tomorrow.

A LOT of people got sod for their lots as they had to distribute/get rid of... the sod that was taken out of the lake walkway.

There was a thunderstorm yesterday around noon, just in time to break for lunch but it cleared up. Temperature was in the high 70's F, low 20's C.

Today it is muggy but warm. Lots of nekkid bodies walking to and fro.

80F at the moment ... 26.5 C.

The hot tub is still up and running and will probably stay that way.

The pool is FULL OF WATER... but probably cold.

The outside showers are ON.

More updates as I have them.