Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Photo: the pool area.

Hot and humid today... not as bad as yesterday though. Yesterday the news people said it was 43C WITH the humidex. I have no idea what 43C is in Fahrenheit as my scale only goes up to 37.7C which is 100F. Sorry I'm not converting here... I'm sticking to Fahrenheit as I have NO clue how hot or cold 25C is. Now for those scholars reading this... you should never end a sentence in 'is'.

Today it was less humid but still hot. It is 74F / 23C at the moment (11pm).

On Saturday they had the BOSC Dessert Reception & Annual Meeting. I was told there were around 40 - 50 people there and it lasted about 15 minutes, then dessert was eaten, then another 30 minutes. If someone reading this has a report on what was actually said at the meeting, leave a message at the end of today's blog.

On Sunday the parking lot was full with about 25 - 30 people on the lawns. Not many people in the lake. There are a lot of swimmers every day who go around and around and around and around and around and around the lake... I hear one of the swimmers came face to face with the rather large snapping turtle. Not to worry if this happens as they can't bite you and swim at the same time. It is unwise to pick them up though, when they are on land... unless they are one of the babies. The babies probably won't bite you as hard as the mother turtle. :-)

Saw a lot of birds flying by in patterns today. Hmm... is winter approaching?

Last week of summer before SCHOOL... heh heh. Some of the summer staff are finished working and most of them will be gone by next week. That is what I hear... I could be wrong so feel free to correct me.

D. is doing well after her operation. Up and about walking and probably bored out of her mind as you can't DO anything for weeks after an operation. (Full name omitted as I don't have permission to use it but you probably know who I'm talking about.)

Anyone got any other news?

Next weekend...

Saturday, September 4 - 9:00pm - Illumination Night
Description: 2:00 pm The Beach – all who wish, help fill bags with sand and tea‐lights
(referred to as candle bags). Volunteers to place completed candle bags around the park
9:00 pm Illuminate your site – sites adjudicated during the walkabout
9:15 pm Light the candle bags in front of your site (these will serve as our guide for the walkabout)
9:45 pm ALL meet at the corner of Connett Drive & Beckett Circle for the most magical night in the park!
THE WALKABOUT. Please pick up your ballot for People’s Choice when you arrive at the corner across from Heather. As a group we will cruise the park ooohing and aaahing as we visit the sites. THERE WILL BE FOUR SECRET JUDGES AMONGST THE CROWD, JUDGING THE SITES FOR: OVERALL BEST, MOST IMAGINATIVE, MOST CREATIVE, ETC. THERE WILL BE A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD.‐ so don’t forget to get your ballot ALL PRIZES AND AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED AT THE POT LUCK DINNER SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6. View flyer at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/illumination2010.pdf for more details.
Sunday, September 5
1:00pm Chili Cookoff
When: Sun, September 5, 1:00pm – 1:15pm
Where: Submissions at Front Office
Description: Enter your Chili creation to see how your special recipe stacks up with the others at Bare Oaks. Your chili will be judged by a panel of secret judges with points awarded for appearance, aroma, and taste. Contest limited to the first 20entrants. View the flyer at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/chili_cook_off_2010.pdf View the rules and entry form at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/chili_cooks_app_2010.pdf
6:00pm Chili Cookoff/Illumination Potluck
When: Sun, September 5, 6pm – 8pm

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Photo: One of the park bunnies :-)

Today is hot and sunny. 87F / 30C. Not humid.

So... it's a perfect day!

There was a petanque game this morning at 10am with about 10 people.

I just checked the Bare Oaks event page and today is:

BOSC Dessert Reception & Annual Meeting.
When: Sat, August 28, 3:30pm – 10:00pm
Where: The Outback
Description: Annual Dessert Reception & Annual General Meeting. This is our way of thanking you for your support over this past year. Meet your current committee members, and find out what we've been doing for the past year. Please bring your own beverage.

The parking lot is full so there appears to be a lot of people taking advantage of the second last weekend of summer. Next weekend is the long weekend and after that the kids are all back in school.

People are swimming in the lake but not as many as usual as the temperature drops at night and the lake is cooling down.

Slow news week...

