Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29

Photo: At the Mandarin ... the birthday boy Marc and Suzy the organizer.

Photo: Marc had a small accident. (There are a lot more photos but I don't have permission from the people to put them on the blog.)

Around 30 of us went out on Saturday for Marc's 50th birthday party!! It was a blast. We went bowling and even though a LOT of people had not bowled before... we all gave it a shot. Hey, I got a strike and two spares :-))) It is not as easy as it looks throwing a 3.5 pound ball down a lane. However, the good news was... it was ALL electronic, no manual scoring which was a good thing as there were drink tickets handed out... heh heh.

Then on to the Mandarin... great food!

No, it was not a nude event. Although we ran into about 50 Glen Echo people who were there for their own party. Small world.

Someone was talking about having a nude bowling night in the future.

The lake is freezing over ... photo's tomorrow as I don't want to put too many photos on the blog as it would take too long to load for some people.

Today it was about 43F / 6C all day with no wind. Temperature now is 32.3F / 0.1C. Underneath trailer it is 41F.

No snow or rain in the past few days and the snow we did have (about an inch on Friday night)... melted.

I woke up Saturday to my walks being shovelled. Very nice. If anyone wants their walks/deck/driveway cleared this winter, email me. Or, if you are coming up on any weekend and want your walks/deck/driveway cleared, let me know and I'll let the shoveller know. You will arrive to a nice clean entryway.

The Bare Oaks events calendar is loading now. I just checked and there are no park events planned for December.

I know I promised some Cayo Largo photos last week... I'll get to them... soon.

Advertisement: If you wish to buy a 2011 Naturist calendar created by Mike and Ruth (they have a trailer in the seasonal section) ... go here: PayPal only. If you don't have PayPal, email me.

Another advertisement: If you wish to buy a naturist Nudie Toons cartoon book called 'The Funny Side of Going Naked' go here: I accept PayPal, credit card, check/cheque, money order... cash... :-D

Both of the above items would make LOVELY Christmas gifts. Order soon for delivery before Christmas. Order two and give one as a gift. ;-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travelling Home...

Here are some photos from Judy and JL. They are making their way from BC and travelling across the top of the USA... through Washington, South Dakota, Iowa, and on.

Below are some photos (as always, click photo for larger photo). Sorry for those of you on dialup... these may take a while to load.

Below is Snoqualmie Pass on November 21, the trucks have chains on the tires. Oooo, snow. It is nice here.

Below is taken before Missoula. I have no idea where that is but it looks like fun :-)

Below is taken after Missoula. Heh heh. Imagine going through here with a trailer...

Photo below is Wyoming in the morning. Looks a tad boring there.

Photo below is Wyoming in the afternoon. Still looks a tad boring. Snore. Does anyone live there?

Photo below is South Dakota. Judy: South Dakota red soil topped by snow - like meringue on a layer cake!

Then they ran into freezing rain in Iowa... and so it ends... and that was last night. More photos when they get back.

Did I mention it is nice here with no snow??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Photo: trees are removed to make way for a few more lots.

Photo: the other side of the lot.

Photo: some limbs have been removed to open up another lot.

I was asked for photos of the new drive through (drivethru?) lots so... here they are! Last I heard they were drivethru lots but things may change...

The weather has been very nice these past few days... 50 - 60F / 10 - 15C. There is a cold wind at times.

Tonight it is 28F ... that is below freezing. It's 39F under my trailer... Ooooo... climbing down to the freezing mark.

It snowed last night but only a bit and it melted today.

Since I posted about the potholes... they have been fixed!! The road is really nice to drive on now. Guess it was not too cold to grade.

There aren't many people around these days... but then... most people who are here work so they aren't around during the day. Leave in the dark, come home in the dark. Winter sucks eh?

I think I'll post a few photos of Cayo Largo tomorrow :-))) I haven't been there but it looks like one of the nicest beaches I have ever seen. Probably still has sharks though... :-(

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Photo: a memorial bench beside the lake, in memory of Karyn Chase.

Photo: the tree that fell beside the bridge has been cut down. It is across the river now and it will be very interesting in the spring if it is not removed. The bridge area floods every spring.

Wow, it is Sunday already!!

It snowed on Thursday night... about an inch but it is gone now. No need to put away the golf carts yet :)

There was a poker tournament on Saturday, not sure how that went so if anyone has any details, email me or post it as a comment here.

A few fires at the back on Saturday (which I attended) during the day and into the evening. It was a tad (read = a LOT) chilly but we persisted!! Just because it is cool, you can still come up and have fun!! A few events are being planned for the winter months.

There are two areas of potholes left ... one by the hut at the front and one just after the gate. Other than that... it is clear sailing on all other roads. For those of you asking, I have been told that it is too cold to grade the road. Wait until the snow fills them.

Lots of Christmas lights are going up around the park. Unfortunately, as this is a trailer park, they will probably stay up all year long. There should be some sort of rule on the planet that lights should come down a few weeks after Christmas... except for the lights on the really tall trees... but I ramble... I'll stop now. :)

Sorry, one of my pet peeves. I have a few... ;-)

Now, where was I. The temperature here is 34F / 1C. Under the trailer it is 41F. Not bad... still not freezing underneath.

