Friday, April 30, 2010


Photo: Tulips and Penguins.

Wow, where has the time gone. Somebody should email me and remind me to do this blog.

Anyways the weather has been BEAUTIFUL for the past few days. In the 80's F / high 20's C.

No rain yet. It is very dry here still. My back lawn is brown. Ah well. Maybe it will rain in May.

It's cool at night. The temperature has dropped to 65F in the last hour from 85F. (30C to 18C... all this converting is tiresome :-)

As far as I know the hot tub is still up and running.

Lots of activity today as tomorrow is VOLUNTEER day. There are many things happening, a few of the things are... the dog run is being built, a path along the lake is ready to go, I heard there will be an area where you will have your own small space and can grow your own veggies and such. I bet the bunnies will like that :-)

There are NO DAY FEES tomorrow if you are a volunteer, plus lunch is provided.

Hurrah, hurrah, it's the first of May !!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Photo: The lake at sunset.

Isn't the lake pretty? Don't let it fool you ... it is COLD out.

The temperature is 39F / 4C.

It has been cold all day with a brisk wind. Ski jackets, touques and gloves.

No rain yet and it is bone dry. The dust is whipping up into dust devils and swirling down the road between Beckett and Helios.

The summer water in Helios circle is still not on.

The plants are blooming and it is very pretty around here.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Photo: That is not a toy helicopter but a real one. It sprayed the area on April 11 so that we will have fewer bugs this summer. (Thanks Sandy for the photo.)

Today was great! Sunny all day and it is now 82F (28C). There is, however, a cool wind blowing.

Goose one hassled 9 geese on the lake until they left this morning. Moose, Suzy and Marc have taken care of a few (or more) others today. If the geese stay and lay their eggs, they lose their flight feathers for a while so can't fly. "In July and August, while young are maturing, adult geese molt. All flight feathers are lost at once, so these now-flightless birds must remain hidden or seek refuge on open water while new feathers grow. By mid-August, both adults and young are able to fly. In September or October, they begin their fall migration." Now you have learned a new thing today :-)

We do not want geese around the lake due to the poo. There was SO much of it a few years ago that you could not walk around in your bare feet.

The propane tank feeding the hot tub ran out of propane on either Saturday or Sunday so it was a tad chilly in the tub. The tank was filled today so it should be hot by tonight... maybe... or tomorrow.

It has not rained here for weeks. It is very very dry, this includes the roads. Please drive slowly as you are creating a lot of dust. There are still lots of potholes but someone has filled some of them.

In case you missed it, the summer water is ON in Beckett Circle and surrounding roads but it is NOT on in Helios Circle.

Have you got your taxes done yet?

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Photo: Goose One in action. In the photo the real goose is on the left, Goose One... which is Phil's motorized boat ... is chasing the goose. The goose has had enough of the boat after a few minutes and leaves. Goose One has been very successful at scaring the geese away... along with Moose and Marc and Suzy and J.L. (Thanks Sandy for the photo and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

Temperature today is in the low 70's F or low 20's C.

No rain yet... it has been weeks since it has rained but the gardens are doing well.

Many many people are up, opening their trailers and cleaning up their sites.

THE WATER IS ON IN BECKETT CIRCLE! It was turning on this morning. The summer water is not on in Helios Circle.

The hot tub was in full use last night... lots of people were in it from the reports I've been hearing.

The black flies are out and biting ... ho hum. Bring on the bats :-) Hurry up and finish those bat houses Stony.

Tonight is the Spring Dance at the Clubhouse or you can go to the Wave Pool swim in Richmond Hill.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hot Tub is Open

Photos: The first image is a photo of the HOT TUB... which is NOW OPEN!! (the photo was stolen from the Bare Oaks Blog. If you wish to read the blog you can sign up to it by going to the link above.)

The second image is a photo of a storm passing by Thursday morning. Very weird lighting.

Fabulous day yesterday!! It was cool but sunny all day. Not may people were up though.

Today it is 44F, 7C. Still cool and still sunny. No rain yet and the roads are VERY dusty. Please drive slowly.

I heard rumors that the water will be on in Beckett Circle today BUT you would have to check with the front office to confirm. Do NOT assume it will be on as it is still April.

For the news of the day... THE HOT TUB IS OPEN. Eleven months later and many problems.... it should be packed tonight. :-)

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 7:00pm Spring Dinner & Dance. Where: New Forest Room. Description: Come out and celebrate the coming of the warm weather with a dinner and dance at Bare Oaks. Dinner provided by the 4M's, music by Peter & Paul. I don't know what the cost is but it is probably around $20. Check with the office.