Monday, August 23, 2010


Photo: There are a lot of bat houses around the park but the photo contains a confirmed sighting that there are bats here!! That is a good thing. The bad thing is this bat was INSIDE my house this morning hanging off my wall. Thanks to Gummy for removing it. I was going to do it but I didn't know how to get it off the wall (easy part) and out the door with no one to open the door. He flew over to the middle bat house on Stony's roof. Very cool. He was BIG with about an 8 inch wingspan. Cute too. I wonder if my cat brought it in... :-)

Well, it's Monday. The weekend was very cool. In the 60's / 70's F (17 - 21C).

I have had no reports on the events from this weekend. I heard the band playing on Saturday night. Country Hoedown.

I heard the petanque people (tournament) at around 9am on Sunday, it rained for a lot of the day. When I wandered out at about 1pm, there was no one on the courts.

If anyone has a report on either of these events, please send it to me.

Today it is coolish - 70F / 21C. Dreary out but there hasn't been any rain.

Not many people around, the lake is empty. There are a bunch of frogs and turtles in the lake though. A few people have been fishing.

There isn't much news. Seems like more things happen when it is sunny...

Crickets... lots of crickets...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Photo: A lazy day on the lake. (I have permission to post this photo.)

I've been away for a while... and I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkk and still alive :-)

Now, as I've been away, I don't have much to tell you about. I know that the weather has been great the past week (people have reported)... not too humid, a bit coolish at night.

Thank you Bruce for watering all my flowers while I've been away.

Catherine and Ken jetted to Hawaii on the 14th... they are going to get married there!! Whooo... hooo...

The kayak has been put away. It was an accident waiting to happen with all the kids around. On that note there are a LOT more kids in the lake these days... very nice.

I heard today that someone put my name on a squash (still growing in the garden!) next door but I'm not 100 percent certain as it hasn't shown up at my place (grin).

This coming weekend... from the Bare Oaks website (under Events):

Country Hoedown
When - Saturday, August 21, 6pm – 11pm
Where - Front Lawn
Description - Come out sporting your Country & Western attire and join us for a Hip of Beef Dinner cooked on the Beast. Country music with a live band to follow. Cost $20.00 per person in advance, $22.00 at the event. Advance ticket sales at the front office. For more information, contact Don through social@bareoaks.ca View the flyer at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/hoedown2010.pdf

Petanque Tournament
When - Sunday, August 22, 9am – 3pm
Where - Petanque Courts in Helios Circle
Description - Join us for our annual Petanque Tournament. Registration starts at 9:00 AM at the Petanque Court in Helios Circle. It only costs $5.00 to play! For details, ask Stony in person or by email (I'm not posting his email address here... go to the Bare Oaks site). View the flyer at http://bareoaks.ca/social/flyers/petanque2010.pdf

This is a short blog as I haven't been out and about and don't expect to be for a week or two...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Photo: A really pretty butterfly... thanks Sandy for the photo!

Rain!! rain rain rain! It rained today! Finally. Last night and this morning and part of this afternoon. Then it started to get humid again. Hey, it's better than snow, eh?

And we have a WINNER!!! Bruce T. is the winner of the golf tournament! He gets to wear the green jacket. He also said: "Fortunately I don't have to wear it all year." What is that about? I think he should be forced to wear it to every event heh heh. Bruce also gave all sorts of reasons why he won instead of someone else but I think he was just GOOD!

They had a lot of other categories... one of them was for the 'most honest golfer'... ha ha ha. Right.

The other prize Bruce won is a dinner for 2... a box of kraft dinner. :-)

Now here is a controversial topic... kids at the beach.

Bruce sent me this blurb... he is at the Outback most days.
Do You Know Who's Not Looking After Your Kids?

I see children from different families swimming with no parents present. I presume that one of the missing parents thinks that the other is watching over their children. Maybe the parents need to clarify who is watching who when the kids swim together.

Parents left a child at the beach thinking she was safe in a life jacket and supervised by her slightly older brother. I thought she was safe too until she took off her jacket when Mom & Dad weren't around because it was uncomfortable (we all like swimming au naturel). The older brother is a swimmer and was close by and seemed to be paying attention. But kids are kids and he could have easily been distracted. She put the life jacket back on when I suggested Mom and Dad wouldn't be happy if they knew she took it off.

I hear these same parents discussing all the drownings they hear about in the news.

I also see lots of parents closely supervising their children.

Now, I think I'll just add my two cents. If you have kids, watch them yourself... don't expect other people to do it as you know who will be blamed if something happens... not the absent parent.

Bruce also added...

