Sunday, February 28, 2010


Photo: a member of the park... who melted a lot today.

Temperature: 32F or ZERO C.

The lake is melting, do not go on it. This has been one weird winter.

It snowed off and on today but nothing to shovel.

Oh yeah: CANADA WON A GOLD MEDAL IN OLYMPIC HOCKEY. That was a tense game.

Quiet weekend, not many people out and about.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Photo: Just to show you how much snow we have had, I created a sculpture to show you what two feet of snow looks like. :-)

Yes, we got another 4 inches of snow today. This time it is packing snow so it is very wet and heavy. The roads have been plowed, thanks to Larry. The front parking lot is now plowed except for two cars. The owners didn't leave their keys so they will have a nice time shovelling out their cars... heh heh.

Temperature at noon was 43F (6C). Very nice.

Note: there is a hole in the ice in front of Larry B.'s place. DO NOT go on the ice as it is not stable.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Photo: The cone shape of snow at the top of the photo is a table with snow on it. The table only had 4 inches of snow three days ago. Now there is about two feet or more.

There has been a LOT of snow here in the past few days.

Temperature: 25F (-3C).

ANOTHER 6 INCHES OF SNOW last night and today.

I'm tired of shoveling, 2.5 hours today... lots of snow but I needed the exercise. The back roads have been plowed thanks to Larry who spent SIX hours plowing various areas today.

No hot tub yet...

I hear Arizona is nice... but Florida is still cold... ha ha ha.

If you want me to post anything about the park (news, updates, whatever) email me at

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Photo is a rainbow in Quartzsite Arizona.

Note from Dave, Judy, Maggs: "'HI!' to everyone! Weather is perfect here right now. Beautiful sunny warm days and cool nights. It's really neat to be able to have the windows open all night again so we can hear the coyotes calling. A truly beautiful but lonesome sound."

Now, back to Bare Oaks... It snowed a bit last night, shoveling was difficult this morning as the snow is melting and it is packing snow. Hmm... may be time for a snowman.

Temperature: 45F (7C). Warm. Not much happening here... no hot tub yet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Photo: Snowy trees.

It snowed yesterday... about 6 inches. Plus it snowed today about an inch. Fluffy stuff so not a problem shoveling it. It started melting today :-)

Temperature: 29F (-2C).

Moose will be a daddy at the end of March, not April. If I get a photo of the little guinea pigs, I'll post it here. Moose is a dog, the puppies look like hairless piggies for the first two weeks. Hey, I'm keeping you up to date with the news around here.

Moose is very spoiled, I saw Dorothy out twice today walking him... or she is very bored.

No hot tub yet. The saunas are working.

I don't know if the back roads are plowed yet.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Photo: the outback... a summerish photo.

Moose is going to be a daddy!!! In April he will have SIX BABIES. Whoa. Well, technically, HE won't be having them. Awfully young to be having kids ... although he has been trained to shake a paw :-)

No snow today but the sun was out ALL day. Kim and Wendy were up skiing. Lots of people walking and socializing. The temperature was up to 53F on my deck but there was a cold wind blowing...

I'll bet Florida is still cold heh heh.

Hockey game tonight... Canada VS USA...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Photo: Dave standing beside Ocotilla. Dave, Judy and Maggs are in Arizona (Quartszite) at the current time. Dave said: We thought that the poor old thing was dead but over the past couple of weeks it has come to life again. The cactus is native to the southwest and blooms in March/April. The blooms are a bright red or orange/red and to me look similar to a bird of paradise.

Temperature is 42F (5.5C) at the current time. Not sunny but who cares if it is this warm :-) No more snow. The roads are clear thanks to Larry!

Tonight is the Newmarket Nature Bares swim at the Aquacenter, 1215 Stellar Drive, Newmarket. Swim time is from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and the cost is $12.00 per person (Children under 16 FREE with parent/guardian).


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Photo of the lake. In the middle you can barely see the raft.

About an inch of snow last night. This has been a GREAT WINTER. No snow, mild temperatures. It makes up for the lousy summer we had.

Temperature is 28F (-2C).

Don't forget about the casual dinners every Saturday night. Details on the Bare Oaks website.

No the hot tub is not open yet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Whoa, that weekend went by quickly.

Photo: Hairy woodpecker eating a suet ball on Sandy's deck.

Temperature is 40F (4.5C) WARM!!! Nice weather for walking. No more snow... we still have our original 4 - 6 inches.

It's very quiet at the park although a lot of people were coming and going during Family Day yesterday.