Also tomorrow: ORB Spring WAVE POOL SWIM for all ages. When: Sat, April 24, 7:30pm – 10:00pm. Where: The Wave Pool, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Description: Battle waves up to 3 feet high. Visit in the warm water swirl pool, or heat up in the sauna. Then swish down the long water slide before returning to the waves. Our most popular event. Discounted admission for Out-of-Towners. RSVP before hand. Next Wave Pool swim planned for Oct. 2010.

Next stop: The POOL!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Photo: Moose's babies at four weeks! They are soooo cuteeeeeee.

Today was WARM!! Lots of people walking around.

Temperature was in the 80's F all day... high 20's C.

It rained at around 3pm for about 5 minutes... okay it wasn't really rain, only a few drops. Lawns don't need to be cut yet as it goes down to freezing at night and there has been no rain for a longgggg time.

I've talked to a bunch of people today and no one has told me the hot tub is open so I can only assume there is .... no hot tub yet.

On demand hot water heaters are being installed in the clubhouse and in the seasonal area for the showers.

Lots of little fishies in the lake. I haven't seen anyone swimming yet.

The bad news is... the blackflies are out but are not biting yet. They will be biting in a few days if the temperature stays warm :-(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food this summer

Photo: Sandy reading in the downstairs library.

To those of you reading, I'm still waiting for the photos some of you promised me :-)

Temperature last night was 32F or ZERO C. Which means... freezing plants. If you planted any plants, I hope they survived. It is still April.

Temperature now is 70F or 21C. Well, that is what my gauge says but I doubt it is that warm. Well... I just went outside and it feels like it is that warm. Hmmm. Insects will be showing up soon. :-(

It's sunny today, still no rain.

News from the clubhouse:

Starting May 22nd, Liz Savel will be taking over the operations of the Bare Bistro on a full time basis for the summer season (Victoria Day Weekend to Labour Day Weekend). Lunch & dinner will be available 7 days per week, and breakfast will be offered on weekends.

Spread the news and PLEASE support the restaurant... it's summer, save your cooking for the winter :-)

The TV has been moved to the basement which makes room for a lot of dining tables on the main floor.

New baby trees (actually they look like sticks now) have been planted around the trailer side of the lake. I think they are dogwood and silver willow but I'm not 100 percent sure that is correct. They only grow to around 5 feet so it will be really pretty when they grow up.

No hot tub yet.
The pool is not open yet.
The saunas are open.
The front deck is open to tanning and chatting.
The entire park is open to walking.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Photo: SNOW!! It snowed yesterday as the photo shows. It lasted only for about half an hour and melted.

Temperature is 60F or 15.5C today. It is sunny but there is a cold wind blowing.

Nude people are out and about and people in coats are out and about too. Once you are not in the shelter of a building it is very chilly.

The temperature has been GREAT all week, just thought you would like to know. I haven't done a blog since Wednesday as I ... FORGOT. :-)

It rained for a few hours a few days ago but things are still dry around here. The grass is growing but doesn't need to be cut for another week or so ... if it stays warm.

Trailers are coming and going, some of the seasonal people with permanent sites have moved in for the summer.

There is still no water at the back (Beckett) and the latest estimate for water is the end of April. If the water is turned on and we get a cold spell and the lines freeze... it will take a LOT of time to fix and turn on the system so be patient. There is no summer water in Helios either.

There are still potholes in the road so please drive slowly or you will make them worse. The holes will probably be fixed soon.

There are lounge chairs out at the clubhouse so you will have a place to lay if you come up.

I have not heard if there will be a food service here this summer but will let you know when I hear.

No hot tub yet BUT I HEARD a rumor that it MIGHT be up and running on Wednesday. Don't hold me to this though. You would have to check the office to make sure. If it opens, I'll post here right away.

The pool is not open yet.

The lake is getting warmer but I sure wouldn't swim in it yet... unless I had on a wetsuit :-)

No mosquitos or blackflies yet.... yah!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Photo: golf carts waiting for the trip home.

Sunny today with no rain. There hasn't been any rain here for quite a while.

Temperature at 6pm was: 76F or 24C.
Temperature at 11pm is: 42F or 5.5C.

Coats were needed as there is a cool wind.

No blackflies or mosquitos yet but if it stays warm they will be here by the weekend. Ho hum, I hate bugs.

No hot tub yet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Photo: Keeping warm by the fire.