I watched as parents allowed their really small children to play in the kayak. I estimate the kids to be about 5-6 years old. They could have been older but because I'm an old guy, kids seem younger to me than they really are. No life jackets and I doubt if these kids could do more than the dog paddle if the kayak tipped over. Even if parents are watching, if the kayak tipped over, how many of these parents are good enough swimmers to get out to the middle of the lake to rescue their kids before they went under. The water is really mirky, and it's deep.

Other adults I asked agreed that it was an accident waiting to happen. Now my parents let me swim unsupervised and I went out in the boat fishing by myself and I'm still here so maybe I'm being overly cautious. I hate to be a party pooper but maybe its not a good idea that the kayak be left at the beach for everyone to enjoy. Alternatively, I think a kiddy sized life jacket should be available at the beach. It could be hung on the railing of the outback.

Parents can borrow life jackets at the office but how many know that. I think they're available at no cost but I would have to confirm that.

Okay now I have four cents to add. :-) Last week I saw 3 kids crammed into the kayak. Two were about 11 or 12? and one was about 6. Do you know what would happen if it tipped over? See above :-) Kids crammed in would not be able to get out. They would go upside down...

What do they have at Disney? You must be this high ----- to play on this ride.

Now I still think it is okay for a dog to sit on the front of the kayak...

With all the people abusing the kayak, trying to sink it, using the paddle to slash at weeds... I don't think it will last long anyways ...

Now, I posted Bruce's opinions but I can assure you that a LOT of people think the same way. I'm not sure how you can monitor the situation though... people get really wound out of shape when you tell them they may be doing something wrong when it comes to their kids. Most of us are only concerned about the safety factor...

I seem to have survived all the stupid things I did when I was a kid but my nephew didn't... he drowned in a pond when he was ten. Too many kids and not enough adults watching.

Anyways, moving on...

The pool was closed for a while today... someone had an 'accident' in the pool. Hey, it's bound to happen once or twice a year, there are a lot of kids here now.

Signs are still up at the outback about the hot tub being closed due to making the steps non-slippery. I don't know if that has been fixed or not.

Glasses were raised before the Golf Tournament dinner, with thoughts for Stony's late wife, Karyn.

That's about it for today... it was a long one... (blame Bruce heh heh).

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Photo: Ahoy mates! Is this dog paddlin'? Where is the life jacket (grin). This is A and E with their dog... whose name I forget. (I have permission for this photo).

Busy day today with the Golf Tournament. I heard there were around 20 - 30 people there... with about 60 people at the potluck at 6pm.

The temperature has been down to about 45F / 7C at night which is a tad chilly but great sleeping weather. The days are in the 80'sF / 27'sC.

No rain yet... not like last summer when it didn't stop raining!

Petanquers were out this morning...

Not much to report... the pool is warmish... the hot tub was down for a day last week for cleaning... the lake is warmish.

Wow, I don't have any news!

Oh, forgot this one, I was told by Sherry (office) that the miniputt was put on hold due to the other activities at the park like the Volleyball weekend and the Festival weekend. It will be started soon.

Also, I will be away from Wednesday August 11 to Monday August 16... so there will be NO blog during that time. Y'all can post comments though... :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Photo: Two pictures today. The first one is a caterpillar that was on the side of my house. Weird looking with white blobs on it's back. It's a bit fuzzy. The second one is a photo of a plant for fergie. It is about seven feet tall and yellow and I don't know the name as it is not the plant that Kim and Wendy said it was. I'm sure that will be sorted out this weekend.

It's been quiet the past few days as it has been really really hot and humid... again.

It rained for about 10 minutes yesterday so not enough to keep the gardens watered. I zipped around yesterday and watered planters that looked dry and there were no cars at the sites.

The petanque horn went off this morning (and the last few mornings) and there are a bunch of people on the courts... so come on up and play petanque in the morning (around 10am).

Sad news today: Karyn (Stony's wife) passed away on the weekend. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. this Saturday (August 7).

I've had a few comments about unsupervised kids at the lake. You can read the comments at the end of each blog. If it says: 2 comments, just click on the '2 comments' as that is a link. One comment said: "It's a regular occurance that I see 'kids' swimming with no adult present. Guess some people don't care if their kids get into swimming trouble with only having a couple of other kids around. But since I don't have kids those ages, MY opinion doesn't matter, it's the parent's responsibility to make sure they are safe. Again, in this lifestyle, there are a lot of parents who are willing to keep an eye out for all kids, and thankfully that will continue."

