Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Photo: Sunny days!

Temperature was 65F or 18C today. I consider that HOT :-)

The lawns have not begun to 'green up' yet but one of the staff was out fertilizing the grass.

The one goose is being chased by a lot of people. I think it got the hint and left a few hours ago. No sign of the ducks. I hear the muskrat is back but I have not seen him/her.

Time to clean up your lot before the INSECTS arrive. It is going to be in the 70's this weekend... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Don't forget, Friday is a holiday for a lot of people.

No hot tub yet.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Photos: Flowers in Arizona and a puppy who has had a long day.

As it is still cold here... Dave and Judy have sent some photos to brighten up your day. Also they are having temperatures of 90F during the day and 20F - 30F lower during the night. Sucks to be them :-) All that heat...

Here is what they said:
We are set up at Senator's Wash which is 20 miles north of Yuma. Our camping permit, which we got in October for $180 is good here too. Dry camping and we have a little canyon all to ourselves. Will take some pictures and send them to you once the wind dies down (see above photos). Warnings of wind gusts to 35-40 today. Having to watch the weather because the winds are even higher in Deming (50mph+) which is our next destination. Senator's Wash is part of the Imperial Dam (Colorado River) and I think we are in California because we crossed the river when we came in. There were a couple of wild burros grazing at the top of one ridge when we came in. When Maggs and I walked before dinner there was evidence of them travelling along the roadside, hoof prints and road apples. Hopefully we will be armed with the camera if we see any more. Lots of wild burros and horses and of course coyotes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Photo: The new dining room in the clubhouse is being renovated.

Sunny today but still cold.

Temperature is 44F (6.66C).

A bit windy. A few people were up cleaning up their lots today, raking leaves, checking their trailers.

The roads are becoming more solid and less muddy. No rain the past few days.

Not much happening. Everything is still brown but the birds are back looking for places to build nests.

Friday, March 26, 2010

April 7 2009

If you think the winter is over... here is a photo from

APRIL 7, 2009

Thanks Sandy for the picture!

Sunny Friday

Photo: Lake photo beside road.

Sunny today but cold.

Temperature: 25F (-4C).

It looks a lot warmer than it is outside. Windy too.

No hot tub yet.

If you have mail delivered to the park, you can rent a box on a yearly basis. See the office for details. You have until July 1 to decide on a box at the park, getting a box at the post office or getting your mail delivered elsewhere. After July 1 your mail will be returned to sender if you have not made other arrangements.

There are ongoing renovations at the clubhouse. I'll do a tour today and let you know what is happening tomorrow.

There is NO casual dinner on March 27 and NO breakfast on March 28. The people who do the dinners/breakfasts are on the nude cruise. The dinners will return on April 3.


Photo: the ice is GONE.

It's been a bit sunny here this week. Not much rain. The creek level is up but it is not over the road.

The roads are open and are drying out. There are potholes in the roads but not many so drive slowly so you don't create more.

The geese are back but I think the dogs are scaring them away as they leave at night and don't return.

We have TWO male ducks who are waiting for the females to arrive.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Photo: lake and raft.

As you can see by the photo the lake is almost clear of ice.

It is raining today, sleet at times. Cold.

Temperature is: 38F (3C).

Did I mention the rain? Lots of rain.

Hydro One was here yesterday to check the electrical problem with the hot tub. Don't know how long they were here... don't know what the results were... not very useful information I'm giving you but... at least you know something is being done.

Women's night last night was great!

It's still raining :-)


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Photo: SNOW!!

It's the second day of spring and it SNOWED last night. The snow is almost gone today as it warmed up a bit... not much... but a bit.

Temperature now: 34.5F (1C).

Cloudy most of the day with a nippy wind.

The lake is nearly thawed... again. Tonight it will freeze, tomorrow thaw... and around and around and around.

The water was off in the clubhouse/Helios Circle last night for a while. It was also off today for around 3 hours. It seems the current pump cannot keep up with the usage so... a new pump has been ordered. I'm not sure when it will be installed but the water will be off again when the old pump is replaced. Just a heads up. If you are in Helios circle you may not want to overload the system until the pump is replaced.

One of our Mallard ducks is back! Moose found out that chasing the duck onto the ice was not a good idea. He was very wet and very clean when he was hauled out of the lake by Mark. Mark was very wet too...

The road is still open to the back (Beckett Circle). The summer water is NOT on at the back. It is too early to put it on... it is only March! I know some people have been asking.

Wood chips have been spread on the road to the Outback... the one that is always muddy.

I've seen a few nekid runners pass by... a bit too nippy for me...

Friday, March 19, 2010


Photo: as you can see the lake is still frozen but thawing quickly.

The road to the back (Beckett Circle) is OPEN. Drive slowly. If it rains a lot, the road will be closed again until it dries up.

Cloudy today but warmish. No rain yet.

Temperature is 69F (20.5C).

No hot tub yet but the Hydro One guys have been here. Check with the office for details.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Photo: the summer guests have arrived!

The road is still closed to the back but the creek is down to it's usual size and the road is drying up.

Temperature at 11am is 54F (12C).

Newmarket Nature Bares swim is this Saturday. (http://nnbares.fcn.ca/) 6:30 - 8:30 at the Aquacenter pool in Newmarket.

Potluck dinner this Saturday also. Check the website for details: http://www.bareoaks.ca/Bare-Oaks/Events.html


Photo: The lake is nearly thawed! The snow is gone.

Spring is here! The temperature on the deck was ... HOT! No wind and a great day for tanning.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Photo: the water near the footbridge, across Strawberry Fields. If you know the area, the two big trees are the willow trees and they are underwater. The area to the left in the photo is the pond, which is very high. Behind the left tree and slightly right is the footbridge. After the bridge is the hollow (Strawberry Fields)... and it is a deep rapid river.