No rain or snow Saturday or today. I don't have a clue what the weather was like on Friday. I should do the blog more often...

The birds are hungry and a few people are feeding them around the park including Beckett and Helios.

The free range cats are hungry too as I keep catching a few in front of my place chasing birds and mice. I thought 'all pets' were supposed to be on a leash? Yes, I've brought this up before and I guess I'll keep doing it :-) Wow, it is one of those 'opinion' blogs...

Coming events... none. I can't get the November calendar on the Bare Oaks events page to display (actually not for the past few weeks) but if you click the Social Committee link on the events page and then click the next event link, that page displays.

So... there are no park events planned for the rest of November and December... or January.

Lots of people went to Cuba this month!! It is very very cheap... between $400 and $600 per person ALL INCLUSIVE. Two groups went from the park... plus a couple went to Jamaica. I need a tan.

For all the USA turkey day people out there... have an extra helping!! You can never get enough stuffing... or pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm.

Email me if you want any other news...

On a final note... get your snow shovels out!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Photo: sky over Bare Oaks. (I'll walk around the park today and take a few pictures without people)

Temperature is 55F / 13C. Not bad for mid-November. In case anyone is interested, it is currently 48F under my trailer. I am monitoring it to make sure my water line doesn't freeze this winter as I have removed the 'box with a light in it' and am only using heat tape.

No rain or snow recently. 'They' say it is going to rain tonight. Hah. 'They' have been wrong a lot.

Lots and lots of trees are being cut down in the seasonal area to make room for more trailer sites. 25 to date is what I have been told. It looks like they are currently working on the tree that fell over near the bridge. Good plan, if that sucker is not removed and falls into the creek there will be one major flood in the spring.

No trailers have changed hands recently so if you are looking for a trailer here... check the used trailer link on the Bare Oaks website.

If you are a walker, it is around 500 steps around the lake. If you want to maintain your current weight, you should walk 10,000 steps a DAY. Yes that is a DAY. I'm not making this up, ask Dr. Oz. :-)) So... get out there and WALK. Volunteer to take Moose for a walk.

The water has been off 4 days this week. Not all day but for a while in the mornings, once in the evening.

Not much else. If you have news, email me.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Photo: the petanque court is growing weeds again... (as always, click photo for a larger picture.)

Nothing much happening these days.

A few new 'pull through' sites are being created at the back in the seasonal area.

Temperature is 61F / 16C at the moment, sweatshirt weather. Ski jackets are not necessary ... yet. It goes below freezing at night though.

No rain in a while. No snow in a while.

Not many people around these days... ho hum.

Dave, Judy and Maggs have arrived in Arizona!! So they have a nice warm(ish) winter to look forward to. I will post photos of their area when the weather gets very very cold here :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Photo: an angry spider cupcake.

Photo: an army of angry spider cupcakes.

Shelley made these cupcakes for the Halloween party. The eyes are cinnamon hearts, the fangs are marshmallows, the legs are licorice and the cupcake is chocolate. Mmmm, delicious.

It snowed all day Friday, the weekend was sunny at times but chilly. Today it is NICE... and sunny! 60F / 15.5C.

I just finished the last of my outdoor chores today... phew.

It probably won't snow until December... which will be great.

Not much to report on, there are only a few people in the seasonal area now. Some people have gone south for the winter, some have gone to Cuba for a week... it's really cheap at the moment. $400 - $500 including air, taxes, accommodations, food and alcohol.

Still no evening Park events for November and December.

There is a day event on November 20 at 1:00 pm (until 5:00 pm), Poker Tournament. Actually it is at '13:00 - 17:00'. Does anyone use the 24 hour clock other than military and medical people? (Note: the 24 hour clock on the Bare Oaks calendar was discussed at the Halloween Party so I'm bringing it up here.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Photo: the first snow this week!!! It didn't stay on the ground long.

Photo: A few spiders left over from Halloween.

It's been nice this week... for November.

At the moment it is 45F / 7C but it has gone down to well below freezing at night this week. One night it was 18F / -7C.

Not much rain all week... or snow.

One trailer at the back has changed hands this week. No other trailers going in or out. Most trailers are winterized now. There are a few trailers for sale in Helios Circle, listed here: The first one on the list has been sold, I hear.

No swimmers in the lake anymore but Dennis is still running... around and around and around... he tires me out just watching him.

Do you know we can get Pizza delivery here from TWO places? One in Mt. Albert called... Pizza 77 Phone: 905-473-7700. One in Sharon called ... Papa D's Phone: 905-478-2018. If you order, you have to go to the office area to wait for it. Cool eh? Pizza 77 has fabulous pizza and I like the wings at Papa D's. Takes about 45 minutes for delivery.

The next event at Bare Oaks is November 20th at 1pm. Poker Tournament in the New Forest Room. $5. Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Nothing else is listed for the park for November or December. There are two swims listed, one on the 13th and one on the 20th.