I think everyone's opinion matters here ... which is why I post them. I don't post unsubstantiated opinions but if I've heard the same thing from at least two people... then I will post the opinion. I noticed two young boys playing on the raft yesterday with no adults present. Perhaps the rules that apply to the pool should apply to the lake too?

Tan through suit info. fergie left a comment that she has a tan through suit and it works great. Then she said she was going to the Galapagos Islands in a couple of weeks so I'm not talking to her anymore :-) ha ha ha

News... news... news... from the official Bare Oaks blog (link above). "Liz has agreed to continue operating the Bare Bistro restaurant on a permanent, indefinite basis. She will continue the operations during the winter; albeit with very limited hours. That will likely mean only weekends. But please check the posted hours on the website, www.BareBistro.ca, before coming up for a meal."

Weather looks good for the remainder of the week so come on up and do nothing!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Photo: the lake taken from far far away. In the middle of the photo you can see people on the raft. Faceless, tiny specks. This is to show you that the place is busy in the day.. lots of people like to swim to the raft and see if they can sink it. No one has managed to tip it so far but it has moved many times. A few people usually go out and pull up the ropes, and drop the concrete back in the original position. Hey, I'm sure you were getting tired of the bird and plant photos. I will go out tomorrow and see if I can get some people photos... on their sites... with their permission, of course.

Sunday night... it's very quiet out there. There were a few campfires last night.

Before I forget, I have been informed by Karen (office) that the plant we have is NOT a hogweed so it is NOT poisonous. It is a purple stemmed Angelica. :-) Of course, I didn't get the message until TODAY as my Bell answering service works when it wants to ... and mostly it doesn't want to. I suppose I should get that fixed...

It was in the 70's today (22's) and it is currently 66 / 18.8, a good temperature for campers.

Still no rain so water your gardens or email me and I'll do it for you if you are not going to be up. Hey, I'm already doing a few so one more is not a problem. I don't like to see plants/flowers die.

I got one of those 'OFF' lanterns so I'll test it out next week to see if it really works. The mosquitoes are out.

Friday I said: "So, the question of the week (asked by a few people) is... where is the mini-putt?"

Well... so far... no one knows what is going on (I've asked a bunch of people). I was informed that the 4 M's were raising money for the mini-putt but they were raising it for the social committee. It's all very confusing to me but... would anyone like to join me for a rousing game of gravel-putt tomorrow? ha ha ha.

I was told that there were around 100 people at Ribfest. 4 rows of 5 or 6 picnic tables, and there wasn't a spare seat to be had. Everyone got 2nds and some got 3rds. Corn was amazing, done to perfection, and Dorothy was dipping it in the melted butter in a crock pot. Ribs were very meaty and juicy. BBQ sauce was terrific. Baked Beans, Rolls, Butter, Sea Salt, and spring salad mix. 5 different flavours of dressing. Dessert: 2 bite brownies and Watermelon slices. (Thanks Sandy for the report.)

I haven't heard anything about the horseshoe tournament. Just thinking about throwing those shoes hurts my shoulder :-)

I heard the petanque horn a few times in the last few days so... people are actually using the courts! Thanks to Wendy and Kim for clearing out the weeds... that was a LOT of work. Also, if you read this and play petanque... use the other court closest to the clubhouse sometimes ... this will keep the weeds from growing.

The lake got a lot of use today. Speaking of the lake... I heard from a member that one of the parents asked a member they didn't know to babysit their really small kids at the lake while they went back to their campsite. Two kids of their own plus two kids whose parents were nowhere around. Now, is it just me or does anyone else think that is odd? Especially at the LAKE, near water!! And what if the member they asked 'forgot'? I tell ya, I (personally) would have said... "You want me to do WHAT? while you do WHAT?" ... but then that's me (grin).

The parking lot has been FULL... which is nice. Still lots of 'white' people walking around who really need tans :-) The bathing suit marks are very interesting. Anyone have a tan-thru bathing suit? I'm thinking of getting one to try it out in case I vacation to a place with NO nude beach.

Tomorrow is a holiday!! Lovely. I'm working but I want everyone else to have a good time ;-)

Next weekend: Sat, August 7, 12pm – 7pm
Play a game of golf right here at Bare Oaks. Play with golf balls when putting and whiffle balls between the holes. $10 for both golf and pot luck.