Hot tub update is here: Sign up to the blog.

Here is a partial report from Stephane: "While working in the new hot tub filled with water, we occasionally got painful electric shocks. Regular electricians couldn't explain it so we hired an electrical engineer to find the problem. It took nearly two weeks to determine that the problem is not on the property. In fact, when we shut down the power to the park at the street, there was still voltage running through the hot tub. We have contacted Hydro One and they are going to install metering equipment to try and figure out where the stray voltage is coming from. So how much longer? It all depends on Hydro One's ability to find and fix the problem."

I'll keep you updated.

The Valentine's dinner/dance on Saturday night had about 50 people and everyone had fun as they partied until 1:30am! Great food, lots of dancing.

If anyone wants me to take a photo of their trailer area or wants to know the condition of their trailer area, email me. I will not post it here unless you ask me to post it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Photo is from Dave and Judy who are in Quartzsite Arizona. This is the dry wash near their trailer. If you look at this entry: Friday, January 29, 2010, you will see the flooded wash. In the middle of the photo is a teeny tiny Mags and Judy.

No snow today. Very sunny! Temperature is 13F (-10C).

Thought you might like to know that it is COLD here but in Quartzsite, Dave says: "Temperatures are supposed to be around 80 degrees by weekend. FINALLY!!!!" And I say... "blah blah blah". Hope it rains for two weeks :-))

If anyone is interested in participating in a book club at Bare Oaks, email me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Photo: Hungry doves on deck.

Temperature is 30F (-2C). About an inch of snow tonight and today. It's still snowing off and on... mostly off.

For about the fifth time this year we have managed to duck a major storm, they go by to the south of us so... the roads are clear around the park.

The skating circle/rink has not been cleared so if you want to skate... borrow a shovel. Cross country skiing would be nice as the snow is fluffy and not that deep.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Photo: Kim and Wendy on one of their snowshoeing expeditions.

Forgot the photo the first time around...

Cold today. The wind made pink cheeks. Temperature is 21F (-6C).

Lots of people out walking today, plus Moose.

Women's night last night was GREAT. Join us... if you are female. EVERYONE welcome. 7pm to ...whenever... every Monday, downstairs in the clubhouse.

They say it will snow tomorrow. Hope not, I'm enjoying not shovelling this year :-)

Hot tub update: it is not running yet. It still has an electrical problem. I'll let you know when it is okay.

If anyone wants to know anything specific, email me. If you have any photos (with permissions) email me before you send them so I can tell you what size to send. I need more photos!! Send comments. Send reports. Aren't you bored with just me chatting away?

Six more weeks of winter ... then SPRING!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Friday Post

Hah... this is the photo that was supposed to be posted Friday. The front lawn in front of the hot tub. Thanks Sandy for the photo.

As you can see there is only about 4 inches of snow.

Note: be careful walking through the pathway from Helios to the clubhouse as a few people have fallen. There is ice under the snow.

Also, to the women out there... DON'T FORGET tomorrow (Monday) is women's night at the clubhouse (downstairs). Everyone is welcome! 7pm to ... usually 11pm :-) Come anytime. You will be able to find us as apparently we are a bit loud heh heh.

Sun ... day

Well... that's just wrong. I know I posted a blog on Friday. Ah well, the internet ate it.

Photo: Cooper's Hawk on Sandy's gazebo.

Sunny today. Temperature is 35F (1.66C). However the wind chill puts it below freezing. Not that there is much of a wind but... it's still there. No more snow since earlier this week. Ho hum, all this shovelling is hard on my back :-)

Yahhhh... people have been skiing on the lake and around the park! By people I mean Kim and Wendy as they seem to like to get a lot of exercise. I don't think anyone else has been on the lake except for Moose.

Lots of people at the Chinese casual dinner last night. I tried to make it but due to a dead furnace, I didn't. Anyone have a blurb they wish to post about the casual dinners or Sunday brekkies?

Hot tub update: it is not open as it still has an electrical problem. I have no idea when it will be fixed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Photo: Front deck is open to fix hot tub problem.

Light dusting of snow today but not enough to shovel. Temperature: 27F (-3C).

Sunny off and on. I haven't seen anyone skiing, snowshoeing, or skating yet. Come on people, only a month and a half of winter left! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hot tub update: The tub is not open yet due to an electrical problem. The problem should be fixed tomorrow according to the office.

NOTE: The power will be off again tomorrow for a short period of time. I'm told this will happen BEFORE 9am.