Note the ski jackets in the photo. April nights are cold.

Not many people here over the weekend during the days. A few people were up to do raking and gardening.

The weather was fabulous, the temperatures were in the 70's - 80's F or 20's C.

No rain yet, no snow either.

Today is sunny, as was yesterday, Sunday and Saturday... but a bit cool today.

There are NO insects!!! No blackflies or mosquitoes yet... if the weather stays warm they will be arriving soon.

Lots of golf carts zipping about this year. Remember people, get out and walk too... those machines can lead to tight fitting pants :-).

Moose the goose chaser is doing a fine job! There are no geese currently on the lake. Please feel free to chase them away. If they stay and lay eggs, they lose their flight feathers for a while and can't leave.

No hot tub yet.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Photo: Flowers amongst the rubble. The tulips are peeking out!

Today is colder. Temperature: 43F (6C).

It SNOWED this morning for about 5 minutes... and melted.

The frogs are quiet... probably can't hear them through their WINTER jackets.

The sky is grey, it is windy. If you are coming up, bring your winter coat, touque, mittens. :-)

The water seems to be stable now, it hasn't been off for a few days. It was off five days in a row this week before they put in the new pump.

I'm going to put my gardening on hold for a few more weeks. Good thing my plants are still covered with last years debris. No chance of the new plants freezing.

The birds still need to be fed until May, if you are feeding them... they can't find their own food, it is too early.

No hot tub yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moose and Sierra

Photo: Sierra and Moose's Babies... plus The Babies.

Now those are cute little guys.

Moose (one of the residents) had babies! They are five DAYS old... and look a bit like guinea pigs, eh? :-)

Temperature today is 58F (14.5C). Cloudy with no wind.

It rained last night so things are getting greener around here. Most of the summer birds are back and looking for things to eat.

The beaver has removed a lot of the young trees from one side of the lake. The river has not risen so I'm not sure where the dam is this year.

The lake is still very cold.

Moose and parents are becoming very good at scaring away the geese. A few pairs land each day in the lake and are usually gone within a few hours.

The renovation of the dining room is coming along veryyyyyy slowwwwwlyyyyyy.

The water is not off yet so I'm not sure if the new pump has arrived or not.

No hot tub yet and no update on it.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Photo: Sandy playing pool in the basement.

Sunny most of today with temperatures in the 70's (mid 20's).

THE FROGS ARE BACK. There is a cacophony of frogs in the park now. Yes, cacophony is a noun but that sounds better than frog cacophony. Of course I could say they are cacophonous frogs but that just sounds like they have a cold.

Speaking of colds... a lot of the people in the park have colds which seem to be dragging on and on and ... onnnnnnn.

Back to news... the water was off again today in the afternoon and will be off tomorrow starting at 10am. Have your showers early... a new pump is being installed.

Very windy last night and today. Chairs and penguins were blown off decks.

Rain during the night and a bit this morning.

Women's night was tonight and we had one of the new members attend. Don't forget, every Monday is women's night. Rain or shine. Thanks Peter for the pizza!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Photo: Park is greening up!

Many people were here today. Lots of golf carts out and about.

Water was off Friday for a lot of the day, yesterday for the entire day and today for the entire day. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

No rain this past week so the roads are packing down with very few potholes.

Sunny sunny day!! A bit of a wind but it was cooling.

Temperature was in the 80's again today or... high 20's.

It is now 53F (12C).

Leaving last years growth on your plants would be a good idea as it is supposed to get very cold (below zero) this week.

Trailers are being fixed, moved in and moved around the sites.

No hot tub yet.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Photo: Dog run area from across lake.

Temperature was in the 80's F again today... or high 20's C.

There was no water for quite a few hours yesterday (Friday) and the water has been off (at the clubhouse and Helios Circle) since this morning. No indication as to when the water will be back on again so if you are thinking of coming up, you might want to check on the water situation first. Or bring your own.

Lots of people were up today... sitting around the Outback and probably at the clubhouse, opening their trailers.

The lake is still too cold to swim in.

The grass is getting GREEN... which means... it may start growing and will have to be cut soon. Now that is not good.

No hot tub yet.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Photo: aerial view of Bare Oaks, Helios Circle and clubhouse in the bushes on the right.

Hot today!!

It reached 80F (26C)!!!

Lots of naked people out and about...

A few people tried to brave the lake but I didn't see anyone go in. Two people were in the lake briefly a few days ago. It is still VERY COLD as the ice just went out.

No hot tub yet. The summer water is not on yet.