You cannot get to the back that way unless you have a survival suit and a lot of rope.

Temperature today is: 56F (13.5C). It is sunny but there is a cold wind.

No hot tub yet, that I know of.

Nice walking weather, get out and walk, you should be doing 10,000 steps a day to stay in shape.

The road to the back is still closed, see yesterday's photo to find out why.

Lots of dogs being walked. :-)

Every Monday is women's night in the basement of the clubhouse. All women welcome.


Forgot to post this yesterday.

Well... it rained ALL weekend.

Photo: the bridge to the back. As you can see, the water is very high in the creek.

Despite the rain, it was quite warm outside.

All your clocks should be ahead one hour... more daylight at the end of the day!!

Roads are very muddy, water to the back is mid-calf. You CANNOT get to the back through Strawberry Fields as that is a very fast running river.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Photo: Entrance sign to the Park.

It rained most of today but it wasn't too cold outside. The roads are still muddy and, due to the thawing and rain, they have ruts. Good thing the road to the back was closed or it would be a real mess.

Temperature right now at 7:30pm is 44F or 7C.

Most of the snow is gone. There is NO flooding at the bridge so you can still walk to the back without knee high rubber boots.

I will walk around the back tomorrow and report on the water height.

No hot tub yet. The kitchen is being rebuilt at the moment.

Daylight savings time is Sunday so we will lose an hour of sleep and GAIN SUNLIGHT at the end of the day. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Been a busy week around here what with working and all... forgot to do the blog so I'm going to catch up a bit. :-)

Photo: Bruce doing a snow angel! This blog is owned by Goggle so I'll be adding smiley faces every now and then. I have specific permission for all the people in the photos and they know it will go on the blog.

Sunny on Thursday!! I have no idea what the weather was like on Wednesday as I was inside all day.

The snow is melting... whoooooo hoooooo.

Temperature was around 68F or 20C. In sheltered areas it was a lot warmer. There was a bit of a wind though...

Fifteen members of the park left to go on the nude cruise to Hawaii. 4 days at sea each way... with no land in sight... not MY idea of a fun time. :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thought I would give you some actual news about the park.

Larry (aka Gummy) heard strange noises in his closet a few days ago and hauled all the stuff out and found this mess.

Photo: Larry's hot water tank. Notice how the floor is wet and the tank is tilted and starting to go through the floor... it's a pretty small photo though.

Luckily Rick Wilson came to the rescue and helped him remove the old tank, get the new tank and put it in.

What... a... mess...

That tank wasn't very old either.

A few weeks ago I noticed water in my laundry room and hauled everything out of my closet and found a dripping pipe on my hot water tank. It was dripping THROUGH the floor. Luckily Larry was around and helped to fix that mess (grin).

I suggest y'all who have places in the park ... check your hot water tanks.

More news: the water was off in Helios Circle for around 30 hours this past Saturday and Sunday. Not sure where the leak was...

On Saturday March 20th there at 6:00pm there is a St. Patrick's Potluck Dinner and Dance. Dinner is potluck and music afterwards is provided by Peter. For further details, check out the flyer at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/st_patricks_pot_luck_2010.pdf

That's it for now. If you want any details on anything, email me and I'll post it here.


Photo: the temperature on my deck YESTERDAY. That would be 80F (27C).

The snow is melting... lovely. People are walking around in t-shirts.

The road to the back is still closed as it is VERY muddy.

No hot tub yet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

No water

Photo: clear skies, sunny, melting snow. This is the outback.

The water has been off in Helios Circle for over 24 hours now. I *think* the water is on at the Clubhouse. They are still searching for the leak. No details on when it will be back on. Check with the office.

The road to the back is still closed.

The good news is... the temperature on my deck is 68F ... I have no idea what that is in Centigrade Kim :-) I know that is HOT for March.

Snow is melting rapidly. Yeahhhhhh.

Lots of cars in the parking lot yesterday... people sunning on the front deck.

Summer is coming!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Road Closed

Photo: This photo was stolen from the offical Bare Oaks blog :-) A very muddy road.

The road to the back is closed until some of the water is absorbed into the ground.

Bring rubber boots if you are going to walk to the back.

Perhaps Moose (very friendly park dog) can be trained to carry backpacks? Rent-a-Moose. I doubt it would work as he loves to roll in the snow.

Nice day today, sunny for most of the day.

Temperature at the moment is 28F (-2C) but it was a LOT warmer most of the day. To see how warm it was on the front deck of the clubhouse, check out the Bare Oaks Blog (blog.bareoaks.ca).

TGIF !!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Photo: Ken and his buddy. I thought it was a tad chilly to do that sort of thing. Buddy has gone the way of the wicked witch of the West... or was it North? (As I don't want this blog deleted, I have added appropriate images to Ken and his Buddy).

Temperature was nice today: 41F or 5C.

Melting melting melting snow.

The back roads are VERY soft and muddy and the cars are leaving big ruts. I'm only speculating but the roads may be closed soon... however that is ONLY my opinion, not the park's. If you want to know if you can drive to the back, call them. 905 473 6060.

Also the back roads are very icy in places. Difficult to walk on as, due to the environmental impact, no salt is used on the roads.

The front deck has been put back together so there is no danger of you walking into a hole. It was roped off so if you walked into a hole, you deserved to get hurt :-) There is still no announcement that the hot tub is up and running.

Spring is coming!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Photo: Friday's snowstorm. Lots and lots of snow and shovelling and plowing.

Today it is nice and sunny, the snowman has melted, half the snow is gone! Yeah!!!

The black and red squirrels are out running about.

Temperature: 47F (8.5C).

The roads are plowed. No hot tub yet. No flooding yet.

All is well... carry on :-)